40+ Famous Purple Logos of Popular Brands

🌈 In a world filled with many colors, one special and enchanting color is purple.

Welcome to the magical world of ‘Famous Purple Logos,’ where this majestic color is used in branding. 💜 Purple is linked to royalty, wisdom, and creativity, making it memorable for customers.

Let’s explore how different brands have used this luxurious color to stand out among the common reds, blues, and greens.

From dark purples that represent luxury and elegance to lighter purples that suggest innovation and playfulness, purple logos tell a story of uniqueness and ambition.

Join us as we uncover the stories behind these iconic logos and how they have become more than just symbols but beacons of brand identity in a tough, competitive market. 🚀

Purple Logos of Popular Brands

It also denotes opulence, luxury living, extravagance, grandeur, and wisdom coupled with consideration, support, and understanding. Some of the very premium and niche brands are purple worldwide.

Adobe InDesign:

adobe indesign logo

Developed by Adobe Systems and stable, released in December 1999, InDesign is a DTP publishing and typesetting software to create items like publicity brochures, catalogs, posters, magazines,  newspapers, and e-books.

The pink lines are the margins, and the purple lines are the column guides, which can be reconfigured as per the web developer’s choice.

The purple hue in the InDesign logo is the same shade of purple as in the fascia plants. This particular shade gives the logo a distinctive feminine character with creativity, elegance, and grandeur. 

Apogee Digital:

The Santa Monica, California-based Apogee Digital was incorporated in 1985 which is into studio software and manufacturing analog to digital converters and vice versa.

The logo is an outline of the letter A of the word Apogee without the horizontal band in the middle and a shade of the letter  A at the back.

The purple in the logo means creativity, sumptuousness, supremacy, astuteness, and intelligence, coupled with an enchanting feel. The purple gives a very rich feeling to the logo. 


The London-based Asprey International is a luxury items manufacturer of silverware, jewelry, leather items, clocks, etc. The organization is almost 231 years old.

The logo is in a very sophisticated, sleek, royal typestyle and in purple color. Purple stands for elegance, luxury, grandeur, and creativity.

The purple in the Asprey logo signifies a regal touch with the Crown and imperial extravagance

Avid Technology:

The Massachusetts-based Avid, incorporated in 1987, is a multimedia-based technology firm dealing in video and audio editing and editing music notation software.

The logo was initially in a solid black square box, and Avid branding was in white on the base of a purple triangle inside the box.

Later on, the black box was removed with only the purple triangle remaining. Between 1988 and 2011, the logo was plain Avid written.

Since 2011, Avid has been written in three solid purple triangles denoting A, V, and D. 


The Taiwanese-based transnational corporation BenQ markets consumer electronics and other communication devices.

Right from its inception, the company has believed in bringing quality enjoyment to its customers and striving hard to augment consumer satisfaction.

From 2007 till 2018, the company’s marketing focus veered at  “Enjoyment matters — Because it matters.”

To augment the quality of life, the company believes in its motto – LIFE as L – living better, I – increasing efficiency, F- feeling healthier, E- Enhancing learning. The purple color in the logo means extravagance, nobility, grandeur, and creativity.   


One of the most recognizable FMCG and chocolate brands worldwide, Cadbury is a 196-year-old company marketing chocolates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The Cadbury logo in purple color has enthralled the children and the young crowd since time immemorial.

The first Cadbury logo was commissioned in 1905 and was entwined with a stylized Cocoa tree. Thereafter, the logo underwent many revisions.

The current logo incorporation started in 1985 and was completed in all collaterals around 2003.

The logo is a replica of the signature of William Cadbury the founder. The purple color is a tribute and respect to Queen Victoria as a distinctive purple color


Headquartered in San Francisco in 1995, Craiglist is a US classified advertisement portal ranging from jobs, housing, sales service, community service, etc.

The entire lettering of the branding is in lowercase and is named after the founder, Mr. Craig Newmark.

A symbol of peace in purple and upside down precedes the word Craigslist.

The logo was used in Britain as a campaign for supporting nuclear disarmament. Over the years, it has come to be known as the universal symbol of peace.  The branding on Craigslist is also in purple.    

Fiorentina Football:

ACF Fiorentina is an Italian soccer club based in Florence lovingly called La Viola / Viola (The purple one/ purple).

Since its inception, the club adopted the symbol of Florence City, the fleur de lis, in red, as its main element in the logo design. The purple color was first incorporated around 1974.

The design is like a rhombus badge with the fleur de lying on top of a white background. The background of the rhombus design and the lower portion showing ACF are all in purple.

The combination of purple and gold gives the entire design a very ceremonial connotation.


Incorporated in 1910 in Kansas City, Hallmark Cards Inc. is one of the largest and oldest greeting card designing and marketing companies in the USA.

The company has also won the National Medal of Arts for its creativity in 1985. Purple is a color of grandeur, luxury, and elegance.

The cards that the company has designed are all in a bright purple background with Hallmark branding in golden lettering.

A regal crown motif is just on top of the letter m.  The logo implies luxury and royalty, along with nostalgia.

Speed Stick:

Owned by Colgate Palmolive, this is a deodorant and anti-perspiring brand coming in stick and gel forms.

The variant is for men and women (Lady Speed Stick). The logo is in all lower cases and slightly tilted towards the left with a flower motif on the right.

Purple is the principal color element in both the logo and the packaging.

The purple color perfectly syncs with the brand because of the nature of the product involved, as purple stands for elegance and grandeur.     

Los Angeles Lakers:

One of the finest basketball teams in the USA, which regularly participates in NBA matches, the Lakers, is also a premium member of its regional league. 

The Lakers logo is an actual basketball in orange color in the background with the team’s full name in purple written at the front.

The words Lakers and Los Angeles are in stylized italics, with Lakers point size much much bigger than the word Los Angeles.

Around 1960, the Lakers logo was a golden-colored basketball with Lakers written across the ball and Los Angeles in smaller point sizes. The current logo was commissioned in 1976 


Owned by Mondelez International and incorporated 126 years ago, Milka is a very popular German brand of chocolate marketed globally by Mondelez. Purple has always been the primary color of the Milka logo.

Initially, the logo showed an image of an Alpine cow inside a purple oval with Milka branding in white.

It was changed to Milka branding, which is solid purple with a white background, and the branding was very loud and clear. The current logo is the Milka branding in white and slightly tilted to the left on a purple background, making the branding more distinct. 


The Massachusetts-based global employment service Monster was created in 1999 and owned by Monster Worldwide Inc.

The branding of the organization is plainly written in lowercase and in purple. Purple represents acumen, wisdom, creative power, and a glorious institution.  


New York University, or NYU, is a private university based in New York. Founded in 1931, the campus is in Lower Manhattan.

The logo has two types of variants a] NYU in the upper case in bold lettering with an icon of a flaming torch on top inside a purple box and b for smaller space the flaming torch in a smaller purple box and NTU written beside it in purple.

NYU now has a distinctive RGB percentage for its purple hue with a specific color code.  

Phoenix Suns:

This Arizona-based NBA basketball league team was founded in 1968. The team is also under the Western Conference Pacific Division of the NBA.

Save except between the years 2000 and 2013; purple has been the principal color element in the logo. The initial logo had the word SUNS inside an orange starburst.

The current logo commissioned during the 2013/14 season has the letters PHX in a 3D effect on a purple band at the forefront of a basketball image, which in turn is in front of a blaze of flames image in grey.  

Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens logo is nicknamed Flying B. Initially, a silhouette of a raven’s head turning towards the right with B imprinted on its head.

The image is in a purple box. Later, the color scheme was entirely reversed, with the background white and the raven’s head purple. 


Roku, commissioned in 2008, is a digital media player through which streaming content can be observed. Only last year did the company launch the eighth generation of its products. Roku is a Japanese word meaning six. The logo is in all upper cases in purple on a white background. 

Sacramento Kings:

The Sacramento, California-based professional basketball team is an active participant in the National Basketball League and a member of the Western Conference Pacific Division.

The newly revised logo is based on the previous classic logo of 1985. The shape is like a basket with the motif of a basketball in grey below.

The top portion of the logo is in the shape of a reshaped crown in purple, with the team branding at the front very prominent. It shows the team’s ambition to rise to the top majestically.   


Scentsy is an Idaho-based multilevel marketing company marketing perfumed products and wax-based warmers.

The logo is in upper and lower cases, with the word independent consultant at the bottom in all upper cases.

The entire logo unit is in purple as the products are classic, premium, and niche items with elegance. 


The NBC Universal-owned SyFy is a US TV channel and also into IPTV, with the contents being fantasy, supernatural and paranormal activities, horror, and science fiction items.

Previously, the logo was in purple —- one in reverse purple type and one in normal direct

Purple. In the reverse type, Syfy was written in bold white lettering against a purple background, whereas in the direct type, Syfy was written in purple against a white background. The logo has since then been revised. 

Taco Bell:

Based in Irvine, California, Taco Bell is a chain of fast-food restaurants and a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc.

The items that are served in the restaurants are primarily Mexican delicacies.  The items are available globally. The logo is one of the most recognizable restaurant logos globally.

Initially, the logo did not have any motif of a bell and was just a wordmark instead. The bell element came in 1985 and remained popular for a decade when purple was the main primary color. 


Inaugurated in 2006 and coming from the stable of Amazon, Twitch is a streaming service of live video showing programs like eSports and video games live-streaming. The logo is in purple giving a 3D effect.

Initially, it was in a purple reverse color scheme wherein the background was purple with branding in white, but currently, the ground is white with white lettering and thick purple borders or casings, giving a 3D effect. 


viber logo

A cross-platform Voice over IP – VoIP and Instant messaging application, Viber is operated by the Japanese multinational Ratuken.

The stable release in Android just happened a month back this year. One can operate group chats and exchange audio and video calls, stickers, and instant voice and video messages through this app.

The app has two logos, the primary one being purple. In the smaller one, an icon of a speech blurb is shown with a handheld telephone, and the symbol of the message is depicted. The design is the same in the larger one, except that Viber branding is clearly mentioned. 

Wizz Air:

wizz air logo

Officially known as Wizz Air Hungary Ltd., the airline is a pocket-friendly service provider operating in Hungary and traveling to many European cities, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The earlier Wizz Air logo had just mentioned Wizz with two full contrasting hues of solid purple in its four letters in a stylized format.

The current logo has Wizz as white lettering with purple casings or borders to the letters and I being inverted, giving it more of the feeling of an airline carrier.   


yahoo logo

Based in California, Yahoo is a web service provider and is currently owned by Verizon Media. Yahoo got its first logo in 1994 which was plain black with Times Roman font style.

The old logo was changed in 2009, the typestyle was compacted and the color was changed to purple.

In 2013, it was changed again, keeping the color scheme purple and the note of exclamation on an off-white ground.

The new logo in the purple ground has Yahoo written in thick white lettering, and the note of exclamation is tilted exactly at an angle of 22.5 degrees, which is astounding.    


zoopla logo

Better known as ZPG Ltd., Zoopla is a London-based organization founded in 2008 that works on and presents a current estimate, trend, or statistics of all types of domestic properties related issues in the U.K.

Purple color, as Zoopla has used in its logo, implies corporeality, extravagance, and grandiosity.

The company positions itself as a niche, influential, and courageous entity as well as one of the most effective searching tools, and for that, purple is the ultimate choice. 


An upscale magazine and portal for a niche target audience specifically amongst women only, Allure offers beauty tips, new hairstyle ideas, self-grooming, and skincare guidance. The current logo is red, but the previous logo was purple.

Since the portal and the magazine are targeted toward the upmarket category, purple aptly fits in perfectly, as purple signifies luxury, royalty, dignity, elegance, nobility, and grandeur.  


KaBloom is a festival of flowers specifically known as Tesselaar KaBloom festival of flowers and has been held for the last seventy years, featuring some of the finest flowers like begonia, foxgloves, zinnia, delphiniums, snapdragons, dahlias, etc.

The theme color and the branding of Ka Bloom have been purple or lavender color. A flower branded in purple denotes class, pride, achievement, respect, and admiration.

This year, the show is not being held due to the worldwide health issue arising from the coronavirus. 


Developed by Microsoft, OneNote is a program to collect users’ notes, audio documentaries, clippings, and drawings, which can also be shared using multi-user collaboration.

The logo in two distinct rich purple hues, one shade lighter and the other darker, has been used very diligently, giving it a very tech-savvy appeal.

The lighter one is in the background in the form of a diary cover with the page index marked, and the darker hue is in the foreground with N lettering in white printed in the middle. The logo immediately confers an impression of a digital notebook for jotting down notes. 

Willy Wonka Candy Company:

willy wonka candy company logo

The brand, owned by Nestle till 2018, has been rechristened as Nestle Candy Shop now. Nestle used to market confectioners under the Willy Wonka brand name in North and South America, Northern Europe, the Far East, Australia, and  New Zealand.

Loosely based on the classic children’s novel by Roald Dahl, the brand’s popularity ascended to new heights.

The logo in purple is tilted towards the left corner with white letterings. Thick purple borders along two sides of the letters give a 3D effect to the branding. A cap of a magician on top of the letters W and O adds to the fun-loving image of the brand.

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