60+ Famous Red Logos of Popular Brands

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Unsurprisingly, many of the most iconic brands use this fiery color for their identity. 🌶️🚀 In this article, we’re looking at these red logos that are not just logos but big names in the world of branding.

From the tempting look of fast-food chains to the exciting feel of sports brands, we’ll cover it all! 🍔👟

Get ready to learn the stories behind these well-known red logos and see why they keep winning over hearts and minds worldwide. Let’s start our journey of painting the town red! 🎨🌃

The Psychology & Meaning of Red Color

The psychology and meaning of red in logos and branding are deeply rooted in its visual and emotional impact.

Red is a powerful color that can evoke various emotions, from passion and love to anger and danger.

Its use in logos and branding strategies is carefully considered for its ability to attract attention, create urgency, and convey specific messages about a brand’s identity.

Attraction and Attention

Red is one of the most visible colors to the human eye, making it an excellent choice for brands that want to stand out.

It’s often used to attract attention in advertising, signage, and logos. Because of its high visibility, red can effectively draw the eye in busy or cluttered environments, making a brand more memorable.

Emotional Impact

Red is associated with strong emotions. It can symbolize passion, love, and excitement, making it a popular choice for brands that want to evoke these feelings.

However, it can also represent danger, warning, and aggression, which can be used strategically to create a sense of urgency or caution.

Action and Energy

Red is often associated with action, energy, and speed. Brands that want to convey a sense of dynamism and vitality may use red in their logos to reflect these qualities.

It’s a standard color in the automotive industry, sports brands, and fast-food chains, where energy and speed are desirable attributes.

Appetite Stimulation

Red is known to stimulate appetite, so it’s frequently used by food and beverage companies.

It can make food appear more appealing and encourage hunger, making it an effective tool for restaurants, cafes, and food product branding.

Cultural Significations

The meaning of red can vary significantly across different cultures, affecting how it is perceived in global branding. In Western cultures, red often signifies excitement, passion, and danger.

In contrast, in many Asian cultures, red symbolizes luck, happiness, and prosperity. This cultural significance can influence how international audiences perceive a brand’s logo.

Brand Identity

Using red in a logo can communicate a brand’s personality traits, such as boldness, strength, and leadership.

It’s a popular choice for brands that aim to stand out as leaders in their industry or for those who want to project an image of confidence and power.

Famous Red Color Logos

Regarding branding with the color red, it is something beyond fashion. The color red may impact brand building. Of course, red is superior and portrays power.


adobe logo

Adobe is one of the premier software services available in modern technology. The Brand uses a red color as it is attractive and alluring.

The color magnifies energy and power. The main reason for the Adobe tool is that it effectively symbolizes power. Hence, Adobe is powerful, and red is also powerful.

Coca Cola:

coca cola logo

The premier tool provides the best service in the beverage and food segment that no other brand can comply with. Coca-Cola is in the food industry.

The food industry often faces the challenge of requiring intense feelings to fill the appetite. It is said that when you feed the food, only after your eye consumes it.

It means that the food should be eye-catching and lips-sticky. Then only then will the people have the food. This is the reason why the brand owners select the red logo.

The red color is beautiful and can attract anyone. To be a lucky owner, you must have a unique and eye-catching logo design.


cnn logo

Art and media are a matter of creation. A predominant artistic organization like CNN provides art and media-related services.

CNN selects the red logo. Consciously or subconsciously, our mind questions why CNN selects red. This is because design-based companies generally choose the color red.

Red is appealing! Red is Gorgeous! Red connects you! Then why escape from the red? That’s the reason companies such as CNN opt for red color.


time logo

The shimmering color red has appealed to many brands from all around the world. Most design-focused companies choose red for their logo. We can guess it very easily. Red is amongst the most striking colors.

When we apply color to creative designs, it looks astonishing!   Being one of the most suitable colors, red is religiously applied in all countries and all creative designs.

Time is applied to the red color in their organization’s logo because the organization detects the qualities mentioned above.


youtube logo

YouTube is the new media platform that evolved after the emergence of the internet. For that reason, as it is a technological brand, the creator of the unique platform decided to develop the new platform with red, one of the oldest and most basic colors.

Even though we know that many of the colors evolved on the base of the colors, modernization calls for several brands to use the classic red to develop the Brand in large specters. 


canon logo

Wondering why a brand like a canon is high on red. Actually, that is surprising! Now imagine the usage of cannon. Can you imagine a marriage without the camera of a cannon? Or any photography equipment.

Yes, we love to bind our memories for a lifetime. The brands like the cannon that does for us. That means brands like Canon help to preserve the memories. Here, we can find out the compatibilities between the cannon and the color red.

Indeed, both of them are connected, as both signify memories.


pinterest logo

Pinterest, the popular visual discovery and bookmarking platform, features a minimalist red logo.

The red Pinterest logo, with its iconic white “P,” represents passion, creativity, and inspiration.

The red color is chosen to evoke a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging users to explore and discover new ideas through the platform.


aprilia logo

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for its high-performance bikes. The company’s red logo features a stylized ‘A’ with a shield-like design, embodying strength and innovation.

Red, being a dynamic and energetic color, reflects the brand’s passion for racing and cutting-edge technology.

Aprilia’s red logo is a symbol of speed, power, and a commitment to delivering top-notch motorcycles.

American Red Cross:

american red cross red logo

You are very frustrated as you have entered the new world. Yes! It is the service industry. And now you are wired, as you feel that your business domain has very tough competition.

 Also, your industry may be too boring, just something like insurance. Here, you can feel the importance of the color red. Red has the unique power to spine up to your product. American Red Cross is also a Service-centric brand that uses the unique power of the red.


3m logo

The Minnesota-based multinational produces at least 60000 goods under private labeling globally, covering almost all kinds of consumer goods.

3 M stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing — Three times M. Instantly hailed as one of the widely known corporate logos, the bright red color communicates stability, confidence, innovation, and fortitude.


colgate logo

The legendary multinational company from the USA, founded in 1873, is the pioneer of oral health and hygiene globally.

The red logo is imprinted in the minds of people internationally. The base is bright post office red with the Colgate branding in white and slightly cursive font with upper and lower cases. 

Red signifies the peak of health and activity, while white stands for the purity and sophistication of the Brand.  

Levis Jeans:

levis logo

It is prudently said that denim jeans have become generic with Levi’s Brand. Up to 1928, the brand logo was with two horses, but unfortunately, the logo was unscrupulously copied, forcing Levis to change the brand color to red.

The red color reinforces Levis’s absolute right and exclusivity over its trademark.  

Life Magazine:

life logo

One of the finest magazines in the world in the last century, Life ceased to publish in 2007.

Old-timers and scholars would even now recollect the brand logo in stark white, and all upper cases inside a bright red rectangular enclosure with Folio condensed bold font. The red exuberates energy, power, and life. 

Mitsubishi Motors:

mitsubishi motors logo

The Tokyo-based automotive pioneer makes it to the first twenty slots globally in its industry.

The famous logo, lovingly called three diamonds, is a combination of two Japanese words, Mitsu and Hishi, meaning three and water chestnut, respectively. Water chestnut represents a rhombus or a diamond. 

Vimal Suiting:

only vimal logo

This Reliance Industries brand is one of the big success stories in the history of corporate India. One of the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani’s finest achievements, Vimal, has been the umbrella brand.

The logo Only Vimal in sleek white font comes inside a post office red oval enclosure with center alignment. The caption emphasizes the exclusivity and confidence of the Brand. 

Virgin Atlantic:

virgin logo

The airlines from Britain fly to thirty destinations. The red logo is of two types as and where required.

One is the branding Virgin in red lettering tilting towards the left with a white base. Another one is in the red reverse base inside a four-sided area loosely looking like the aircraft tail with Virgin branding in white imprinted thereon.


budweiser logo

Budweiser, the iconic American beer brand, showcases a bold red logo with a distinctive script font.

The red hue symbolizes energy, passion, and the brand’s bold presence in the beer industry.

The Budweiser red logo is instantly recognizable, embodying the spirit of celebration and camaraderie associated with the brand.


espn logo

The red logo of ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is synonymous with sports broadcasting. The dynamic red color in the logo signifies excitement, energy, and the thrill of sports.

ESPN’s red logo has become an emblem of the network’s dedication to delivering engaging and thrilling sports content to viewers worldwide.


netflix logo

Red and Entertainment is a hot cake. Netflix has changed the ear of entertainment. It created a revolution- bringing creativity and newness to the entertainment world, and they are doing fantastic in the market.

Many contents remained untouched by other platforms that were brought by Netflix in front of the customers. Customers eat it like anything.

Maybe this discussion is increasing confusion. You may ask why we are talking about Netflix’s content. Yes, there is an uprooted connection between the color red and the Netflix content. Red represents the creation, and Netflix also represents the creation.

Swiss Airlines:

swiss airlines logo

Consequently, when you fly high on your dream, red enhances your dream capacity; Swiss Airlines selects the color of rend. This is because of many reasons. 

The airline’s business solely depends on the showcase of aspirations and dreams.


exxon logo

Exxon, a major multinational oil and gas corporation, utilizes a red logo that signifies strength, power, and energy.

The interplay of red and white in the Exxon logo creates a visually striking design.

The use of red reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the energy sector, making it a prominent and recognizable symbol worldwide.


hm logo

H&M, the Swedish multinational clothing retail company, boasts a red logo with a simple yet elegant design.

The red color in the H&M logo represents passion for fashion and a vibrant, dynamic approach to style.

The logo’s simplicity and use of red convey a sense of accessibility, making H&M an inclusive and trendy brand for a diverse audience.


marvel logo

Marvel, the renowned entertainment company famous for its superhero comics and movies, features a red logo that exudes excitement and heroism.

The bold red color in the Marvel logo symbolizes action, adventure, and the dynamic narratives associated with its characters.

The red logo has become an iconic symbol, representing the epic storytelling and larger-than-life characters that define the Marvel universe.

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