50+ Best Grocery Store Website Design Examples That Will Blow Your Mind

When it comes to shopping for groceries online, a good website can make all the difference. This article takes a look at some of the best grocery store websites out there.

We’ll see what makes them easy and enjoyable to use, from finding what you need quickly to checking out without any hassle.

These websites show how shopping for groceries online can be just as good, if not better, than going to the store.

Let’s dive in and see what makes them stand out!

Best Shopify Grocery Stores for inspiration

1. Rise Brewing Co

Shopify grocery stores

The developers of RISE were fed up with the coffee products on the market, which were high in sugar, calories, hazardous chemicals, and terms they couldn’t pronounce.

RISE’s objective is to develop the best-tasting organic goods on the earth and make them widely available.

2. Umamicart

Shopify supermarket

Umamicart is an online grocery store that sells a wide range of Asian foods and ingredients. They have all of your Asian shopping requirements covered, from Asian vegetables to fresh fruits to your favorite kinds of meat, pantry staples, rice, noodles, and more.

Traditional classics, as well as up-and-coming Asian-American-owned products, are represented in Umamicart’s carefully chosen assortment.

3. Clean Simple Eats

Shopify asian market

Erika and JJ founded Clean Simple Eats to assist people in improving their lives via food and fitness.

Frustrated with bland and uninteresting diets, they began experimenting with recipes, replacing harmful components with healthier alternatives, and created Clean Simple Eats.

They think that good habits and consistency over time produce the best outcomes thus, a long-term diet is essential.

4. ReGo Trading Inc

Shopify asian grocery store

Since 1994, ReGo Trading has been committed to offering great service. It has the most comprehensive product range in the industry, thanks to its 20 years of wholesale expertise.

It is dedicated to creating a seamless, quick experience for you, and it treats each order with meticulous attention to detail and personal care for its partners.

5. Dukakeen.com

Shopify grocery shop

Dukakeen.com caters to consumers from various businesses by supplying thousands of affordable foreign and branded items.

The one-stop store guarantees you the most excellent online buying experience possible. Their main goal is to provide the highest levels of client happiness, and they’re working hard to establish a business-to-customer connection by simplifying the procedures for making purchases.

6. NineLife

Shopify grocery delivery

NineLife is one of Australia’s leading online retailers that operate in health, groceries, and personal care items.

They have listed around 150,000 health products in their Shopify store, which area is always in demand.

Its inventory is completely selected for its clients, meaning it only carries what you want and is regularly updated to bring in the greatest and most in-demand items.

7. Kalamala

Shopify online grocery shopping

Kalamala has provided Persian, Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish, and Afghan grocery deliveries since 2006.

This Shopify has listed over a hundred items in the respective categories available at every point of the day.

Users can choose from hundreds of items, starting from rice to fresh fruit. They can also order home appliances such as tea kettles and skewers.

8. Riviera Seafood Club

Shopify food stores

Riviera Seafood Club is more than just a family-owned business that operates in the enterprise region.

They aim to minimize the gap between the sea and your table. Their products are hand-picked and evaluated for quality, ethical sourcing and procedures, and, most importantly, taste!

They take delight in all of their products, so you can bet it’s what they consume if it’s on their website.

9. Mantry

Shopify health food store

Mantry’s simple mission is to create a fresh and engaging eating experience every month. With their bi-monthly box, you may try and taste six full-size, high-quality meals from across the United States without commitment.

These meals are meticulously acquired and thoughtfully created into the right original theme, led by the hand of great Artisan craftsmen.

10. Goodness Me

Shopify 24 hour grocery store

Goodness Me was founded in 1981, and since then, it has fulfilled millions of requests while providing access to the healthiest items available.

Its straightforward aim is to identify, teach about, and sell items promoting healthy living. It now operates out of nine physical sites across Ontario, with ambitions to expand into additional cities and areas in the future.

11. Kim’C Market

Shopify grocery items

Kim’C Market aims to provide a better and more distinctive culinary experience by offering top Korean food products that are tasty, nutritious, and fashionable.

They started Kim’C Market because there was no other way to buy high-quality Korean foods unless you virtually sneak them back to the United States. You are entitled to better than what you see in those low-cost stores!

12. NavaFresh

Shopify online grocery

NavaFresh is a brand-new way to shop for nutritious foods for you and your family and one of the most suitable shopping experiences you’ll ever have.

They are convinced that you will be able to discover the things for your specific needs among the tens of thousands of products available.

13. Italian Food Online Store

Shopify order groceries online

Alessandro arrived in America as an immigrant from Italy on various dates and in various locations to set up his store.

As a digital marketing consultant, he resurrected an abandoned Marketplace project. He used E-Commerce to assist their family and all true Italian food connoisseurs in locating authentic Italian items in the United States.


Shopify online supermarket

Vincenzo Di Piazza had had enough of trying to obtain familiar Italian dishes in the United States for years. So he planned a trip to Sicily to visit the top Italian food makers.

DITALIA Fine Italian Imports was founded. As a result, he was swiftly gaining the trust of Italian food lovers, grocers, and restaurant owners in St. Louis, Missouri. Let’s go ahead a few years.

15. JustAsianFood.com

Shopify food store

JustAsianFood.com was created to bring a wide range of Asian items to your doorstep. They feel that cuisine is one of the finest ways to learn about another country’s culture.

JustAsianFood.com is ideal for those interested in Korean cuisine and want to taste some from Thailand.

16. Cooldel

Shopify 24 hour grocery store

Cooldel is an online marketplace where you can purchase local foods. Cooldel was created to promote local shopping and empower small businesses.

They serve consumers around Greater Montreal and are proud to be a member of the community support movement.

17. Casinetto

Shopify oriental supermarket

Casinetto, founded in 2009, is a purveyor of only the highest-quality, sustainably produced, and authentically Italian delicacies, all of which come with a spotless reputation and years of expertise.

Their goal is to research, select, and coordinate the most effective logistics so that customers may experience unusual ingredients that can transform a basic meal into something special.

18. Snuk Foods

Shopify home delivery grocery

Snuk Foods is a global marketplace for the highest-quality specialized ingredients worldwide. They’re trying to eliminate your supermarket’s “foreign foods” department because people from all walks of life deserve the convenience of having nutritious, tasty foodstuffs delivered right to their homes.

19. HalalWorldDepot

Shopify natural food store

HalalWorldDepot is a reputable Halal delivery service that makes life easy for you. The availability of Halal items has been limited.

Others have family bring Halal food with them when they visit their relatives’ houses. Some people even go vegetarian since they cannot access Halal products near them.

20. I Love Mole

Shopify grocery delivery service

As per the theory of the store, the word “mole” refers to a bunch of Mexican sauces, and especially guacamole sauce, which is very popular in their country.

This Shopify store aims at delivering those savory origins that are very hard to find in an ordinary market. Their store is also beautiful.

21. Red Rickshaw

Shopify mexican supermarket

Red Rickshaw mainly aims at those high-quality restaurants that need wholesale services at a low rate.

Their primary customers are Michelin-starred restaurants that mostly sell Asian cuisines. This Shopify store also offers their customers kitchen appliances and new ingredients to cook.

22. Bokksu

Shopify meat store

Bokksu became a monthly luxury box that mainly ships Japanese sweets and teas worldwide. They started their venture in 2016.

Bokksu Grocery is an online Asian grocery shop that delivers Asian pantry products and ingredients to your doorstep. They call themselves a realm of Asian culinary culture. 

23. Grocery Lanka

Shopify coop grocery

Grocerylanka believes in offering great customer service and a wide range of high-quality items at a low price directly to your door in today’s fast-paced world.

They provide inexpensive UPS and USPS shipping to almost everywhere in the United States and personal delivery inside the Washington, DC, metro region.

24. EasyBins

Shopify 24 hour supermarket

EasyBins officially opened in Fayetteville, AR, in August 2018 after piloting how to carry food overnight in a tiny Oklahoma town.

Easybins was founded on the concept that preparing meals should be simple and straightforward. EasyBins was founded to assist people in eating less out and reconnecting with food.

25. Organic & Real

Shopify cheapest grocery store

Organic & Real is one of the UAE’s leading online specialty goods marketplaces. They also sell gluten-free products, which are listed across their Shopify store.

Organic & Real.com is your one-stop shop for real, healthy, organic items based on the concepts of health, caring, and sustainability.

26. Spice Village

Shopify 24 hour supermarket

Spice Village is an international Tempelhof neighborhood supermarket with excellent public transportation, train, and vehicle connections.

Foods worldwide are available, including in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Africa, South America, and many more.

27. Local Roots NYC

Shopify mexican markets

Roots in the Community NYC is a woman-owned enterprise and grassroots initiative in New York City that is working to create a community-driven, regenerative food system.

They’ve been doing it since 2011. They’re working to make New York City’s food system more regenerative and tasty. Locals may gather here to socialize, dine, and learn about sustainable living. 

28. PackIt

Shopify grocery lists

PackIt is more than a cooler manufacturer. It’s a group of creative people dedicated to delivering you the most significant goods to make your life easier.

They want their products to do what they claim and make a difference in the market and among their competitors.

29. Orlando Grocery Express

Shopify green grocery

The goal of Orlando Food Express, which opened in 2012, was to make grocery shopping easier for travelers to Central Florida.

Orlando Grocery Express allows you to purchase from the convenience of your own home, ensuring that your groceries are ready when you arrive. Customers are the essential thing about Orlando Grocery Express.

30. MyPerefectBuy

Shopify organic food store

MyPerfectBuy seeks to meet its customers’ day-to-day needs by providing diverse items. We provide our consumers with a one-stop shop for all of their everyday needs.

It gives our consumers the greatest prices; we think every beautiful product has a price, but that price must be within your budget.

31. Khorak Supermarket

Shopify russian grocery store

In 1989, Khorak Supermarket opened as a 1500-square-foot convenience shop. Mina and Moe have owned and run the shop since its inception, and it has undergone several transitional and physical changes.

Their primary focus has always been to provide only the highest quality products and customer service.

32. Joybynature.com

Shopify cousin supermarket

Joybynature.com is all about bringing nature’s delight into your house at no extra cost. This brand is India’s most significant online participant in the Natural/Organic industry, with over 150 companies and 10,000 goods.

Joybynature.com seeks to make some ground-breaking natural goods available to you that will dramatically improve your well-being and the quality of your daily life.

33. Lim Siang Huat

Shopify asian food mart

Lim Siang Huat (LSH) was founded in 1940 as a small food shop serving the British Forces and the expatriate population in Singapore.

Due to the LSH brand’s durability in the F&B business, a variety of globally known consumers, whether they be worldwide hospitality companies, restaurants, or retail brands, all trust Lim Siang Huat as their chosen distributor of F&B choices.

34. The Meat King

Shopify natural food stores

Salvatore Ferraro, a motivated young man, is the protagonist of the Meat King narrative. The invention is still going on today.

With our newest venture, The Meat King, we’ve extended to a community near you for your shopping convenience.

Try our better store-cut steaks and chops, as well as our own recipe for ground-on-site burgers, our own brand line-up of hot dogs, and other distinctive store-prepared delicacies.

35. Water Butlers

Shopify gourmet grocery store

Water Butlers offers you and your family various products, including beverages, snacks, meat, and a deli.

They will deliver your purchase within 2 hours of receiving your request or at a more suitable time and date for you. Water Butlers is committed to providing you with complete satisfaction.

36. CoffeeCow.com

Shopify fruit and vegetable store

CoffeeCow.com’s mission is to give the highest-quality items, the fastest service, and the most excellent prices available anywhere.

Customers benefit from free or low-cost delivery and the opportunity to earn Cow Bucks as they buy. Customers of CoffeeCow will receive one or two emails every week showcasing freebies and special offers.

37. Low Price Foods

Shopify grocery items

Low Price Foods sells bulk food online and ships it throughout the United Kingdom. In 2017, it launched a supermarket in Sutton-in-Ashfield, and in 2018, it began selling online across the UK.

By the end of 2019, its website had grown in popularity, with thousands of clients placing orders daily.

38. The Butchery Quality Meats

Shopify online supermarket

You can count on top-notch service from any of our courteous, helpful, and experienced employees at The Butchery.

Each member of the team has a unique set of skills and interests. Some are craft beer connoisseurs, some are wine connoisseurs, and yet others are grill experts. 

39. The Meat House Market

Shopify online food shopping

The Meat House Market is a modern take on the neighborhood butcher and grocer, offering a wide range of expertly butchered premium meats, fresh seafood, full-service catering, and fresh sandwiches, as well as a wide range of local produce, artisan cheeses, loaves of bread, desserts, and unique grocery items.

40. Flackers

Shopify grocery shopping list

Flackers is dedicated to creating delicious, nutrient-dense snacks that are both good for you and good for the environment.

Each batch of Flackers is packed with healthy, crispy, deliciously flax-seedy deliciousness, thanks to organic, entire ingredients visible in every cracker.

41. British Food Supplies

Shopify united market street

British Food Supplies is a Massachusetts-based family-owned (and English-owned) business. British Food Supplies developed as a result of a common ailment: homesickness.

British Food Supplies aims to deliver a taste of home to everyone who needs it and introduce Americans to the joys of authentic British life.

42. Shastha Online

Shopify grocery pickup

Shastha Foods is known for its genuine Indian cuisine. It sells various products such as ready-to-eat Rice Batters, several types of rice, Filter Coffee, Indian Snacks, Papads, Pickles, Rice Mixes, Wheat flour, and a variety of other Pooja items.

They ensure that their products are both fresh and flavorful to meet a wide range of tastes. 

43. Callaloo Box

Shopify online grocery store

The purpose of the callaloo box is to provide clients with a taste of home. Essentially, it is a method for people living in the diaspora to connect to their culture.

It’s about bringing a flavor of home to your doorway through cuisine and extending the emotions and sensations evoked by these dishes.

44. MoveHalal

Shopify international grocery store

MoveHalal offers a seamless shopping experience for halal meat and groceries from trusted local merchants and farms.

They offer and ship Halal meals, snacks, beverages, and other items to your door. With MoveHalal, you can have any item delivered to your house in a matter of minutes at any time of day, including meals, snacks, beverages, and more.

45. Blighty’s

Shopify zero grocery

Blighty’s is a substantial British retailer in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. It is a family-run enterprise that brings excellent British cuisine and sweets to all of Britain’s ex-pats. They also have many fresh-baked items, cheeses, and frozen meats in-store.

46. Buniyaa

Shopify american food store

Buniyaa is a tiny e-commerce company that sells Indian goods and items. They are a family-owned company based in New Jersey.

They seek to give their consumers the finest grocery shopping experience possible by offering high-quality items at reasonable costs without requiring them to leave their homes.

47. Sharondale Mushroom Farm

Shopify 24 hour grocery

At Sharondale Farm, mushroom cultivation is a combination of science and art. Over 100 gourmet and medicinal mushroom strains are housed in the farm culture bank.

A number of the wild strains gathered have been transformed into useful food and medicinal crops. In contrast, others have shown promise in the bioremediation of diesel oil and hydraulic fluid, two prevalent contaminants on small farms.

48. Fishpeople

Shopify tops grocery store

Fishpeople is driven by a desire to support fishing communities, protect ocean resources, and feed you.

It imagines a fish sector that benefits the people rather than the few. Their creations are a tribute to our industry, which is the last one that seeks a livelihood. 

49. Empress Market

Shopify bulk food store

Empress Market has compiled a list of seasonal vegetables (fresh and frozen) and supplies to make meal planning a little simpler.

Choose from hundreds of ethnic Pakistani brands, spices, and fresh vegetables for freshness, value, and convenience, and have it delivered to your home.

50. Manhattan Milk

Shopify local grocery stores

Manhattan Milk is a “farm-to-table” delivery business founded with the aim of resurrecting the milkman’s memories.

They provide everything you need for fresh dairy and food, from milk and eggs to fresh fruits, veggies, and local cold beers. They understand how critical it is for you to maintain a healthy diet.

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