50+ Best Juice Website Design Inspiration: See What’s Trending

When it comes to your juice business, having an attractive and user-friendly website is super important in today’s online world.

Your website is often the first thing people see about your brand, and it can make a big difference in whether they become your customers.

To make your website stand out in the crowded online world, it should look great and work well. This article will show you some cool and creative ideas for designing your juice website.

These ideas will not only excite your visitors about your juices but also inspire you to create a website that shows off the tasty and fresh side of your juice business.

So, let’s dive in and explore some fun and unique design ideas for your juice website!

Best Juice Website Design Inspiration

1. The Pop’d Shop

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The Pop’d Shop was founded on the creator’s enthusiasm for delivering healthy and sustainable refreshments.

In 2017, The Pop Shop, a small Popped Culture business in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, enlarged and moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This store was similarly dedicated to the preservation of the local food environment.

2. Simplicity 

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Do you need a helping hand in your restoration, wellness, and beauty journey? Simplicity might be able to assist you with your requirements and ambitions.

Simplicity has helped those with cancer, diabetes, inflammation, weight loss, skin problems, wounds, food addictions, drug and alcohol addiction problems, constipation, and other ailments.

3. Organic Pharmer

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Organic Pharmer is a mindset that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. All our products use a deliberate and effective blend of herbal remedies.

They start with the product’s objective and then add components that will improve both the functionality and the flavor.

4. Buda Juice

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Buda Juice is concerned about what gets into your body, so you can rest confident that its drink contains the maximum amount of nutrients and benefits.

All of their drinks and shots are prepared entirely of verified organic produce, with no added sugar, preservatives, or fillers. Consider it a bottle of balance.

5. Thrive Juice Co.

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Thrive Juice Co. asserts that thriving is a virtue that we all have. Health should never be sacrificed for the sake of ease.

They understand how difficult it is to maintain your general well-being in today’s hectic society. They’re here to make life easier by designing items that can be used on the go.

6. Hello Juice & Smoothie

Shopify best store bought orange juice

Hello, Juice and Smoothies. We are on a quest to make juicing a worldwide phenomenon. Freshly made juice was created to provide a healthier, more transparent lifestyle platform to the human body. They make 100% naturally pure, raw, and unpasteurized juice.

7. VAS Exclusive

Shopify the juice lifestyle shop

VAS Exclusive was designed to enable clients to have a better life and also effectively protect the earth with reusable, eco-friendly solutions.

Glass is the ideal beverage container since it is safe, sturdy, and does not discolor. Their containers have a wide mouth for convenient pouring and storage.

8. Goju Wellness Shots

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Goju aims to give individuals affordable, useful, and long-lasting quality healthcare. Do not worry; their unique, super-strength recipes will remain available.

They’ve come a long way from juicing in their basement, but they believe the best is yet to come and expect others to join them on their journey.

9. Lumi

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Lumi is a USDA-certified organic cold-pressed juice brand that specializes in providing high-quality juices and nutrition doses.

Every day, they source fresh products, which are then cold-pressed and high-pressure extracted into the fresh ingredients, tasting pure delicacy. They don’t indulge in detox diets or “fast solutions.”


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When it concerns production, CPRESS is particular. The company obtains the best of Mother Nature’s organic produce directly from the growers.

The cold-pressing process begins at this point. They remove nutrients, minerals, fiber, and beneficial enzymes from whole fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press.

11. The Juice LA 

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Juice LA’s fruits are organically grown with higher vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients than commercially grown fruits.

Their juicing technique uses a hydraulic press technique with an intensity of seven tonnes to carefully extract every ounce of nutrition down to the cellular level, resulting in the healthiest and most delicious juices and nut milk available.

12. Blue Monkey

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Blue Monkey is a family-owned and managed beverage and refreshment business formed in the locality. Simon and Mary-Jane Ginsberg, the husband and wife duo behind the renowned Ice Age Glacier water brand, went into business in 2009.

They have a variety of natural, organic, and sparkling drinks in their Coconut & Tropical Collections.

13. Organic Burst

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Dimi and Katya, a husband and wife duo, founded Organic Burst in 2011 after experiencing firsthand the life-changing advantages of pure, organic ancient meals.

These products are purchased explicitly from small ethical farmers or associations of local growers and harvesters (instead of through a wholesaler or distributor).

14. Kauai Juice Co.

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The wealth of tropical harvest and herbal remedies fascinated Kauai Juice Co. creator Kristal Munich, who was motivated to turn this into nutritional, restorative goods for the community.

Kristal was elected Hawaii’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 after Kauai Juice Co. was recognized as the sixth-fastest rising firm in the state in 2018.

15. Brightcore

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Brightcore has been designed to assist you in achieving your goals by providing natural, sustainable goods that are free of additives and needless components.

Brightcore caps, scoops, and drinks are designed to nourish the body, mind, and spirit. Brightcore packages are produced clean with your wellness and pleasure in your heart, so throw them in your gym bag or beach tote.

16. Juice Nashville

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Juice Nashville, Tennessee’s original cold-pressed juice, combines fresh produce in its juicing method to produce a pulp-free beverage with 3-5 times the nutritional content of juice from ordinary crushers. Their drink contains:

  • The high levels of vitamins and antioxidants present in fresh vegetables.
  • Nourishing the body.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Improving general organ performance.

17. Plant Magic

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When Teresa Piro, the creator of CAN CAN Cleanse and a 10-year San Francisco Bay Area beverage expert, started exploring the next generation of juice, something magical occurred.

The endocannabinoid mechanism is complex, yet the burgeoning area of the study reveals that cannabinoids are a fundamental aspect of homeostasis. Their juice gives nutritious goodness that you should test for yourself.


Shopify grocery store smoothies

Lemonkind’s items are available in single-serve, shelf-stable, ready-to-eat, fully prepared, or ready-to-drink packaging.

It operates around your schedule rather than the other way around, and pure, healthy sustenance is available anytime, anywhere, and however you need it. Always plant-based, with no added ingredients, as nature-made.

19. Nékter

Shopify healthy smoothies to buy

Healthy food should taste delicious and feel better, according to Nékter. All those who want to live a balanced life must be able to do so at a reasonable cost.

Organic, fresh, and constantly buzzing with its most energetic and nutrient-rich components, handmade drinks, smoothies, and acai bowls always sparkling with some of the most invigorating and nutrient-rich additives.

20. Juice from the Raw

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Juice from the RAW increases in popularity and demand, maintaining the idea of affordable daily vegetables available fresh to everyone who purchases it.

Whereas their rivals are after your money, they are concerned with your health and want to supply you with the highest quality drinks at a decent cost.

21. Smart Pressed Juice

Shopify the juice lifestyle shop

Smart Pressed Juice addresses the issue of busy lifestyles and bad diets by combining its juices into an award-winning program that helps individuals get back in shape easily.

Their panel of professionals has spent years perfecting superfood combinations that maximize the benefits of plant-based remedies.

22. Drnxmyth

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The fresh components are delivered the same day from farms around California to be blended and prepared. They never apply artificial substances or heat, and their beverages are prepared in a unique way.

They use cutting-edge techniques to combine top-shelf spirits with never-heated quality ingredients, making them really distinct.

23. Lakewood Organic

Shopify orange juice shop

Fred Fuhrman, the company’s originator, started off as a modest fresh fruit vendor in Miami’s Allapattah District.

Only naturally available sugars from fruits or veggies are utilized in their drinks. Lakewood Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juices include no animal products, compounds, or by-products in any manner.


Shopify powerfuel smoothie shop

PRESS chooses the top quality fruits and veggies from G.A.P. Global approved fields and the “wonky” ones to ensure consistency, high-quality, healthy, ethically sourced goods, and set the bar for ecologically aware agricultural practices.

They produce healthy and lively raw material with enzymes and micronutrients using cold pressure (HPP).

25. Cheribundi

Shopify best store bought orange juice

Cheribundi is, first and foremost, organic, and there is nothing artificial about it. Second, it’s the world’s most antioxidant-dense superfruit.

According to research, drinking up to 16 ounces of sour cherry juice regularly improves strength recovery and lowers muscular stiffness significantly.

Cheribundi’s ability for optimal efficiency is recognized by professional athletes, athletic nutrition experts, and dietitians.

26. Genius

Shopify healthiest store bought smoothies

The quest to employ the whole coconut became a goal after finding the ideal coconut. Genius Juice gathers the freshwater first and then scrapes out the meat manually.

The smoothies in the core range have only a few organic elements and do not contain any starches, stabilizers, or added sugars.


Shopify best store bought juice

Only one out of every ten people consumes enough greens. JRINK is a natural and fresh solution with 5x the number of vegetables and 40% more nutrients than a salad.

There are no added sugars or additives at any time. JRINKs can be stored and sealed for up to 4-5 days because they are cold-pressed.

28. IZZE

Shopify grocery store smoothies

IZZE shines its place in the hearts of Americans with a delightful beverage and an effervescent view of life. These delightful beverages are made with a simple blend of 70% fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water.

IZZE is the ultimate feel-good beverage to cheer up your days because it contains no additives or extra sugar.

29. Happy Moose

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Each health shot in Happy Moose explodes with mouth-watering deliciousness and is loaded with immune-boosting nutrients and strong herbs that give the supreme defense against whatever life throws at you.

Their juices are made from the freshest fruits and vegetables produced in the California sun. Each sip of each deliciously uplifting combination will make you smile.

30. H2Rose

Shopify the juice lifestyle shop

H2rOse is a one-of-a-kind juice prepared with rose water, saffron, and other beneficial compounds. Originally, rose water was only made for royalty.

Rosewater has a lovely smell and a variety of empirically validated therapeutic advantages. For millennia, it has been employed as the ultimate elixir of life in culinary and skincare.


Shopify fresh juice store

PUR is produced with quality components, including in-season fruits and veggies that are collected, crushed, and packaged from where they are grown.

Using the finest, ripest fruits and veggies helps to supply you with more minerals and nutrients, ensuring that every bottle of PUR Juice gives you the most beneficial properties feasible.

32. Traverse Bay Farms

Shopify sf juice shop

Traverse Bay Farms is committed to developing cutting-edge healthy fruit supplies and delicious fruit-based gourmet foods.

Traverse Bay Farms was the first to provide easy monthly deliveries of cherry pureed fruit, dried fruit, and fruit nutrients. Fruit Advantage was the first company to develop a whole range of nutritional supplements based entirely on the powerful antioxidants of fruit.

33. Roots Market and Juicery

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Each week, this store’s juices are processed fresh. Each drink contains roughly 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables, providing your system with necessary nutrients. Pressed juices provide 50 times the quantity of nutrition as fresh juice from the markets.

34. Juice Ranch

Shopify healthy smoothie shops

Juice Ranch grew from a desire to help others and an initiative to have a detox night with friends by creating juices together and at home.

They’ve succeeded in creating a terrific network that has motivated them daily throughout the previous seven years. Their fascination with what can be made into juice persists.

35. Water Fusions

Shopify juice bar shop

Water Fusions provides you with 21st-century nourishment and a better awareness of your specific health requirements.

The structure is required for their hydration. Pure as nature intended, mineral-rich, and energizing. Each Water Fusion creation is made by hand with no contaminants in the water and is pH adjusted to ensure the best level of human hydration.

36. Wave Soda

Shopify fruit smoothie store

Enjoy the pleasant moment that the world now has a gently caffeinated substitute for the not-so-natural drink as you sip our effervescent Wave Soda.

Regard it as a light kick to get you wherever you need to go. Their complete fruit collection features 15-25 calories per can and contains no sugar added or sugar substitutes.

37. Welo

Shopify supermarket juice

Welo is determined to make parenting somewhat easier for parents by providing kid-approved goods that are low in sugar, manufactured with natural ingredients, and full of love.

They don’t want you all to have to pick among snacks that taste good, feel great, and help the environment. Thus, their goods fulfill all three requirements.


Shopify natural juice shop

GacLife created a gac-infused superfruit juice based on significant scientific research that can assist in protecting your body, skin, and so on.

Gac fruit has more nutrients than other fruits and veggies, especially Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as flavonoids and polyphenols.

39. Garden of Flavor

Shopify smoothie shop

They cold-press fresh veggies and fruits here at Garden of Flavors to make our healthy and delicious juices.

Lisa and Garden of Flavor took home the “Best Juice or Juice Drink Category” at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in Nuremberg, Germany, in November of 2014.

40. Daily Juice

Shopify smoothie shops

Daily Juice is a freshly made juice bar that opened in 2003 in the heart of Austin. It’s mostly about whole-food, nutrient-dense foods that stimulate, nurture, and cure the body.

Smoothies are prepared entirely of whole ingredients, with no purees, added sweeteners, or ice. A rotating menu of light nibbles, some of which are raw and gluten-free.

41. Juice Shop

Shopify buy celery juice

Juice Shop was founded to enhance the lives of our friends and family. Juice Shop comprises three brothers—Charlie, Ben, and Jake—and Charlie’s wife, Lina, and an incredible and devoted team. They tell their tale in order to urge others to come forward and tell theirs.

42. Beetology

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Beets have incredible health advantages; did you know they’ve been proven good for your heart, blood pressure, and brain?

Beets are more like music for your body; they make things better, and the creators are confident you’ll agree after trying all of the Beetology juices.

43. Vive

Shopify fresh juice shop

Vive juices are unpasteurized and 100 percent raw. By not manufacturing our juice mixes, the business was able to maintain the organic purity of the ingredients and bottles (known as HPP).

They leave the juice raw to provide you with the whole range of active enzymes rather than preserving it for a longer shelf life.

44. Treo

Shopify powerfuel smoothie shop

Treo’s objective is to make delicious, exciting, and flavorful goods without sacrificing the quality of the contents. They are dedicated to acquiring the highest-quality ingredients available, which are organic and plant-based.

Their patented sweetener combination (birch sap, stevia, and erythritol) is natural and plant-based, and it regulates the sweetness of the beverages.

45. Ivie Juice Bar

Shopify grocery store smoothies

The Ivie Juice Bar is a family-owned and managed establishment. To maintain optimum nutrients, each of their juice is cold-pressed and packaged in glass.

The brand does not use syrups or artificial sweeteners. Everything is produced from scratch with whole, organic products.

46. Juice Up 

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Juicing is a healthy approach to getting critical minerals, nutrients, and living enzymes into our systems. The juice of raw fruits and vegetables contains almost all of the nutrients our bodies require.

Juice Up provides you with the healthiest beverages imaginable. This brand also has a wide range of things to choose from.

47. Jogo Juice

Shopify the juice lifestyle shop

Faye Beverage was founded in 2018 by the creators, and their first product, Jogo Juice, a natural hibiscus juice, was released in the same year.

Jogo Juice was founded to offer customers delicious vegan drinks that are also healthful. This is why our drinks exclusively contain organic, fresh produce and superfoods like hibiscus blossoms.

48. Fab Food Cart

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Fab Food Cart Ltd (FFC) is a Surrey-based retail food and beverage supply business that serves the Greater London and Surrey areas.

Their primary company supplies eateries, cafes, local shops, hotels, bars, retirement homes, and food and beverage caterers with wholesale food and beverages.

49. Pulp Story

Shopify fruit juice shop

Pulp Story is a Los Angeles-based startup that produces tasty, wholesome cold-pressed juice mixes to help you live a healthier life.

Their belief is that they would never produce or sell something they wouldn’t drink themselves, which is reflected in their products. As their consumers will verify, they produce tasty, extremely healthy drinks.

50. Pulp Juice Bar

Shopify nutrition smoothie shop

Pulp Juice Bar creates juices with only the freshest and the most organic products to nourish your health while pleasing your taste senses. They prioritize freshness, so they juice before you rather than behind locked doors.

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