50+ Best Pet Website Design Examples That Will Inspire You

Want to make a pet website that really grabs attention? 🐾 Pet Website Design Examples aren’t just nice to look at. They’re key to connecting people who love pets with great content. Why does a good pet website matter in a busy online world?

A great pet website is more than just pretty. It mixes useful features with cool designs, like the websites we’ll see.

These sites are not only good-looking but also easy to use, full of info, and perfect for pet fans. They show the best way to make a website, with easy menus and fun stuff to read.

But there’s more to these sites than you can see at first. Find out what makes them so good and why they’re popular with pet lovers.

Dive into a world where design and love for pets come together, creating an amazing visitor experience.

Ready to get inspired and learn from the best in pet website design? Let’s start this adventure and learn how to make awesome online places for pet fans! 🐶🐱

Pet Website Design Examples

1. Pupnaps

Shopify pet stores

They have comfortable beds to rest on, so why shouldn’t our pets have the same? The company’s sole mission is to provide comfort and love to our adorable fur babies. Be it anything significant for your pup, you can find it here. 

2. Posh Puppy Boutique

Shopify pet shop

If we want to be stylish, elegant, and adorable, our dogs might want it to, right? That was the mission based on which the company was established years ago.

With immense love for dogs, they sell outfits (might it be) for any occasion. They have a wide range of apparel for dogs- be it of any breed. Your dog will surely be one of those posh puppies with this site! 

3. The Pet Lab Co

Shopify pet supplies

For joint health, dental health, gut health, or whatever, they provide tasty yet healthy supplements for pets because they understand that nothing hurts more for a pet owner than seeing their babies whine in pain.

Plus, they are committed to selling only top-notch products bursting with vitamins and minerals.

4. Pet Fon

Shopify pet supplies

Are you looking for gadgets that will keep your pet safe? Well, this is the brand that you must look out for! Their team has more than 15 years of experience in pet product technology development. They have products like smart trackers, GPS trackers, and so on.

5. Paw Huggies

Shopify pet world

Their ultimate goal is to make products that make your baby’s life simpler, more accessible, more efficient, and, of course, far happier.

Their products are of premium quality and 100% durable. They also have fantastic customer service, which you can avail of 24/7.

6. Pop Your Pup 

Shopify dog shop

We should celebrate our pets at all times, anywhere and everywhere- that is the mission of this company.

They believe that love for someone can be expressed by creating marvelous art. They are confident that all their products are made by real artists who are even trained For 90 days.

7. Vaguitos

Shopify pet supply store

The meaning of the company is “small wanderer” and a “little lazy.” Their main aim is to assist and help homeless cats and dogs. They sell useful products to help your pets have a healthy, happy, and enjoyable life. 

8. Pawpy Kisses

Shopify pet supply stores

Back in 2013, the company only sold customized handcrafted beds and cool clothes and accessories for pets worldwide.

But now, they have expanded their business and offer a wide range of services, including pet grooming services. 

9. Pet Belong

Shopify puppy store

They are an excellent site for your pets, from selling pet gear, patches for dog harnesses, safety seat belts for dogs, and water bottles. If you don’t like the product, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy—the company ships worldwide with zero delivery charge.

10. Zesty Paws

Shopify dog store

Their products are made with the highest quality, and all the ingredients are tested and ensured to be safe for pets. There’s more.

They also partner with top brands to ensure that they keep selling premium quality ingredients to the customers. Isn’t that great? 

11. Soft Pet Paws

Shopify exotic pet store

They have everything from leashes, harnesses, patches, and feeders to travel and carry bags for pets. The best part is that they also sell gadgets that will help your pet’s training and behavior.

If you don’t like any of their products, they are willing to refund your money without asking any questions. Great right? 

12. K9 Sportsack

Shopify puppies store

Want to have a comfortable and long-lasting dog carrier? You must check out this brand, where they provide material for all your pet’s needs. They have a fantastic collection of dog carriers, which you will surely love.

13. Your Fuzzy

Shopify dog shop

When your pet whines in pain, it takes a lot of time to understand what is hurting them, right? With vet visits occurring once or twice a year, that becomes more problematic.

This is why this company was created. They are a vet team with a 24/7 live web chat that can instantly recommend amazing health supplements and ideas to cure your baby. 

14. Pet Canva

Shopify online pet store

Are you searching for simple, pretty, and beautiful designs for your pet? You must visit this website because they have curated for all your needs. Not only do they sell fantastic art designs, but you can customize them, too.

Many pet owners want to keep a portrait of their pet as home decor. For them, this site might be the best one. 

15. Zee.Dog

Shopify pet shop online

The company was founded with one purpose- to connect dogs and people. They create products while understanding people’s demands and cravings.

They even released their merchandise and collaborated with the series Stranger Things, The Simpsons, and so on. 

16. West and Willow

Shopify pet boutique

Yes, pets cannot speak. But they might want to have their self-portrait, too, right? That is precisely why this company was started- to sell life-like portraits for pets and create a strong bond between the pet owners and the lovely fur babies. 

17. Portrait My Pets

Shopify dog shopping

Having a fantastic portrait of your pet is simple from this online store. First, you need to pick a costume from the 50+ options they provide.

Then, upload the photo on which you want to make the portrait. And that’s it! Place your order, and the preview will be ready in a maximum of 3 days. You can even request an edit on the preview or approve it for printing. 

18. Loyal Companion

Shopify the pet store

Indeed, you simply cannot have harmful products for your adorable pet, right? You can buy products like healthy foods, treats and chews, toys, and health supplements from this store.

Plus, they also offer grooming, self-wash, daycare services, etc. They also provide excellent discounts, which you must look out for. 

19. Ferplast

Shopify discount pet supplies

Established in 1966, they have a wide range of products, including kennels, bed leashes, clothing, grooming supplies, hygiene supplies, and various accessories for your pets. They also have unique toys for your pet to play with. In short, they have everything that you want. 

20. Healthy Spot

Shopify buy pets online

They have natural and healthy products, but they also provide consultations with top vets and nutritionists.

They also offer obedience training programs and dental care for your pet. Apart from that, they also offer grooming services for your fur babies.

21. Pet Ministry

Shopify animal stores

Born in Singapore, they are a small international company whose main goal is to create a strong bond with pets.

This store might be the best thing that ever happened to pet owners on the planet. The pet ministers will ensure that your pet feels loved and safe. 

22. Frenchie Bulldog

Shopify nature pet store

To be honest, dog harnesses are not comfortable for French bulldogs. Welcome to this store. Not only do they make super comfy harnesses and leashes, but they also have fabulous, versatile designs on each item.  

23. Wolf Gang USA

Shopify cheap pet supplies

They offer leashes, collars, and harnesses made in America. They use only the finest American textiles of supreme quality and are long-lasting indeed.

All their products are manufactured domestically and transported at a minimal cost, and they are confident that their products can rarely be replaced.

The best part is that they provide amazing discounts on your dog’s birthday. So, don’t forget to put your pet’s birthday on this site! 

24. Paw.com

Shopify pet town

They design high-quality dog beds while keeping your home decor in mind. The founder’s pet dog, Marlie, tests all the dog beds. She pushes all the products. If she does not like it, then they won’t sell it. 

25. West Paw

Shopify local pet stores

Their goal is to be the dog’s best friend. All their products live up to the standards and are made with immense love and care.

They maintain 100% transparency in their products and also do not hesitate to show them to the customers.

They also care about the people and the planet, and therefore, they are pretty eco-friendly in their materials and manufacturing choices. 

26. Fetching Ware

Shopify dog buy online

You will love their tagline- “unconditional love returned.” The goal of this company is not to sell unique and luxurious products to dog lovers but also to inspire other people to have an enjoyable buying experience for their lovely babies.

They claim that they have fantastic dog apparel, which will get delivered to your home in just a few steps. 

27. Alpha Paw

Shopify pet world

At Alpha Paw, they regard pets to be the priority. They create breed-specific products that are sustainable and biodegradable.

All their products are made with love and are best for your pets. They also offer free shipping for products up to a certain range.

28. Atlas Pet Company

Shopify dog food store

In this company, they sell essential products like leashes, harness pouches, feeding bowls, etc. They have good reviews on their products, so you might want to check this out for your pet.  

29. Best Friends By Sheri 

Shopify village pet shop

We all want our pets to be in their best health and behavior. That was why this company was established.

They have some unique products, such as the calming dog bed. These beds can simulate a relaxing feeling and will ease your pet’s anxiety. If you work a 9 to 5 job, you can also buy a cuddler, giving your pet a comfortable sleep. 

30. Pet Pro Supply Co

Shopify the pet shoppe

If you want better pricing, better service, and better quality products, you must check it out.

Their customers are pretty happy with the service, and they maintain a 5-star average with more than 900 verified buyer reviews. They also help charitable animal causes, which are pretty great. 

31. Good Dog People

Shopify pet warehouse

Here, it’s always dogs, people, and the planet first. The Animal And Veterinary Service tests their food items in Singapore.

Plus, they also donate to a forest conservation project in Colombia. All of their products are zero waste materials, and of course, they are pet-friendly. 

32. Wondercide

Shopify discount pet supplies online

They focus on selling great pest control products and medications. They also provide home pest services that are accepted by the standards. Unfortunately, the company was established since many pets passed away due to exposure to pests. 

33. Vital Pet Life

Shopify pet food supplies

Their health products are great for the skin of your pets. All their products have great positive reviews. Plus, they also include a dosage calculator based on your pet’s weight. They also have a wellness program.

34. Crown And Paw

Shopify pet finatics

This brand is solely made for pet owners to shower their love towards their fur babies. Many of their products can be customized, and a percentage of their revenue is donated towards the dog meat trade in China and South Korea. 

35. Redbarn

Shopify the pet place

You can be assured that all their products are manufactured at state-of-the-art labs and go through numerous tests.

Their pet products are also certified by the Safe Quality Food initiative, and they mainly specialize in selling food for pets that is not harmful at all. 

36. King Kanine

Shopify pet food and supplies

They sell great CBD oil and also offer paid grooming services for pets. They also sell their special King Kalm Krunch, which will maintain your pet’s overall health and wellness, which is a great USP for any brand. 

37. The Pet Pillow

Shopify pet country

Pillows in the shape of pets are quite trendy nowadays. That is precisely why the company was established because that’s what the people wanted.

They’ve expanded their products, and currently, they make pillows in cat shape, pig shape, dog shape, and so on. 

38. Only Natural Pet

Shopify pet supplies for dogs

Natural foods are undoubtedly the best for your lovely pet- and this company ensures that.

They believe in 100% transparency to their customers, and they use only the top and premium quality ingredients to make the product. They also believe in sustainability and provide fantastic customer service. 

39. Innovet Pet

Shopify pet stores with puppies

Established in 2005, the products are inspired by the needs of pet owners and their pets. They are not involved in manufacturing trendy products and are focusing more on their marketing strategies.

Instead, they focus on providing excellent customer service, which includes providing total product transparency and selling premium quality products. 

40. Fable Pets

Shopify dog supplies online

First of all, we love the simple yet classy design of the website. Now, coming to their products, they sell some amazing stuff—for example, the magic Leash.

Humans can wear this Leash as a belt or a wrist strap. This will help you have a hands-free outing with your dog and, of course, with zero worries.

You can even wear it as a belt. All products are pretty classy and stylish, and we love their signature collar product. It is lightweight yet highly long-lasting. 

41. Woof Wayz

Shopify places to buy dogs

It’s quite understandable when people get hesitant to buy stuff online, and that is why this company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Plus, they provide free shipping on all their products. You can even reach out to their customer service at any point in time.

They commit to satisfying our furry friends’ endless needs, which will provide them immense joy and happiness. 

42. Iconic Paw

Shopify online dog store

They create art that will intensify the love that you feel for your pet. Your pets are one of a kind, and this company ensures that their portraits are so, too. The portraits are pretty iconic indeed for your houses. 

43. The Foggy Dog

Shopify pet source

Your best friend deserves the best products. They make stuff that is as tasty as it looks and will give your pet the proper nutrients. According to them, they obsess over every detail. For example, they will not rest until they find the perfect color for a particular product.

All the materials are handpicked and specially made to provide comfort and durability to the product. 

44. Cuddle Clones

Shopify pet stores with puppies for sale

We love how they sell customized apparel for your lovely pets. You would also love to hear that they also said customized blankets, golf balls, mugs, etc. They even sell plush slippers, face masks, and pet tumblers for your adorable babies. 

45. Adorable Pet Bed

Shopify best pet store

Founded in 2021, the goal is to create products that will make every pet’s life much more enjoyable. While working with several fabric makers and suppliers, they have created some nice, comfy beds for your pet that are safe and have a fabulous design. 

46. Mavi Gadget

Shopify dog accessories shop

Although the brand is not solely made for your adorable fur babies, that’s no reason not to visit this site.

They sell some of the most fabulous pet products that you can ever come across. The best part is that all the products are handpicked from around the world. So what are you waiting for? 

47. Fur Haven

Shopify pet shop delivery

Are you looking for unique beds and other supplies for your dog and cat? You must check out this online store that sells top-quality products for your pet. They have a wide range of products which will not fail to amaze you. 

48. Open Farm Pet

Shopify exotic pet world

In the current times, many companies compromise animal welfare sustainability, and transparency standards.

But you can be assured that this is not the case for this site. They provide the highest quality food and support the farmers who care for animal rights, and they maintain 100% transparency with their customers. 

49. Design-Milk

Shopify hamster pet shop

The company was established out of frustration for those who only made the worst pet products. With thoughtful designs and innovative creations, they care deeply about pet safety and solving the real problems that pet owners face.

50. Kindred Splendor

Shopify pet feed store

If you are searching for good-quality custom portraits for your pet, check out this online store. All of their portraits are made from genuine materials and are long-lasting indeed. They also offer free shipping to their customers.

Choosing the perfect, pet-friendly, and environment-friendly items for your pet can be difficult. Thus, you need to take care of all the details. Don’t forget to take inspiration from the above-mentioned online stores so that you face no difficulty in starting your own.

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