50+ Best Fitness Website Design Examples That Will Amaze You

Are you having trouble making your fitness website stand out online? Good design is key to catching people’s attention and showing what’s special about your brand.

But what really works in a design? Many fitness experts wonder about this as they try to build a strong presence on the internet.

This article explores great fitness website designs that are different and successful. These sites aren’t just pretty; they’re built for a better user experience and more interaction.

We look at these sites to find out what makes a fitness website design great. This includes easy navigation and engaging visuals.

But why just read about them? Get ready to be inspired and learn as we examine these amazing websites. Whether you’re updating your site or starting new, these examples are more than just nice to look at; they guide you to success online in fitness.

Join us on this journey of discovering how to improve your fitness website. 🏋️‍♀️💻🌟

Best Fitness Website Design Examples

1. Gymshark

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Gymshark’s story began in a garage in Birmingham, England, in 2012, with nothing but a sewing machine, a screen printer, and lofty dreams.

Today, they design the apparel you’ll sweat in, the content that will inspire you, and the community that will help you become your best. Currently, they are not just a fitness brand but also motivate youngsters.

2. Alo

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The founders of Alo Primary had the vision for the same in the year 2006 and later established the company in Los Angeles in the following year, i.e., 2007.

The primary focus was spreading good through physical activity and yoga; they wanted to spread the message of daily exercise.

3. Rhone

Shopify fitness equipment store

Rhone manufactures high-performance apparel for individuals who follow their principles and strive for balance.

Each piece is produced with integrity and intended for adaptability to outfit you for an active life lived on your own terms.

They vow to assist you in moving Forever Forward. With our performance-driven clothes, you can embrace the possibilities of each new day.

4. Altitude Sports

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Altitude Sports aims to grow into the world’s biggest small shop, providing you with the most durable, well-designed items via an unparalleled online experience.

Everything must serve a purpose, according to the priority of functional design. This functional accuracy dictates what they stock, and you are driven to deliver the most convenient shopping experience possible.


Shopify gym equipment store

Because they couldn’t find shirts that looked nice untucked, the founders founded UNTUCKit. It’s a difficult style to master.

That’s why they came up with the ideal shirt to wear untucked. It’s the perfect length, fits all shapes and sizes, and makes you seem put-together even when you’re at your most casual.

6. Vital Proteins

Shopify gym accessories shop

Every day, Vital Proteins is here to help you make the most of every minute. Because they understand that feeling good, looking good, and performing well all start from inside. Wellness is a journey, and they’ll be there to help you along the way.

7. Ryderwear

Shopify fitness outlet

The Ryderwear brand, founded in 2009 in Australia, is the epitome of fitness and fashion. Ryderwear attire is created for you.

Whether it’s gym gear for the dedicated bodybuilder, performance compression wear for the serious athlete, or stylish street and dress wear for guys who want to look their best!

8. Sunny Health & Fitness

Shopify power gym store

Founder John Sunset out to deliver exercise to your front door in 2003, using the rapidly burgeoning e-commerce business.

Sunny Health & Fitness is well known as a prominent distributor of high-quality health and fitness products almost 20 years later.

Sunny believes that everybody who desires a good workout and a healthy lifestyle should be able to get it.

9. Sunwarrior

Shopify fitness equipment stores

Sunwarrior thinks that nature holds the solutions to perfect wellness. Their plant-based protein sources give vital BCAAs for muscle building, retention, and energy.

Get the advantages of plant proteins that are delicious and nutritious: 100% vegan with no added sugar and gluten-free—ideal for on-the-go nourishment in a shake or adding protein to your favorite smoothies.


Shopify sporting goods fitness

SWEAT is a health and fitness technology startup with cutting-edge technologies that are beaming through in this particular field.

They bring together a community of women with the greatest trainers, technology, content, and products worldwide to help them live their best lives.

Work out anywhere, anytime, with the help of female fitness coaches on your phone. Begin training with ladies from all over the world right now.

11. Gaiam

Shopify gym supply store

Gaiam is designed to express a sense of all things’ astounding interconnectedness. Gaiam believes that by nurturing, conserving, and respecting the Earth and all living things, people may enhance their own lives as well as the lives of future generations.

Gaiam aims to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to everyone by leveraging our position as a leading lifestyle brand.

12. Monday Swimwear

Shopify Swimwear stores

Monday Swimwear is recognized for its classic feminine designs, impeccable fit, soft-to-touch feel, and long-lasting quality, all of which are the top priorities for the company when introducing new pieces to the collection.

Monday is made for the trendy woman who is confident, easygoing, and straightforward. The collection includes colors that are always bold and designed to complement all skin tones.

13. Doyoueven

Shopify workout store

Doyoueven has had one goal since its creation in late 2012: to assist in developing resilient human beings via performance, creativity, sustainability, and usefulness.

Doyoueven is all about motivating individuals to put their best foot forward, and it all starts with a positive mentality.

14. Gym and Fitness

Shopify fitness shoppe

Gym & Fitness is a family-owned company that provides high-quality gym equipment at affordable costs.

Rather than simply being another gym equipment shop, its founders focused on being the finest in the market.

15. Rhoback

Shopify fitness equipment outlet

The Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dog, raised in Africa to hunt lions, inspired Rhoback. The ridge on your back will constantly motivate you to prepare for the next adventure.

Even though there are many excellent stores, the Rhoback wins the top rank. What makes it so good for golf is the substance.


Shopify workout equipment store

STEEL’s mission is to deliver unrivaled customer service, science-backed actionable information, and the industry’s most innovative products, all of which are designed to inspire action and help you push above your physical boundaries to attain optimal health.

Steel Supplements are created in the United States with the best quality components and are supported by science.


Shopify fitness supply store

RENPHO was founded on a simple idea: to provide people with cheap lifestyle goods to enhance their health by adding to their everyday activities.

Their adventure began with the launch of their flagship intelligent body fat scale and has since expanded into an ecosystem of smart living innovations that offer technologically superior solutions to everyone.

18. Elite Supplements

Shopify gym outlet

Elite Supplements is the quickest-growing sports and nutrition supplement company in Australia.

Elite Supplements’ purpose is to leave you feeling empowered to make the most acceptable supplement decisions for your specific needs so that we can help you become the most excellent version of yourself.

19. Born Primitive

Shopify exercise store

Born Primitive prides itself on going against the grain. They support all of you contemporary savages who put in long hours and refuse to accept freebies or benefits.

You only receive what you work hard for. That’s the Born Primitive mentality, which applies to the gym and everyday life.

20. TLF

Shopify ultimate fitness outlet

TLF was created with one goal in mind: to push people beyond their comfort zones and restrictions to TAKE LIFE FURTHER while REDEFINING IMPOSSIBLE.

TLF products are made for the strongest training you will undergo, so you can stretch them as long as you want, but they won’t tear. 

21. Andie

Shopify the fitness shoppe

Its designers founded Andie to make shopping for swimsuits a breeze with fashionable basics designed for modern living.

No more altering, tugging, or pulling: simply well-made, well-cut suits that look fantastic, keep everything where they should be, and are so comfy you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

22. Jed North

Shopify fitness online store

All of your gym gear needs may be met in one place, and the store’s name is Jed North. Jed North’s dedication and passion have made it one of the most popular online workout gear stores.

They work with athletes, designers, and everyday gym-goers like you at Jed North. Their corporate headquarters are in downtown Toronto, and they have warehouses in Markham, Ontario, and Houston, Texas.

23. TigerFitness.com

Shopify super fitness store

TigerFitness.com has achieved fast development thanks to its vast distribution lines since its founding in 2001.

It offers some of the business’s most competitively priced nutritional supplements and the greatest customer service experience available anywhere.

Tiger Fitness treats others the way you want to be treated and teaches you by always seeking new information.

24. Kino Body

Shopify exercise store

Kinobody is a no-nonsense fitness firm devoted to helping you get the movie star body you desire most efficiently and effectively possible.

Gregory O’Gallagher launched Kinobody in 2013 to challenge the exercise industry’s status quo. It’s all about changing your body and living the life you’ve always wanted.

25. MYXfitness

Shopify workout fitness store

MYXfitness is a live, on-demand fitness platform that streams sessions to your MYX Studio at home.

Their effective cross-training program combines aerobic, resistance, and recuperation phases into one exercise.

They want to help you realize your maximum potential by improving your health at any age, balancing strength with cardio, promoting active recuperation, and rejuvenating the mind and body.

26. State and Liberty Clothing Co.

Shopify stores that sell exercise equipment

The new leader in men’s dress shirts made of athletic performance fabric is State and Liberty Clothing Co.

They enjoy making a formal shirt out of the same material you would wear to run, exercise weights, or relax.

Their shirts will surpass any dress shirt on the market in any situation, whether it’s a business conference or a nightclub.

27. 2XU

Shopify weight lifting store

An Independent scientific study has shown that 2XU garments provide actual physiological benefits to athletes of all levels.

2XU is offered in more than 70 countries and is backed by Louis Vuitton Mot Hennessy (LVMH). NBA teams, NFL teams, US Navy SEALs, Olympians, world champions, and celebrities are all fans of 2XU.

28. Flexnest

Shopify athletic equipment stores

Flexnest is on a mission to make at-home workouts really engaging and irresistibly easy for everyone by providing you with a full exercise experience – right in your nest.

All workouts, they believe, make us better, stronger, and happier people. Their products, linked fitness platform, and wonderful Flex Community aim to accomplish this.

29. Barbell

Shopify super fitness store

Barbell Apparel began with the simple idea that clothes should be better. Their goal is to motivate you to achieve your best potential.

It’s not about what you do today that determines your fitness. It’s the outcome of what you’re willing to accomplish daily without any hassle.

30. Top Fitness

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With over thirty years of expertise in the sales and service/repair of quality exercise equipment for both home and commercial settings, Top Fitness is a recognized pioneer in the specialty fitness market.

They operate 25 retail exercise equipment locations in Alaska, California, Illinois, Indiana, Washington, Wisconsin, Texas, and Utah, servicing thousands of household and business fitness consumers.

31. P.volve

Shopify gym equipment store

The P.volve brand is based on three concepts and the power of the functional movement to help every woman live a better life and well-being.

The P.volve Method meets you where you are today, tomorrow, and in the long run, thanks to a profound understanding of your body and its requirements.

32. EHPlabs

Shopify fitness shop

EHPlabs is a well-known global fitness and supplement brand that is headquartered in Salt Lake City, United States.

The company was primarily launched in 2012, and from then on, it never looked up. They mostly operate in lifestyle fitness and produce high-quality supplements for bodybuilders and trainers.

33. EzToned

Shopify fitness outlet

EzToned is an international fitness company that is primarily based in Auckland, New Zealand. They think that everyone has the right to be in good shape, and we are here to help them achieve that goal.

They understand that fitness is a highly personal experience, so we provide personalized solutions to make a positive difference in each person’s fitness journey.

34. iTouch Wearables

Shopify fitness equipment stores

They aren’t only smartwatch aficionados and techies at iTouch Wearables, but they are also a bunch of regular folks going about their daily lives, attempting to strike the right balance between work, exercise, and socializing.

The iTouch Wearables series is designed for all parts of life, including employment, the gym, being occupied at home, and sleeping in bed.

35. GRIND Fitness

Shopify workout store

Maintaining good health and staying in shape does not have to be expensive.

The GRIND Fitness brand was launched in 2019 to provide cheap and straightforward access to the essentials of a ‘just get it done’ home exercise space: well-designed squat racks, pull-up bars, and benches.

36. Ultracor

Shopify gym supply store

Ultracor was founded to fill a need in the market for really premium sportswear that focuses on performance as its ideal fit and design. Its mission is to bring innovation and sustainability to the intersection of fashion and exercise, and its goal is to make the future a better place.

We’re dedicated to optimizing and evolving from fashion-forward designs to cutting-edge fitness technologies.

37. OmegaBurn

Shopify fitness shoppe

They think that some garments can stimulate and encourage individuals since the debut of OmegaBurn in early 2020.

They concentrate on making Fitness Wear that does this. Their items are crafted with Love and Passion, from Sexy and Comfortable Yoga Sets to innovative Sweat Activated Technology Tees.

38. DMoose

Shopify home gym store

DMoose has been devoted to making a difference in the lives of its clients since its inception in 2017.

The company is the product of its visionary owner’s leadership and a team of employees dedicated to assisting customers and communities in living healthy and balanced lives. The history of DMoose is more than just the goods it has created.


Shopify fitness equipment outlet

KOSTA SHAPE is a fitness business focusing on Abs and Core equipment to help you get in the most excellent shape of your life, regardless of age.

While using the exercise equipment, you will look and feel your finest, crushing your workouts and objectives to get the Kosta shape you desire.

40. BionicGym

Shopify weight store

Through simulated shivering, BionicGym allows you to burn calories and gain exercise while being safe.

Because it targets sugar-hungry Type-2 muscle fibers, it’s also excellent at burning excess carbohydrates.

It’s the only muscle stimulator that can compete with a treadmill in terms of aerobic exercise.


Shopify gym outlet

JOLYN is a famous swimsuit line designed by female athletes for other female athletes. The SKU of the brand is the quality of swimwear that they produce, which is top-notch.

Active women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities inspire them. They envisage a society where all women are comfortable in their skin and dare to explore new things.

42. JUNK

Shopify fitness online store

JUNK is one of the country’s fastest-growing companies in the category of fitness and wellness. They are mainly based in the Northwestern part of America but deliver their product all over the county.

Their supply chain works with a unique omnichannel process and maintains a clean work environment throughout the factory.

43. Undersun

Shopify fitness supplies

Undersun is a health and fitness firm situated in South Florida, United States.

James Grage and Annik Nayler, the company’s founders, are fitness specialists who have dedicated their careers to assisting people in transforming their lives via more accessible, affordable, and long-term training practices.

44. FNX

Shopify fitness equipment retailers

FNX is dedicated to developing high-quality, innovative supplements that focus on a productive morning, energy to thrive throughout the day, performance supplements to achieve new goals, unique sleep and recovery formulas to support any sport, and healthy accessories to help an active lifestyle for years to come.

45. Noli Yoga

Shopify gym online shopping

Noli Yoga is a performance-ready, high-quality, versatile sportswear brand that fuses exercise and fashion. Noli began as No Limit Fitness in 2015 with leggings that included vibrant designs and unique textiles, reimagining modern sportswear.

Customers worldwide praised Noli’s innovation, design, and silky smooth fabric almost immediately.

46. Precor Home Fitness

Shopify gym shopping

This brand has been running for more than 30 years now, and its sales and service/repair of quality exercise equipment for residential and commercial settings is top quality.

Precor Home Fitness is a recognized pioneer in the specialist fitness market, and its customers have no complaints about them.

They operate 23 retail exercise equipment outlets in the Midwest, West Coast, and Northwest, serving thousands of household and commercial fitness consumers.

47. Gymreapers

Shopify gym accessories shop

Gymreapers is a company that makes high-end training equipment and accessories. Its main goal is to push the frontiers of athletic performance innovation.

Our goal at Gymreapers is to increase your assistance in getting work done by re-engineering your routines.

All of our products assist in achieving this by combining high-quality materials, usefulness, and comfort.

48. LiCi Fit

Shopify ultimate fitness outlet

LiCi Fit was established in 2017. Theirs, like so many others, arose out of necessity. They thought that women’s fitness wear was lacking because they were both personal trainers and extensively involved in the fitness business.

LiCi Fit is more than an activewear line; it’s an opportunity to assist women all around the globe to feel confident in their own skin while they work hard to reach their objectives, and that means the world to them.

49. Iron Bull Strength

Shopify fitness supply store

Iron Bull Strength is a high-quality bodybuilding accessory and strength equipment inventor, manufacturer, and global distributor.

They are situated in Quebec, Canada, and develop products based on human biomechanics to improve performance and comfort. Iron Bull Strength attempts to provide the best items at the most affordable costs.

50. Torque

Shopify fitness shoppe

Torque is motivated by the notion that every commercial fitness facility and every household should be outfitted with the most cutting-edge, user-friendly, and safe training equipment available.

Every day, they come closer to this objective by working directly with professional trainers and coaches, being the innovation leader in product and space design, knowing and addressing the demands of their clients, and offering service that surpasses expectations.

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