Top 50 Shopify Watch Stores for Web Design Inspiration

You might wear branded t-shirts and trousers, but your look won’t be complete until you wear a splendid watch. With the arrival of smartphones, gone are the days when watches were worn to check the time.

In the present times, watches are worn mainly by people of all ages as a fashion statement and give a finishing touch to their outfit of the day.

The fact becomes true especially for men, as it has often been accepted that while women have a wide selection of fashion accessories, men have only elegant wristwatches as their signature style. 

If you are a huge fan of watches, it’s probably the best idea to create a brand. If you want help with your future brand, this article is for you. Here we have listed the top 50 Shopify watch stores.

There are some remarkable collections of watches on the listed websites for all people. The best part is that they are pocket friendly. So let’s hop in:

Leading Shopify Watch Stores’ for inspiration:

1. Ralph Christian

Shopify watch stores

They are not like other brands. They claim that while others focus on producing a bulk of watches to maximize profit, they rather focus on offering you a premium quality timepiece.

Therefore, they make their watches in small batches and ensure that your watch lives up to your expectation. They have superb warranty coverage, and all their pieces are designed in London. 

2. Gnomon Watches

Shopify watch shopping

Established in 2002, they sell high-quality watches different from other brands based on their intricate and detailed designs.

They keep expanding their collection of watches based on the customers’ demands, and they strive to provide all their customers with a fantastic purchasing experience. 

3. Horus Straps

Shopify watch outlet

They focus on giving the customers a fantastic purchasing experience in the field of watches. With experience since 2014, they aspire to develop the most comfortable and aesthetic watch you can ever find in the market.

This website will not fail to amaze you. Occasionally they provide superb discounts to their customers. Therefore you must have a lookout for them. 

4. Men’s Luxury Boutique

Shopify watches shop

Here, you can find every accessory that a man drools on. Their watches mostly have excellent designs and embellished crystals. The worst part is that most of their products get sold out quickly. So it would help if you kept a watch. 


Shopify certified watch store

Having experience of more than 20 years, you can be assured that their products are not made of poor quality.

With their premium quality watches, you can easily stand out from the crowd. Plus, they offer excellent discounts on their products. 

6. About Vintage

Shopify the watch store

Here, you will find a timeless collection of vintage watches. They probably have the perfect collection of watches you can ever find. Founded by two childhood friends, the company strives toward excellence and has excellent 5-star reviews from customer. 

7. Strap Code

Shopify the watch outlet

Established in 2005, they have a unique collection of watches which are made of high quality and are quite stylish. Indeed, they will be an excellent match for your clothing.

They have a vast collection of high-quality brands of watches. Therefore, you will have a fantastic shopping experience. 

8. Meller Brand

Shopify shopping watch

They are a company that believes in manufacturing simple, classic yet inspirational watches for persons of all ages and styles.

They have an enigmatic collection of watches that you will find hard to ignore. You can get great discounts from this website as well. 

9. Miansai

Shopify luxury watch shop

Curiosity and creativity are the two things that the company focuses on. With their fabulous elevated design, they aspire to create perfection. All their products are intricately crafted from the highest quality materials. 

10. The: 5th

Shopify luxury watch store

Indeed their watches are worth waiting for. This Melbourne-based company has a fantastic collection of timeless timepieces, which they sell in a limited collection. With their unique details, you cannot stop looking at the watch.


11. Barton Watch Brands

Shopify watch retailer

 The company was established since the founder got frustrated with the poor collection of watches sold worldwide.

They believe that watches speak for themselves and therefore they should be made based on our style and individuality. In this company, the customers are given the top priority. 

12. Ocean Crawler

Shopify watch mart

The company is based in America, and its designs are pretty sophisticated and intricate. They produce perfect quality wristwatches which are long-lasting indeed. The best part is that their watches can be worn in any situation.

13. Linjer

Shopify designer brand watches

They are one of the finest websites to sell affordable watches while maintaining sustainability and ensuring that all the products are long-lasting.

They were established in 2014; the company targeted at impressing customers with affordable prices yet not compromising on premium quality designs while taking care of Mother Nature. 

14. My Gift Shop

Shopify watch shop sale

If you keep forgetting essential events and rush here and there to find a quick last-minute gift for your friends or relatives, this company understands you.

Its mission is to help customers like you by offering a quick and easy solution regarding last-minute gifts. The best part is that you can ask for a free return if you do not like some of their products.  

15. Touchy Style

Shopify best watch stores

With their amazing and unique designs and comfort, you will truly be touched from the bottom of your heart.

They will give you the perfect accessory to match your clothing. All their products are high-quality finish, and you can afford them easily. 

16. MSTR Watches

Shopify luxury watch dealers

They have a fantastic collection of watches for men of all ages and preferences of style. The best part is that they have collaborated with notable brands like Honda, Marvel, Halo, and Star Wars, and that’s some excellent collaboration.

 17. The Castle Jewellery

Shopify watch outlet store

They have a vast collection of accessories at a lower price than expected. They’ve been in this business since 1988, and we can assure you that they will not fail to amaze you. Their classic watches are a complete package of beauty and style.  

18. Mr. Jones Watches

Shopify watchmaker shop

Regular watches are boring, so the main target of this company is to make watches that are- different.

They strive to produce original designs that make you look fabulous and make others jealous.

19. Orient Watch USA

Shopify watch stores

They have a fantastic collection of watches that will surely make you look classy and stylish. They provide unique discounts to the customers. Unfortunately, they sell their products only in the United States and the Canadian region. 

20. Long Vadon

Shopify watch shopping

They believe in creating innovative technology while keeping note of your style. The company was established by two brothers who are die-hard fans of watches. Their mission is to create watches which will have long durability, made from the latest technology and of course, people won’t be able to stop looking at it. 

21. Original Grain

Shopify watch outlet

The company is dedicated to maintaining sustainability and lessening its impacts on the environment yet not compromising on its high-quality standard and striving towards making their customer happy.

All their products are purely handcrafted and will have one-year warranty coverage. 


Shopify watches shop

They have a fabulous collection of watches made with love and handcrafted to perfection. They aim to perfect their products in the best way possible so that you can have the perfect watch to look at and impress your guests. 

23. Talley & Twine

Shopify certified watch store

The company was established on two principles- legacy and lifestyle. Their products have a premium finishing edge and aim to achieve excellence.

They call themselves trendsetters, and they do not compromise on their quality. 

24.  Liv Watches

Shopify the watch store

They love beautiful watches, so they decided to manufacture them in their own hands.

The watches have unique aesthetic designs that make you look fantastic. You will feel something different within you whenever you wear their wristwatches.

25.  Cocomi

Shopify the time teller shop

Established in 2014, they proudly declare themselves an expert in watches. They have a remarkable curated line of watches made only for you.

But that does not mean that their products are expensive at all! Isn’t that great? 

26.  House of Khalsa Watches

Shopify the watch outlet

They have an art collection of watches made from excellent materials for both men and women. Established to satisfy their customers and focus on quality over quantity, they create their products with a perfect finish. 

27.  Jowissa

Shopify shopping watch

Not only will you find classic timepieces with hard-to-ignore designs and aesthetic colors, but also the company cares for the earth, and all of its products are manufactured while keeping an eye towards sustainability. They also have instructions regarding maintaining pretty great watches. 

28.  The Dusty Saw

Shopify luxury watch shop

They specialize in manufacturing premium wooden watches, which can be customized too. Each of their beautifully carved product is made while keeping in mind sustainability.

The company is headquartered in Atlanta, and its founders are from Jamaica (which is abundant in wood). 

29.  JBW

Shopify luxury watch store

 The company specializes in making innovative watches made with fine gems. Each of their items is crafted by highly skilled artists.

Your personality will have a different aura if you wear their product. Since they have been in this field for more than 70 years, you can be assured that they focus on quality over quantity. 

30.  Marathon Watch

Shopify watch retailer

Their products are made in Switzerland while designed in Canada. The company was established in 1939. Instead of focusing on trends, the company continues to maintain its tradition and aims towards maintaining its signature style- the accurate time and temperature of the products. 

31.  Abbott Lyon

Shopify watch mart

Do you want to gift an engraved watch to your loved ones? Then this is the site that you must look into. They are pretty passionate about satisfying their customers with their meaningful timepieces.

Their products and made from absolutely high quality, which is long-lasting indeed. The products are made only in the United Kingdom. 

32.  Pro Sports Watches

Shopify designer brand watches

Its mission is to provide all sports fans with a fantastic shopping experience. The website has an easy transaction procedure, but you can also avail yourself of their easy return process if you are unsatisfied with any of their timepieces. 

33.  Teddy Baldassare

Shopify watch shop sale

With a premium finish, fabulous designs, and aesthetic colors, the website has everything that you can look for.

They sell a splendid collection of watches and purchase pre-owned watches. So if you were bored with your old watch, it’s time to sell it off.

34.  Watch Rapport

Shopify best watch stores

Apart from purchasing a great collection of watches from this brand, they have an option where you can sell your old collection.

The selling process is relatively easy. They also offered a 30-day return policy with zero liability.

35.  Nord Green

Shopify luxury watch dealers

Their collection of watches has versatile and aesthetic designs that will reflect your personality.

They strive to create meaningful pieces that will complete your look and also believe in maintaining an eco-friendly business.

36.  Epic Watch Bands

Shopify watch stores

Two friends established the company in 2017 by two friends as they were frustrated with the limited collection of watches that all companies offer.

Therefore, they took the matter into their own hands to do something different and epic. And that’s how this company was established. You can indeed buy epic timepieces from here. 

37.  Jura Watches

Shopify watch shopping

As a specialist in watchmaking, they understand how necessary it becomes for the customers to have that one perfect wristwatch.

Therefore they have an impressive collection of timepieces from notable watch brands worldwide, mainly in the United Kingdom.

38.  FARER

Shopify watch store

The company has a fantastic range of watches which will impress all their customers and new visitors. This company was established in the United Kingdom, where it previously started as a mechanical watch seller.

They also deliver their products in the fastest way possible and offer great discounts to their customers. The theme of this Shopify store is also soothing to the eyes. 

39.  Tufina Watches

Shopify watch outlet

The focus on intricate details and classy design makes this brand a famous one. They declare that they can create wristwatches that combine tradition and modern innovation.

The company was established way back in 1828 and had an excellent reputation. 

40. King Ice

Shopify watches shop

Established in 2007, the brand specializes in making products based on modern popular culture, especially hip-hop.

All their products are premium quality and quite comfortable. They have collaborated with brands like Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records, and Odd Future.

They have also partnered With Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Sony, etc. Honestly, that’s an excellent reputation for a brand. 

41.  Everest Bands

Shopify certified watch store

They have a fantastic collection of timepieces for a person of any taste. Plus, they offer amazing discounts to their customers, which is remarkable.

The site is one of the best ones available as it is easy to navigate, and you can order the products easily. 

42.  Angel Watch Co.

Shopify time teller shop

They specialize in selling health monitoring smartwatches that will give you accurate results regarding fluctuating heart rate, blood pressure, or oxygen levels.

In this pandemic era, this product will help you. We like their emergency call button the most- just one click, and you can understand that your loved ones are in critical health. 

43.  The Jaunt

Shopify the watch store

They sell iconic and luxurious timepieces which have superb warranty coverage. They ensure that their watch grows more valuable to you as time passes.

They constantly add new brands and premium styles to their website, so you will never get bored. 


Shopify the watch outlet

You must have heard about this brand if you are a fan of incredible watches. Established way back in 2009, they continue impressing us with their timeless models.

If we begin to speak about the success of BREDA as a brand, we won’t be able to finish it. Therefore, have a look at their unique and impeccable collection of watches. 

45.  Jack Mason Brand

Shopify luxury watch shop

Their products will make you look good and feel good. They will perfectly match your style and help you make a core memory in life.

They offer a lifetime warranty on each product and have numerous superb reviews. 

46.  Paris Watch Co

Shopify luxury watch store

 Inspired by the beautiful city of Paris itself, they strive to maintain their timeless watches, which are elegant and quite classy.

They continue manufacturing a unique and fantastic collection of watches that will match your personality and style. Their watches have also been featured in Vogue and USA Today.

47.  Shimoh Shop

Shopify watch mart

They care about their customers the most and will do anything to please them. They create premium quality watches that will surely live up to your expectations.

You will also get 20% off on your first order from this website. Apart from watches, they also sell necklaces and pendants.

48.  Go Noise

Shopify designer brand watches

The company is proudly declared to be one of the best brands to manufacture technology accessories that are available at a low price to young Indian customers.

All the products are of premium finish and are pretty smart to look at. Their aim is to be a household name in the market in India. 

49.  Crown & Caliber

Shopify watch shop sale

They are best known as the site that sells and buys watches. They will help you find a fantastic collection of watches. Also, if you are bored with your old watch, you can sell them here.

Every watch they sell is authenticated, and their performance is tested with their hands, ensuring that it’s running at the perfect time. 

50.  Fink’s

Shopify best watch stores

While operating in many stores globally, the company knows how to satisfy its customers. All their products are made from fine, superior-quality gems. The best part is that they offer a lifetime guarantee on each product.

Believe it or not, watches will remain a timeless fashion statement in the coming ages. We hope we can give you a proper reference regarding the brand you are willing to establish.

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