Top 50 Shopify Furniture Stores for Web Design Inspiration

More customers are building home offices, redecorating, buying more furniture, or purchasing new furniture for their new houses as more purchases take place online and more of us remain at home.

Furniture sales on the internet are still one of the most profitable segments today.

The development of foreign companies like Crate & Barrel and IKEA into the internet market and the rising online presence of what were formerly classic brick-and-mortar retail giants like Target are driving this trend.

This is one of the finest categories to enter on Shopify because there are so many subcategories to cater to. Today, we’re going to take a look at the top 50 Shopify Furniture Stores.

Best Shopify Furniture Stores:

1. Fyrn

Shopify furniture stores

Fyrn is a furniture company that develops and makes furniture that will survive the test of time. Their innovative Stem bracket, they claim, is sufficient to make their chairs sturdy, interchangeable, and straightforward. Because of this design, Fyrn can offer clients the option of purchasing either unassembled or preassembled chairs.

2. Dazzling Spaces

Shopify discount furniture

Dazzling Spaces is the place to go if you’re seeking ideas for your shop. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic appearance of the website; this allows Dazzling Spaces to showcase items while still allowing you to explore their sites via the menus simply. Dazzling Spaces manufactures all of its goods in-house, allowing them total control over the process from start to finish.

3. Stone Forest

Shopify online furniture stores

Stone Forest is a great place to get ideas if you want to convert your passion into a company. The firm is made up of artists and designers who are devoted to infusing people’s lives with nature’s vital energy and beauty. As a rock climber and river guide in his early twenties, the creator discovered his passion for cutting stones.

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4. Soaring Heart

Shopify best furniture stores

Soaring Heart is a company dedicated to ensuring that clients enjoy a restful night’s sleep using their mattresses. The mattresses are made-to-order, handcrafted items made from the finest organic and natural materials. Natural materials have been shown to help reduce arthritis, chronic pain, and allergies therefore they picked toxin-free materials.

5. Inside Weather

Shopify online furniture

With Inside Weather, you can shop for modern, personal, and easily accessible furniture. Like the others on the list, they provide bespoke manufacture to tourists and can even arrange delivery in a matter of days. This is accomplished by allowing you to personalize your items before having them shipped to you ready to assemble.


Shopify furniture shop

ARTISURN’s talented artists create handcrafted cremation urns so that clients may pay tribute to their departed loved ones and pets. They collaborate with artists to create pots that honor the lives of those who have passed away. When the founder lost a close friend, they could not locate an acceptable urn for the funeral.

7. Bend Goods

Shopify cheap furniture stores

Bend takes pleasure in producing long-lasting, visually beautiful, yet useful items. Their furniture is made of galvanized iron that has been powder coated to provide a long-lasting piece that looks attractive and stays put. All of their furniture and accessories, they believe, will withstand the rigors of business use.

8. France and Son

Shopify sofa shops

France and Son bring various furniture into your house, starting from table lamps to wall decors to house chairs, at a very affordable rate. The store mainly operates in the region of the United States and Canada. They call themselves the Interior Design Rut.

9. Common Deer

Shopify outdoor furniture stores

Common Deer is a multi-brand retail business run by a family to make American-made goods more accessible. They source things from American producers, artists, and manufacturers for their stores. Gifts, toys, and little decorative objects for your house are all available at the store. 

10. Leesa

Shopify at home furniture

Leesa is a 30-year-old mattress firm that manufactures high-quality mattresses in the United States. They’re on a mission to offer everyone, even underserved populations, safe and healthy sleep. The company’s offices are powered by renewable energy, and its mattresses are made from recycled and natural materials. Every ten mattresses sold, the firm gives one, and it is dedicated to strengthening communities around the country.

11. Philly Mattress

Shopify bedroom furniture stores

They are a tiny family business that has access to nearly all of the merchandise available in larger retailers. The difference is that they are not burdened by overhead. Consider the more giant retailers’ overhead, which includes hefty power bills, warehousing costs, taxes, salaries with GMs and managers, and the sales commission you pay when you buy anything.

12. Ornamic

Shopify office furniture stores

Ornamic offers a wide range of fashionable, high-quality furniture to customers worldwide. They feature a wide range of furniture, including couches, chairs, carpets, mirrors, décor, and fine art. Its mission is to showcase beautiful items worldwide and make them affordable to everyone by providing reasonable rates and excellent customer service.

13. Ruggable

Shopify modern furniture stores

Ruggable is a one-of-a-kind twist on the conventional rug, with a patented design that consists of two pieces: a lightweight rug cover and a nonslip rug pad. Their rugs are stain- and water-resistant, and straightforward to clean. The fantastic thing about their items is that you can easily wash them in your washing machine, eliminating the need to clean them or send them someplace else.

14. Articture

Shopify discount furniture stores

Articture is a high-end home design firm that specializes in attractive, artistic, yet practical furniture and accessories. The proprietors are well-versed in the creative process, appreciate it, and showcase it in their carefully picked collection. Each piece is both attractive and durable. Dining sets, lighting, bed and bath décor and furnishings, carpets, wall art, and large furniture are all available.

15. Brooklinen

Shopify sofa store

Brook Linen is the place to go if you’re looking for gorgeous, comfy bedding at a reasonable price. They may sell things at a lower price by taking away the middlemen. They are able to avoid expenses associated with wholesaling, shops, and designer licensing.

16. Casa Gear

Shopify antique furniture store

Only 16 categories of furniture and home décor were available when the company first started, but just a year later, it had grown to 96. Even in such a short period, Casa Gear has established itself as a leader in the furniture industry. They’ve had over 1,000 satisfied customers and sold over 100 coffee tables, and we’re confident they’ll sell many more today.

17. Haus Furniture

Shopify buy furniture online

Haus sells a carefully curated variety of contemporary furniture, lighting, and homeware both online and in their Victoria Park store in East London. They have been supplying selective private and trade clients since 2007. Leading European design brands and globally famous designers provide the products.

18. Hobbe

Shopify best online furniture stores

Samantha Hobbelen, a mother of three and entrepreneur, created Hobbe. Their range of rocking chairs and ottomans, which was founded in 2014, comprises both contemporary and traditional forms. They create beautifully built, high-quality goods with timeless style and maximum comfort, made from long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials. 

19. Onske

Shopify furniture websites

Onske is an importer and reseller of high-quality midcentury and designer-style furniture based in Sussex and founded in 2014. They offer furniture to residential, business, and hospitality clients across the UK and have had the opportunity to deal with some of the most prestigious names in the industry. 

20. Hem

Shopify local furniture stores

Hem believes that great design can improve people’s lives. They are a progressive design brand and platform that encourages collaboration, creativity, and experimentation within the creative community. They work with designers whose work reflects their own personalities and viewpoints.

21. Eva

Shopify cheap furniture online

Eva is a Shopify furniture store that sells mattresses, linens, pillows, bed frames, and other home furnishings. Their unique mattress incorporates pocket springs and memory foam to provide customers with the best night’s sleep possible. The most excellent part is that the bed comes in a tiny box, making it easy to transport and unpack.

22. Ettitude

Shopify high end furniture stores

Ettitude is a company based in Australia that sells high-quality bed sheets, duvet covers, and even loungewear. Their products are manufactured entirely of organic bamboo, which has antibacterial properties, is suitable for sensitive skin, and is environmentally friendly. You can also obtain a 2020 Impact Report to understand how Ettitude helps the environment on the company’s website.

23. GFurn

Shopify buy sofa online is a Montreal-based firm that was founded in 2013. They sell contemporary, mid-century, and Scandinavian furniture and lighting and home décor items. They emphasize quality: their handcrafted, custom-built items are supplied by manufacturers who must adhere to their strict quality control criteria.

24. James+James

Shopify furniture companies

James+James is one of the country’s fastest-growing furniture firms, with goods sold in all 50 states and six countries. They currently employ over 100 people and are continuing to expand. They do what they love and meet a lot of exciting individuals all throughout the country.

25. Luminaire

Shopify home furniture stores

Since 1974, Luminaire has been a trailblazer in the design world. Luminaire isn’t just a furniture store, it’s an interactive design research center, a soul playground, and a discovery esplanade. Luminaire is first and foremost a place of discovery, not just in terms of design but also in terms of how we can utilize it to enhance and enrich our lives.

26. Urban Galleria

Shopify fine furniture

To find new furniture design ideas for the finest online furniture buying experience, browse over 500 goods from our main categories. It isn’t easy to choose furniture for a living room as it is to design the interiors. Whether you’re redecorating or moving, all you need to know is where to find affordable online furniture companies that provide high-quality items.

27. Maxtrix Kids

Shopify online furniture shopping

Because Maxtrix Kids is a furniture platform, everything they sell is made up of components that can be combined and rearranged in any way you like. You may reuse components to build the ideal environment for your child not once but several times. It’s simply the most cost-effective and ecologically friendly way to decorate your child’s room.

28. A+R

Shopify good furniture stores

A+R is a privately held and internationally famous supplier of contemporary modern furniture, lighting, and décor, serving private and trade clients on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects worldwide. At A+R, some of the most well-known names in modern design were given the space and support they needed to grow.

29. Teamson Home

Shopify affordable furniture stores

Teamson Home is a flagship brand that continues the company’s legacy of attractive, high-quality home designs encompassing indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, and accessories. Any house has a sophisticated and elegant style that is also easy and calm. Through beautifully constructed, safe, and trend-right furniture and toys for kids with a spirit of inquiry and adventure, Teamson Kids provides flight to enjoyment, exploration, and learning. 

30. Parker House

Shopify luxury furniture stores

Parker House Furniture is a wholesale furniture company that sells to retailers. They founded their first upholstery plant in downtown Los Angeles in 1946, creating furniture for the Southern California market. They are a reputable family-owned firm with over 70 years in the home furnishings sector.

31. HipKids

Shopify the sofa store

HipKids takes pride in providing useful, high-quality, and refreshingly designed goods to parents like you that aren’t available in ordinary retailers. They devote a significant amount of time to researching, creating, and acquiring fantastic children’s toys from manufacturers worldwide.

32. Roman and Williams Guild

shopify top furniture stores

Roman and Williams Guild, was established by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, Principals of the award-winning design firm Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors. The store was first started in the year 2017, featuring its own designs of furniture, lighting, and accessories for the home, as well as a carefully curated selection of goods from around the world.

33. Gus

Shopify american furniture store

Gus Design Group is a Toronto-based furniture design and production firm. The Gus Modern Collection, which includes upholstered seating, dining, beds, accents, lighting, and accessories, is available through excellent independent furniture dealers throughout North America as well as select overseas showrooms. They also provide a variety of clients with custom and private label design and manufacturing services.

34. Noble House

Shopify the furniture shop

Noble House Home Furnishings’ mission is to be the most influential player in the furniture industry. Our industry customers, such as decorators and shop merchandisers, may now innovatively collaborate with them. Their items are well-packaged and tailored to be sent efficiently, and quality control, warehousing space, and even manufacturer connections are all taken care of by them.

35. Modish

Shopify furniture shopping

Modish is your one-stop-shop for all of your furniture, home décor, lighting, outdoor, and home accessory needs. There are excellent savings on reclaimed and recycled home and outdoor furniture, lighting, décor, Christmas ornament & Decorations, TV Panels & TV Stands, Bamboo, Rattan & Wicker Lamps & Lighting, kitchen, and dining necessities.

36. BEAM

Shopify quality furniture stores

Since 2013, BEAM has aimed to provide its design-savvy consumers with a carefully curated range of the most cutting-edge furniture, home products, and accessories. It’s been dubbed “enabling” by some, while it’s more accurately described as “encouraging” by others. The store shares a message to the people enamored with your well-planned existence, and they scan the world for the most excellent furniture, lighting, art, home items, and presents for you.

37. The Modern Shop

Shopify shop furniture online

The Modern Shop is entirely owned and run by Canadians. It was formed in the summer of 2010 to fill a gap in the Ottawa, Gatineau area for a great contemporary lighting and furniture store and an online modern design retailer in Canada. The Modern Shop takes pleasure in offering high-quality designs from some of the world’s most prestigious designers.

38. Hauser

Shopify best furniture deals

Hauser is a prominent designer and producer of bespoke furniture solutions, offering a large selection of high-quality outdoor furniture. They are known for providing high-quality, dependable, and reasonably priced indoor and outside furniture that works for you. Hauser was one of the first businesses to advocate for large-scale recycling initiatives in public buildings.

39. Simpli Home

Shopify expensive furniture stores

you take an impersonal space and transform it to create Your Home. They have continued to evolve in our purpose and design. They create innovative & interesting designs, invest in producing the highest quality products, offer the best customer service.


Shopify best furniture company is your one-stop shop for the most incredible assortment of bartender supplies, restaurant supplies, and bar accessories at the lowest rates available online. Large restaurant franchises and tiny pubs alike can benefit from bulk pricing. They attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date items while also making your online shopping experience enjoyable and simple.

41. Modernica

Shopify discount furniture

Modernica is a renowned furniture brand in the United States which makes products through their one-by-one process. The store is situated on its five-acre land, located in Los Angeles, and they have been proudly running for the past 30 years. Modernica is credited with resurrecting the nearly extinct craft of high-pressure fiberglass molding.

42. DHP Furniture

Shopify online furniture stores

DHP Furniture brings a variety of ready-to-assemble furniture for you at a very affordable rate. The goods are made for every area in the house, from the living room to the dining room, and they even have furniture for your condo. Their diverse and valuable collection includes couches, futons, rockers, and gliders for the living room, as well as rockers and gliders for the nursery.

43. ModShop

Shopify best furniture stores

The ModShop crew is passionate about the design, craftsmanship, and personalization of each product we make. The ModShop thrives on making beautiful and distinctive furniture, from the founders who design their collections to the artisans who meticulously create them by hand to the in-store designers who help clients.

44. Furniture Fair

Shopify furniture shop

Furniture Fair has evolved into the leading site for home furnishings in many states of the United States, such as Ohio and Indiana. They make their products mainly from an oak tree that grows from an acorn. From humble origins to today’s several showrooms around the region, Furniture Fair is the ideal location to shop for excellent furniture at reasonable costs.

45. Parker Gwen

Shopify antique furniture store

Parker Gwen is a group of home lovers passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and entertaining interiors, thanks to the newest home technology. They stand behind the things they provide and provide individual customer service. They also have availability to tens of thousands of things that aren’t listed on their website.

46. Furniture Paint

Shopify buy furniture online

Furniture Paint is made to stick to a variety of surfaces, including wood, varnish, wicker, metal, glass, and even cloth. This implies the original surface does not need to be sanded, stripped, or primed. Simply start with a clean canvas and paint from there. Furniture Paint has you covered when it comes to simplicity of use.

47. FROY

Shopify best online furniture stores

FROY focuses on providing the most up-to-date trends in modern furniture and home design. They explore the globe for innovative, high-quality items with enduring appeal. Its mission is to offer these cutting-edge designs to clients, allowing everyone to express their individuality and creativity at home.

48. Monkey Patio

Shopify furniture websites

Monkey Patio is committed to delivering furniture that allows you to design and personalize your ideal place – the ideal setting in which you work, play, and socialize. They think that your house should provide you with calm and comfort, and their objective with each design is to help enhance your environment. The Monkey Patio creates patio furniture that is versatile, comfortable, and durable.

49. SPIN

Shopify home furniture stores

SPIN is a rebel by design in a culture where attention to detail is equated with beauty. Their items are fuss-free, simple, and dynamic, and have a particular air of warmth about them since they were designed for modern homes. The design approach is based on the Japanese and Nordic minimalist traditions, which emphasize simplicity, usefulness, and beauty. SPIN aspires to provide fresher and more edgy viewpoints on these traditional design institutions.

50. Juniper

Shopify fine furniture

Juniper has almost a century of office furniture experience, and we’ve discovered that busy individuals like you want a more straightforward answer. Juniper is the simple, dependable, and fast method to furnish an entire workspace for 500+ workers, whether your reception area needs a welcome update or you need to outfit a whole workspace for 500+ people. 

We hope you liked reading the article, which consisted of some of the best furniture stores that are hosted on Shopify.

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