256+ Unique Soft Drink Brand Name Ideas

Are you a soft drink lover and want to have your own brand as well? Building your own brand successfully can be nothing but a proud moment for yourself. And for having a brand, you have to take care of a lot of things and one of them is naming your soft drink brand. 

How to choose a name for your Soft drink Brand

  • Keep it simple, unique, and catchy.
  • The name should be trademarked.
  • The name must highlight the flavor.

Importance of name for a Soft drink Brand

Even you know the necessity of success for a brand and how it is important for the future growth of a brand. In short, the name of your soft drink brand will hold a certain part of the value of your entire business. 

The brand name gets recognition

Naming a brand is important because of the way by which it helps your soft drink brand to get recognized and known to the target audience. 

Names bring in more customers

Since the name of your soft drink brand will be the first image that a customer sees, you must make sure that the name is creative and unique that seems appealing to them. It will help you to generate more customers.

Names can improve employee satisfaction

When a person works for a reputed brand, they will be satisfied with the job even more and work with pride. Employee satisfaction matters a lot too when it comes to the success of a brand. 

Tips to choose the best names for your Soft drink Brand

Coming up with the most creative name can be a difficult process but these tips below can surely help you to get started in the right way.

Trademark the brand name

This is very important for any brand. First, you have to run a trademark check to see if the brand name that you have chosen is available or not. If it is available, you have to register it and trademark the name of the brand so that no other entrepreneur can use the same brand name. 

Planning your online presence 

Planning your online presence is a must in today’s world of the internet. You may perform a web search to check the names of competitors that are present there. You should search the web for those suitable domain names. Look for the social media platforms where you can promote your soft drink brand. 

Don’t pick confusing names

Names that have complicated spelling and pronunciation can create confusion among potential customers. Also, it won’t be easy for them to remember the name. Make sure that the name of the brand is simple and does not have a double meaning. 

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Soft drink Brand

There is actually no hard and fast rule for naming your soft drink brand. But certainly, you can take the help of these formulas.

Metaphors are great

A metaphorical name or figure of speech would make your soft drink brand name sound much more attractive. For example- Nile

Numbers are fantastic

Do you have any special number that means a lot to your soft drink brand? Then why not keep it in the name of your soft drink brand? For example- Sixty Seconds

Using Personification

The name of a person who is either related to your soft drink brand directly or is famous in terms of a soft drink can definitely become a part of the name of your soft drink brand. For example- Dew Daddy

Try using a Long statement

It is not compulsory to have a short name for your soft drink brand. Long names often describe your soft drink brand better. For example- Look at that drink

Keep it short

You may create a statement consisting of two words and you may try to create short punch lines to see if they can become the name of your soft drink brand. For example- Mighty

Alliteration is pleasant

Alliterative names can sound pleasant and interesting at the same time. Alliteration is combining two words that have the same number of letters. For example- Edge Wynk

Rhyming words are fun

Two rhyming words can make your soft drink brand name sound quite amusing. For example- Winky Drinky

Use geographical names

The origin or geographical location of your brewery can be used to create a great name. For example- Norway

Make it funny

Try to generate your soft drink brand using funny words or phrases. These names are a lot more attractive and people can remember them easily too. For example- Redchic Soft Drink

Use color names

Names of colors are universal and can be remembered easily too. For example- Red Bliss

Existing brand names

  • Rockstar
  • Red Bull
  • Pepsi
  • Coca Cola
  • Pascual Boing
  • Monster
  • Jones Soda
  • Faygo

Creative Soft drink Brand Names


Nutrify Punch



Crush Up

Rewind Refresh 

Frag Fantasy

Hydrate Wealth

High Tech

Great Tap

Passionate Kiwi

 Burst Drink

 Focus Your Best

 Frisky Cherry


 Soda Fever

 Dr. Drink

 Shotgun Bottle

 Get Celtic

 Lofty Free

 Cherry Dreams

 Radius Up

 Fresh n’ Fruity

 Soft Addict 

 Hard RockLand

 Summa Nectar

 Hello Hydration

 Exotic Thrill 

 Crest  Fizz

 Fruity Mantra

 Support Sizzle

 Ice Daddy 

 Salient Soda

 Honey Sunny

 Pick Guerrilla

 Berry Merry

 Red Bird 

 Devil Storm

 King Soda


 Berry Merry

 Breath time

 Old cold

 Green cherry 

 Bubble Thrust

 Silly Sip



 Perfect Orange 

 Mist Tang


 Black Straw

Cinex Carb

 Plain Spirits

 Tipple Juice 

 Rotgut Soda




 Surplus Fizz

 Mango Box


 Green Apple


 Bee Gratis 

 Razor Speedy

 Taste Spitfire

 High speed

 Boulevard Juice


 Nature Kross

 Royale Blend

 Bliss Vibe


 North Steve 

 Stay Squeeze

 Get Green Glow

 Blue Orgakist

 Frubrite  Drink


Tasty Time

 Fresh Bounce

 Daily Fitwist

 Mountain Mist

 Crest Mind

 Super funpack

 Fiber Liberton

 Mixed Peach

 Citadel soda

 Wavy Regent

 Ever Nutriway


 Excite Fruita

 Healthy Moop

 Hempy Tempy 

 Flexible Drink

 Rebel Trio


 Dark Joyful 

 Delight Twisted 


Food Button

You have to remember that your soft drink brand will have a lot of competitors. But you have to stand out from the crowd. That can be done by your soft drink brand name which will help to differentiate your soft drink brand from the others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I check if my soft drink brand name is copyrighted?
  • You can look for the federally registered trademarks by using a trademark database that is available for free. There you can if your soft drink brand name is copyrighted or not.

  • How do I trademark my soft drink brand name?
  • You can trademark the name of your soft drink brand by filing a trademark application before the trademark registry or you may visit a trademark attorney.

  • What is the difference between trademark and copyright?
  • Trademarks are mainly issued on the basis of whether you use it or lose it. But on the other hand, copyright will remain as it is and enforceable for the entire duration.

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