1010+ Speaker Company Names + Ideas (Generator + Examples)

Turn up the volume and get ready for the world of audio innovation as you start naming your speaker company! 🎵🔊

In the tech industry’s symphony, finding the right name for your speaker brand is like making the ultimate sound – it should be clear and memorable and show the great sound you plan to give.

In the fast-moving and competitive world of speaker tech, where quality and clarity are top, your brand name is key to sharing your company’s vision and skills.

Whether you’re all about advanced smart speakers, immersive home audio, or portable speakers for music fans on the move, this article is your set of ideas for speaker company names.

We’ve put together names from stylish and classy to loud and bass-heavy, each ready to make your brand more noticeable in the market.

So, set your sound levels, and let’s search for a name that fits your audio business and connects with your audience’s beat! 🎶

Speaker Brand Names That Have Billions Of Dollars Turnover

Here is a list of 10 well-known speaker brands, along with their annual turnover:

  1. Bose Corporation – $4 billion.
  2. Sonos – $1.3 billion.
  3. Bang & Olufsen – $500 million.
  4. Harman International – $8 billion.
  5. Bowers & Wilkins – $500 million.
  6. Sennheiser – $800 million.
  7. Klipsch Group – $170 million.
  8. Dynaudio – $100 million.
  9. Logitech – $5 billion.
  10. Yamaha Corporation – $5 billion.

How To Create A Speaker Brand Name?

Creating a brand name for a speaker brand involves a combination of creativity, market research, and consideration of your target audience. Here are some steps and tips to help you come up with a compelling speaker brand name:

  • 1 Define Your Brand Identity: Understand the core values and identity of your brand. What makes your speakers unique? Who is your target audience?
  • 2 Brainstorming: Gather a team for a brainstorming session. Consider the features, benefits, and emotions associated with your speakers. Write down all the words and concepts that come to mind.
  • 3 Wordplay and Puns: Experiment with wordplay, puns, and combinations of words relevant to your product and brand identity. Play with sounds, syllables, and meanings to create something memorable.
  • 4 Test with Your Target Audience: Once you have a shortlist, test the names with your target audience to gather feedback. This can help you identify which names resonate best with your potential customers.

Word Used To Make Speaker Brand Name

Creating a brand name for speakers involves selecting words or ideas that convey qualities like sound quality, innovation, technology, and reliability.

Here’s a detailed guide on the types of words and concepts that are often used to make speaker brand names, along with their significance:

Sound Quality

  • Acoustic
  • Harmony
  • Precision
  • Clarity
  • PureSound
  • Sonic
  • Audiophile
  • High-Fidelity
  • SoundWave
  • CrystalTone

Innovation and Technology

  • Tech
  • SonicTech
  • AudioWave
  • SoundCraft
  • SmartSound
  • AudioX
  • DigitalSound
  • Hi-TechTunes
  • InnovAudio
  • AudioTechPro

Reliability and Durability

  • Duratech
  • ReliaSound
  • LongevitySound
  • EnduranceAudio
  • RobustSound
  • TrustWave
  • DependableTones
  • SolidAudio
  • SturdySound
  • ResonateReliable

Design and Aesthetics

  • EleganceSound
  • SleekAudio
  • ModernTone
  • StylishSound
  • ArtisticAudio
  • DesignWave
  • AestheticTunes
  • SculptedSound
  • ChicSonics
  • SonicArtistry

Simplicity and Minimalism

  • PureTone
  • MinimalAudio
  • SimplicitySound
  • CleanWave
  • StreamlinedTunes
  • EasyAudio
  • SimpliSonics
  • PureToneAudio
  • MinimalistMelody
  • EffortlessSound

Natural Elements

  • NatureSound
  • WoodWave
  • StoneAudio
  • EarthTunes
  • ElementalSound
  • OrganicTones
  • EcoSonic
  • HarmonyNature
  • ElementalAudio
  • NaturalVibes

Stories Behind Top Speaker Brand Names

Bose Corporation

The Bose Corporation was named after its founder, Dr. Amar G. Bose. Dr. Bose was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and started the company in 1964.

The brand became known for its innovative approach to audio technology, particularly in the realm of noise-cancelling and high-fidelity sound systems.


Sonos, founded in 2002, derived its name from a blend of the Latin word “sonus” (meaning sound) and the word “sonny,” signifying a small size and youthful energy.

The name encapsulates the brand’s focus on high-quality sound in a compact, modern package, emphasizing innovation in wireless and smart home audio systems.

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen was founded in Denmark in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen.

The brand’s name comes directly from its founders’ last names. Known for its high-end, beautifully designed audio and video products, the brand has become synonymous with luxury and design excellence in electronics.

Harman International

Harman International, established in 1980, was named after its founder, Dr. Sidney Harman. Dr. Harman was an entrepreneur passionate about audio technology, and his vision was to create a company that excelled in this area.

Harman International grew to encompass numerous audio and infotainment brands, becoming a major player in the industry.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins was founded in 1966 by John Bowers and Roy Wilkins in Worthing, England. The brand name is derived from the last names of its founders.

It has established a reputation for high-quality audio equipment, particularly its loudspeakers, which are renowned for their clarity and depth of sound.

Top Speaker Brand Names With Meaning

Brand NameMeaning of Name
BoseNamed after its founder, Amar Bose, an American engineer and professor at MIT.
JBLStands for James Bullough Lansing, named after its founder, an audio engineer and loudspeaker designer.
SonyDerived from “Sonus,” the Latin word for sound, and “Sonny,” a term used to refer to young boys in 1950s America.
SennheiserNamed after its founder, Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, a German electrical engineer.
Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)Named after its founders, John Bowers and Roy Wilkins, who started the company in the UK.
Harman KardonNamed after its founders, Dr. Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon.
Bang & Olufsen (B&O)Named after its founders, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, who began the company in Denmark.
KlipschNamed after its founder, Paul W. Klipsch, an American audio pioneer known for his loudspeaker designs.
YamahaNamed after its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, originally a Japanese piano and reed organ manufacturer.
KEFStands for “Kent Engineering & Foundry,” named after the location of its original factory in Kent, England.

Speaker Company Names

Do you know that there are so many benefits of having an attractive name for your audio speaker brand?

You can access a lot of other companies if you have a catchy name for your audio speaker brand.

You can also create a great public advertisement about your audio speaker brand with a catchy name.

  • Speaker Wave
  • The Good Speaker
  • Experienced Microphone Pro
  • Shoot ‘N’ Shave
  • Rocking Skull Audio
  • Speaker Of The House
  • Coding Speaker
  • Crest Audio Products
  • Alpha Speaker
  • Speaker Works
  • Sound Outlet
  • Base Audio Speaker
  • May Blitz
  • Cool Guy Productions
  • Actual Audio Tape
  • Hello Speaker
  • Moderator Collective
  • Audio Active
  • Audio Burner
  • Parental Sound
  • Gainesville Speak
  • The Awful Audio
  • Full tone Audio
  • Blade Speaker
  • Boom Beats
  • Wild Beats
  • Big Speakers
  • Elevator Speakers
  • Audio Design
  • Audio Quest Mesa
  • Expert Ear
  • Audio Tech Solutions
  • 3D Audio
  • Mind Stereo
  • Early Speaker
  • Utter Sound
  • Sound Engineer
  • Teen Spirit
  • Audio Access
  • I Sound Great
  • Wireless Waffles
  • Big Noise
  • Clever Audio
  • Advanced Stereo
  • Audio 2 Go
  • Music ‘n’ More
  • Speaker On Tx
  • Master Speaker
  • Audio Agency
  • Off Beat Audio Inc.
  • Audio Dextra
  • Speakers By Design
  • Good Max Audio
  • Noisy Sound System
  • Speaker Super
  • Sadly Good Set
  • Loud Speaker Set
  • Extraordinary Sounds
  • Audio Beamers
  • G & G Speakers
  • Club Beats Audio
  • Foster Loud Audio
  • Audio Trading Co
  • Audi Salsa
  • Loud and Clear
  • Audio Revolution
  • Hear Me Now
  • Hinny Bunny Speaker
  • High Frequency
  • Web Speaker
  • Sound Fast Forward
  • Hear This
  • Contemporary Audio Store
  • Light Your Ears
  • Stardust Brands
  • Near To Speaker
  • No High Tape
  • Electric Fuzz
  • Rock and Roll Tracks
  • Trans Speaker
  • Bass Mood
  • Analogue Audio
  • Very Intelligent Group
  • Cool Sounds Incorporated
  • Empty Ear Speaker
  • Audio Max
  • Speaker Online
  • Sound Byte Inc.
  • Electric Rhapsody
  • Ballad Audio
  • Sound Listening Center
  • Back Speaker Inc
  • Audio Bliss
  • Sound Check!
  • Marvell Sound
  • Echo net Inc
  • Heavenly Speaker
  • On The Move
  • Speaker In
  • Buzzy Head

Root words that you can use to create your own Audio Speaker Brand Names


Speaker Company Name Ideas

So many categories of names will help you choose the final name for your audio speaker brand. You can choose some cool names if you want a relevant name for your audio speaker brand.

This will match the vibes of your audio speaker brand. It will also create a good impression of your brand.

  • Speaker Connect
  • Audio Mount
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Sonic Boom
  • Black Wolf Sound
  • Firestone Audio
  • Mind Elixir
  • El Echo Sound
  • Mood Bangers Audio
  • Big City Sounds
  • Audio Boost
  • Cap Rock
  • Darling Voice
  • Interactive Audio Visual
  • Max Win Sound
  • The Gifted Audio
  • Ideal Microphone
  • Stereo Type
  • AB brand Productions
  • Audio Box
  • Digi Audio Sounds
  • Audio Dimension
  • Sound Guy
  • Audio Smart
  • Balanced Audio Analysis
  • Sounds Good
  • Tune One Audio
  • Bit Rate Entertainment
  • Hear No Evil
  • Perfect Sound
  • Aural Tuning
  • Audio Inspiration
  • Best Speaker
  • Earmark Sound
  • Pure Sound
  • Simultaneous
  • Digital Audio
  • Speaker Xpress
  • Tender Surrender
  • Speaker’s Eye
  • Audio Center
  • Max Vibes Sound
  • Dramatic Sounds
  • Speaker Output
  • Speaker Booth
  • The Sound Stop
  • Jingle Joints
  • Rolling Deep
  • Micro Beat Audio
  • Recorded Audio
  • Clear Reason
  • Play It Loud
  • Speaker Smasher
  • Hey Speaker
  • Vocal Tech
  • Plastic Pearls
  • Heartbeat
  • Mikes Sound Systems
  • Ultra Star Audio
  • Raw Star
  • Speaker Direct
  • Audio Nuggets
  • Speaker Ship
  • Theatrical Sound
  • Speaker Plus
  • Close Proximity
  • Speaker Elite
  • Computer Speaker
  • Buddy Audio
  • Guitar Speaker
  • Halo phone Inc.
  • Mind Rage Audio
  • Speaker Now
  • Crowning Sounds
  • The Speakers Bar
  • French Speaker
  • Sweet Daddy
  • Ryan Sound
  • Audio Box
  • Beam Me Up
  • Digital Prime
  • Shaker Benders
  • Bass Planet
  • Spot Audio
  • Audio shire
  • A Sound Idea
  • Low Key Audio
  • Twisted Audio
  • Audio HQ
  • Winnie World
  • Speaker Finder
  • English Microphone
  • Music Alpha
  • Smart Speaker
  • Head Blast
  • Rayfield Audio
  • Happy Sound
  • Vibe matrix
  • Book Worm Speaker
  • Meditation Sounds

Speaker Business Name Ideas

The following list of names is the best example of names that can be used for your audio speaker brand. You should target the name if you want your brand to be the best of others.

This will also help you get a unique identity among the public. You can choose any of the following names as per your choice.

  • Sound Slave Audio
  • The Stereo Lab
  • Speaker’s Heaven
  • The Sound of Music
  • Digital Wave Media
  • Charismatic Speakers
  • Teen Spirit Audio
  • Home Audio
  • Audio Scribble
  • Take the Sound
  • Speaker Vines
  • DJ Poopie Pants
  • Audio Power
  • Second Speak
  • Remote Speaker
  • Lilli Loll Speaker
  • Just Right Speaker
  • Graphics Spot
  • Skilled Speaking
  • Speaker’s Lounge
  • Sound Forest
  • Chromatic Sounds
  • Secret Chord Audio
  • Sound Slave
  • Un Simplified
  • Comedy Central Speaker
  • Totally Toned
  • On Point Speaker
  • Audio D Capita
  • Cookie Kiss Audio
  • Audio Depot
  • Audio Input
  • Kool Ears
  • Perini Sound
  • Speaker Brands
  • Speakeasy Design
  • Personal Speaker
  • Selenium Forest
  • Honey Loaf
  • Good Grade
  • Audio Blend
  • Black Blast
  • Clever Panelist Trading
  • Nightlight Sound
  • Audio Blast
  • Discount Audio
  • Groove Beat
  • For Your Amplification
  • Audible Leaf
  • Audio Specialists
  • Gentle Sound
  • Brilliance Audio
  • Audio Buzz
  • Sharply Established Group
  • Jody’s Jambalaya
  • Mega Music
  • Very Sound
  • Jam Production Services
  • Dynamic Speakers
  • Homework Hopper
  • Anger Speaker
  • Audio Barn
  • Loud Wire Phoenix
  • Audio Com
  • Audio style
  • Head Shine Audio
  • Speaker’s Choice
  • Centra Sound
  • Audio Masters
  • Audio Circus
  • Speakers In Tune
  • Sonar Effect
  • Coyote Acoustic
  • High Fidelity
  • Tymphany Audio
  • Music Production House
  • Ever man Sound
  • Numero Audio
  • Older Speaker System
  • Music Collective
  • Anytime Speaker
  • Pudding Pie Audio
  • Speaker Of The Night
  • Range One
  • Sound Productions
  • Big Wish Sound
  • Wooder Sound
  • Former Moderator Co
  • Spanish Declaration
  • Speakers With Care
  • Deep Love Audio
  • Moderator Pro
  • Speaker Around
  • Pulse Note Audio
  • Speedy Audio Stereo
  • Speaker Mate
  • Audio Simple
  • Bright Speaker
  • Stereo crafters Inc
  • At Home Speaker

Speaker Business Names

Having a good look at the names of your audio speaker brands is essential. The name is the first thing that people will observe about your brand.

Since audio speaker brands are common, you need to choose the name wisely. This will eventually make your brand look amazing in the respective market industry.

Elegance Alpha

The Loud Room

Speaker Audio Direct

Sound Print Group

Ominous Vocalize Pro

Cleveland Signature

Listening Post

Uncertain Sound

Audio Innovations

Emoji Wave

Niche Audio

Short Sensible

Soul Slayer Audio

Second Address

Earshot Music

Audio Arts

Audi Space Audio

Speaker Beam

Solex Speakers

Next Tone Audio

Move flex Sound

Sound Spot

Raw Star Audio

Speaker Boy

Audio Arts

Milly Speaker

Fill Decibel

Audio Surface Limited

Audio Genesis

Gone Beats

Individual Audiotape

The Excellent Orator

Pulse Sound

Speaker Audio

City Sound Factory

Space Age Technology

Cue Audio


Thunderbird’s Audio

Azimuth Studio

Higher Key

Sound Garden

Sound Print Inc.

Ear Buzz Studio

Audio Nirvana

Audio Max

Speaker Badness

The Sound Line

Ginger Spice Speaker

High Hopes Audio

Aardvark Audio

Pitched Safe Co

Audio Blue Moon

Former Panelist

Single Speech

Beatbox Audio

Beleaguer Speaker


Moon Audio


Medical Speaker

Little sound

Elite Sound

Rock ‘n’ Roll Records

Speaker Chin

Sonic Salvation

Foxglove Speaker

Audio Secrets

Next Level Listening

Speakers Out Loud

Atomic Mind

Helping Audio

Precision Cables

The Loud

Record Box

Sound Incorporated

Odd Solid Co

Speakers Of Nowell

Musical Chairs

Charisma Speaker

Speaker Advantage

Elevated Speakers

Elite Speaker

Upbeats Audio

Cowbell Records

Elliott Healey

Babylon City Vinyl

Elite Gang Speaker

Fame Sound


Downtown Audio

Super Brainy Audio

Speaker Ware

Audio Master

Virtual Music Radio

Akk Studio

Staff Speaker

Audio Innovate

Clear Sound Speakers

Seventh Element

Suffixes that you can use to create your own Audio Speaker Brand Names


Speaker Brand Name Ideas

If you want a different name for your audio speaker brand, you can go for some funny names. A funny name will look good on your audio speaker brand, and it will also inspire people.

However, you should find a relevant, funny name for your brand. This list of names will help you in choosing a funny name.

Speaker’s Bridal

Speaker Drake

Accelerated Speaker

Dreaming Wayfarers

Sound Move

Beach Sounds

Main Speaker System

Audio Brain Centre

Speaker Scholars

Powered By Speakers

Panelist Pro

Speaker Of Tomorrow

Dark Speaker

Eloquent Speaker

True Weil Sound

Boom Boxes

Gravel Audio

Digital Auditions Company

Loud and Clear

Second Strong

Blues Shot Sounds


Sound Of Wonder

Blues Shot

Audio Flow

Recorded Sound

Music Lab

Super Ins Speaker

Wild Fox Sound

Flower Speaker

Hear My Sound

Move Higher

Andre Speaker

Sonatic Speaker

Music Mixing

Speaker Around

Beats Studio

Helping Audio

One Thousand Voices

Audio Builders

Listen Up

Strange Stable

Speaker Brand Lab

Sounds Good

Go Speaker

Speaker Buddy

Audio Sound

Good Max Speaker

Audio Affinity Group

Music to My Ears

Notes To Cure

Potent Audio

Audiophile Audio

First Wave

The Hollow Audio

Loudspeaker System Group

Audio Alchemy

Volcano Audio

External Navigation Trading

Rocking Skull

Life Speaker

Panelist Trading Co

Dynamic Leader

Get Beats Audio

Speaker Factory


Hear Now

Front Back Speaker

Frequency Sound

Awesome Amp

Peter Speaker

Talker Spot Audio

Pitch Perfect

The Essential Sound

Rolling Deep Audio

Mystic Sound

Better Speakers

External Audio

Good-Thinking Audio

Non Native Speaker

Audiovisual Collective

Harmonic Distortion, Inc.

Cassey Sound

Sound Hill

Audio Doze

Celebrity Audio

Strange Sonic

Wired Audio

Sweet Speaker

Big Beat Studio

Boxer Sound Systems

Analogue Noise Empire

Mind Booster

Blitz Sound

Cool Speaker Tuition

Audio Peace

Blues Hot Audio

Chess Speaker

Dynamic Duos

Recording Studio

Brand Domain Name Ideas































Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does “name isn’t available” mean?

In case a name isn’t available, it implies that it is presently on record with the Secretary of State.

To be available, it is important for the entity name to be distinguishable from any other entity name which is already on record.

What should be considered while selecting an audio brand name?

Select a name that communicates the line of the brand you are dealing with while remaining unique. You’d like to go for a brand name that is memorable and distinctive.

Moreover, the name should be simple to pronounce and spell so that it can remain in the memory of the users for a long time.

What is meant by a trademark?

A trademark happens to be a word, symbol, phrase, design, or simply a combination of those that can identify and distinguish the source of the items of one particular party from that of the others.

Is it important for my audio speaker brand name to be registered?

If you are running a limited liability company or a corporation, your brand name will already be registered out there.

In case you are planning to use a fictitious brand name, it will be imperative for you to register the name separately at the local or state level according to the regulations of your state.

How to use a fictitious audio speaker brand name?

To legally use a fictitious brand name, you have to register the name with your local or state office, depending on the state where you are living.

Audio Speaker Brand Name Generator

Audio Speaker Brand Name Generator

Ignite your experience with our Audio Speaker Brand Name Generator – unleash your unique online persona!


There is no doubt that you will find a plethora of audio speaker brand names on the market at present. However, it is important for your brand name to be unique there. Let us hope these guidelines mentioned above will help you do so.

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