50+ Famous Animated Logos For Your Inspiration

Visuals like logos have been increasingly shown to the public in animated form over the last several years. The reason for that is the fact that the attention span of individuals is decreasing quite fast at present.

Static logos are found almost everywhere at present, and therefore, the consumer is not that interested in them anymore. With this in mind, you will come across several business owners who are currently creating animated logos for their companies

The upsurge in animated logos is mainly due to modern technology. It is now possible for designers to design logos in various animated formats. Logos can be created in formats such as SVG, CSS, GIF, and so forth.

Apart from this, the logo designers also make sure that it is possible for the animated visuals to be shown on all types of platforms like video clips, mobile apps, websites, as well as dynamic content. 

Why are animated logos so popular?

There are several reasons why companies currently like to go for animated logos. The first reason is that an animation is a robust tool that can easily catch people’s attention.

Moreover, it is feasible to insert an increasing number of information within an animated logo. The animated logos happen to be organic. Presenting them in different contests, including mobile apps and video clips, is possible.

These types of logos help to convey a story allowing your brand to build an emotional attachment with the target audience. 

Because of these benefits, it is hardly surprising that animated logos are becoming extremely well-liked right now.

In case you are thinking of having an animated logo for your business, we have highlighted more than 50 animated logos of brands for your inspiration.

Animated logos of Brands for your inspiration

  1. Octopus

Sava Stoic designed this animated logo. This is a naughty octopus that blinks, stretches, and finally emerges from the letter “O.” 

  1. LUX

One thing is certain about the Lux Capital investment company: generate cash. Mucho, the design studio, has played successfully with the concept of multiplication, addition, and profit simply by rotating the letter “X.” After the rotation, the “X” will rise up and towards the right.

  1. Giant Owl

The Giant Owl logo has taken a different approach toward rotation. The circular forms blink just like the eyes of an owl after rotating in the form of a film reel. This is animation at its best, and it would be impossible for us to comprehend those shapes sans the movement.   

  1. Eye in an hourglass

Minimalist was responsible for designing this awesome logo that consists of an eye flowing using an hourglass. This contemporary line art design is quite productive despite being minimalistic.

  1. 500px

500px happens to be a photography network that features this astounding animated logo which depicts a camera lens turning during the animation.

  1. Captain Paris

This happens to be an animated logo for a French cruise company, and it merges the portrait of a captain into an anchor inspired by the Eiffel tower.

  1. OpenView

This animation used by Pentagram is a “big reveal.” It is being used in narrative storytelling, magic acts, logo design, and also in-game show prizes. The animated logo begins with the characters “O” and “V,” which ultimately spread apart, and the entire name of the logo is revealed in between. This sort of reveal enables the logo to change seamlessly all through.

  1. Zoom

Map, as well as rotation iconography, is used by this animated Zoom logo for representing tourism locations across the globe.

  1. The Doorman

Designer Musique is accountable for designing this funny animated logo which exposes a door in the trophic of a gentleman.  

  1. Delfina Foundation

This animated logo of the Delfina Foundation is represented by a contemporary and bold monogram. Reducing down to a simple underline and then to absolutely nothing, this logo completes its cycle ultimately by showcasing the “D” and the “F” once again. 

  1. Tutor Reactive

This one happens to be an education logo that makes use of an animated mascot. The animation consists of a cute robot that blinks its eyes during the animation.

  1. Beyond Plastic

It was designer Sheva who created this fantastic Beyond Plastic animated logo. A powerful message is conveyed by the logo which shows a hand grasping a bottle triumphantly. 

  1. Faymus

The logo mentioned here is a hand-drawn logo that is going to stay forever. This animation helps to take the style to greater heights.

  1. Bullhide Belts

Designer Zarkum has created this animation for Bullhide Belts, a reputed belt manufacturer. In the animation, a belt is going to twist and change into the head of a bull, and the animation comes to a finish with a puff of dust while the bull snorts. 

  1. Tangles

This particular animated logo beautifully showcases the hand-drawing of a script logo along with all the stylish flair and swirls.

  1. Embla

This is an animation that enunciates the procedure of painting a logo. The hand-drawn appearance of the logo is exaggerated here by the animation, which depicts the artistic process to us.

  1. Feral Sphere

Mind Design has created this logo which uses a different approach right here. An innovative version of a living and organic logo has been showcased in every frame of this animation. This idea fits really well for a design business that uses recycled renewable energy resources to make its products.

  1. Fujio Studio

Adam Muflihun demonstrates to us what Fujio Studio does with this animated logo project – via the designing and drawing process of the logo itself.

  1. Google

Google even depends on animation to translate the term ‘Google’ into a pulsating wavelength, a microphone, bounce lines, and a simplistic ‘G’ emblem.

  1. Brikk

Graphic artist Gun Karlsson utilizes vivid colors and animation to convert the term “Brikk” into a fluorescent glowing brick.

  1. Ideo Architekci

Dynamic branding is considered a challenge in devising how to make any logo fit properly within a particular scale or dimension. Animation happens to be a tool that helps to facilitate this procedure. For instance, this particular Ideo Architekci logo design consists of an area based on a yellow grid that can contract or expand to fill any space.

  1. Alphabetical

Animated logos are not only for grown-ups. Cartoon animated logos are ideal for kids’ brands as well. This Alphabetical animated logo is a perfect example of that.

  1. Eat

Other concepts are also served by animated expansion. This logo mentioned here literary eats while the characters become increasingly bigger with every single “bite.”

  1. Simon Pengelly

The Simon Pengelly furniture designer logo stretches by inserting lines or layers to reflect plywood layering. This not only refers to the content of his products, it also makes the logo blend into different areas throughout the company’s branding.

  1. Frameline

This particular logo helps to reflect the video camera’s framing mechanisms perfectly.

  1. Kwickr

With this logo of graphic artist Milos Zdrale, the rapidly emerging letters and the simple and minimalist look of the Kwickr brand are beautifully reflected.

  1. Bang PR

Numerous designs have been introduced with the concept of an animated logo to replace one feature with a range of interchangeable elements. The logo of Bang PR blasts the term “Bang” and floods the center with a sequence of successes connected to PR, for example, “HEROIC STUFF” as well as “10 billion ‘likes’”.

  1. Sello

The company has used interchangeable animation for replacing the “o” with a sequence of rounded objects that the individuals sell on the platform.

  1. Hotel Koster

This particular animated logo designed by Bedow helps to support uncomplicated illustrations of 3 sections of the hotel, namely the bar, the Terrace, and the dining room.

  1. Vitenparken

A fresh start was required by the Norwegian Agriculture Museum, which wanted to convert itself into a contemporary science center. This new company incorporates theoretical, scientific imagery into a breathtaking animated logo.

  1. The Swedish History Museum

The refurbishment of the Swedish History of Museum blends the modern and historical worlds. This logo is a blend of a contemporary sans-serif font and a vintage serif font. This makes it possible to replace the serif portion with ancient artifacts, giving the museum a chance to showcase its activities and exhibitions.

  1. Creagent

Bond has developed a basic but awesome logo that substitutes the logo icon of Creagent with examples of their services.

  1. Design Torget

Animated logos which are rearranged use current logo elements to turn them into various compositions. Design Torget reconfigures the “D” and “T” letters to indicate different items offered by them.

  1. Sim Smith

Sim Smith’s logo represents the concept of a rearranging photo frame – a great concept for an art museum!

  1. Modhouse

Madhouse, a creative modular home service, portrays its offering with a module-built animated logo. Each “piece” of the logo is revealed in the animation and rearranged in a central position on the grid.

  1. University of the Arts, Helsinki

Stretching as well as warping are like animation concept fireworks. The logo mentioned here seems like an enormous framework made of talented artists about to break the doors.

  1. Riksteatret

It is not imperative for every warping and stretching logo to be explosive. Rikstreatret, a traveling theater group, features a wonderfully respectful logo with a black border or “line” that spreads and warps, leading to the fact that it operates in various locations in various shapes and sizes.

  1. Common Lot

Common Lot Restaurant makes use of movement to offer every “O” its existence. The restaurant is motivated by common farmland, goats, and traditional dishes, and the O’s can be seen as grazing creatures or people sitting at a dinner table.

  1. Impact a Hero

The animated Impact A Hero logo evokes a heroic award with its easily identifiable red, white, and blue star illustration and a quick 3D turn.

  1. Echo

Trüf Creative provides a logo for the Echo Capital Group, a wonderful graphic enunciation of motion from left to right that looks like we are traveling or moving towards one another.

  1. Haverstock

Spy’s Haverstock logo uses a 3D fold to form 6 powerful vertical lines into an “H.”

  1. Ridley

This Ridley logo redraws the company’s traditional wordmark in a 3D setting.

  1. K3

In addition to making a move to the emblem itself, the animated logo from designer Musique incorporates the brand’s slogan – 2 in one!

  1. Advance Auto Parts

In this animated emblem, you can observe the pace. The expanding vehicle racing flag is shown by it. It evokes speed from the audience as well as progress. When you design an animated logo, make sure it looks just like this logo – unique and basic.

  1. The Burger King

The logo of Burger King shows us first the external blue half circle, followed by the yellow burger, and finally the business’s name. It has a 3D impact on us. It encourages you to allow your logo to animate.

  1. FedEx

This renowned logo has until now been an iconic template for using the arrow in the white space. But the animated version, as it depicts a plot, is even more illustrative. Arrows move and shape the logo in every direction. Finally, the iconic arrow runs into the white space and accomplishes the logo animation process.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social forum used to make the world aware of the expertise of the professionals out there. The animation shows a bouncing guy who looks like an expert. The man is seen boxing himself on LinkedIn. A company can create its brand image with such a creative animation.

  1. Nike

The Nike Swoosh emblem symbolizes a simple and distinctive design in an iconic way. The animated clip is highly impressive because it is wonderfully vibrant. This helps to underline the character of the swoosh.

  1. Pinterest

The Pinterest logo is already excellent because of its innovative nature. However, the animated illustration is also one of the best examples of animated logos. It shows a pin that binds to form the letters of the business’s name.

  1. Flickr

Flickr is an important video and images sharing site. Two colorful pointers will lead to a world of innovation in animation. Once you build your logo using an animated logo maker, make sure your animated design is available to the public to share your company story.

  1. Dell

Dell is known to produce top-quality personal computers and laptops at present. The animated logo of the company consists of 4 icons that represent security, analytics, handling documentation, as well as cloud storage for forming the logo. While hiring a professional’s graphic design services, ask for effective features of your items to be depicted.

  1. Mastercard

Mastercard’s logo animation uses various encounters such as shopping, travel, and food to tell the story of the brand relevant to the card’s usage. When hiring a graphic designer, ensure the designer demonstrates various elements of your company.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo happens to be a video-sharing program. The logo is among the simplest animated logos to demonstrate the company’s operation by displaying play and pause functionality. 

  1. Instagram

This Facebook-owned photo-sharing application has a lovely animated version of its emblem. The animation demonstrates combined camera as well as polaroid elements. 


For some reason, animated logos are popular with companies. You will instantly attract the interest of an audience and establish relations with prospective customers. However, to look completely different from rivals, you need to build a unique version of static logos. The above-mentioned animated versions of the well-known logos are motivating.

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