50 Top Indonesia Brands You Need to Know About in 2024

Welcome to Indonesia! 🇮🇩 A vibrant land of diverse cultures and landscapes, hosting a thriving business scene with countless successful enterprises.

In the heart of this dynamic economy, discover exemplary brands that dominate locally and shine globally. From cutting-edge tech to traditional craftsmanship, these top Indonesian brands showcase the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence.

Join us on a journey through innovation, tradition, and distinctiveness as we explore the landscape of “Top Indonesian Brands,” each leaving a lasting mark on Indonesia’s business success story. 🚀🌏

10 Top Indonesia Brands With Its Brand Value

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)12,356
2Telkom Indonesia10,739
3Bank Central Asia (BCA)10,256
4Bank Mandiri7,981
5Gudang Garam7,045
7Astra International6,869
9BCA Finance4,231

50 Top Indonesia Brands

Airfast Indonesia

This is an airline agency situated in Indonesia around the early 1970s.

The company undertakes air-based service with the objective of making the company not just the best in the country but also the best worldwide.

It delivers warming services as it has well-trained and educated care members and staff.

Greenfields (dairy company)

The company is a dairy product manufacturing company positioned in the country, Vietnam.

It produces and trades for milk and milk products like cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate, mayonnaise, and many other such products. The products are available in any stores and shops in the country.

Bank Maspion

This financial institution has rendered prestigious services for over 30 years.

The oldest and most influential institution has been delivering all the financial services like draft, cheque, and credit facilities, safe deposits and withdrawals, loans and investment facilities, and many more such duties.


This renowned company was launched in the province of Indonesia as an internet service provider.

The company looks after smooth connectivity and ensures no bugs in the connection.

It fixes and develops internet connection time and again. The company’s internet and network connection is the most trustable in the country.

Kalbe Farma

This Indonesian company was built to provide medical services in the country.

The company has been supplying hospitals and other healthcare agencies with medications and other pharma-related equipment. The company further surveys malnourished kids.


The company is a major supplier of crude oil, gas, fuel, petrol, and petrochemical products in the country.

Profit is something that this company keeps seeing. The company has witnessed very few fluctuations in the price rate of the products while maintaining the quality and quantity it is among the top companies.

Astra International

This company is one of the conglomerates of  Indonesia. The company performs several tasks, from financial to risk-taking in businesses.

The company basically has a lot of branches that are divided into different sectors like vehicle manufacturing, financial services, information, and tech-based services.


The company is a telecommunications and broadcasting company that was inaugurated in the land of Indonesia.

The company works relentlessly to provide the best possible network and data connection in the country. The company is also authorized to fix bugs or connection issues on smartphones or any other electronics.


This company is famous for manufacturing cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, and many other such items in the country.

The cigarettes manufactured by the company are expensive because they are made out of imported tobacco and narcotics. Cigarettes and cigars are in high demand by the people of Indonesia. 

Naughty Nuri’s

This company is an organizer and regulator of a series of restaurants and hotels in Indonesia.

The company is quite famous among tourists and travelers; they choose this company over others for accommodation facilities and services.

The company’s location also affects its popularity; it is situated in the region of Bali, Jakarta. 

ABC (food)

This company runs fast food, sauce, syrup, and beverages retail in different regions of Indonesia.

The company is famous for manufacturing and marketing sauces like salty and sweet tomato sauce, green and red chili sauce, soy sauce, fruit serum, and many other additional ingredients to enhance the taste of food in the country.

Asuransi Jasindo

This is a financial institution in Indonesia that ranks second in giving quality services in the country.

The company has registered elevated slopes of insurance selling in the country.

The company acts as a financial mentor to its customers and corporations, and accordingly, it finances them with the needed money and capital.

Bio Farma

The company is a pharmaceutical agency founded in the locality of Indonesia. The company’s sole mission is to research and launch vaccines and antidotes for diseases and viruses.

The company has been working relentlessly to make the country’s medical institutions much more reliable and advanced.


This Indonesian company is an aircraft company that undertakes air traveling services within the country.

The company’s main agenda is to provide airline services to the country’s people at a relatively cheaper price to make it affordable for average income layers. The company’s services have been attracting a lot of passengers.


The company is committed to manufacturing and launching the latest model vehicles in the country.

The company manufactures super comfortable cars and other motor vehicles for people. The company also has been manufacturing light and easily accessible engines for vehicles.

Gudang Garam

This cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company of Vietnam has been enjoying a monopoly of import and export of its product.

This company was launched by the Indonesian group with a vision of making it the largest cigarette manufacturing company, which by all means, has achieved its goal in the country.


The company is the organizer and regulator of many small and big shops in the country.

This Indonesian company has been finishing and funding the small and autonomous shops and marts selling commercial products. The company earns 15% of the profit out of the income of those small and big Indonesian marts.

Kimia Farma

The company has been supplying medical facilities and equipment in the country for years.

It is an Indonesian pharma brand that was launched to make the pharmaceutical industries and agencies more equipped and advanced in order to come up with the increasing health problems and increasing number of patients in the country. 


The company is a multifunctional company situated in Indonesia.

The company has a copyright to manufacture and trade for steel, electronic products, PVC, plastic, and its products, melamine resins, and many other related commodities in the country. The company’s products are highly demanded in the Indonesian market


This is an Indonesian company owned by a famous retail group in the country.

The company manufactures and launches updated versions of Android phones with many interesting features with good battery backup and internal storage.

This brand is likely to give tough competition to all other smartphones in Indonesia.

Semen Indonesia Group

The company is a trusted and most profitable company in Indonesia. The brand manufactures merchandise for cement and related construction materials in the nation.

It was launched as a local brand, which later emerged as a powerful company in the nation. The company gets the majority of government assignments.

Sriwijaya Air

The company is an airline-based company that is established in the country of Indonesia. The company undertakes many domestic as well as international flights to transport goods and passengers.

The company has the highest and safest security system, which makes the company more attractive and safe to the passengers.


The company manufactures and trades for mineral water in the country of Indonesia.

For several years, the company has been supplying this highly recommendable water, which is healthier, free of chemicals, and has a superb mixture of minerals that adds to its value. The company water bottles are available at every shop.


The company has been assigned the role of managing tourism and traveling services in the country.

This Indonesian brand looks after the tickets, booking hotel rooms and canteen services, assigns tour guides to the travelers, and many more such attractive hospitality rendered by the company and its staff to the tourists.

Bali Hai Beer

The company is a brewing company that manufactures beers in the region of Bali, Indonesia.

The company produces beers that are heavenly in taste and have the very least amount of alcohol in them.

The company has been supplying its products to all the tourist and vacation places to increase its sales of beer bottles per year. 


The company is an Indonesian company that trades online. The company is basically an e-commerce company that sells, promotes, and campaigns its products and services online.

The company has taken a bold step to make the country’s trading system fully online to make it more accessible and reachable to clients all over the world.

Es Teler 77

The company is a food retail company launched in Indonesia. The company runs several hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes that sell its fast foods and beverages.

The company is famous all across the country for yummy and healthy eateries. Yes, the fast-food manufacturers in the company are made of relatively fewer obesity ingredients, which makes it preferable.


This company is famous all across the European and North American countries.

The company manufactures noodles that are ready to cook and available in different flavors and quantities.

The company’s main objective is to make noodles that are easy and quick to prepare without compromising their taste. 

J.CO Donuts

This firm is located in the Indonesian region. The company produces yummy doughnuts, coffee, yogurt, and ice cream in the country.

The company sells exclusive doughnuts, which are demanded by every citizen for their unique flavors and tastes. Doughnuts are available in different flavors like choco and berries.

Klenger Burger

This company makes a burger that is halal meaning consumable for the Islamic people.

This Indonesian brand operates a series of restaurants and hotels selling burgers like chicken, mutton, beef, fish, and many other stuffed burgers, which are highly demanded by Indonesians as well as tourists who visit Indonesia.

Lion Air

The company is an airline company in the country that undertakes flights in the country.

This Indonesian country is a low-budget flight launched in order to make it available for the middle class of the country.

The airline is well connected with the cities and parts of the country, making travel easier, faster, and more convenient.

Matahari Hypermart

This is a supermarket in the country which operates under the name of the Matahari brand. The marts sell consumer products that are called basic necessities.

The company has opened several supermarkets in the country selling household stocks and goods. The company earns a lot through the products.

Pos Indonesia

This company manages the postal and logistic services in the country.

The company takes care of authorizing permission and certificates to the companies for trading in the country.

Tolak Angin

The company is very famous among Asian countries for its spices. The company was launched in Indonesia for the Indonesian people as they demand a lot of spices.

Indonesian foods are highly rich in spices, for which the company has doubled its production. The company sells cumin, cloves, fennel, ginger, and related items.


This Indonesian company is worldwide famous for its tea leaves. The company grows tea gardens, cultivates them, and makes processed tea leaves that are rich in taste and aroma.

It has increased its production due to a rise in demand.


This famous and prestigious company was established in Indonesia to supply industrial and militant products.

The company, for years, has had the authority to manufacture goods that are useful for industrial sectors, like chemicals and machines, and military products like a uniform, helmets, artillery, tents, and bedding.

Multistrada Arah Sarana

This is a tire and other auto part manufacturing company that was established in Indonesia. The company has been merchandising for tires in the country for ages.

The tires available in the company have a strong girth and flexible valve, which improves the running of the tires, which is of great use.


This prestigious company was launched in the country as a sports equipment and shoe manufacturer company.

The company manufactures stylish chunky sneakers for men and women, and the company also manufactures sports kits like boots, balls, jerseys, helmets, guards, and many other useful kits in the country.


The company is an internet company that was launched in Indonesia.

This is an app that acts as a search engine for online commerce and sells and purchases commodities and goods in the country.

This company is famous and has the highest number of users in the country. The company has developed its features.


The company is a government-owned agency that provides petrol, crude oil, natural gas, minerals, lubricants, and petrochemicals.

The company has bases all over the country, and it is one of the biggest agencies authorized to sell its products. The company is a famous unit in the country.


This is the first provincial and national satellite installed in order to carry out telecom services. The company takes full charge of making internet access fast with attractive data packs for its customers.

The company is a famous company that strictly abides by its promise to make telecom available in all regions. 


The company is one of the regulators of many commercial companies.

Hundreds of small and independent shops and malls work under the company in order to increase their net income and profits. The company has its units all over the Indonesian region and in the Philippines region.

Anker Beer

This is a regional beer production factory that was built in Indonesia. The company after a few years, it emerged as a national company that manufactures amazing beers with a meager percentage of alcohol in the drink.

The beer manufactured by the company is available in every drink shop, bar, pub, and club.

Badak NGL

This Indonesian organization supplies the largest amount of natural gas and oil in the country.

The company was established in order to make the country rich in the supply of oil and CNG to every house and industry in the country.

The company has also been receiving projects from big foreign companies and countries.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia

This is a financial institution established in Indonesia. The company provides financial and economic assistance and help to its customers and agents.

The company acts as an economic guide for its customers in order to guide them with the right choice.

They provide facilities like granting loans, investments, safe deposits, and withdrawals.

Batik Air

The company is an airline company that was inaugurated in the land of Indonesia. The company runs domestic flights in order to make the rush of getting a flight easier.

The company fully guarantees its passengers’ and their belongings’ safety and security. It has been doing great business over the years of struggle.


The company is a multitasking company introduced in Indonesia. The company is a technical agency that performs its business online.

The company helps to perform and execute online transactions and trades in the country. People are able to transfer their money to their desired account in just a few clicks and processes.

Geprek Bensu

The company was launched by a famous actor in the country, Indonesia.

The company is a food retail company that manufactures and sells different continental and Chinese foods that are in demand in the country.

The company regulates a series of restaurants in the country and thereby finances them. 


The company is a famous industry that trades for cement in the country of Indonesia.

The company has been supplying construction sites with its cement and other products.

The demand for cement has risen over the years for its quality and guarantee. It has been listed as the best Indonesian agency.

Kalstar Aviation

This airline is owned by a private company in the country of Indonesia. The company carries out domestic and international flights assigned by the authority.

It assures their travelers’ comfortable and safe journey and provides them with the best possible service. 

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