50 Top Thailand Brands That Are Shaping the Future

Thailand is a lively and culturally rich country in Southeast Asia 🌏. It’s not just a local sensation; it’s becoming a big deal globally for business and new ideas.

The top brands from Thailand aren’t just popular at home; they’re making a name for themselves worldwide 🚀. Whether it’s high-tech gadgets or traditional crafts 🎨, these brands show off Thailand’s cool mix of new and old.

This article is all about these famous brands, how they’re shaking up different industries, and why they’re making Thailand stand out globally.

Come along with us to discover the best brands from Thailand that aren’t just loved locally but are also leaving their mark on the whole world 🌍!

10 Top Thailand Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
2Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)2,568
3CP Group2,431
5Thai Airways1,976
6Bangkok Bank1,951
7Advanced Info Service (AIS)1,935
8Central Group1,582
9Siam Cement Group (SCG)1,480
10Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF)1,435

Top 50 Thailand Brands


It is one of the most loved footwear brands in Thailand, which has a vintage style and a different color selection with thousands of varieties. This company has been manufacturing unisex footwear. It is mostly known for its comfort and it is manufactured by thousands of experienced craftsmen.

Cafe Amazon

It is a chain of coffeehouses that has gained popularity in Thailand, and every mall has a shop of this brand. Start your hectic day with a cup of coffee to clear your mind. One having a bad day can go and have coffee to refresh their mind.

3K Battery

This company manufactures batteries for motorcycles and has been providing batteries to Thailand and some countries for years. It has been a trustworthy company, and this company has gained popularity over the ages as everyone needs batteries for some reason or the other. It has its footprints in the international markets too.

Advanced Info Service Public Company Ltd.

This company has been providing mobile networks, Internet service, and Internet TV overages and has built trust among its customers. In the current scenario, who doesn’t need a mobile or the internet? Everyone does, right? Understanding the needs of people, this company has definitely gained profits and is still manufacturing mobile and providing the Internet.


This footwear brand is handcrafted and is commonly known for its high-top sneakers which are loved by girls. 100% cotton is used for making this footwear so that everyone is comfortable while wearing this. Every detail on it needs attention as the quality and designs of the brand are unique.

Big C

It is a retailer of grocery manufacturing and holding stores across the country, even though it has some stores across other countries. The citizens are happy and satisfied with the product of this company. This company has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and has gained profits overages.


A few years back, only this company came as a fashion brand. Due to the beautiful romantic designs which are on the clothes of this brand gained popularity, this company is best known for the fine materials they use, which are ready to wear and are admired by every age.

Sam Surin

We all have heard about the family business, and this company is such an example; it is a tailoring family business company. It stitches such beautiful dresses for women and men that this company has been awarded several times and has talented and creative people as a team.


From producing beverages for ages, it is also one of the oldest beverage companies, which has its footprints all over the world. From manufacturing energy drinks, flavored and refreshing juices, and alcoholic drinks it has become an international company with thousands of buyers. It is still a family-owned company.

Chue Chin Hua

Anyone settling in Thailand and needing utensils for their new home then they can rely on this company which is manufacturing aluminum cookware and producing metals for ages its product can be seen on streets, bridges, railways, and kitchens, and has several small holdings companies under it.

Real United

Apart from studies sports have gained importance in a few years and this company manufactures equipment for sports. The sportswear made in the company is comfortable and has been stitched carefully because the customer’s comforts matter. Apart from this, the company has several sponsorships in the field of sports.


This company manufactures beer at a large scale and has its footprints in 53 countries; it has some of its important sponsorships in the field of sports. Bachelors love this product, and at every party, and club one can see this brand and this brand has occupied a larger place.

Raimon Land

The company is a real estate developer. This company mainly focuses on buying land at a cheaper rate and building a villa, complexes, and a lot more, so the company never faces losses through this motive, only this company has been listed on the Stock exchange of Thailand.

Phyathai Hospitals Group

This company has created a chain of hospitals across Thailand with proper medical equipment and the latest medical technologies. It has been providing services to its tourists, and international patients and gives free medical advice on the Internet. It has won many awards for providing medical help to its citizens and foreigners.

Dutch Mill

For ages, this company has been manufacturing dairy products with various delicious and healthy varieties. This company is manufacturing its product globally too. It is one of the largest manufacturing companies in Thailand, with several employees and customers. It has its main markets in ASEAN nations.

Est Cola

In recent years this company came up with the manufacturing of soft drinks with different varieties. Those who have diabetes can also have this soft drink as sugar-free soft drinks are also available. The bottle of this company looks like the Pepsi bottle in India, but for sure, the taste is different.


It is a regional full-service airline in Thailand. This airline provides its services to 20 destinations in Thailand. It is a luxury, and comfortable airline with expertise as pilots, and they always take into consideration the comfort of their passengers. It also has sponsorships with different airlines.

Tilleke and Gibbins

It is a regional law firm that suggests corporate and commercial companies their legal rights and responsibilities. It has solved many complicated cases in past years and has proved itself an unbiased law firm. It has offices in many parts of the middle east.

Andersen Yachts Ltd

This company has been providing world-class sailboats for years. The interiors used in sailboats are world-class and are finally finished by experts. The boats are built with the latest technologies and modern machinery, architects of these ships are mostly highly professional ones under whom the construction of the boats takes place.


This company has been providing peanut snacks with varieties of flavors in Thailand packed in a container with different shapes and numbers of offers. It is also loved in other countries and has gained profits for ages. It is also popular in other countries.


It is a real estate and property technology company. It picks real estate lands from amazing locations, and then it sells and rents these lands across Southwest Asia. It has its footprints across the whole of Thailand and is a very popular brand in the real estate business.


It is a sportswear company providing Thai sports equipment on a larger scale. Citizens of this country have trusted this company for ages, and it has gained popularity in more than 40 countries. It has collected awards and also has sponsorship in Football national teams.


It is a publishing company in Thailand. It has published many books, including romantic fiction, night novels, business and computer technology, suspense, educational books, and so on. The books published by this company have been nominated for many awards and have won awards too. Its books are famous among its locals.

Kulthorn Kirby

This company manufactures and distributes motor compressors, products for refrigerators, and a lot more. It has been manufacturing its products with its modern technologies under international management systems. It has been delivering its products on time and has increased production for years.


Everyone desires to spend less and receive more, so this online website provides various price ranges for products like credit loans, car loans, personal loans, and a lot more. During the past few years, it has increased the number of agents, which shows how prosperous it is working.

Nok Air

If you love traveling and have a low budget, then you can try this airline; it is an airline company that is effective and mostly functions for domestic services outside Bangkok. It is a low-cost airline that has ensured safety and hygiene in all its flights and services.

Black Ivory Coffee

It is a coffee brand in Thailand. With being the world’s rarest, it is also an expensive coffee. It is sold to selected 5-star hotels. When someone purchases this coffee, then he/she is directly helping The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, which is supported by the black ivory coffee.


It is a rum brand in Thailand which is the oldest one too. It is a dominant brand in the Thai market. This brand alone shares a large market share in this category. Every group of people has tasted this rum. This brand is not known outside of Thailand.

Wai Wai

Everyone in his childhood or teenager has eaten this, and they have loved this, its spicy noodles which can be eaten raw and cooked also, it is one of the most loved and finger-licking noodles which have got love across the world without any complaints.

Major Cineplex

For the die heart fans of movies, this is just like the perfect icing on the cake; this company has several movie theatres in Thailand. It has the largest chain of theatres in Thai. The theatres are well equipped and have several offers for their customers.


It is a smartphone and mobile phone brand. It has expanded its footprints to its neighboring countries. It is a trustworthy company that employs Android OS. It has been manufacturing phones with the latest technologies and with thousands of customers it has gained popularity for ages.

True Money

It is a financial technology that has been providing E-payment services in SouthEast Asia. This company has provided several services for its customers, like scanning and paying bills, top-ups, purchases, and a lot more. It has partnerships with many e-banking apps, which have increased its profits.

Mu Space and Advanced Technology Co. LTD

It has been providing satellite-enabled broadband and mobile connectivity in Thailand. It has given advancement in the sector of space technology. Whichever research has been done most of them have centered its focus on the technology related to space. This company has been awarded many prizes.

London Brown

It is a footwear brand for men, which is made of leather. They have iconic and classic designs that are paired with needlework by experienced craftsmen. It comes in different varieties with a few colors. It manufactures some of the best varieties of loafers, boat shoes, wingtips, and a lot more.

Mango Mojito

It is another brand for men, which is highly liked by its citizens.  It has been made for the comfort of Thai people and is well known for its two-tone coloring technique with vintage and classic designs. It offers a variety of styles, including Oxford, Loafers, Wingtip, and many more.


It is a shoe brand that is especially for ladies and is purely handmade. It uses animal skin which gives superb comfort, and you will never regret it after wearing this brand. It takes care of your feet’ health and prevents you from falling, and this brand provides different varieties.


This brand focuses on vintage-style sneakers inspired by World War 2; it is lightweight and durable. Each sneaker has a different iconic pattern. It provides different color options that can suit any clothing style. The brand name is printed on the upper sole of every sneaker.


Every fashionista must grab this brand as it is popular in Thailand and has gained popularity worldwide. Apart from 50 colour shades, the brands offer varieties like high-heels to low-heels, flats, and many more. It is luxury footwear which is comfortable too. We can mix-match with our outfits.


Every female wants to look alluring; this brand helps in enhancing their beauty. This brand was launched a few years back and had as many as 20 lipstick shades, each with a different boy’s name. This product will never dissatisfy you and will always give you the confidence to be presentable.

Pony Maker

Another lip shade brand that has 18 different shades for Asian skin tones. The lip shades are in sweet pinks, basic nudes, and deep reds. One should definitely have this brand in her makeup kit. It enhances your beauty and makes you look alluring. It is available online, also.

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