50 Top Mexican Brands That You Need To Know

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10 Top Mexican Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1América Móvil15,400
2Grupo Bimbo8,036

Top 50 Mexican Brands

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex)

This is a Mexican state-owned petroleum company. It was created in 1938 when the government nationalized all private and domestic oil companies. Pemex was Latin America’s second-largest enterprise when calculated revenue-wise in 2018 and it collects around one-third of the total government tax revenue.


This Mexican wireless telecommunications company was founded in 1989. Telcel’s cellular network covers more than half of Mexico’s geographical area and almost 90% of the population uses it making it the leading provider of wireless communications. It is known to provide suitably priced plans and voice services.


A Mexican multinational company, CEMEX is headquartered in San Pedro and is the second-largest building company that manufactures and distributes cement, ready-mix concretes, and other building materials. It has around 66 cement plans and more than a thousand facilities along with several quarries and marine terminals.

Grupo Bimbo (Bimbo)

This is the world’s largest Mexican multinational bakery product manufacturing company and has its headquarters in Mexico. It operates the widest distribution network under a scheme of recurrent sales channel views. 


Owned by Femsa, this is a large convenience group stores, with almost 18000 stores scattered. Founded in 1977, the variety of products increased from a meager beer, snacks, and cigars to every daily necessity.


This Mexican brewery was founded by Jose Muguerza and brothers in 1890 and is based in Monterrey, Mexico. The first brand was Carta Blanca and it primarily aimed at providing welfare services to the workers’ families.

Bodega Aurrerá 

This is a Mexican discount store which was first established in 1970. Aurrera is known to start the usage of the barcode system in Mexico. Later the stores were converted into Walmart stores but the company retained itself to date as the former brand.

Grupo Financiero Banorte (Banorte)

This Mexican banking and financial services holding company is one of the largest commercial banks in Mexico with headquarters in Monterrey. The bank, besides being the largest retirement fund administrator, provides savings accounts, pension, leasing, credit cards, payday and auto loans, etc.


This was founded in 1955 as Telesistema Mexicano, and now it is the largest Mexican multimedia mass media company in Latin America.it specializes in television broadcasting, international entertainment business, cable television but also offers radio, show business, paging services by-line.

Grupo Modelo 

This is a large Mexican brewery established in 1925 that has exclusive rights for import and distribution of beer and it exports brands like Corona, Modelo, etc. It also separately brews and distributes brands for exclusive domestic consumption


This Mexican sports equipment manufacturer is very popular in Latin America. It officially sponsored the Mexican Olympic team for almost a decade from 2000 after sponsoring several football clubs in Mexico.


With sales of over 4 million motorcycles and capturing almost 70% of the motorcycle market in Mexico, Italika is a leading motorcycle brand that manufactures motorcycles from scratch in different colors in their own warehouse in Toluca. It also exports worldwide.


This is a mid-to-high end retailer with around 136 stores in Mexico. It operates the largest chain of department stores with innovative store formats to attract customers. It formulates a store format that coexists with malls and centers.


This is a financial company, which is known for providing banking services of all types. It also has plans for pensions, investment funds, and transportation credits. Carlos Slim owns this company.

Banco Azteca  

This is a bank that operates in Mexico and its neighbors. Products include personal loans, consumer credits, small business loans, etc. Banco Azteca started functioning in 2002 and recently it has tried upgrading to digital technology and targeting the middle-class audience

Organización Soriana 

Soriana is a Mexican public company established in 1968. It is a grocery and departmental chain in Mexico with over 800 stores. Completely capitalized in Mexico it operates through supermarkets and stores for consumers and wholesale markets.

Grupo Lala 

This is a Mexican dairy company, headquartered in Coahuila and founded in 1949. It is one of the world’s largest dairy companies and has a wide variety of flavourful Greek yogurts (LALA yogurt) and smoothies in flavors like cherry vanilla, almond, pomegranate, etc.

Orbia (previously named Mexichem)

A Mexican company Mexichem, is involved in industries like building and infrastructure, chemicals, data communications, irrigation, etc. it operates in around 40 countries with more than 22,000 employees.


This is a Mexican telecommunications company owned by Grupo Televisa and it provides telephone, internet, and TV services for both corporate and domestic individual purposes all around Mexico. It covers almost 29 states and also has a mobile application named Izzi app.

Grupo Sanborns 

It is one of the biggest chains of department stores, which was started years back, in the 20th Century. Popularly known for their sit down restaurants, these stores also houses bars, bakery, décor items, and other merchandise all over Mexico.

Grupo Aeroméxico

Aeromexico is a publicly-traded airline holding company owned by GAM. It is the principal airline of México. The headquarter is in Mexico City.

Arca Continental

This is a Mexican beverage manufacturing and distribution company that manufactures soft drinks of brands licensed under The Coca Cola Company throughout Mexico. It is the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America and also operates a snacks business.


Alpek is among the largest PET producers in America. It is the only chemical company to produce polypropylene and caprolactam in Mexico, Alpek is the largest business unit in Mexico which has its headquarters in San Pedro.


This global automotive part manufacturing company makes various aluminum automotive parts and systems like engine blocks, cylinder heads, and so on. It is one of the 60 largest auto suppliers worldwide headquartered in Garcia, Mexico.

SOL de Mexico 

This tequila brand dates back to 1951 in Mexico.  They have a unique distillation process and offers three types of tequila. They age their drinks in curated oak barrels and this taste has received many accolades worldwide.

Industrias Bachoco( Bachoco)

Bachoco is a poultry producer in Mexico who prepares feed, breeds and grow chicken and swine.it is one of the largest global poultry producers with the main business line being chicken, eggs, turkey, and beef value-added products


It is the country’s second-largest airline catering to the middle-class audience with low fares and serves domestic and international destinations within the Americas. It captures around 30% of the Mexican domestic airline market. 


Gruma produces corn flour and tortillas. This Mexican multinational is the world’s largest corn flour, flatbread, and tortilla manufacturer, which sells under brand names like Mission Foods, Maseca, and Guerrero. It operates more than 79 plants worldwide.

Tornel or Hulera Tornel

This Mexican automotive enterprise, which was established by Armando Tornel is the only tire producer left and functioning in Mexico.  They dedicatedly make automotive parts like tires, rubber tubes, and other related products since 1933. In 2006, this firm received the Hall of Fame in this industry.


This company designs, produces, and distributes appliances throughout the world and is one of the leading appliance manufacturers. Mabe had a 70% market share with an annual steady growth of 15 to 20% in home appliances.to more than 70 countries around the world


This is a unit of Grupo Bimbo created in 1950 and makes potato chips and other confectionaries. These home-style crunchy potato wafers are of various flavors like Jalapeño, Diablo. Limon-Chipotle,  Fuego, Habanero or simply salted.


Canel’s is a Mexican confectionary brand that mainly creates chewing gum, candies, crèmes, jelly beans, lollipops, etc. Other products include fresh breath products, caramel candies, and a lot more. It was founded in 1925 and also sponsors cycling teams in Mexico

Ah Cacao Real Chocolate

This chocolate company was founded in 2003 and has five retail stores in Mexico. This company was given the tag of a “socially responsible company” after they supported wildlife conservation projects.

Falco Electronics 

This multinational electronics corporation was instituted in 1991 in Mexico. They are known for designing and manufacturing electrical parts like power magnetics, semiconductors, and circuit boards, types of THT inductors, etc. They also perform testing, stamping, and plastic molding services.

Casa Dragones 

An independent, small-batch, tequila producer, this company was founded in 2009 and is classified as a 100% Blue Agave tequila. They have three other types of extra-aged tequila which are rested in new American Oak barrels for 5 years. 

Carso Global Telecom

This Mexican telecom company functions through its subsidiaries to provide various telecommunication services like fixed and temporary internet and cable television services throughout the country.

Interjet Airlines

 This is the third-largest low-cost Mexican carrier.  Mexico City houses the headquarters. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights from the day it started, i.e., December 1, 2005, and just keeps on increasing. 


 This is a Mexico-based information technology company headquartered in Monterrey. It has over 15000 associates and offers worldwide application software development, testing, security, and support.    

Kyoto Electronic Industries Corporation

Kyoto is a Mexican owned and operated firm which mainly designs and manufactures consumer electronics and microelectronic systems. It has certain innovative technologies and produces various smartphones, MP3 players, computers, DVD players, televisions, navigation systems, etc.

Sigma Alimentos (Sigma)

This is a Mexican Brand operating in distribution as well as the processing of food. They market their refrigerated and canned products through supermarkets, wholesalers, convenience stores, and other outlets and their brilliant marketing skills have made them Mexico’s largest producer and distributor of packaged food.  

Aeroenlaces Nacionales (VivaAerobus)

 This largest Mexican bus company owns a Mexican low-cost airline named as VivaAerobus. Its hub is in Monterrey International Airport and has a buy on board edible program for its flights since its inception in 2006.


 Since 1936, Solana is an indigenous manufacturer of sports racing cars and anything related to kid’s automobile. They are very much involved in motorsports and made specially built single-seated cars for children. Later they also made family-built cars and racing specials. 

Mastretta Cars

 This is a Mexican car design studio which manufactures drive vehicles. It was founded by industrial designer Daniel Mastretta in 1987. He improved his design of kit cars to vehicles suited for commercial availability. They now make cars like any other automotive companies.

Conservas La Costeña (La Costeña)

 It is a Mexican brand that exclusively produces food that caters to the canned product’s market. Their involvement is such that it has the largest variety of canned products in Mexico. It was founded in 1923 and has gained immense popularity in the country. They even export their products like beans, ketchup, vegetables, etc.

Don Julio

Don Julio González founded this tequila brand in 1942. The liquor is distilled, processed by agave plant for over a period of seven years, sold and distributed by the firm itself. This sweet and slightly alcoholic agave beer has many varieties.

Megacable Holdings 

This is a telecommunication company, established in 1983, which provides cable, internet and phone services throughout Mexico. Megacable comes second to Monterrey in the broadband internet operating sector in Latin America.

Jugos Del Valle

This is a non-carbonated beverage and nectar retail company. Mexico city houses its headquarters and they are popular for refreshers, ready to drink tea, fruit juices, dairy, and energy drinks. They partnered with the Coca-Cola Company as their bottling partners to expand their business.

Grupo Gigante

This hypermarket and supermarket chain selling stationeries, home, fashion, and food items was founded in 1962 in Mexico. The brand, The Home Store is an enterprise under them.

Grupo Herdez

This multinational company, founded in 1914 as a personal care brand is now a  leading producer of shelf-stable foods and yogurt ice cream throughout the US. Recently it broadened its base by entering the coffee shop segment.


This is Mexico’s second-largest mining company which is also the world’s largest silver ingot(99.9% pure silver)producer. It has been mining inactive mines throughout Mexico since 1887 and produces tonnes of gold and silver annually.

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