50 Top Japanese Brands You Need To Know

Japan is famous for its awesome culture and super cool technology! 🇯🇵 They make some of the best brands in the world.

From traditional craftsmanship to super high-tech stuff, Japanese brands are famous everywhere. 🌏

They’re known for their top-notch quality, careful attention to detail, and a mix of old and new styles.

Let’s explore some of the coolest Japanese brands, covering everything from big car companies to cutting-edge electronics and even top-notch fashion.

Join us as we check out these brands that show Japan’s excellence across lots of different industries! 🚗📱👘

10 Top Japanese Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
4NTT Group16,112
9Mitsubishi UFJ Financial7,441

Top Japanese Brands in The World

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota is a Japanese multinational company founded by Kiichiro Toyota, which manufactures automobiles and is headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi. This company pioneered producing more than 10 million vehicles in a year. They ranked first among Japan’s companies based on market capitalization.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

NTT is a Japanese telecommunications company that is the fourth largest globally based on revenue. This fifth-largest publicly traded firm was established as a state monopoly and ensured proper and stable telecommunication service all over Japan.

Mitsubishi Group

Mitsubishi Companies is a group of autonomous multinational companies founded by Iwasaki Yataro. This Japanese company is made up of 40 individual companies like Mitsubishi Electric, Heavy Industries, and MUFG Bank, and they do not have a parent company but own substantial shares.


Honda Motor Company, Ltd.

Founded by Soichiro Honda, this Japanese public multinational firm manufactures automobiles and power equipment. The Honda conglomerate is the world’s largest motorcycle producer and the first Japanese dedicated luxury brand. Headquartered in Minato, they are also the leading producer of internal combustion engines globally.

Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. 

The Nissan Motor Corporation (Nissan) is a multinational automobile manufacturer and seller based in Japan. Headquartered in Yokohama, they sell cars under Nissan, Datsun, and other brands. They are the sixth-largest automaker and the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.

SoftBank Group Corp.

SoftBank is a multinational conglomerate holding based in Japan that provides broadband, fixed-line, and other e-commerce services. Masayoshi Son formerly founded this as a software distributor, but now it is the second-largest publicly-traded company that also runs a capital fund. 

Okinawa Cellular markets au.

Okinawa established mobile cellular services like 3G networks in 2003. They also launched LTE services and other TACS systems in Japan. They were originally set up as two independent networks, DDI and IDO, before the merger.

MUFG Bank, Ltd. 

MUFG Established in 2006, MUFG tops the list of the largest Japanese banks. One of the three “megabanks,” this bank serves the main retail, corporate, and investment services for the Mitsubishi Group.  Headquartered in Marunouchi, they have clients from all over the world.

Source: MUFG

Hitachi, Ltd. 

This Japanese multinational conglomerate is the sister brand of the Hitachi Group. It was founded in 1910. They operate ten business segments in Tokyo like IT, construction, electrical, mining, and others. Namihei Odaira founded Hitachi. 

Sony Corporation

Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that heads the global music entertainment and premium TV market business. Headquartered in Minato, they also run the largest video game console business and produce more than half of image sensors and semiconductors. Sony produces almost 70% of electronic products for professionals.

Japan Railways Group

This group is the soul of Japan’s railway network and operates most of the intercity and commuter rail services. JR consists of seven operating companies and another freight service operator. This group is made up of independent companies, so it doesn’t have a headquarter.

Source: Japan Railway

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Rubbers is a Japanese tire and rubber company that was launched in 1909. They manufacture rubber-based products like tires under the brand The Falken Tire, golf and tennis balls, and other related products.

Canon Inc. 

Canon is a Japanese multinational company that specializes in optical imaging products. Headquartered in Tokyo, besides making lenses, scanners, and semiconductors, they also get the credits for making the first prototype of a 35mm camera in Japan. 


After 2005, Toyota marketed its luxury vehicles under the Japanese automaker Lexus. Lexus is Japan’s largest seller of premium cars and maneuvers operations in around 70 countries. Headquartered in Nagoya, they are one of Japan’s top 10 global brands.

Panasonic Corporation

Formerly named Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, currently, it is named Panasonic Corporation. This multinational electronics company was founded in 1918 and currently offers many consumer electrical components like avionic systems, batteries, lamp sockets, and light fixtures, to name a few. The headquarters are in Kadoma.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 

Mitsui & Co is a part of the Mitsui Group and one of Japan’s biggest general trading companies. Established in 1947, they cover energy, infrastructure projects, machinery, iron products, food, textile, chemicals, etc.

Uniqlo Co., Ltd.

Uniqlo is a subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co., which was established in 1949. They are mainly a Japanese designer manufacturer who specializes in casual and workwear. The company offers comfortable basics which are trendy and in fashion.


The division of the Subaru Corporation conglomerate, which looks after manufacturing automobiles, is named Subaru. They rank 22nd in the automobile industry and are headquartered in Ebisu. The compact cars have a special boxer engine and rough-road capabilities.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1889, Nintendo is a multinational firm based in Japan. This consumer electronics company started as a public company selling playing cards and gradually distributed its first video game console. Besides releasing numerous successful video games, they also have multiple franchises.

Nippon Life Insurance Company 

Nippon was founded in 1889 and is the largest Japanese mutual life insurance company when measured by revenue. Headquartered in Osaka, they offer financial services like general insurance, life and health insurance, etc.

Source: Nippon

Bridgestone Corporation

Shojiro Ishibashi founded Bridgestone Japanese multinational auto and truck parts Manufacturer Company in 1931. With over 181 production houses, they ranked number one in tire manufacturing in 2017.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Group (SMBC Group)

Referred to as a Japanese megabank, this multinational financial services company operates in over 40 countries and is the 12th largest bank worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, they serve retail, corporate, and investment banking segment and has a dominating market share.

Marubeni Corporation

With a huge market in cereal, paper pulp, electrical and industrial plant business, this general trading company is the fifth-largest in Japan. Established in 1918, they provide consumer products, metals, transportation, etc.


Under the production of Sony Entertainment is a Japanese video game brand PlayStation with over 44 million customers. This video game brand has consoles, media centers, controllers, phones, and magazine services.  They also have an online virtual market and a social gaming site.

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

Japan’s largest homebuilder Daiwa also provides factory construction, builds structures like malls and hospitals, and manages resorts, fitness clubs, and other public places. They specialize in pre-assembled housing and are one of the largest operators of freight logistic centers.  

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

 Mizuho is the fifteenth largest Japanese banking holding company when it comes to assets. Headquartered in Tokyo, they offer banking, security, trust, and other financial services working with around 56,000 officials.

Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba Corporation was founded in 1978, and this Japanese multinational company produces a variety of power, industrial, and social infrastructure systems. They are a household name in Japan when it comes to escalators, personal computers, home appliances, hard disk drives, etc.

MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings 

MS&AD is an insurance company based in Japan. They have several branches that serve as insurance holding companies. Mitsui Sumitomo and Aioi Nissay are some examples.

DENSO Corporation

Headquartered in Kariya, DENSO is an automotive component manufacturer that globally exports and develops hybrid vehicle systems, pre-crash radars, heating equipment, diesel and gasoline engines, and other relatable products. They also make sports auto parts under Toyota Motorsport.

Suzuki Motor Corporation

Suzuki is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in automobiles, four-wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, and types of combustion engines. They have over 35 production companies worldwide.

Shiseido Company, Limited 

 One of Japan’s oldest cosmetic companies, Shiseido, was initially a pharmacy established in 1872. They formulate skincare, hair care, cosmetic, and fragrance products and are the fifth largest cosmetic company with numerous brands all around the world.

Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational company that deals in information technology services and ranks four among the IT services companies worldwide. They offer personal computing, enterprise computing, and other subsidiary server products that are available in over 100 countries.

Isuzu Motors Ltd.

Headquartered in Tokyo, this Japanese commercial and diesel vehicle-producing company mainly focuses on commercial diesel-powered trucks and construction. Along with many subsidiaries, they produce, market, and sell vehicles like buses, trucks, and engines throughout the globe.

Japan Tobacco Inc. 

This cigarette manufacturing company was founded in 1985.they were initially an enterprise of the government but later became a public company. They serve as a nationalized tobacco monopoly to secure tax revenues in Japan.


 Asahi Net is an internet service provider with over 537,000 subscribers in Japan. They offer reasonable mobile broadband internet connections and cloud services for institutional uses. They are one of the first providers of website and ADSL services.

Daikin Industries, Ltd.

 Daikin invented the variable refrigerator volume system along with the split system in the 90s. They are a Japanese multinational manufacturer that provides cooling services around the world. Founded in 1924, they manufacture different hydraulic air conditioners and refrigerants. 

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1907, this is a Japanese automobile manufacturer popular for three-wheelers. They are one of the oldest internal combustion engine manufacturers still in function. They also manufacture and export smaller passenger and off-road vehicles.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated

 Headquartered in Chiyoda, this Japanese electric utility holding company is a founding member of strategic energy and innovation groups. Abbreviated as TEPCO, they launched all-electric housing and have the largest electric utility in Japan.

Sharp Corporation

This Japanese multinational corporation was established in 1912 and is majorly owned by the Foxconn Group. Headquartered in Sakai-Ku, they founded the first-ever mechanical pencil, the first generation of Japanese radio sets and commercial cameras.

The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

Founded in September 1902, Dai-ichi is the third-largest life insurance company in Japan revenue-wise. One of the oldest Japanese mutual insurance companies, they had the most assets in Japan, amounting to almost 33 trillion yen.

Mazda Motor Corporation

This is a Japanese multinational automaker that was the fifteenth biggest automobile firm in the world. They produce a variety of vehicles and three-wheeled trucks. They are based in Hiroshima, Japan.

ÆON Co., Ltd.

AEON Co. is the largest retail brand in Asia. They are the sister brand of AEON Group. They are Japan’s lone largest shopping mall developer and operate JUSCO retail stores. Their network ranges from supermarkets, malls, specialty stores, and other corporate structures.

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

The history dates back to 1925, when Nomura Securities was founded. This Japanese financial holding company provides investment, individual, and institutional financial services throughout the globe.

Sompo Holdings, Inc. 

Established in 1887, this Japanese insurance company is global, the second largest insurance company. They offer financial services like life insurance, securities, asset management, and other related services through offices and subsidiaries.  

Kyocera Corporation

Kazuo Inamori founded a Japanese multinational ceramics and electronics company in 1959, originally named Kyoto Ceramic Company.  They have diverse founding technology in ceramics with which they manufacture industrial ceramics, telecommunication, and document imaging systems, etc. 

Sekisui House

Established in 1960, Sekisui ranks among the top large homebuilders in Japan. They also supply diagnostic lab equipment and other pharmaceutical products around the globe. With over 100 subsidiaries, they have diversified their avenues throughout Asia.

Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.

Established in 2007, this Japanese life insurer started as a preparation company and now ranks in the stock exchange market. It was globally the fourth-largest insurance company in 2011.  

Kirin Brewery Company, Limited 

Kirin, the subsidiary of Kirin Holdings, is a Japanese integrated beverage company. They sell Japan’s oldest and most popular beer brands in the country and to several foreign lands. The two brands are Happoshu and Kirin Lager.  

7-Eleven Inc.

This is a chain of convenience stores that was established in 1927. Ito-Yokado bought 70% of the shares and renamed it as seven-eleven Japan. Frozen soft drinks and gulp beverages are their specialties. 

Yahoo! Japan Corporation

When Yahoo! And SoftBank merged, this group was created, and its internet services mostly dominated Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, they have Japan’s largest internet auction service. They have both free and paid premium versions sitting.

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