50 Top New Zealand Brands That Are Leading Globally

Welcome to New Zealand 🇳🇿, a land of stunning landscapes and rich culture! Explore a vibrant world of brands that have left a mark globally.

From the breathtaking nature to the innovative people, these brands capture the essence of this unique nation. In our “Top New Zealand Brands” journey, discover businesses showcasing Kiwi ingenuity, quality craftsmanship, and sustainability commitment.

These brands reflect Aotearoa’s spirit, contributing globally with products and services of excellence and a distinct Kiwi identity.

Join us in exploring the best of New Zealand, where tradition meets innovation, and quality knows no bounds. 🌏✨

10 Top New Zealand Brands With Its Brand Value

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1Air New Zealand1,352
2ANZ (Bank)1,276
4Fisher & Paykel1,028
5BNZ (Bank)834
6The Warehouse Group589
7Westpac New Zealand577
8ASB Bank547
9Fletcher Building486

50 Top New Zealand Brands

Air New Zealand

The company is an aircraft company based in New Zealand. The company runs as per the government directives and guidelines.

It takes domestic and international flights with the best services and safety measures. The fact that it is well affiliated with major countries and ports has attracted many passengers.


This multifunctional company was established in New Zealand.

It holds a wide spectrum of works, from operating exploration and growth data of industries, marketing, and strategizing import and export of the country, among others. The company is also equipped to develop a hybrid product for the nation.

Datacom Group

This prestigious company was formed by a group of IT workers in the country.

This New Zealand company works to store and safeguard the country’s and agencies’ information and data.

The company is divided into different units, each operating its own criteria like software updating, trade growth, IT facilities, and data safety.

F. Whitlock & Sons Ltd

This company was launched by a father and son in New Zealand.

The duo used to manufacture sauces, bread sores, pickles, flakes, and many other additional spreads.

Started as a small firm, it has now emerged into a national brand selling amazing flavored pickles and sauces, which are lived by the people of New Zealand.


The company is a good commercial brand that is operative in the New Zealand region. The company trades for delicious eateries and beverages.

The company runs many shops selling their commodities, thereby earning revenues from the profits made. The alcohol manufactured in the brand is most wanted.

Goodman Fielder

This New Zealand company was formed as a grub retail brand.

It manufactures different kinds of snacks, hard and soft drinks, food dressings, bread spreads, sauces, and many other such food items.

The ingredients manufactured by the company are hygienic, healthier, and diet-conscious, attracting many customers. 


The famous and most wanted company in tea leaves manufacturing is the Zealong company in New Zealand.

The company trades for processed and packed tea leaves that are of premium quality.

The strong tea aroma and heavenly taste of the products have raised the stakes of the brand. It also imports products.


This company was first established in the city of New Zealand by a famous group of companies. The company’s function is to accumulate and keep up the country’s life science data.

The company has many units, each working rigorously to update the technology of the state and its neighboring countries of New Zealand.

Almac (automobile)

This famous company is an automobile-producing and trading company that was established in New Zealand. The company has been designing and supplying kit cars in the country.

A famous businessman and an engineer took a keen interest in manufacturing such luxury cars with mega speed and comfortable yet stylish looks.

Blis Technologies

The company manufactured probiotics products and other clinical appliances in the country.

It was formed in New Zealand in order to make the products available within the country and also to modernize the equipment used in the clinics, hospitals, and other medical agencies of the nation technologically.

Chevron Engineering

This is a technology company that was formed in New Zealand as a vehicle and engine manufacturing company.

The company manufactures super light and technically advanced engines for vehicles, which are in high demand by automobile companies. It has a record of manufacturing racing and kit cars.


This globally famous and prestigious company was launched by a beautician in New Zealand.

The company claims to manufacture pro-nature products that are 100% biodegradable and have no waste.

The company manufactures skincare products and luxury products for both men and women in the country.

AuCom Electronics

This New Zealand company is an industry in the country that carries out switchgear production.

The company is one of the leading companies that has set the bar too high for all other technology companies.

It transports its products to all the commercial and industrial companies of the country and around the world.


This is a construction company established in the country of New Zealand.

The company manufactures all the required materials for construction and interior design. Products include tiles, marble, glasses, cement, bricks, boulders, and many other goods. It has been employing a lot of workers in the company. 

Gregg’s (New Zealand)

This is a food retail company situated in the New Zealand region. The company manufactures various kinds of snacks, fast foods, beverages, and other eateries in the country.

It runs a series of restaurants and cafes selling its food items. It has gained fame for manufacturing tasty yet healthy foods that are good for all types of people.

Meadow Fresh

This company trades for dairy products and other kinds of confectionery items in the country of New Zealand.

It produces processed milk and its products like yogurt, ice cream, cake, chocolate, smoothies, shakes, and many other savory foods. It has its bases all around the world and also in the region of Austria.

Mainland (cheese)

This company was established in New Zealand as a small retail factory manufacturing cheese and its derivatives.

It was formed by a family residing in the country; it manufactures delicious and original cheese without any mixture. The company got so much fame that it began to import its cheese and its products abroad. 

Lewis Road Creamery

This is a famous boutique established in New Zealand. The company has sold processed milk and its products over the last three decades.

The company manufactures dairy products like condensed milk, yogurt, cream, pastries, ice cream, chocolate, cake, cheese, and other products in the country, New Zealand.

Mega (service)

The company is a software company established in major cities in New Zealand.

The company develops processors that store memories, data, files, and many other things on computers, laptops, and smartphones. The company guarantees the privacy and security of the data without being corrupted or damaged.


The company was established in New Zealand and is a famous tech company in the country. It develops and updates technologies being used in industries and countries.

It launches various useful electronic gadgets like a GPS system in vehicles and phones. The company is highly trusted because of its amazing work.

Villa Maria Estates

This is a top wine manufacturer in New Zealand. It trades for fine vintage and newly launched wines. It was formed by a small family, and to date, it uses the same recipe to manufacture the wine.

The ripe grapes and other fruits give it an elegant taste and odor, which has won the hearts of the people.

Xero (company)

This company gives security and privacy to the software used by industries, customers, and nations.

The company was established in order to decrease the chance of data and files getting bugged and destroyed, the system provided by the company secures the data of the individuals, companies, and nations.


This popular company is the most famous confectionery manufacturing company in New Zealand.

The company manufactures delicious and delightful chocolates, cakes, cookies, biscuits, and many other such snacks. It has been running a number of shops and malls selling its food and drinks.

Windflow Technology

The company has the role of planting wind turbines and mills in the country of New Zealand.

It has been setting up excellent windmills, which are useful in converting wind into electricity in the country’s industrial areas.

It has been receiving several big contracts from the commercial sectors to establish strong wind turbines.


This company is a famous brand that manufactures electric appliances in the country.

The industry is dedicated to producing products like air conditioners, coolers, freezers, and many other useful products in the country’s commercial and domestic sectors. It has received five stars from the customers also.

Saker Cars

The company is known for manufacturing sports cars in the country of New Zealand.

The company has been religiously designing and launching new modeled cars with high technologies for years.

The company is famous throughout the country, and many big brands have been sponsoring and franchising this flourishing company.

Sistema Plastics

This company is allocated to manufacture plastics, packages, and containers in the country.

This was established by a prominent figure in the country in order to help the industries with packaging and selling goods. The demand for containers is rising exceptionally because of the fact that it is reusable and eco-friendly.

Paper Plus Group

This precious group is situated in Auckland. The company is divided into many branches, each assigned specific criteria to accomplish. The company prints, publishes, and promotes the books and magazine launches by the company.

The reputation of the group stands because of the work and quality standard.


This company is famous for manufacturing coffee beans in the country.

Earlier it started as a factory selling coffee beans but later it expanded its business, now it sells beans as well as runs several cafes selling the brand’s coffee.

The beans produced in the country are of fine quality and very rich in taste, aroma, and texture. 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

This is an international company formed in New Zealand. The company sells health kits and medications to medical agencies across the country and the world.

The company has been designing modern techniques of a respiratory humidifier and PPE kits, gloves, and masks for doctors and medical staff around the world.

Anchor (brand)

This old company was established when the country was going through social and cultural reforms.

The company manufactures dairy products in the country, which is loved and admired by the majority of people.

Products like chocolates, curds, creams, cheese, mayonnaise, and other derivatives are found best at the brand.

Avanti (bicycle company)

The company is devoted to manufacturing bicycles in the country of New Zealand.

The company was actively operative in the late 1980s. Since its launch, it has undergone a lot of changes and reforms; cycles manufactured in today’s times are more advanced and more loved by the people. The company has more than ten units.


This company was launched in New Zealand; it is the biggest and most profitable company in this domain. It manufactures watercraft like kayaks, yachts, boats, and other water-surfing bodies.

The company has the highest growth rate of production in the industry, and it enjoys a monopoly in this domain.

Chelsea Sugar Refinery

This company manufactures refined sugar and its derivatives in New Zealand.

The sugar produced in the country is supplied to the domestic and beverage and sweet-making sectors.

Craft Smoothie

This company was established in the region of New Zealand as a beverage marketing company.

The twist is that the smoothies are not ready-made, but the ingredients to make a tasty smoothie are packed in a box and delivered to the houses and individuals wanting it. It sells different smoothie flavors abroad as well.


The company is established in New Zealand as a dairy manufacturing brand.

The company has a record of manufacturing excellent qualities of products like condensed milk, chocolates, curd, and many other similar eateries. The company is an international brand, importing its products abroad.

Pascall (company)

This food retail company is situated in one of the country’s major cities.

The brand has been manufacturing delicious items that are loved by people for their taste and composition of healthy ingredients. The company runs several shops, marts, and malls that sell its products and goods.

Partridge Jewellers

This famous company is a commercial company that designs jewelry in New Zealand. The jewelry and accessories designed by the company are precious and exotic in nature.

It has employed the best designers and jewelers in the company to make the brand the best in the practicing domain of the nation.

Sinch Bikes

It is a bicycle manufacturing company that was established in the country of New Zealand.

The company is an ancient one, and yet it continues to gain popularity despite the fact that there are many more big companies and alternatives coming up. The cycles are of strong quality with a good brake and tube system.

Silver Fern Farms

The company is a meat retail company based in New Zealand. The company was actually an old slaughterhouse that was transformed into a brand because of the availability of every kind of fresh and freezer meat in the company.

Mutton, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, and sea creatures are best. 

V (drink)

The company manufactures and trades different kinds of beverages in the country of New Zealand.

It is especially famous for energy drinks and diet drinks in the country, as it is made of zero percentage of fats and carbs, which makes it appropriate for sportspeople and a diet-conscious person to consume the drinks. 


This luxury brand was introduced in the suburbs of New Zealand. The company manufactures clothes and accessories that represent the ethnicity and culture of the country on an international platform.

The company manufactures fine clothes made of rich fabrics and designed by some of the best designers.

Two Paddocks

This famous New Zealand brand was established to manufacture wines in the country.

The wine merchandise by the company is highly demanded by the people of the country and also in Austria.

The quality of the wine is given priority; in the long run of production, the company has never compromised its quality.


This company has been actively manufacturing rubber and river products in the country.

The products are of different kinds and compositions, which are useful in both industrial as well as in domestic sectors.

Products like gumboots, wires, gloves, and many other products are best available in the company situated in New Zealand.

Pams (company)

This is sustenance retail, which is commonly situated in the major cities of New Zealand.

The company runs a chain of big and small shops, marts, and malls across the country, which sells its eateries different flavored chips, soft and hard drinks, cookies, and many other products. It has been earning profits out of them.

Pacific Edge Limited

This prestigious company is a cancer diagnostic company situated in New Zealand. The company is famous all around the country and world for its records of increasing the number of cured patients.

The company provides the best facilities for the patient and also recruits the best specialists from all around the world.


This brand saw the establishment in New Zealand. It is a trip-organizing agency that provides all kinds of equipment necessary for an outing.

The company is famous all around the country and Australia as an agency that manufactures kits like sleeping bags, pillows, tents, boots, and many other major appliances for an outing.


KiwiRail is a top railway company. It is known for providing elite services with clean compartments, toilets, and stations.

The company assures the passengers of its security and safety while boarding the train.

Hubbard Foods

This company has the role of providing breakfast food in the country. The company is quite appreciated for the hygienic and healthy foods it sells.

The company runs many shops and stores all selling its goods in the country. Goods like frozen fruits, salad, sandwiches, and burgers are best available.

Airways New Zealand

This is a prestigious company that runs airlines in the country of New Zealand. The company offers low-cost traveling facilities with a standard service.

The company is properly connected with all the big countries and spots of the world, making traveling from one place to another easier for the passengers in the country.

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