Top 50 Sweden Brands

The country is nowhere less than any capitalist country in terms of brand possessions. This small country has some of the best brands of luxury, medical institutions, and financial agencies running day and night to improve the economy of the country. 

Top 50 Brands of Sweden

H&M (luxury brand)

This brand was launched in Sweden and it is a fashion and luxury brand. The company launches different kinds of fashionable and branded accessories, clothes, etc. The brand has emerged as a globally wanted brand for its quality of products and also because the branded clothes are available at a low price.

Daniel Wellington

The famous company manufactured limited edition and exotic watches in the country. This Swedish company is an international brand known for the kind of watches it produces. The collection of watches launched in the country have been loved and appreciated by the people of the country and all over the world.

Wayne’s Coffee

This company was launched in Sweden and it is well known for its coffee shops. The company runs a series of cafes and shops where coffee of the brand is provided to the customers. The coffee available in the company is of different kinds and flavors, however, it is well known for a latte and cappuccino.

Volvo ( automobile company)

The company is famous throughout the country and world for its automobile productions. The company has been launching different modeled vehicles which are technically advanced and modernized. The car manufactured in the company has great mileage, speed, and comfortable sitting designs and outer look.


This is an app developed in the country, Sweden. The sole purpose of the app is to identify the owner of the unknown numbers and it also shows its location, number of spams, and many other features. Both Android along with iOS support this app. The app has got a maximum digit of users.


This telecom company was formed in Sweden by a private company. The company has been furnishing the subscribers with promising packs and strong connectivity. This Swedish company provides a network to almost 35% of the population including the rural areas of the nation with a great rate of profits in a year.


The financial institution was established in the country in order to improve the banking system in Sweden. This bank provides all the essential services and facilities to its customers and corporates. It grants loans, investments, dividends, manages currency and capital flow in the country. The bank also has been employing skilled workers. 

Intentia (company)

This company is a software company based in Sweden. The company’s primary function is to develop software that can manage customers and owner connections records, data management, ration chain, capital services, and many other such projects. It has its units in all the big factories and agencies in Sweden. 

IsaDora cosmetics

This brand was launched in order to serve the country with the best cosmetic products. This Swedish brand has been manufacturing supper amazing skincare products like moisturizers, creams, foundations, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and many other such products. The company also guarantees less chemical exploitation.

Absolut Vodka

This company is a hard drink manufacturer company situated in Sweden. The company produces such vodkas that are unique in taste and composition. This company bagged popularity in Sweden and also, globally. It manufactures such products that have very little alcohol in it making it more healthy.

Björn Borg (brand)

This prestigious brand was titled after the great tennis player in Sweden. The company manufactures and launches super stylish sports apparel and just in the country. The collection launched by the company has been giving super hits in the country. From jersey to boots, goggles, socks, watches are available in the brand.

Nakkna (Swedish Brand)

This is a luxury brand that was launched by a famous group in Sweden. The company manufactured commercial and domestic apparel for the people with complex printing scrapped in the tees and shirts. These branded clothes are available all across the country, European states and in certain Asian nations.

Atlas Copco

This is a famous industry established in Sweden. The company has a function of manufacturing instruments that are used in the industrial, commercial, and domestic areas. The company manufactures products like a compass, generator, vacuum solvents, compressor, and many other such tools in the country, Sweden.

Axis Communications

This Swedish company is one of the topmost providers of the network. The company provides network and substance for video recording, security services, CCTV surveillance, video and recordings management, data access, and many other such services and products which was formed by a Swedish group.

Bindomatic ( company)

The company is an industrial company that was introduced in the country, Sweden. The company undertakes the services of binding, projecting, issuing guidelines, and many other such services to the industrial and commercial sectors of the country. The company employs more than 100 trained technicians and workers.


The company is a telecom industry established in the major cities of Sweden. The company provides international services for telecommunication which is famous all around the world. The company provides strong data services with fixation of issues and serves its customers when and if required in the country and abroad.


This is a multifunctional company that was formed in the region of Sweden. The company manufactures outing equipment like a tent, carry bag, sleeping bag, pillow, and many other things it also manufactures fashionable clothes and hardware for the consumption and construction purpose in the land of Sweden.

X Shore ( brand)

The company is an electric boat manufacturer commonly established in Sweden. Production increased immensely due to the demand increase. The boats manufactured in the company are mechanical and it runs with the help of electricity, the fact that it is easy to handle makes it more likable by the people. 

Svenskt Tenn

The company was built a long time back in the 1920s in the region of Sweden. The company is an interior and exterior designing company whose main motive is to provide beautifully designed houses to their customers. The brand also mantra tired designed furniture and kitchen sets and many extra things used to decorate.

Securitas AB

This Swedish company was launched to provide security services to different agencies, industries, companies, and countries. The company is known for providing highly advanced and tight securities that are impenetrable. It is known for several links with the big world brands.

Acne Studios

The company manufactures fashionable and luxury items in Sweden. The company manufactures super stylish and comfortable clothes like shirts, ties, trousers, pants, jackets, and many other accessories. The company has been supplying its collection to all parts of the country and also abroad countries.

Ahlafors Bryggerier

The company is a brewing company established by a family residing in Sweden. The company manufactures beverages like beer, wine, cider, and many other soft and energy drinks. The drinks manufactured in the brand have low alcohol and harmful substances which market it suitable for drinking to all people. 


The company is a commercial company that regulates and funds several small and independent shops and marts. The brand was launched in Sweden, it manufactures domestic, industrial tools, gardening appliances, electric tools, auto parts, and many other such goods. The company funds the shops with its goods.


This company is situated in Sweden and it was launched in the early 2000s. The company is a telecom company that installs antennas and network cables in their region of the country which helps in having good connectivity and excellent network services. The company has been offering interesting and best services.


This is a clinical agency which was set up in Sweden. The company undertakes various therapy sessions and oncology sessions for diagnosed patients. The company has a record of successful therapy sessions which has helped the patient to recover from the ailment. It employs the best surgeons and specialists

Asko Cylinda

This Swedish company manufactures home appliances in the country. The appliances manufactured by the company are of various kinds and nature. It manufactures electric as well as non-electronic applications like a fridge, AC, cooler, iron, oven, washing machine roaster, and many other such products. 


This company was established in the land of Sweden as a web designing and security providing company. This company is a well-known brand which has the role of developing web software and updating it time and again, other roles of this company is to give security services along with high tech facilities and password protected systems and software to agents.

Fractal Design

This famous and prestigious company provides hardware and machines to the country. Ever since its first launch, the company has got fame and reputation and to date, it continues to use its fame to sell its goods. It manufactures and designed computers and its software and hardware which is long-lasting and security proved.

Alfa Laval

This company is an engineering and IT-based company that was established in the region of Sweden. The company is known for generating and supplying engines and sophisticated machines. It has been employing a lot of talented and well-educated engineers.

Hexagon AB

The company is a metrologist and industrial company that was established in the country, Sweden. The company has the role of supplying and guiding the metrology department of the country accordingly it also develops tools and machines for the domain. The company has the role of assigning goods to agencies.

Jeeves Information Systems

This company is an information and technological company which was formed in Sweden. The company develops software and other sophisticated machines and equipment which supports other industries in the country. They are known for employing people from around the globe.


This company is loved and famous for its candies and other snacks. The company was launched in the region of Sweden which was introduced by common family members. The company manufactures delicious candies and eateries which are of different flavors and tastes. The company supplies its goods all over the nation.


The company is known for its bakery products in the country, Sweden. The company was launched as a small factory established in the region of Sweden which later emerged as a national factory. It manufactures tasty, healthy, and hygienic baked products like cake, bread, swiss roll, pie, pastries, and many other eateries.

Polarn O. Pyret

This is a luxury brand that manufactures clothes and accessories for children and adults. The company manufactures soft clothes like shirts, tees, tops, shoes, socks, pants, caps, knitted sweaters, and many other such products. Apart from clothes it also manufactures powder, soaps, and creams for babies and kids.

Redsense Medical

This brand is a medical agency that was formed in the country in order to make the medical system reliant and developed. This Swedish company supplies and markets medical equipment, doctors, surgeons, and other staff to the hospitals and other clinical agencies. The company has been reaching out to rural and poor areas.

Saab Automobile

This company is a vehicle manufacturing and selling colony which is established in Sweden. The company designs cool and exclusive cars and other motors in the company which have a good clutch and mileage systems, the pick is that it is available at affordable prices. The company has a record of earning the max profits.

Stjärnsund manufactory

This Swedish company is a mechanical and technical producer of products and commodities. The company is the most popular for the designs and patterns of the clock that the company launches and sells them in the market. The company is a national company with much fame and name all across the nation and neighboring countries.

Elektron (company)

This brand manufactures musical appliances and effects in the country. This company was launched in the region of Sweden in order to manufacture and trade for musical appliances like guitar, piano, harmonica, flute, drums, and many other such appliances. The appliances traded under this brand are of high demand.


This company was launched in the major city of Sweden. It is an education stationery manufacturing company which has gained its name through hard work and determination. It manufactures equipment like a pencil, ball pens, gel pen, sketch pen, crayons, copy, books and many other types of equipment in the nation.


This is an online store that was introduced in Sweden. The company sells and publishes books like a novel, poems, historical books, autobiography, and other readable books online. This brand has gained a lot of good reviews right after when it was launched which helped the store to expand its branches and units.

Cheap Monday

This is a brand launched by the Swedish company. It is a luxury brand that is dedicated to manufacturing and designing street-style clothes for men, women, and kids. The company gained its recognition through its vibrant graphics imprinted on tees and shirts as a trademark which became a trend for Swedish people.


This is an industry set up in the region of Sweden. The company manufactures sheet metals and then supplies to other industrial sectors wanting it. The company earns more than the other sheet making industries and has been employing a large number of workers from all around the country.

Åhléns ( industry)

This is a famous and most profit-making company that was launched by a famous business group in Sweden. The company runs hundreds of malls that sell luxury and fashionable clothes and accessories manufactured in the country. It has a net income of more than crores per year from which it donates 5% to the poor.


This is a monetary institution of the country which operates globally. The company has registered the largest number of account holders in the last five years of tenure. It has been remarkably performing each duty and assigned rules as a banker like managing capital and currency flow, buying and selling stocks, and credits.


This is a medical institution launched in the country in order to make research and develop the biotech domain. This Swedish company manufactures products like biotech chemicals and tablets, therapies, transplants, and many other such things. It employs the world’s best medical students to carry out the research and producing process.


This Swedish company manufactures and trades for bicycles in the country. It has been manufacturing all kinds and ranges of bicycles to make it exclusive for the customers. The fact that being the oldest company has never affected its business, in fact, it tends to give more speed and development to its sale and productions per year in the country.


This is a railway company which is operative in the country, Sweden. The company is the greatest source of profits and income for the government and state. It runs a train on a daily basis and the reality that it is well connected to every major and minor city of the country has been working in favor of the company.

Cloetta ( confectionery)

This company orifices and markets for chocolates and nuts in the country. The company is globally famous for manufacturing quality of eatables like cocoa chocolate, butterscotch, berry cake, and many other such eateries. It imports its products to all parts of the European and Norwegian countries of the world.

Investment AB Latour

This company was launched by rich businessmen and parties in the country. This Swedish company is a financial institution that lends money and helps in investments to their customers and corporations asking for monetary help. 

Getinge Group

This is a medical agency launched in the region of Sweden. The company has criteria to launch and develop the equipment and techniques of the medical sector. The company has been supplying ventilator, medication, sterilization appliances, heart machines, and many more such products to the hospitals and clinics.

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