List of Top 50 brands of Vietnam

The company is all set to give a tough rivalry to all the capitalist countries of the world in terms of brand holdings. The country has some of the best brands which dominate the country’s as well as the world’s market. The listing below is of the top 50 best brands of the country.

Top 50 brands of Vietnam

333 Premium Export Beer

This company is one top player of beer. The company has a record of brewing exotic beers with perfect compositions of ingredients like rice, barely, hoop, water, and many other such ingredients. The company earns most by importing the beer bottles.


The company was launched with a motive of making the country the number one producer and supplier of tires in the country. The company was founded in Vietnam in order to manufacture tires with good grip and strong valves. This reputed company is one of the major tire suppliers.

FPT Software

This Vietnamese brand has been developing and reforming the software of the machines. The company was launched around 20-21 years ago in a famous city in Vietnam. The company supplies strong and modern software for the technological sectors like ITs and other agencies for uninterrupted work.


The company is an economic institution of the country. This Vietnamese bank undertakes all the financial and economic services in the company. It gives assistance and helps all sectors from industrial to the consumer so that the people instills trust in the agency. The company is a large source of employment opportunities.

VNG Corporation

This company is a tech-based company that was launched in Vietnam. The company’s sole purpose is to launch technologically advanced and equipped gadgets and systems so that the country relies on the modernized system. For the last two decades, it has not failed to develop and launch new technology in the country.


This is the largest and most advanced company in the country, Vietnam. The company has been doing various researches and manufacturing robots in the country. Till now it has launched many kinds of robots that obeys the commands as per the software installed on them. The company hires super-talented software engineers.


The company is a beer manufacturing company in Vietnam. It has registered the largest number of beer manufactured and sold in the country in the last five years. The company’s beer is highly demanded because of its taste and compositions. The rare and exotic flavors have added more money and fame to its account.


The company is the largest and most powerful band situated in the province of Vietnam. The bank has been delivering the services of a financial institution for its customers and corporations. The bank has the largest number of bank accounts for its lists. Services like loan, draft, cheque, credit, capital management, and related services.

Bien Hoa Sugar

This is a sugar manufacturing company established in Vietnam. The company was launched by a famous business group with a motive to control the supply and production of sugar in the country. The company undoubtedly enjoys a monopoly, it is the biggest and most revenue making company. From sugar to diabetic sugar it produces everything.


The company is a telecom company in Vietnam. The company renders assistance like fast data speed, broadband, IPTV, incoming and outgoing services, and many other such services.


The company is a milk and milk-based products manufacturing company in Vietnam. The company has gained a lot of reputation for manufacturing good and healthy milk with a nearly negligible amount of contamination. The company manufactures products like processed milk, curd, ice cream, and mayonnaise.

Hanoi Radio Television

The company is a well-known industry that operates the entertainment and telecom sector of the country. It supports different genres of movies and series which are released in the country. The company has been broadcasting podcasts and channels through radio and television. It has given super blockbusters and hits in the country.


The company runs and manages pharma companies in the country. It was launched in the region of Vietnam in order to make the country self-reliant and developed in the sector of medical facilities. It provides medical assistance and medications to the hospitals and government-organized agencies in order to make the healthcare system affordable.


This famous and prestigious company was established in the country in order to manufacture and supply domestic appliances and furniture. It manufactures products like sofa set, dining table, kitchen set, bed, matrix, and other household equipment like iron, heater, oven, and many other related commodities.

Hoa Cam Concrete

This was introduced in Vietnam as a construction equipment manufacturer and supplier. The company has been supplying materials like sand, stones, cement, bricks, boulders, rods, and many other such products. The company is the top best supplier agency in the country with many big deals and assignments.

Highlands Coffee

The best and most demanded coffee and beverage selling company in Vietnam is Highlands Coffee. The company has a massive supply and sale of different types and flavored coffees like cold coffee, hit coffee, espresso, Lupacchino, Coke, Pepsi, and other such kinds of beverages. The company has it’s shops in all major cities in Vietnam.


The company is known for supplying petroleum, petrochemical products, crude oil, natural gas in the country. The company, Petrolimex is the largest brand to supply petrol to almost half of the population of the country. It also offers large vacancies for the job for the illiterates and less educated class.

Sơn Tinh (liquor)

The company produces and merchandises for liquors and other hard and energy drinks in Vietnam. The company’s liquor and other beverages are highly demanded in the country for its uniqueness and originality of taste and composition. The ingredients used in the company are exotic and in proper proportion.

Vietnam Airlines

The company runs the airbase transportation in the country, Vietnam. The company runs strictly with the orders of the government. It carries out all domestic and foreign airline services, it has more than 45 destinations which also suggests that it is well connected with the countries.


The company is a multitasking company that was established in Vietnam. The company undertakes the function of managing the stock market, the tech industry, the commercial and the domestic sector. The company is run by the ruling party and accordingly it functions with the guidelines and rules.

Viglacera Corporation

The company was established in order to manufacture and supply construction equipment and products. This Vietnamese company has been prospering and expanding its branches all over the Country. It supplies the industries and construction sites with goods like cement, marble, tiles, glasses, rods, bricks, and many other products.

Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

This is a bank established in Vietnam with the sole purpose of developing the backward area and the agricultural sector. This bank finances both the domestic and agricultural sectors with the money required. The bank has been giving loans for land and farming plus it has been providing the farmers with the buyers in the country.


The company is a communication company established in Vietnam. All kinds of services are perfectly provided to the users. It has been providing good data connectivity and packs to almost 25% of the population of the country. The company’s net revenue is more than any other telecom industry.

Hai Ha Confectionery

This company manufactures and sells yummy snacks and cookies in the country, Vietnam. The brand has got its popularity for manufacturing eateries that are healthy and tasty like doughnuts, pastries, rolls, croissants, burgers, pizza, and much more scrumptious snacks. It has been hiring chefs that are well trained and experienced.

An Giang Coffee

The company is famous for selling branded and exotic flavored coffees in the country. This Vietnamese brand has been regulating various cafes and coffee shops in the country that sell their brand of coffee. The brand supplies elite coffee beans that are loved by the majority of people.


The company is an app that was launched by the group in Vietnam. The all is social media that helps people to get in touch with people who are far away from making new friends, it is also useful in blogging, posting pictures, sharing the idea, and most importantly to get fame.


The company is the owner of hundreds of coffee shops, malls, restaurants, resorts, and hotels in Vietnam. The company has been tendering various kinds of accommodation facilities and also means of recreation. A large number of visitors, tourists, and travelers take shelter in the hotels run by the company.

Mekong Auto

The company is an auto manufacturing company that was established in Vietnam. The company has been manufacturing vehicles that are available at low cost with quality and guarantee. The cars and other motors designed and sold by the company have good mileage, speed, and comfort.

TMA Solutions

The company is a software developing and launching company which is situated in Vietnam. The company with the help of expert engineers and talented workers has been launching such software that is not easily corrupted and damaged. The company launches the latest and modern software for machines and computers.

Trung Nguyên

This is an organization which includes talented and elite minded businessmen which carry out the production, refining, and dispersion of exotic coffee beans. The company was launched as a commercial group wanting to trade for coffee seeds that are of high quality and taste. It has been earning in lakhs and crores.


The company is a financial institution in the country. It provides insurance schemes and many other security schemes to the corporations, agencies, and individuals of the country. The company offers financial help and assistance in times of financial crunches and lends them loans and capital assets so that they can overcome the difficulties.

Truong Hai Auto Corporation

The company has been designing and launching different motor vehicles in the country. This Vietnamese company has given back to back hits and has launched comfortable and affordable cars. The company’s net income is more than $5.2 billion per year. The company has its branches in all the major cities of the country.

PEB Steel

This is a steel manufacturing and trading company based in Vietnam. The company’s sole aim is to provide the country with strong steels and other derivatives that help in the construction of buildings, bridges, and many other constructions. Several big countries receive supplies from PEB steel.

Hanoi Beer

The company manufactures beer in the country, Vietnam. The company was established as a small factory in the country which soon gained popularity in the country. The taste and quantity of the beers manufactured by the company are amazing which has been attracting a lot of customers to itself.

Appota Corporation

The company is the largest and most prestigious company in Vietnam. Its main objective is to provide an arena of a digital platform for recreation purposes. It has been launching several games, videos, music albums, movies, magazines, and many other such sources. The majority of its launches have been a hit

Binh Minh Plastic

The company as the name suggests is a plastic manufacturing company which is situated in Vietnam. The company for many decades has been manufacturing plastics and plastic-based products in the country. It is the largest trader of plastics it supplies its products to the industrial and commercial sectors of the country.

Bao Viet Holdings

The company is an insurance selling company launched by a prominent figure in the country, Vietnam. The company has the largest records of selling insurances to the corporations and individuals in the country. The company has been flourishing with great speed with net income more than any other financial institution.

Bamboo Airways

This is an airline company of Vietnam which was rated 5 stars by the survey for delivering standard services. This company is actually a leisure airline which is costlier than the rest of the airlines being operated in the country. It takes extra vivid care about passenger’s protection and comfort of the travelers.


The company was launched in order to merchandise in the country for crude oils, patrols, natural minerals, petrochemical products, and many other derivatives. The company with its service has been listed among the top Vietnamese companies. This company has been flourishing and expanding its petrol and other minerals supply.

Vietnam Railways

The railway of the country is like a spine of the country’s prospering economy. This company was launched by the government of the country to make communication easier for the people. The company is famous for its superb facilities, cleanliness, canteen services, and security of the passengers and their language.


The company is situated in the region of Vietnam. It is a telecom and broadcasting company which looks after the communication facilities in the region. It has been providing its users with various attractive offers and packs which has led to an increase in the number of current users of the company.


The company is a privately owned company that designs and trades for automobiles and its engines. This is an autonomous company that has been enjoying stardom for a long time, being a manufacturer of a brand that is being loved by the people of the country. Many workers have been employed.


The company is a multitasking company situated in Vietnam. The company is well known for its garments and textile products. It has been supplying to many big clothing brands its products and fabrics for the production. The company also publishes cover magazines about fashion and trends, which also yield them a lot of money.


The company has an amazing reputation primarily because of the production of the top beverage, coffee. This company was introduced in the provinces of the country, Vietnam. Famous for its exotic flavored coffee beans and its products has been listed in the top companies. The coffee manufactured is refreshing and exclusive which is lived by the majority.


Viettel is Vietnam’s top telecom company. The launch was done to work on improving communications within the country.  They offer impressive data packs and good connectivity in the country. Several workers are employed as well.

Huda Beer

The company is devoted to manufacturing branded beers in the country. It has received various international awards and recognition for its production. The beer tastes refreshing and replenishing which is loved by people of the country as well as abroad. The company is an independent company regulated by a private company.

Vietstar Airlines

The company is an aircraft company that was launched in the country, Vietnam. It undertakes flights and has made traveling through planes easier, faster, cheaper, and safer for the people of the country. The company employee well-trained and educated crew members and staff to carry out the function smoothly.

Mekong Capital

This is a financial institution of the country that has been rendering various banking services in Vietnam. The company helps with monetary, capital, and stock assets in the country. The company has been a source of employment for thousands of educated individuals who are dedicated to delivering the quality of services in the country.


The company is a telecom based company which was formed in Vietnam. The company’s sole objective is to provide good network services and fixes bugs in the issue and also mobile phones. The company has its bases in almost all cities and counties. The company has extended its services to rural areas as well.

Southern Seed

The company is a famous company which helps the agricultural sector of the company. It provides hybrid seeds to the agricultural firms and agencies. The seeds are in great demand as it yields crops which are apt for consumption and selling purpose. Seeds of coffee, grams, green vegetables, fruits, and other useful crops.

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