Top 50 China Brands: From Technology to Consumer Goods

Who is not aware of China’s impact on the global market of the world? It is the largest and most influential hub for top brands in the world.

The company has control over the top best premium and most profit-making brands. Enlisting below the top 50 brands in China

Top Top 50 China Brands

State Grid Corporation of China

The industry was launched in the region of China, and it supplies electricity to most regions of the country. It is a global brand that is the largest institute in the world that generates and supplies electrical utilities to the world, especially in the nuclear sectors of the world. It is a large source of employment as well for the youths.

China National Petroleum Corporation

The company is established in the cities and towns of China. It trades for oil and natural gas in the country. The company is, however, the backbone of the rising economy of the country. It has units all over the country on every highway and town to provide its products to the majority of the people living in the country, China.


It is an online retailer company that has been providing its services all over China. Various products are sold by this company like home appliances, bags, cosmetics, apparel, and a lot more. It has collected thousands and millions of customers. It also manages number of merchants and businesses with proper facilities.

Air China Ltd.

It is an airline that connects major airline routes from China to other countries. In terms of safety, they are very strict and take good care of their customers too. The tickets are really affordable. The in-flight services are also good. They carry commercial goods, cargo goods, and many more.

Kweichow Moutai co Ltd

By providing beverages at a vast scale it has won the trust of its customers. They manufacture various types of beverages with different tastes and packed in different containers with different price ranges. It gets at an affordable price in China but is really expensive outside and due to this reason, it has raised its profits.

Anta Sports

This company has been providing sports footwear, accessories, and apparel in China. Sportspeople highly like it. It has its footprints worldwide. It is available offline and online both. The materials used are selected carefully and are manufactured by expert staff. It has received various awards.

BYD Co. Ltd.

It is a car manufacturing company set up in China. It manufactures electric cars which are highly liked by its customers. It also has its hands in the field of battery-powered cycles, trucks, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and a lot more. It is among the most liked car companies in China.


One of the most loved smartphone brands across the world. Not only it manufactures phones but also manufactures home appliances like tv, smart band, electronics, bags, shoes, and the list continues. There are several color variations available in every product. The products are really worth buying, and one will not regret spending money on them.


It is a home appliance company of China with its customers spread worldwide. One of the most trusted appliances is its air conditioner, which has become a necessity for all in this scenario. It manufactures refrigerators, tv, microwave, washing machines, and a lot more. This company has helped a number of families to set their houses properly.


It manufactures wireless products in China and sells its products worldwide. It manufactures phones with specific features that are packed in beautiful boxes. It is affordable and has gained popularity in and across China. It is highly recommended by youngsters. The phone is available with the latest versions and is easy to use. 


It is a smartphone company which has been providing really great phones which have been promoted by actors worldwide. Various ranges are available for the customers. Not only in China, but it is also loved among other countries too. A few years back, it manufactured the slimmest phone, which was loved by all.


One of the leading skincare brands in China. It has been packed in beautiful boxes that are liked by its citizens. It has various ranges and varieties; one can buy this online too. People living in India could not, but some of the items are banned here.


Another cosmetic brand that is handmade and is made for all skin types. One will get various ranges under this company, like body wash, cream, soap, lipsticks, and a lot more. These are sold across China and its neighboring countries. It has received popularity worldwide.

People’s Literature Publishing House

It is a publishing house in China that is spread on a large scale. It has been publishing for ages and has published a number of books that have received awards too. Some of the major novels are published by this house. They have writers who are experienced and highly professional. 


It is an online shopping app that provides various products with different ranges in and across China. It is loved by everyone who uses this. The products are good quality and delivered in the said period. There is a return policy also which this company regulates. 

Club Factory

Another online app that sells products related to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. The prices are really affordable and are loved worldwide. It really shares some stylish, classic wearing that suits every occasion. Men and women both can buy dresses for themselves. It delivers within a few days and has fewer complaints from the customers.

Ne Tiger

This brand has showcased its luxury dresses in fashion shows and has been praised by its citizens. The dresses are royal, luxurious, and expensive, and the materials used are mainly silk and soft. It is one of the oldest luxury brands in China. Their dresses are mainly associated with Chinese culture.

Chow Tai Fook

It is one of the luxury jewelry brands in China. It is also involved in some other works like property development, telecommunications, hotel, and a lot more. Some of the expensive and luxury rings are made by this brand and sold outside. Various ranges and varieties are available.


This brand sells clothing products for women. A wide range of varieties and products are available. Everyone can choose according to their size.  Dresses can be bought according to occasion. They are really comfortable. It is also engaged in manufacturing accessories for women. 


It is a Chinese alcoholic company. It has been manufactured on a vast scale. It is packed in various different types of bottles, and then it is further sent to markets, malls, hotels, and such places. Its flavor is lasting and has a strong aromatic taste. One can easily access this anywhere in China’s markets.


A vast chain of stores retail products related to cosmetics, stationery, toys, and kitchenware. It has its stores spread across the world. The products really are comfortable and cute. Its bottles are made from stainless steel. It has various ranges of products like a travel pillow, earphones, chargers, and the list continues.

Tianjin Seagull 

One of the leading watchmakers in China. For ages, it has been manufacturing mechanical watches, precision machinery, and products related to watches. It manufactures some luxury watches, which are comfortable and have been recommended to everyone who loves watches.  


Another leading company of the watch in China. It has been providing watches with 50 years of experience. It has its specialty in some of the handmade watches, which are equipped with the latest technology. Its design is unique and has different color variations. It is expensive but is also worth buying it.

Zhonghua Pencil

It has been manufacturing HB pencils in China. Its pencils are finally finished with a sharp grip. It sells its pencils in and around China, and its products are available online too. It has received many awards for its performance. The quality of the pencil is so good that many artists use this pencil for better results.


It is a Chinese technology company that has customers worldwide. The phone of this company has the latest technology and software. It even manufactures laptops that have gained popularity outside. It’s very affordable, with different payment options available. One can buy this from stores and from online too.

Uni- president China

It is one of the leading beverages and noodles brands in China. Whoever is hungry can have this noodle as it is cooked instantly and is liked by its citizens. It supplies its product from big malls and supermarkets to local shops and big restaurants. It is spicy, and the juices are really healthy. 


Another noodle brand that has different varieties for its customers, like egg noodles, spicy noodles, beef noodles, and a lot more. It is also manufacturing other products like wheat flour, nuts, and many more. It is highly liked by its citizens and is sold from big supermarkets to local markets.

Three squirrels

It is one of the largest snack retailers in China. It manufactures best-selling nuts that are sold in large numbers in China. The younger generation loves this snack. Its neighboring countries also export this product, and it is loved by its citizens. It manufactures millions of packets in a month. They are packed in attractive and hygienic packets.


Another snack brand that also has its hand in e-commerce too. It has been manufacturing snacks on a large scale. Its stores are spread throughout China. One can buy this product from stores and buy its products online too. It has partnerships with many brands and is really good in taste. 


It is a food-producing company in China and mainly manufactures nuts and seeds like roasted and unroasted seeds and nuts, watermelon seeds, and many more. Its snacks really have a different taste with different price ranges. In order to avoid dampness, they are packed in vacuum packets.


It is an operator of snacks in China. Its stores are available all over China, and it manufactures seafood snacks like octopuses, lobsters, shells, crabs, and many more. It is packed in such a way that everyone can access it easily and can have it instantly. Every product is sealed in an air-tight packet.


It manufactures industrial products in China like wire, cable, computers, power, and other cable products. All products are well-equipped to avoid fire. Its citizens trust its products and are bought on a larger scale. Many hotels, and houses, have used their wires and are also trusted.

Jinlongyu Oil

Another brand with the same name manufactures edible oil in China. It is affordable and has varieties like soybean oil, sesame oil, and much more. From the supermarket to the local, they are sold everywhere. It is used in restaurants to make any dish more delicious.  


It is a dairy manufacturing company settled in China which has been providing dairy products and ice cream with various varieties and ranges available. It keeps its hygiene and is packed carefully so that it doesn’t have any complaints from its customers. It is one of the leading dairy products in China. 

Fuyao Glass

It is a glass manufacturing company in China and is the oldest too. It has been manufacturing glasses like construction glass, float glass, automobile glass, and the list counties. The glasses are used in cars and kitchenwares like glass, plates, and many more. After giving the final design to the glass, they are sold on a vast scale.

Jinjing Glass

Another glass manufacturing company which is the first one also. The glasses are efficient and are made layer after layer so that it doesn’t break because it is further sent for manufacturing products like glass, plates, bulbs, designer mirrors, and whatnot. It sells its glasses to big industries and on a small scale too.


It is a banking company in China that has been providing services in China for ages. It is state-owned and has branches all over China. There are terms and conditions for applying for the available services but its citizens have trusted them. It had tied up with many companies.

Ping An

It is an insurance company in China that has been providing various types of insurance, including medical and many more. It is also busy providing financial services across China. It has helped people in many ways to expand their businesses. They have financially helped to set up a new businesses or private firms.


It has been manufacturing technology equipment in China and multinational platforms. It has been manufacturing phones, laptops, tablets, routers, and accessories related to these. It has an impact on education, wireless networking, finance, enterprise networking, and whatnot. Its offices are set up in many countries, with headquarters in China.

We Chat

It is a messaging app that has been famous in China and in other countries too. A few years back, it was very famous, and many actors and actresses promoted this app. This software allows you to text, call, read the news, share documents, and many more. It has helped in connecting people living far from their families.


Another messaging software was set up in China years ago. It also supports online games, movies, online shopping, music, and many more. It is a web portal too. This software supports 7 different languages. It has even made one of the famous games PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE LITE.


It is an oil and gas enterprise settled in China that trades its products to other countries. It is one of the leading companies in China with popularity in other countries too. Just in a few years, it had gained huge profits and had occupied the palace on the Stock markets.


It is an electronics company. It manufactures various products like smartphones, laptops, earphones, and many more. It has its popularity worldwide. Most of its products are updated with new software and updated technologies. One of its famous products is its gaming laptops and ROG series. Youngsters recommend this product for a better result.


It is a short video making app. People have earned through this app, and many new faces have won popularity. Through this app, many challenges were out in which many people participated and had fun during the quarantine. However, this app is banned in India but was earlier loved by its citizens.

White Rabbit

It is one of the most loved candies among kids and youngsters. It has a different taste which will definitely make you happy after eating it. It has exported its candies worldwide. It is available in supermarkets and malls, and one can access this online tool. It is wrapped in edible paper.

One plus

One of the loved phone brands in China and other countries too. A few days back, it was very popular because of the camera quality that its smartphones have. Its phones are equipped with the latest software, and the customers have no complaints about it and love its performance.


It is a technology company that has been manufacturing drones that are used for different purposes like filming weddings, capturing pictures from a height, and many more. It manufactures really lightweight drones that are demanded at a large scale in and across China. There are various price ranges available.


It is one of the leading phone brands in China, occupying a larger market share. From advertising the brands on social media sites, it also advertises offline like banners and promoting it. There are various price ranges, and whoever buys a phone from this brand can’t stop flaunting it.


Another leading technology brand in China that has occupied a larger share of Indian markets, even Bollywood actor Amir khan, has promoted this product on a large scale. You get different varieties with different price ranges, and it also has a camera with high resolution. The phone was equipped with all the latest specifications.

High-speed rail

It is the longest railway line in the world and is most extensively used. It is the safest transportation also. They keep hygiene, and their customers traveling day to day have no complaints. It has earned a profit for China, and every year, they come up with the latest technology or ideas that would benefit railways. 

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