50 Top Qatar Brands Shine on the Global Stage

Discover Qatar, a thriving nation in the heart of the Arabian Gulf! 🌍 Amidst impressive economic growth, Qatari brands shine as beacons of modernity and prosperity. 🌟

From cutting-edge technology to luxury hospitality, these brands embody excellence and innovation.

This compilation unveils the crème de la crème of Qatar’s brands, blending tradition and progress. 🚀

Join us on a journey to explore top brands shaping Qatar’s global influence, reflecting a commitment to quality and innovation that resonates both locally and internationally. 🌐

50 Top Qatar Brands


QNB is a National bank that has gained profits in Qatar. With the growing economy, it has increased its shareholders and global footprints in more than 31 countries.

Apart from being the strongest and most valuable global brand, it provides sponsorships for events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It had bases all around the world.


It is an international telecommunication company. 

We are living in a century where technology plays a vital role, and this company is busy providing new technologies to the country, including mobile, broadband, digital, fiber services, and content services, with a market share in domestic and international telecommunication markets. 

Qatar Airways

With convenience and amenities, this airway has gained profit across the world.

Somewhere or other, we have heard or seen pictures of this airway, which is proof of how famous it is among other countries.

This airway has been setting an amazing benchmark. The company is known for providing good services in the country.


It is a natural mineral water brand.  It has been providing hygienic water to hotels in large numbers, and with the world-class production process, it is now an award-winning brand.

It is an old brand that has been providing water bottles to world-class and business-class events happening in Qatar.

Aqua Gulf

Aqua Gulf is the best drinking water brand in Qatar. It provides water bottles for homes and offices, and for ages, it has proved its quality.

Living in a Gulf country, one needs low sodium; this bottle provides low Sodium for Better Health. The perfect mixture of minerals in the water makes it healthy and hygienic for consumption.


It manufactures fresh and quality dairy products with different varieties such as tempting ice cream, yogurt, beverages, and a lot more. 

Being a snuggly country, this product has acted as a relief for its locals. Those dieting can choose fresh juices from this brand.

The company sells its products all across the globe at an affordable price.


It is a dairy production company that is involved in manufacturing fresh dairy products and delivering them to the doorsteps.

With lip-smacking products, it has won popularity among its customers.

Needs are never fulfilled, so as with dairy products, they keep on manufacturing products for their loved ones.

Qatar Flour Mills

From the name, only one can understand its flour manufacturing company, which provides flour varieties, a range of wheat-based products, and sugar in Qatar.

The products are made with high-quality standards, and for ages, it has been given the name the Traditional taste of Qatar.


Citizen’s morning gets perfect when you get freshly baked products; Qbake is a local bakery production unit whose aim is to provide freshly baked products to its locals.

It manufactures bread, cupcakes, buns, and so on. Quake provides its commodity to schools, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, and so on.

Kaafe Chocolatier

If you are crazy about chocolates, then this product is a blessing; it manufactures fine and delicious chocolates, truffles, and sweets with 40 different varieties with an Arabic taste.

It also produces and sells handmade Belgian chocolates and related products. One gets cafe products with special packing.

Asak Group Al Qaseem Dates

Gulf countries love dry fruits, and this company has been providing quality date products for ages. Locals get 200 different varieties under this.

Whether it’s a get-together, festival, marriage, or anything fortunate happening, we will find Al Qaseem dates with special packings. It’s also available in their exclusive stores.

Asak Group- Munah Foodstuff Factory

Every country has its own snack-producing company, and Qatar has the above company.

It produces spicy, tasty, and crispy chips, chocolates, candies, and so on. It’s a blessing for teenagers and kids.

It also provides aluminum foil products. The evening gets perfect with these snacks for the people residing in Qatar.

Ocean Fish

One can have this if someone loves fresh salmon fish; it’s fresh and packed with hygiene. The smoking process of the fish is done carefully so that one doesn’t get frozen and unclean fish.

It has been selling its products to luxury restaurants and local grocery stores and earning a lot of profits.

Qatari Natural Agriculture (AGRICO)

It has been cultivating vegetables and fruits for Qatar, making Qatar an independent and self-sufficient state in matters of agriculture.

At grocery stores, the Agrico has occupied an important space; from getting fresh vegetables at doorsteps, it has gained popularity for ages and many more to go.

Qatar Gas

It is an oil and gas manufacturing company providing the whole globe with liquefied natural gas.

Most of its shareholders and neighboring countries are well-equipped with gas; in today’s time, when everyone owns a private vehicle, the need for oil and gas is a necessity for an individual and the country as a whole.

Industries Qatar

It is a petrochemical company manufacturing its products in 3 segments: petrochemicals, fertilizers, and steel. It has shared its product with many countries and gained profits for ages.

This industry name comes first whenever any construction works are held in Qatar.

Ezdan Holding Group

It is a shareholding company. It has invested in many spheres, like real estate, residential buildings, healthcare, banking, and so on. This is undoubtedly a trusted company.

Qatar Islamic Bank

It is a retail banking company. It was one of the first Islamic financial institutions in Qatar.

From giving loans to investing in the business, the company has stretched its chain over many countries and has gained profits for years. People can trust this bank, and it has proved its loyalty.

Qatar Electricity and Water

This company is a public joint-stock company whose foremost aim is to manage power generation, install water desalination stations, and look after the sale of their products.

This company looks after load-shedding and makes sure that everyone gets electricity without any power cuts.

Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company

It is a petrochemical manufacturing company. It supplies the country and some foreign countries with various products like petrol, oil, natural gas, etc.

The industry has been settled in a vast area. It has been producing and supplying the products without any complaints or delays for ages.

Qatar Insurance Co

It is an insurance company providing personal and business insurance on a large scale. The company is appreciated globally for its quality of service and schemes.

The company is expanding globally and has plenty of career opportunities for people outside Qatar. It has acquired many awards.

Qatar Fuel

This company is a Qatari oil and gas company whose main motive is to look after the sale of refined petroleum products supplied by Qatar Petroleum.

Globally, the largest volume of products in the industry are fuel oil and gasoline; through this industry, the country gets the maximum profits.

Al Jazeera Media Network

It is a media company. The company has been providing the country with authentic news based on national and global happenings.

There is negative news, too, but for ages, people have trusted this media and listened to its news for a long time, and it has also been an entertainment source.

Barwa Group

It is a real estate holding and development company. It has maintained a strong financial position by constructing enormous and beautiful buildings.

The company’s net income and profits have strengthened the country’s economy. In recent years it has collaborated with big companies, which will be beneficial for it and Qatar too.


The company is a steel manufacturing and supplying agency established in the Qatar region.

The company deals with various big industries and construction companies that need steel for building the building. 

Seashore Group

It is a multidisciplinary and privately owned steel company busy providing services in vast engineering and contracting companies sectors.

It’s not limited here; it has provided services in supermarkets, tile manufacturing, tire recycling, and the list continues. It has proved itself to be a true corporate organization.  

Qatar National Company for Medical Projects

The company is a prestigious medical institution in the country.  It supplies different kinds of medical appliances and medications to different established hospitals and medical agencies in the country.

The company has also been performing medical surveys to get statistics on the rate of malnutrition among the country’s children.

Qatar Amiri Flight

It is a state-owned VIP airline that provides services to royal families and high-ranked government staff of Qatar.

It is a luxury VIP airline that is one of the oldest. As this company is not for the middle class, this shows class consciousness in Qatar.

Qatar Development Bank

It is a banking company busy providing financial services to the sectors of industry, tourism, education, healthcare, and many more.

Through this bank, Qatar’s economy has been diversifying, as there have been a lot of promotions, and through this bank, many global companies are coming and investing in Qatar.

Gulf Helicopters

It is a commercial aviation services provider. It has its footprints globally. Mainly it conveys services to its customers in the Middle East, Yemen, India, and North Africa.

It operates the helicopters safely and has never had any case reported against it. It has received many awards for its safety.

Qatar Executive

It is also an airway company. It also has its footprint in aircraft management and maintenance of services at Dona International Airport.

With these words, this company is also involved in arranging the maintenance service for the business jets coming to Doha. They are even responsible for the hygiene of jets.


It is a shipping company. It has been a vital shipping link in Qatar. Some items cannot be transported through roads or airways, and those are items that are shipped with this company, as it takes less time and reduces the cost of transportation.

Oryx GTL

It is an oil and gas industry. In today’s scenario, technology has advanced a lot, and this company is proof of this; through advanced technologies, only this industry converts natural gas into liquid petroleum products.

For ages, it has been doing so and helping Qatar’s economy by gaining profits.

International Bank of Qatar

A private-sector bank has been busy providing products and services in private and corporate banking divisions.

The footprints can be seen in the entire country with the growing numbers of ATMs covering the major locations in Qatar and providing service to its customers. 

Zad Holding Company

It is a shareholding company that has a vast range of services, from business development to investment management.

Being a shareholder company, sometimes it faces profit and sometimes loss, but what matters is they are investing somewhere or the other to help Qatar’s economy gain excess in the market.

Vodafone Qatar

It is an Internet service provider company. This company has built trust among its customers, from providing wi-fi to broadband for locals to multinational companies.

It has various plans for its customers, and it has gained lots and lots of profit in the Internet sector.

Al Khaleej Insurance

It is an insurance company providing many insurances for its citizens.

This company provides personal insurance, corporate insurance, and many more; one may think there is a risk in investing in insurance that there are experts and top-class international reinsurers.


It is a consumer goods and services company providing its citizens with the basic niceties of daily life. Manufacturing consumer, durable, and non-durable goods have footprints all over the country.

The company has left no chance to impress the people of the country with the quality of its products and services. It has a net income more than any other company. 

The Investors

It is an industrial sector, manufacturing industrial goods and helping the Qatar economy to gain profit.

A country like Qatar has more than 100 industrial companies that help gain profits through the ages; some are less profitable, and some are more, but these sectors are helping the economy to flourish. 

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