50+ Top Canadian Brands That Redefine Luxury

Canada is a 🍁country with lots of different cultures and businesses. It has made many famous brands that people love both in Canada and around the world. 🌎

From big tech companies to favorite products, Canada has a lot of successful businesses. In this look at the “Top Canadian Brands,” we will explore companies that have made a big impact in Canada and are also known and liked worldwide.

Let’s celebrate the creativity, strength, and special qualities that make these Canadian brands stand out. This shows how Canada is good at starting new things and doing them really well. 🇨🇦

10 Top Canadian Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)15,800
2TD Bank14,500
4BMO (Bank of Montreal)6,800
6Bell Canada5,500
9Lululemon Athletica4,400

Top Canadian Brands In The World


It is a Canadian bank that provides economic assistance to the country and abroad. The bank was formed in 1864, by Halifax and Nova Scotia. The Canadian royal bank serves more than thirteen million clients every year. The units and branches of the RBC bank are in more than 1109 cities.


It is a Telecom and mass agencies business firm. It provides people with superb data connectivity, broadband, broadcasting, mobiles, IPTV and many other wireless facilities. The company earns a net income of C$ 1.821 billion, per year. The company is a public owned company.

TD Canada Trust

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2000, by the green company. It is a financial institution of Canada, that lends monetary help to the small companies in and outside the country. The institution has as many as 1,100 units all over the country. The firm is a spine of Canada’s frugality and success. 


Bell is probably the oldest possible telecom brand fully in an operating stage in Canada. Montreal, Quebec houses the headquarter. The company is committed to furnishing the promising service of fast internet with no web problems. It has several subsidiaries too like the Bell Alliant.

First Quantum Minerals

Canada based company, First Quantum Mineral is a mine and metal industry. Established in 1983, the company imports 10% of the minerals to abroad countries. The company has around 1800 workers, who are paid an adequate amount. It had its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.


The fastest-growing food chain in Canada is A&W company. It was established in 1956, in Winnipeg and Manitoba, Canada. The Company has international and national subsidiaries. All kinds of scrumptious eateries are available, like, beetroot beer, chicken burger, rolls, hamburger, French fries, potato to chips, onion rings and other evening and breakfast snacks.

Crown Royal

Established in 1939, Crown Royal is a synthesized Canadian whisky. In 2000, Diageo bought the company from Seagram, and from then it is owned by the Diageo groups. Different variants of whiskey are available like Apple, honey, maple, northern rye, black and many more. The company achieves more than a 15%  dividend every year. 

SNC- Lavalin

Since 1911, the company never failed to top the in the brand list of Canada. The SNC- Lavalin is a group of industries that craft designs, undertake the construction of companies and also provides engineering courses. The brand is known for housing units in almost all corners of Canada. 

Air Canada

The country earns 20% of the profit through its airline services. Air Canada is the largest active airspace of Canada, which was formed in 1937. It has 207 destinations across the world. Montreal, Quebec, Canada is its headquarters. The organization has more than 25,000 workers, who are attached to Air Canada for making it the best brand.

Canada life 

The Canadian life insurance company came into existence in 1891, by local market traders. Currently, the company operates Internationally. It sells a life insurance policy, benefits and queries of postretirement, health insurance and other monetary help. The constant profit since the birth of the brand is what keeps it going.

Petro Canada

The third-largest Canadian company, Petro Canada is a Suncor powerhouse. Founded in 1975, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is a publicly owned company. The corporation was established with the intention of creating Canada autonomous in natural petroleum and energy. 

Safeway Canada 

The Canadian company Safeway is a retail industry. Hundreds of small and mega marts, malls, clubs and theatres operate under the company. It was found in 1929, by the Empire company. It finances the small and big shops with investments and helps them to earn a profit every year. It has been doing quite wonderful in recent years. 

Canada Goose 

The woollen dressing corporation of Canada was constructed in Canada, by a group of designers. Branded leather jackets, pullovers, knitted sweaters, woollen caps and gloves are all available in the stores of Canada Goose. People chose the brand for its vintage collection. The headquarters are housed by several cities.

Foodland Canada 

Foodland is a row of small food trade, which came into existence in 1985. The company now successfully has its units in all the rural regions of Canada. They produce different types of eateries like bakery, seafood, poultry & fish, dairy products, frozen food and snacks. It is owned by Empire Company.

IGA Canada

It is a supermarket of Canadian brand, which was founded in 1986, in Quebec, Canada. The company never flunked to instil its clients’ trust, it has always maintained the standard of service. Many small and big shops regulate under the IGA Canada brand.


1500 small food shops work under the Sobeys. The Canadian brand, Sobeys was founded in 1907 and has its headquarters in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The company manufactures the best quality of bakery, pastries and orange juice. The brand is very popular in Canada.

Sirius XM

Sirius XM is an international broadcasting industry. Founded in 2011, is a private company. Within 8 years, the company successfully flourished through the country and gradually it started operating Internationally. It broadcasts news, animation, FM radios and many other means of entertainment.


The Canadian company MTS was formed in 1921, by the Manitoba administration with a hope to make the telecom service good to better. The company earns $84.4 million net profit every year. It has its offices in 60 cities in the country, which operates in the country.


The Canadian company is a government-owned company, which was formed in 1952. The Sear brand exports its collection to other countries as well. Accessories of unique types and fashionable shoes are manufactured by this brand.

Scotia bank

Founded in 1832, the Canadian bank, Scotia bank has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. The bank finances and provides loans to the active company in Canada. The bank attracts larger customers for its low charge of interest.


The brand has quality athletic clothes. With the best designer clothes and exclusive collection of sports shoes, the company left no stone unturned to impress their customers. The brand was first established in 1998, as a small company but by 2000, it emerged as a global brand.

Tim Hortons 

Tim Horton is a food retailer company based in Canada. Started as a local food retailer, the company came into existence in 1964, by Tim Horton and Jim Charade. Tim Horton and his group managed to get this global recognition through years of hard work and innovative ideas. The company has its units in the UK, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia 


The Company is based on telecommunications and broadcasting. Established in the 1990s, Vancouver houses the headquarters. The company provides quality data service, IPTV, broadband and mass media broadcasting. This brand has its amazing operations in several parts of the globe.


CIBC is Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Formed in 1961s, the headquarters are housed at Canada’s Toronto. The bank is divided into four branches, minor trade banking, retail banking, income supervision and capital marketing.


It is a Canadian monetary association, which was founded in 1817, as a Montreal local bank. After 5 years of successful investments, it expanded its wings and became a national bank of Canada. The bank lends loans, buys and sells stocks, invests in companies and provides incentives for postretirement.

Canadian Tire

This brand is a huge retail brand that is known for functioning in several sectors from houseware to sports to leisure and more. It has seen its foundation in Canada’s Toronto, in 1922.


CNRL is a Canadian petroleum company, which was founded in 1973. It has its headquarters in Calgary, Canada. The company enjoys a monopoly in import and export of petroleum, natural gas and crude oil to western Europe Countries. 


It is a state-owned company, which transports fuel and other natural gas to a different part of the country. It has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is owned by the Imperial company. It gains its reputation from the supply of CNG gases.

Canadian National Railway

The country earns its maximum rate of profits from the railways. Canada’s Montreal holds the headquarters. The company works day and night for the security of their passengers. The company has low rates of accidents in its record.

Circle K

Circle K, a Canadian amenity industry, a chain of small ships operates under the Circle K. The company helps and directs them in the field of investment. The founder Mantis Asmantas began the work of helping small commercial business firms.


It is an insurance company in Canada which operates globally. The state-owned industry helps the country to maintain its economy. The bank provided various incentives for handicaps, retired and military agents. The economic institution provides all kinds of necessary aid to the people and institutions. 


The Canadian company, Magna is an international auto parts manufacturing industry. It sells the auto parts globally, which helps them to earn a 10% extra profit from what had been spent. 

Thomson Reuters

 It was founded in 2008, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company is an international mass media operatic g in different countries. Roy Thompson, who founded the company with a motive to make its service available on an international level did succeed in his motive.


The monetary assistance provider, Desjardins is a Canadian company which was established in 1900, in Levis, Quebec, Canada. It has its units in 293 different places in the country. The company also buys and sells shares from the stock market. The warm ambience attracts a lot of people to the bank.


The Canadian company McCain is a private company which manufactures and sells frozen food items. The grocery retail company is known globally. Best eateries available in the stores are French fries, desserts, oven feasts and sandwiches. The company also regulates packing and delivering food. The company has been earning a good amount of profit every year.


The company manufactures and sells dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, and curd. It was launched in 1990 in Canada. The products are easily available in the local stores at a reasonable price. Currently, the company delivers and imports the largest dairy product all over the country.

Husky energy

The oil and gas manufacturing company, Husky energy was founded in 1938 and the company is owned by CK holdings. The company produces and supplies oil, natural gas, asphalt and other associated products.


The brand has successfully survived the tough competition in the luxury brands of Canada. The Canadian brand, Winners was founded in 1982, by David Margolis and group. It is a commercial company, which produces branded shoes, clothes and accessories. The pick is that the products gave a touch of originality.

Open Text 

It is a software enterprise, which was founded in 1991. The company provides management courses to different streams like a business, data analytic and etc. It has its bases in 23 different states in the country.


It is the oil and natural gas industry, which uses boiler technology to make sure the water supply is effective. Started as a small merchandiser of oil supply is now a prestigious brand of Canada. In the past few years, the country has signed big deals from the big European countries.


The Gilden is a Canadian brand in textile and clothing. The brand attracts lots of customers as the premium clothes are available for cheaper prices. The company started as small retail has now become a powerhouse of luxury brands. Gilden emerged as a big brand of the company.


The International company, Shopify is an internet-based commercial company. Through the app, Shopify one can enter into the world of e-commerce. It was launched by Tobias Lütke in 2004. The work can be done within a minute with the help of the app.

New Flyer

The Canadian company manufactures the manufactured auto parts. The company helps to save resources and metals. In 1956, the company had its biggest deal signed with Egypt. It supplies finished goods to all parts of the country, and in the last two years, the company started operating globally.


The corporation is one of the biggest autonomous firms that imports and exports oil and natural gas globally. The company dominates the crude oil domain in Canada. Almost 25 percent profits are earned. Enerplus is the largest brand which operates internally. It contributes a certain amount in the development of the education system of the country.

Food Basics

The Canadian company, Food Basics is a chain of supermarkets and mini markets that sell eateries and other grocery items. It was launched in 1995, as a small retailer shop which in 2000, emerged as a brand. Mojitos, burgers, onion rings and doughnuts are best available here.


It is a marketable real property agent of Canada. It was formed in 1976. As an agent, the company manages the tenant supply, rents, investors and creator, owners, corporate family and etc. The company has been flourishing with times and currently, it contributes 10% of the total GDP of the country.

Crescent Point

The fourth-largest producer of oil and natural gas of the country, Crescent Point was established in 2001. The company operates internationally and nationally. It supplies crude oil to southern Africa. 

Super C

97 small and local shops and malls operate under the Canadian company Super C. The company came into existence in 1993, it has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The company’s 32% shares are owned by Imperial Crown.


It is an electric and Gas generating factory in Canada. The company is quite very famous for its organizations and distributions of electricity. The company ensures that rural regions get adequate electric and gas facilities. It was found in 1998.


The company is an airline company in Canada. It started as a low budget airline of Canada which has now emerged as a major company of the country. The company has destinations in almost 98 different cities in Canada and other major European countries. It delivers amazing services to those passengers.

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