20+ Top Poultry Brands That Rule the Roost

In the world of 🦃 poultry, when we talk about the “Top Turkey Brands,” it means we’re diving into a world of different flavors, quality, and traditions. 🌐

As people want to know more about what they eat, turkey brands are working hard to be the best in the business.

There’s a lot of competition among these brands to be at the very top when it comes to making excellent poultry.

We’ve got old, respected brands that have been around for ages, bringing their years of knowledge to the table. 🕰️

Then, new and creative brands are changing how we think about Turkey. The top turkey brands are a mix of both, creating a diverse and ever-changing market.

Come with us as we explore the best of the best in the turkey world. Each brand has its own special way of making sure you get the best quality, amazing taste, and a touch of something special in every bite. 🍗✨

10 Top Turkey Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value
1Tyson Foods$18.67 billion
2JBS S.A.$ 38.4 billion
3BRF S.A.$3.13B
4Perdue Farms$8 billion
5Sanderson Farms$4.55 Billion
6Wens Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd.$13B
7MHP SE (Myronivsky Hliboproduct)$1,821 million
8Charoen Pokphand Foods$4.05 Billion
9Hormel Foods Corporation$16.95 billion
10Pilgrim’s Pride$6.52 Billion

Top Turkey Brands in the World


Country: United States of America 

This company is passionate about food translucency and they are the only primary turkey label to solely offer family farm-raised turkey. It is the early and only leading turkey trademark to guide a blockchain-based remedy for traceable turkey.


Country: United States of America 

The turkey and other poultry items are produced by Butterball LLC. The firm generates food commodities in the U.S and globally. They specialize in raw roasts, cured deli meats, turkey, and specialty commodities such as entrées, sandwiches, and soups, and salads. The corporation trades more than one billion pounds of turkey per year. 

Farbest Foods

Country: United States of America 

It is one of the biggest turkey corporations in America and a reputable ruler in the business. They distribute frozen, fresh, and raw turkey commodities to label name prices and added further processors around the globe. They manage two processing factories, one situated in Vincennes, Indiana, and the other in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Foster Farms 

Country: United States of America

Since 1939, this poultry firm has been non-governmental and managed by the Foster household. Foster Farms is located in Livingston, California. Foster Farms works in a variety of turkey (bird) stocks and chicken publicized as naturally locally grown and fresh.

Hain Pure Protein Corporation

Country: United States of America 

Their commodities are a natural outgrowth of a corporation ideology of caring about their team members, consumers, and the animals they raise. Poultry products are offered by Hain Pure Protein Corporation. The corporation provides specialty poultry products, chicken, and turkey to foodservice operators, independent restaurants, restaurant chains, and specialty food shops.


Country: United States of America 

It is a label of turkey stocks. Presently, Jennie-O is associated in Willmar, Minnesota with the Hormel Foods Corporation. Earl B. Olson created this brand in 1940. It has a total of six corporation settings, one in Wisconsin and five in Minnesota. The Minnesota sites include Melrose, Pelican Rapids, Montevideo, Faribault, and Willmar/Spicer.

Dakota Provisions

Country: United States of America

This turkey brand was launched by Dakota Turkey Growers in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. It is without any doubt a top-most turkey brand of the globe.


Country: United States of America

It has a rich, long heritage. The corporation has developed to become one of the biggest non-governmental industries, providing industrial stocks and services, financial products, risk management, agriculture, and food around the world. With head studios in Wichita, Kansas, they have workers in 68 nations. 

Cooper Farms 

Country: United States of America

Virgil Cooper created this turkey firm. He made his beginning in downtown Oakwood, Ohio in 1938 in the turkey business through developing around 500 meat turkeys, primarily for the vacations. It is one of the biggest household managed turkey manufacturers in the U.S. The president of the firm is James R. Cooper.

Koch’s Turkey Farm

Country: United States of America 

In 1939, Emma and Roscoe Koch first began raising turkeys on the household farm. Their son Lowell founded Koch’s Turkey Farm in 1953 along with his wife Elizabeth. The company is situated in the Lewistown Valley. It has been one of the early to develop antibiotic-free turkeys. Over 800,000 turkeys are raised by them per year.

The Oscar Mayer Company 

Country: United States of America

This American cold cut and meat production corporation is acquired by Kraft Foods. They joined the turkey industry in the early 1980s by acquiring Louis Rich and Co. 

House of Raeford Farms

Country: United States of America

This household managed, fully integrated poultry corporation with production capabilities situated throughout the southeastern U.S. The CEO of this company is Robert B. Johnson. With head departments in Rose Hill, North Carolina, this firm manages processing capabilities and poultry grows out performances in four southeastern provinces.

Jaindl Turkey Farms

Country: United States of America

Based in the Lehigh Valley, it is the biggest autonomous agricultural firm. The corporation generates nearly 750,000 turkeys annually. The president and owner of Jaindl Turkey Farms is David M. Jaindl.


Country: United States of America

This is a federated trade cooperative marketing solely with value-added turkey stocks and turkeys. Norbest is the oldest unified group of its type in the globe and is one of the leading turkey trade companies in America. Their commodities are traded throughout Pacific Rim nations and the United States, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Mexico. 

Northern Pride

Country: United States of America

It is a grower-owned facility of turkey processing situated in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. It was built by autonomous turkey growers in 1989 throughout North Dakota and northern Minnesota. More than 40 million live pounds of turkey is processed by them per year. Their stocks are delivered to buyers across America and many foreign nations.

Perdue Farms

Country: United States of America

It is the parent corporation of Perdue AgriBusiness and Perdue Foods. Arthur Perdue and his spouse, Pearl Perdue founded this firm in 1920. Presently, it is the top poultry producer in America and the second-biggest across the country. It sells turkey and chicken products through commercial outlets and to foodservice corporations in America.

Virginia Poultry

Country: United States of America

It was integrated in 2004. However, the growers who make up the firm have been in the turkey business for decades.

Prestage Farms 

Country: United States of America

Presently, this company and its associates generate in excess of one billion pounds of pork and turkey per year. The firm hires some 1,800 affiliates and partnerships with more than 400 farm households.

West Liberty Foods

Country: United States of America

The Iowa Turkey Growers Cooperative acquires this US-based meat-processing firm. A group of Iowa turkey growers created this firm in 1996. Presently, it maintains four meat processing factories. The firm largely manufactures stocks for consumers to trade under its own label.

Zacky Farms LLC 

Country: United States of America

This US-based food-production firm is based in California. Zacky’s family integrated this company in 1955 and his three sons—Bob, Al, and Harry expanded this company from trading to wholesale. They have their main manufacturer in Central California.

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