50 Top Romania Brands You Need to Know About

Romania is a rising hub for popular and prestigious brands of the world. Romania has witnessed a few very powerful banks and other retail companies that have helped the economy to rise. Continue reading to know 50 top brands or Romania. 

Top 50 Brands Of Romania


The company Dacia is a vehicle manufacturing company in Romania. The company is a famous and prestigious brand in Romania, which was inaugurated with the motive of manufacturing the best automobiles for the country. The company marked up to 10% growth in production and import in 2018.  

BRD- Groupe Société Générale

The BRD is an economic institution of the company which provides financial aid to the companies and citizens of the country. It is considered to be the largest growing financial sector in the country. Financial help like insurance, loans, investments, buying and selling of stocks, and many other attractive schemes. 


The company is owned by the administration of Romania. It is the biggest and fastest-growing company which generates and supplies electricity to half of the population of the country. The company earns 21% of profits every year. Electrica has been supplying electricity for both commercial and domestic sectors of the country.


Dedeman is a retail company in Romania under which hundreds of marts, malls, shops, and other household commerce operates. According to their guidelines, they fund small and growing companies and thereby earn profits out of them. It is a private company. 


Emag is an online-based company in Romania. It was launched in order to make e-commerce more effective in the country. The company handles all the sales and prices of online businesses like electronic appliances, books, clothing, IT, music, theatres and etc. The company wants to attain the objective of complete digitalization. 


This Romanian company is an oil and petrol manufacturing and supplying company. It supplies crude and petroleum to 40% of the Romanian population. The company is run by the Romanian government, which earns a lot of profit per year. It has its unit in 10 different cities in the country.


The well-known and prestigious company, BITDEFENDER is a company that works to provide security to computers and laptops. It provides anti-virus software in order to remove the virus from the company making it more secure for usage. The company in recent years has been doing remarkably good in this domain.


With the largest possession value, the institution is the backbone of the economy of the country. BCR provides all kinds of monetary facilities to their customers and liked corporations. Facilities like helping them out with loans, guiding them in the sphere of investments, and other economic strategies. It is a publicly owned Bank of Romania.

Rompetrol Group N.V

The company was launched as a national company that generates and manufactures crude oil and petroleum. However, now the tables have turned for the company, it just doesn’t dominate the country’s oil-producing companies 

Banca Transilvania

The company was launched in the early 1990s, as a financial institution of the company. Banca Transilvania is the third-largest bank of Romania which provides all kinds of economical assistance and guidance to the account holders. The has been funding a lot of major companies in the country with a relatively low rate of interest.

DIGI Communications

The company is based on wireless telecom services in Romania. For years the company has been providing the citizens with several attractive services like endless data services, fast internet speed, IPTV, emergency dials and calls, and many other services. 


Altex is a Romania based company that provides the country with electronic equipment, IT services, electronic gadgets, online business availability, and many other services. Within a short period of the span, the company has got a lot of fame and prestige in the country. 


Fragedo is a popular company that sells meats of chicken, mutton, pork, beef, and fish in the country. Originally it was known as a slaughterhouse, but now with hard work and determination, it has emerged as a famous meat company, which enjoys an absolute monopoly in the sphere. Currently, it has 8 units within the country.


The famous vintage wine, beer, and vodka manufacturing company was launched in the suburb of Romania. The company is famous for manufacturing fine wines which are made of ripe grapes and other exotic ingredients. It controls the import of beverages in the country. 

Fan Courier

The fan courier is a shipping company in Romania. It is known for its speedy courier services at a somewhat cheaper price. The company is a partially state-owned company that has full control over its shipping process. The company has national as well as international based services.

Unicredit Bank of Romania

The prestigious bank was launched in the late 1990s in Romania. It is a state-owned bank that works a day and night to provide the best for the citizens of the country. The bank charges a very low rate of interest which has attracted a lot of customers to the bank. 

Arctic S.A.

The company is a commercial company that manufactures and sells household equipment to the country. The company has been rising tremendously over the years, giving a boost to the economy of the country. The company has major contracts from Russia and Hungary for importing refrigerators.

PRO tv 

The famous Pro tv is a Romanian brand that telecasts and broadcasts different kinds of media in different channels. The company has control over 14 national channels of Romania. It has all positive reviews flooding on their web sites with comparatively good TRPs. The channel claims to have 20.4% of audiences to every channel they broadcast.


The famous company of Romania that sells beers and other beverages. Timisoreana is well-known for its quality of production, fascinating tastes of beverages, and exotic ingredients used to make the beverages. The company has its unit in almost 8 different cities in the country.


Ciucas is a municipal corporation named after the city of Romania. They take charge of every public construction, drainage, sewage and etc. The company has been doing really well in terms of development and growth. Ciucas company has started to expand its branches all over the company.

CEC bank

The CEC bank is the government regulated bank in Romania. It has got its name and fame through several years of hard work and promising policies. The bank till date has no scams or record of fraud. The bank with all its assets is helping the country to develop and emerge as a powerful capitalist country with a good economy.


The company is a Romania owned country which was launched with the motive of becoming a powerful country in the country. It is a commercial business that sells frozen food and ready to cook packages. The company has been launching various kinds of new easy food cooking packages which are helpful for students and those who stay away from home.


This is a dairy-based company established in Romania. It has got recognition and fame by manufacturing the best quality of milk and milk products. Earlier it was a small industry of the company but with times it has emerged as a large country employing approximately 30,000 workers from all over the country. 


The famous Bucegi is a company that makes and sells fine qualities of beers and other beverages in the country. In spite of having tough completion in this domain, the country continues to outshine other brands in Romania. In the last two years, the company marked a significant rise in the selling of beers in the country.

Căile Ferate Române 

The company also called CFR is a Romanian owned railway company that was formed with a motive to make communication easy and affordable to all kinds of people. The state earns most of its income from the railways. Every day around 35 lakhs people travel by train leading to more and more profit for the company. 


The famous construction building, Bogart was established in Romania. The company takes contracts and deals from the dealers and accordingly allocates the workers for its construction. The company has been growing at a rapid speed and has earned a lot of fame. In 2009, the company signed nine back to back construction deals.

Antena 1

Antena 1 is a radioing and broadcasting company in Romania. The has recorded the largest subscribers to their channels in 2019. Antena 1 broadcasts tv programs like sports, news, movies and other means of entertainment. The company, however, is going through some tough times.


The company BORSEC in Romania is famous for its SPAs, boutiques, and mineral water. The company from the last 25 years has been managing the 15 beauty parlors and SPAs of the country. The mineral water manufactured and sold by them are high on demand for its quality.


The largest medicine manufacturing company, Terapia was formed in Romania. The company supplies drugs and chemicals to half of the medical stores in the company. In recent years the company has begun to import medicines to foreign countries and earn profits from them.

OSCAR Downstream 

The prestigious company is an autonomous oil and gas manufacturing company in Bucharest, Romania. The company has been supplying and distributing oils to different sectors of society, covering every possible field from household to commercial sectors. 


The company Helpnet is an apothecaries company. It stands 4th in the list of largest medicines supplying companies in Romania. Established around 23 years ago and still, it continues to maintain the same standard, hygiene, and natural care to the products manufactured. 


The famous chain of bakery and milling factories of Romania, Boromir was founded in the mid-1900s. The company emerged as a powerful retail company under which hundreds of food commercial marts and shops govern. The company helps those small and dependent companies with funds and directs them to new strategies and plans.


The company gained its fame by manufacturing and selling sanitaryware in the country. Started as a national brand, however, in contemporary times it has expanded its business to foreign countries as well. The company takes immense pride in producing, country’s best hygienic ware.

Golden Brau Original

The Golden Brau is a local national brand of Romania that manufactures beers, rums, alcohol, and other kinds of energy drinks. The citizens are liking the company for its quality, quantity, and of course price. The price of the beers is relatively cheaper than that of other brands in the country. The company is a private company and seems to expand its business within the country.


The company, Mobexpert manufactures and sells fine furniture and other exotic accessories. The company is loved by the people for its quality of production. It manufactures such furniture that is long-lasting and super comfy. Accessories like leather bags, fragrance, and specs are best available in the brand.


It is a commercial company that deals and supplies medicines to the pharmaceutical shops and chemists. The company has a record of supplying approximately 55,000 inhabitants with the prescribed medicines and chemicals. The colony has emerged as the largest distributor without any scams.

NOD ( Network one Distribution)

It is the largest IT cell in Romania. The company deals with all kinds of electro IT dispersion in the market. The company has been working vigorously to improve the IT cells of the country and to make it the best active cell. Thousands of talented people work and develop the IT sector and thereby increase the economy of the country.


Agricover is a state-owned company that is based on the development of the agricultural sector of the country. The company helps to solve issues of the agrarian industries and factories, it provides fertilizers, pesticides, and other necessary chemicals. The company funds and provides advanced machinery to the country.   


The largest company manufacturing cold beers is the Bergenbier company in Romania. The company has been manufacturing around 30,0000 beers in a year. The company enjoys a monopoly in the market, it imports to many foreign countries every year.


It is a patron electronics and energy commercial brand of Romania. It distributes electricity to 30% of the population of the country. Currently, the company has approximately 160 units operating in different cities of the country. 

Blue Air

This airline company of Romania is the second largest active company. The company attracts a lot of passengers for its connectivity and warm service. It has almost 59 destinations all across the world, making it more accessible. The company has marked a significant rise in the number of passengers in the last five years.


The company is a construction material supplier and manager of hardware shops and marts. The company has been supplying materials like cement, bricks, sand, boulders, rods, and other stuff used in the construction of a building. Along with the construction material the company is also known for managing small hardware shops in the country.


This is the largest company that manufactures stylish and office footwear in Romania. The company has been there for decades and still continues to outshine new footwear brands in the country. All types of footwear like flats, leather shoes, funky sneakers, heels, pump shoes, baby shoes, and a lot of other kinds of shoes.  

Aqua Carpatica 

This is a Romanian brand that manufactures rich quality mineral waters. The company has emerged as a big hub for purchasing water. The company has been importing the water bottles to other countries as well. The water is demanded mainly by the rich class of the company. 


Med life is an agency that regulates hundreds of hospitals, pharmaceutical shops, chemist shops, and other medical institutions. The company is dedicated to doing the best in the medical field. There is barely any domain in the medical, that the company doesn’t cover, from providing beds to providing medicines.

Perla Harghitei

The famous mineral water is produced in the company. Although started as a local brand, the company now has successfully made its way to the largest mineral water producer. The Romanian company is fully set to expand its units in the European countries.

Cris Tim

This company manufactures sausage in Romania. The company has full control over the market forces of the company, it supplies and funds other retail groups and help the small shops and marts to develop and grow their branches in the. Country. The sausages go through four factories before getting packed and sold.

Vel Pitar 

The company is based on mining and bakery in Romania. The company has been baking for the last 9 years. It bakes almost 15 different kinds of bread and pies. The companies Apple, pineapple, strawberry favored pies are loved by the Romanian people. The company continues to shine and grow with the passing years.


The company is famous for manufacturing luxury brands in the country. The company launches all kinds of comfy clothes like pajamas, track pants, sweaters, and similar clothes. People are going gaga over the newly launched clothes for its fabric and price. The company makes it accessible to all kinds of people.

Digi Communication

The company is the largest and most trusted brand that works for the development of telecom services in the country. The company was launched in the early 1990s in Romania. The company was launched with the sole intention of providing the best quality network, internet, IPTV and broadband. It has its units in all the neighbouring countries.

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