50+ Top Russian Brands That You Need to Know

Russia is a big and diverse country 🌍, and it’s become really strong in different businesses. They have famous brands in tech and fashion, as well as in food and drinks 🚀.

These brands are not just popular in Russia; people around the world like them, too. This article will talk about some of the best Russian brands.

These brands have been around for a long time and are known for being creative, making good stuff, and having a special Russian style.

Let’s take a look at these awesome brands that show how strong Russia is in the business world! 🇷🇺💪

10 Top Russian Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
6VTB Bank3,413
8Norilsk Nickel2,781

Top Russian Brands In The World


It is a publicly-owned banking and monetary assistance company in Russia. Formed in 1991, the Sberbank continues to be the largest banking network, with a huge number of deposits. After dismantling Soviet Russia, the bank emerged as a powerful sector providing financial aid. 


Lukoil is an international energy fuel company in Russia. Founded in 1991 by Vagit Alekprov and groups. Moscow houses the headquarters, and it also has bases in almost five thousand other locations. With total capital worth $59.8 billion, Lukoil is the second-biggest oil and gas producing brand in Russia.


Formed in 1994 by Sergey Glitsky, Magnit is the biggest food merchandiser operating in Russia. In 2006, the organization built several supermarkets in Russian cities providing consumer goods. It has its headquarters in Moscow, Krasnodar, Russia, and in 18,399 other locations in the country.


Beeline is a top telecommunications brand in the US. They claim to manufacture the best selling mobile phones, broadband, IPTV, wi-fi and etc. The company came into existence in 1993. PJSC holds a 90% share of the Beeline company. The brand has been blossoming throughout the country.


It is one of the top-most Russian companies in Petrochemicals and natural gas. It was established in 1989, the company is partly owned by the state. It provides gas pipeline transport service to the nation and abroad. Saint Petersburg holds the headquarters of Gazprom.


Yandex is a popular brand name of the Russian International association, focused on server-associated merchandise and assistance. Formed in 1997, by Archy Voloch and the group, it serves as an exploration tool. It helps in the conveyance search, e-commerce, direction assistance, mobile requisitions, online promotion of goods, etc. 


Lenta is a Russian company that has the largest chain of supermarkets, clubs, and subways specializing under the company. Founded in 1993, by Oleg Zherebtsov in Russia, it has a huge supply of groceries and patron goods. There are more than 300 supermarkets, malls, and clubs of Lenta in Russian cities.

Inter Rao

The Russian public-owned company Inter Rao was formed in 1997. The company provides electricity, yields heat and power, supplies fuel globally, layout and formulates electric energy infrastructure. Many International and national thermal and hydro factories operate under Inter Rao. It controls the export and import of electricity in Russia.


Nornickel is a Russian mining industry, founded in 1993, and has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The industry produces Nickel, palladium, copper, gold, coal, silver, iridium and etc. With a net income worth of $2.56 billion, Nornickel dominates the mining industries in Russia.


Aeroflot is the Russian largest airline founded in 1923. It has 148 destinations, in 53 countries with the best service and cordial ambiance. Aeroflot is considered to be the oldest airline operative in the world, with almost null accidents or errors. The brand earns 29% profit per annum in spite of the tough airline competition.

Gosha Rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy brand is named after the Russian fashion designer, born on 29th June 1987. Earlier he used work for different brands like Adidas, Nike, and Sputnik; in 2014, he announced launching his own brand. The brand is loved for all its amazing vintage collections.  


With the aim of providing the best quality clothing, leather products, and sneakers, Mike Frolov launched the brand Ф22, in 2010. The Russian brand has emerged as the biggest luxury brand. The leather wallet, men’s cologne, and shoes are best available at Ф22.


Sputnik is a state-owned news agency, website, and radio broadcast competing worldwide. The channel was started with the aim to provide current information and updating the citizens with the news. It was inaugurated in 2014, in Russia.

Planeta Organica 

The famous Russian skincare brand Planeta Organica is an eco-friendly product, ensuring 100% made of natural herbs, seashores, and mud. People from all over the world go for the product for its quality and ingredients. The brand was launched as a local product in 1998, which now has turned out to be a global brand.


Formed in 1997, by Vladimir Erokhin in Russia, Surgutneftegas is the world-found oil and gas industry. It is one of the oldest possible brands Russia houses. It supplies the country and foreign with crude oil and its products. It has its headquarters in Surgut, Russia. 

Egorievsk- shoes

Egoeievsk is a shoe brand that originated in Russia in 1999. It manufactures comfy shoes for kids, adults, and old. The pick is that the shoe available in the company is of a wide spectrum. Egorievsk is the third-largest brand operating in Russia.


Rosatom is a Russian nuclear power association, founded in 2007, it has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Apart from imparting the country’s 18% electricity, it is also world-famous. Rosatom also provides the world with remedies to nuclear radiation, and isotopes and carries on research to avoid nuclear disasters.

Silovye Mashiny

Established in 2000, Silovye Mashiny is a Russian company that designs and builds machinery. The company has its units all over the world; India and other Asian countries have been the market of Silovye Mashiny. Saint Petersburg holds the headquarters. 


Brahmos is a missile manufactured in Russia. The Brahmos company manufactures various types of missiles, such as cruise missiles, ground-attack missiles, the surface to surface missiles, and anti-ship missiles. India, along with Russia, has introduced the company to the world.

I am studio 

The brand is very popular nowadays in Russia. Launched in 2000, the company has emerged as Russia’s most expensive and prestigious brand within ten years of span. The designs and execution of every clothes are volunteered by the designers of the company itself. The brand never fails to astonish people with a variety of collections.

Russian Railways 

2003 is the establishment date of Russian Railways. The railways contribute 25% of Russia’s economy. It is a government-owned company, which regulates the transportation, and infrastructure of the railways. The Russian Railway is well-known for its quality of service, neat and clean stations, public toilets, and all the railway stations have a resting room. 


The company 12storeez was started by two sisters, Marina and Irina respectively in Russia. They just didn’t make clothes, but they also collaborate with musicians and pop singers for magazine shoots or for making a musical albums. The two twin sisters initially started as women’s dress designers, but now they have inculcated men’s dresses too.


Avtotor is a Russian motor manufacturing company which was founded in 1996 in Kaliningrad. Starting as a national local company, Avatotor 2007 became the world’s largest car manufacturing industry. It has more than 200 private companies in Russia and abroad. The company, ever since established, has never undergone a loss.

United Aircraft Corporation

The United Aircraft is Russian airspace and defense association. 2006 was the est. Date of UAC. Since the dismantling of Soviet Russia, United Aircraft has been operative since the phase. It supplies arms and Ammunition globally, which yields a 40% profit every year.


Stroygazmontazh, popularly known as the S.G.M group, is an underpinning formation enterprise regulating in Russia. In 2008, S.G.M was formed with the objective of making oil and gas firm infrastructure more reliable in the country.


The famous Russian car manufacturing brand Volkswagen was formed in 2006. The company is a source of employment for more than 3,000 people, and it manufactures around 150,000 vehicles every year. In today’s time, the company signs contracts in millions. This Rissian company has been progressing tremendously.


The Rusal organization is the next biggest maker of aluminum in the world. Rusal was formed in 2007 by Oleg Deripaska with an aim to make Russia self-sufficient in the mining field. The company enjoys the Monopoly on the import and export of aluminum around the world.


Formed in 1993, RusHydro is a hydroelectricity firm in Russia. It was built with the aim of supplying electricity to every corner of Russia. This corporation operates as per the Govt. Union. Currently, the company supplies electricity to 20% of the Russian population. 


It is a Russian-owned defense and railway construction company. It is Russia’s largest locomotive center, which works for the upliftment of public sectors like railways. The headquarters are placed in two locations in Russia. Today it has emerged as the largest engineering Centre in Russia.

Krasnoe & Beloe

The Russian company Krasnoe & Beloe (red & white) is a commercial company under which several firms and shops operate. It helps and finances the small shops and provides them with quality wine to sell and earn a profit. It was founded in 2006.

Zaporozhets Heritage

The brand Zaporozhets Heritage was launched in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The brand features soviet animation on the clothing. The collection of clothes is exclusive and is viable in carried ranges. Starting as a local brand, Zaporozhets Heritage is now listed in Russia’s top ten clothing brands.


Dixie is a huge company in food retailing. Founded in 1992, Dixy regulates several mini and mega marts, shops, pubs, and clubs in Moscow. It funds its 10% profit to the NGOs and several other social organizations.


The Alfa-Bank of Russia is the largest private marketable bank. Formed in 1990, the bank provides different types of financial assistance to the country and earns profits from them. The bank demands a fairly low percentage of dividends, making it more convenient for the customers.

Rolf Group

Rolf Group is an automobile manufacturing group of companies. The company was founded in 1991, and today it dominates the import and dealings of cars in Russia. In spite of tight competition, the brand continues to outshine others. It gained popularity and recognition after its first successful launch in 1992.


It is Russia’s largest coal-producing mine. The company has sole control over the import and export of coal in the world. It has a net income worth of $2.6 billion. The company has its department all over the world, all giving rise to the profit of the company.


It is Russia’s 4th largest oil and gas producing company. Established in 1994 by Leonid Mikhelson with the objective to be the sole producer of petrol and natural gases in Russia. The company has been supplying petroleum globally.

M. Video

M. Video is Russia’s largest electronic commerce business. M.video’s deals have been promptly thriving over the years. In 2013, it earned a 30.5% profit after setting up its units in different cities in Russia. Today M.video has been giving a neck competition to the Sputnik brand and other retail brands.

Walk of Shame

The brand Walk of Shame is a famous luxury brand that originated in Russia. Andrey Artymov, the founder and designer of the company, made sure to represent Russia globally. The brand needs no introduction for Russians as they have already drooled for the brand.


The brand Spalt is a Russian company manufacturing toothpaste. They claim to make organic toothpaste with no toxic ingredients. The company offers various flavors like coal toothpaste, salt toothpaste, mint toothpaste and etc. The company is very popular among Russians for premium toothpaste. 


The famous worldwide Protek is a medicine manufacturing and distributing industry in Russia. It was founded by a Russian medical team in 1990, with the purpose of providing free medications to those who can’t afford them. By 2015, Protek was known as a pharmaceutical brand.


Kamaz is a group of companies in Russia that manufactures trucks. Founded in 1969 with a motive to provide the best for the farmers of Russia. Thereupon years of grapple and tough labor, the business has appeared as a prominent trademark in Russia. The demand for trucks from the agricultural sector has been increasing.

T plus

T plus is a very popular Russian brand; they are a group of companies that generate and sell electricity. Founded in 2002, like a small electric merchandiser, with time, it emerged as a popular brand. They charge a relatively low price for electricity from the people.


The Russian brand, Makosh, was launched in Moscow on new year’s eve. Initially, it was started by a family selling door-to-door creams and powders and then decided to enter the skincare market. Sooner, they were recognized as a brand selling creams for all types of skin and color. 


SOGAZ is an insurance and financial company in Russia. Initially, it was founded by Gazprom, but in 2002, it emerged as an independent company selling premiums and insurance to the people as well as companies and organizations. 


It is a gold extracting company that was established in 1981. Polyus is Russia’s largest gold mining company. It contributes 10% of Russia’s GDP. The company has been beneficial to the class-conscious people in the country.

Outlaw Moscow

It has attained much vogue within a brief duration of three years. The brand claims to produce the best aesthetic and vintage clothes for all types of seasons. The organization is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary costumes. The company offers a wide variety of clothes for all sizes and skin. People are recently going gaga over the brand.


The Russian company Eco craft is famous for its beer, cosmetics, shampoo, and other skincare products. The jars of the products are made of recyclable aluminum, which reduces the waste product in the country. The modern formulas and original aromas have helped the company to flourish in Russia.

Alena Akhmadullina and Akhmadullina Dreams

The brand has given tight competition to all the Russian luxury brands. The brand offers the best comfy clothing for women in wide spectra. The designers take extra care to maintain the quality and ethnicity of the region.

Natura siberica 

The famous cosmetic brand in Russia is, without a doubt, Natura Siberica. The products made under the company endure every minor to major detail. They are 100% made of natural herbs and shrubs from Russia. The company was rewarded with several rewards for being a pure organic brand.

Russian post

It is a Russian company that handles all the postal services of Russia. The company takes full charge of delivering posts, and emails and handing out postal stamps. The company has approximately 41,000 post departments within the country. It is a state-owned company that earns $26.9 million in net income every year. 

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