755+ Ballpen Brand Names Ideas And Suggestions

For any brand, its name plays a very important role. The name of a brand decides the success of the brand and becomes its identity. Marketing is done mainly to engage the attention of the customers.

But it won’t be possible unless you have a name for your brand. Naming a brand will help to differentiate it from the others.

So, this time if you are looking forward to starting your own Ballpen Brand, you must read on to learn about the things you should keep in your mind while deciding on a name for your Ballpen brand.

How To Choose a Name for Your Ballpen Brand

  • Pick a creative and unique name that is related to Pens.
  • The name should be simple and catchy, with easy spelling and pronunciation.
  • It should represent your brand.
  • The brand name should be able to engage the customers well.

Importance Of Name For A Ballpen Brand

It is difficult to identify a person who has no name. Similarly, a brand without a name would remain unknown to the target audience.

A name can tell a lot about your brand. And a brand name becomes a part of our daily speech. A brand name has got more weight which can help to flourish your Ballpen brand. So, you must know the importance of naming a brand.

1. Branding will improve recognition

A name becomes the face of your brand. People will immediately recognize what your brand is about as soon as they hear or see the name. Hence, a name has the power to enhance the impression of your Ballpen brand. 

2. Names Can Help to Build Trust

People will show interest in your brand, which is legitimate and polished. Often the names can help to build trust between your brand and the customers. The customers will interact with your brand’s name to know more about your business.

3. The Name Will Help in Marketing

Marketing is very important because it will help to engage the customers. Advertising is done to make people aware of the existence of your brand. And for that, having a brand name is extremely important. You need to use the brand name in its promotion as much as possible. 

4. Names Can Bring In More Customers

A brand name can also assist your business in word-of-mouth advertising. The more you let the people know about the name of your brand, the more will they will spread the word about it. That will help to bring in more customers who will show interest in your brand. 

Tips To Choose The Best Ballpen Brand Name

This is a list of some of the main tips that you should follow in order to give your brand the best name. 

1. Avoid Being Too Vague

You must avoid choosing a name that is too vague or general. It will make the name sound boring, and people may have difficulty remembering it as well.

So, be descriptive with the name but not vague. For example, Classmate is a Ballpen brand that sounds too simple, and people can easily remember it also. 

2. Do Not Copy From Your Competitors

To be frank, there are many Ballpen brands that exist. Yours will be one of them. In short, you will have a lot of competitors. So, try to differentiate your brand from them by choosing a unique name. Your aim should be very clear. Hence, copying from others will get you nowhere. 

3. Articulate Your Own Brand

Even before you choose your brand name, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. For example, you have to understand who you are and what your aim is.

You need to know your brand’s purpose and have a clear vision. Once you sort these out, you shall come up with a name quickly.

4. Brainstorming

This is one such tip that will really help you a lot in deciding a name for your brand. Take suggestions from your colleagues, friends, and whoever you want. Write down all the possible names.

But make sure all the names are related to your Ballpen brand. For example, the brand ‘Active Pen’ is from the United States, and the name itself tells a lot about the brand i.e., you will know that it is related to pens.

Right Formula For Creating A Perfect Ballpen Brand Name

If the right formula for naming your Ballpen brand is used, then you can certainly come up with the most creative name.

Although it is a time-consuming process yet, you must take your time and never hurry. Otherwise, you may end up with a ‘not so good’ name. So, here are the formulas for you.

  1. Metaphor

Often using a figure of speech or metaphor can help you to create the best names.

For example- Waterman

  1. Alliteration

 If you choose an alliterative name, then make sure to keep the number of letters equal. Also, it should be a simple one that can be pronounced easily.

For example- Pen Ten

  1. Personification

 You may use the names of famous personalities to name your brand.

For example- Reynolds (named after its founder Milton Reynolds)

  1. Acronyms

 If you find difficulty in looking for a short name, then you can use the acronym of a large name.

For example- A.T. Cross

  1. Re-duplication

 You may create a name by repeating the two similar-sounding words.

For example- Ten Pen

  1. Misspelling

 If you change the spelling of a particular name, then you will actually invent a new name. But take care to create the name in such a way that the people will be able to remember it.

For example- Linc

  1. Foreign language

 You can also look for a word in a different language, like Spanish, Latin, and Korean, etc. But the meaning of the name should be related to your brand, and it shouldn’t be too complicated.

For example- Calamus (the Latin word for a pen)

  1. Colors

 Since the colors are almost universal, it can be a great addition to the name of your brand. It is also easy to remember.

For example- Redpoint

  1. Verbs

 You can create a name using verbs, and that will make it sound much more active and interesting.

For example- Runny Pens

  1. Books

Often your favorite character from the book or the book’s name can be your brand’s name.

For example- Hero 

Top Ballpen Brand Names In The US

  • Reynolds
  • Parker
  • Cello
  • Montblanc
  • Camlin
  • Linc
  • Classmate
  • Luxor
  • Pentel
  • Hero
  • Ancora
  • Lamy
  • Sheaffer

Catchy Ballpen Brand Names

The ballpen business is very popular, and you need to pursue the right market strategy to run this business.

However, first, you need to select some catchy names from the following list. You can then decide from these names a final name that can be used for your ballpen brand to make it look great.

Pen Factory Outlet

Stencils Pen & Brush

Melody Ball pen

Dollars pen

Miguela Pens

A Pen Systems

Pentagon Pans

P. Pen & Quill

Premier Penz

Crown Office Pens

Thyme Pen

Fletcher Pen and

Elcott Pen

Fountain Pens

A Pen Monkeys

Peabody Express

Write On

Hook, Ball & Fork


Carlton Pen

Narrow-angle Pen

X-Ray Pen

Radient Ball pen

Sawtique Pen

Virtuelle Zlotys

Carlton Cartridge

Lionel Pan

Ernesto Penizio

Ink’s Pride

Master Pen Corp.

Pen heel

Pens Voyageur


Proffitt & Sons

Tucfeter Products


Pen cate

The Writing Company

Glazy Night Pens

Hofffels Ball pen

Intermountain Pen

Advantage Pen

Pen ‘n Stuff

Dantec Pen

Pen Clipper

Eternity Pen

Crescent King

Staedtler & Beck

Still worth

Pen were pen


Sun Pent Stationery


A Pen & Steeze

Customs Depot Pen

Weltz pen

Kwadze pen factory


Elepron Ball pen

Ballon Pen

Sparkle Pens

Pencils & Chicks

Mont go merry

Premier Steeg

Pen of the East

Vulcan Pen

Avery Nibbles

Kodak Epson

Vernon Bros.

Penal Dynamics

Pencierge Ball pen


Fine Prune

Pen of the South

Write Now

Project pen

Avery Pen

Rocker Romp? Pen

Pens By Geoff

Pencil Bros

Pen ‘n’ Span

Kerrie Ball

Vintage City Pens

Pen & Placket

Diversion Pens


San Marzano Pen

Smooth Ink Pen

Pen & Baker

Geelong Pane

Pens Galore

All River Pan

Winchell Pen

Sturm Gel Linen

Punkin’ Pen

Tina’s Balloons

Geelong Industrial

Pen-Jam Studio


Pen Art, Inc.

Cool Ballpen Brand Names

Sometimes, it is necessary to change the style of names for your brand. It is very important to focus on a lot of things before choosing a suitable name.

It would help if you chose a name that matches your ballpen brand’s portfolio. This will eventually help you create a good impression of your ballpen brand.

Pen In Pan

The Ink Company

Elite Fine Pens

Otto Penz

Pen Corp

Pencils n’ Stones

Pens & Pics

Lamb’s Fountain Pen

Pen sport Pen



Pencils & Plates

Vis continue

Wicked Penz


The Quirky Ball pen

Inked and Inked

Buck Knuckle

Water Curls

Pen’s Up Sports

Pens & Rockets

McKillie Penning


Cop ball

Monte grappa

Cullen Ball


Parker Pans

Westlake Pen

Passion Pen Sports



Dickson Pen

Noble Ink Pen

Gleem pen

White Castle

Midland pen


Inkwell Pens

Pen Leif

Abuelo Pen

Weston Markers

Stokes Pen

Title Pen Trust

Borgata Pens

New Orleans Pen

Sten house Press

Nike Pen

Penes and Forges

Roma and Cartini

All About Pen

Federico Pen Factory


Silver pen

Eclipse Pen

Pen Group Auctions

Pen Zips

Pen Pals

Pen of Fame


H. Pen

Penso Pen

Vonker pen

Vincent Pen

Pens & Bamboo Pan

Spence Pen

Pens & Maps

Red Line Pen

Premier Pencils


Finesse Pen

Pen-Up Pens

Cleveland Pen

The Pen Factory

Minted Pen

Gem pen

Spencer’s Choice

Lotus Pen

Penes Galore

Ganz Pads

Pen and Poker

Bender Ball Pans

Pen Pal

Gruppo Panino

Au Passages

All Things Pen

North River Pen

Pens & Stories

Ruler Pen

The Writing Desk

Encore Pen


Sharpes Pens

Pens & Ball



Ablaz Pen

Jared Pen

Oswald Blue Pen

Ducky Sniff Pens

Best Ballpen Brand Names

When you have a common business concept, you need to have something unique in your brand. This feature will not only make you different but also help you get famous in the market.

Hence, choosing the best name for your ballpen brand is important. You can refer to the following list for your ballpen brand.

Pencil Bros.

Pilot Pen Design

Active Pen

Tuscon pen co.


Frosted Penny Penny

Reverse Fender

North American Pen

Mott & White

Kingston Street Pen

Pens & Potions

Pen ‘N Bottomed

Ball Pen Australia.

Mighty First

Fenix Ball Pen

Pen land

Pen Customized

Ball Pen Brand Names

The Pened Pen

Biltong Pen

Pilot Pen Company

My Memo Book

Just Stationery

Write Now

The Grey Wolf


Penrith Pen Company

Schott Aqualith

The Modern Pen

Stitch It In Pen

Crew pen tone


Sten house Pen

Point Blanc Stationery

Waterford Ball pen

Pen city

Schenker Pen

Aussie Pen

Pens N Jens

Kerry Lafferty

Slim Poet

Dundas Poly propane

Ramsay Pen Company

Station Based

Bachmann Brothers

Eli Wrought Iron

Crunching World Pen

Incredible ink


Diamante Pan B


Pen ware

Stuart Pen


Fine Finish Pen

Pen crest Pen

Pen World

Pen so fit 


Vapor Labels

Bold Pen

Screw Pilot


Nel Nel Pen


Pro Pen World

Leaf & Silversmith

Exceli Pen


Gen next Stationery

Lover good Pen

Gangito Pen

Schilling Tools

Punchy Packaging

Bevan Biscuits

Sterling’s Pen


Palm Hill Ink

Pens ‘n Such

Dell’ O berseil

Ozia Pen


Gentlemen Pen

Flexible Pen

Port of Pen

Cosmix Stationery

Pen Design Group

Pens By George

Pen Dreams

Pent Pen land

Pro-Pen Ltd

Flexi-Power Pen

Peng N Fig

Epen horn Pen

Gustav Penner

Sunstar Pen World

Pen lab Group

Chenier Pens

River head Pen

Avalanche Point Pen

Funny Ballpen Brand Names

Do you want people to get inspired by your ballpen brand in public? Then, these names can help you in inspiring customers easily.

These are some funny names that are considered appropriate for your ballpen brand. It will give your ballpen brand a funny look, making it popular in the business market.

Ink well

Red hawk Pen

Arnold Ball

Pen marking

Martini Pen

Edinburgh Pen

New Point Pen

Pegasus Pen

Stencil Pen

Pen Art Systems

Naked City Pen

Spencer Pen Designs

Scheduled Pen Ball

Pen sport

Mack & Mabel

Nate & Fennell

Vintage Pen Company

Rudy Pen

Enigma Pen

Pen-Am Sportif

The Pen Parlour

Crown Hill Pen

Foam & Flute

Eraser head Pen


Pen Tech World

Red Swan Pen

Choppy Pelou

Harmon Pen

Ball op Pod

Finkl Labs

Script ink world 

Sharp Pen

Pencils of Edinburgh

Aero Engravers

Rollerballs Den

Schmidt and Hall

Witner and Sons

Green Wish Stationery

Pen N Design Studios

Point Ball pen

Martin-Bell Pen

Dymo ball pen

Boulevard Pen Office

Inks & Letters

Vintage Carpen

Adrenaline City Pen

The Pen Authority



Penning The Streets

Pro letax

Hexa Motion Stationery

M Pen Warehouse


West Wolf pen

Dalco Pens

Pen’s Factory Outlet

Black pen

Calisthenal Ball pen

Pen & Blade Expo

Mid coast Custom Pens

Büsker Pen

Pen experts

Sunset Pen

Martinis Design

Red flag Pens

Penman Pen

Pen & Dial

Ebay Pen

Fameux pen

Book Lovers

Superior Star, Ltd

Tone Beak Group

Caran d’Ache

Fossil Panini

Rancho Pen

Camelback Pen

Escape Ink Pen

Paper chase

Klein Engraving

Empress Stationery

Fletcher Pen

Faber nibs

Cockpit Engineering

Spencer Pen & Pencil

Percen Plastics

Frankly Georges

Pen of Triumph

Champion PEN

Crispin Ball

Penrose Pottery

A Plus Peneders

Pen Source

Golden Nib Pens

Ithaca Packaging

Ballpark Pans

Pen Pan USA


Tiger Wan Pen

Clever Ballpen Brand Names

There are different ways by which you can find a name for your ballpen brand. It depends upon your choice of choosing a suitable name.

You can either refer to the following list of names for choosing a name for your ballpen brand. On the other hand, you can create a name using the ideas from the following names.

Pens N Such

Dain moorey

Cerruti ink story

Olympian Pen

Carry On Pen

Wicked Wagon Pen

Pen N Pane

The Better


Passion Pens

Coin Paquetes

Mack & Caspie

Sapphire Pen


Fine pen Pen

Geelong Pen

Ipswich Pen


Flex Fondue

Smiths World Pen

Ester brook

Balsam span pen

Kunst & Kolitsch

New Century Pen

Pens & Pointers

Locksmiths Pen

A Professional Pen

Diamant Pen

Dweller Pen

Victor Wengler

Gold Coast Pen

Parker’s Pen

Kodak Pans

Tribal Pen

A. Penland

Fisher Pen Equipment

Pinnacle Pen

Bristol Pen


Ultimate pen co.

Sign Age

Sun City Pen



Quick Pen River

West Coast Pen

Pen-All Sport

Deal Pen


Klark Pen

The Pen People

Tin Pan Pen Co

The Ink Spot

Carter’s Ink Company

Abacus Pen & Notch

Newton Pen

The Goulet Pen

Royal Pen Industries

Rapid Ross Pens

Spatz Weng

De Pelote

Pen Company

West Point Pen

Bentley Pen

Lonely Spark

The Pen Pros

Ball Pen

Sardines Pen


Pro-Tec Pens

Eclipse Pans

Pen World

Canberra Pens Co

The Pen makers


Dix Ball pen

The Pen Man

Writer’s weapon

Pencils Pen

Student Weapon

Penland Marketing

A. Andersen

Dede kinds Pilot

Lerner Pen

Pen so open

Pen Heaven

Warrnambool Pottery

Famous Brand Pen

Redline Ball Point

Zephyr Ink

Ink for Journal

Vern forth Press

Mott and Davis


Woller spar


Hinckley Pen

Cup pen ache

Spencer’s Pen Shop

John’s Pen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to register the name of my Ballpen brand?

You need to register the name of your brand so as to keep it safe from any complications in the future. You have to follow the registration procedure very seriously.

How do I choose the right name for my Ballpen brand?

There are several important tips and formulas that will help you come up with a creative name for your Ballpen brand. If you use the right ones, you will have your name in no time.

Can I change my Ballpen brand name later?

Yes, you can, but it can be risky. It might affect your sales and create confusion among your customers. If you change your brand name, make sure to market or announce it properly using the right channels. 

How much does it cost to register a Ballpen brand name?

The cost involved in registering a brand name differs from place to place. However, you can contact a professional company that can help you register the name of your Ballpen brand at an affordable price.

How do I know that a particular name is already taken?

You have to run a thorough trademark name search and that will help you to know if that name is already taken or not.

Can I apply for a trademark myself?

Any individual, proprietor, or company can claim a trademark. The application has to be filed within a few days, and you may use the symbol ‘TM’. The trademark registration will take at least 18 to 24 months to complete.

Final Thoughts

A Ballpen can flourish really well and in no time. As it is said, a pen is really mightier than a sword. If you name your Ballpen brand well and market it correctly, you will soon come out with flying colors. Good luck!

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