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469+ Catchy Boutique Hotel Business Names

The most important and difficult part of traveling is to find accommodation in a new city or a new country. Hotels are the ultimate solution to this problem. Hotels provide lodging and some also provide meals to travelers.

Hotels are of different types which depend on the factors like size of the room and bedding, the facilities provided, the pricing, etc. profit of the hotels depends on many factors such as the place where it is located, the facilities it provides and the power of spending of the consumers.

Hotel is classified into ‘star’ ranging from 1 to 5 but these ratings have no criteria rather a US hotel of some rating will provide some facilities which are not being provided in a European hotel of the same rating.

This business is good for all those people who enjoy meeting new people. They must also be interested in hospitality as the guests will have their different priority and the owner must fulfill all of them with a smile on the face.

The nature of the owner is also very important, friendly nature will do a large part of the work.

The person interested in this business must also be very smart and aware of some laws related, as this business demands dealing with the government for understanding the zoning and getting various licenses to start.

Existing Boutique Hotel Business names in US

  • The Dean Hotel
  • Hotel Boutique at Grand Central
  • Post Ranch inn
  • Urban Boutique inn
  • Whale Cave inn
  • THe Irish Cottage Inn
  • Mayflower Boutique Hotel
  • Cachet Boutique Hotel
  • Weber’s Hotel & restaurant
  • The Maxwell Hotel
  • Bal Harbour Querio
  • Blue Moon hotel
  • Ivy Boutique Hotel
  • Farmer’s Daughter Hotel
  • Bentley’s Boutique Hotel
  • The Keating Hotel
  • Hotel EastLund
  • Ace Hotel 
  • Oceana Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Unique Square
  • Pendry San Diago
  • HOtel Ace Pittsburg
  • La Sky Boutique Hotel
  • Costa Norte Boutique Hotel
  • Quirk hotel

Hotel business demands huge investment. So the person who wants to start a hotel business must do all the planning properly. First, they must decide whether they will buy a hotel or they will build a new one or they will renovate a building into a hotel.

A hotel can be independent or a branch of some chain, it is up to the person starting such a business to decide whether they want to start an independent hotel or want to buy a franchisee of some hotel chain.

The pricing strategy must be very smart which should depend on the staff costing, room category, maintenance cost, length of stay, and most importantly the competitor’s price.

As mentioned earlier that location plays one of the most important roles in the hotel business, so deciding the same must be decided on a priority basis.

Why Catchy name is Important?

The hotel industry is a very competitive one and to stay in the market it is very important that the business be better and different.

This means that try to be better at the things which are already being provided by others and try to provide different things which are not being offered. The quality must be given utmost priority.

The system should be made flexible so that the demands of the customers are fulfilled and it should be taken care that the person staying feels at home.

The staff recruited should be trained and friendly. The businessmen must focus on long-term success and not on temporary profits. Proper marketing before opening is also a very important part of any hotel.

Despite all these things business name also has a big role to play in any business and when it is a hotel business it becomes a bit more important reason being people who are new to that area and don’t know about that place and are looking for some hotel will get attracted to the name at very first, so the hotel name needs to be interesting and catchy which will remain in the mind for a longer period.

Best Boutique Hotel Business Names Ideas for your Next Startup

Every Boutique Hotel Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.


MOuntain Ways

Geller Gala

LIberton Hill


Fieston Ell

Grand Arc


MOnte Mirage

Great Gravity Hotel

 Hotel Jolly

 Hotel Annabelle

 Dreamscape Inn

 Your Tokyo Hotel

 5 Star Getaway

 Bedrock N Roll

 AnyWilley Hotel

temptation Inn and Boutique

 VespaVeu Hotel

 OutSpire Inn

 Hotel Cirrus Shake

 Lodge Inndigo

 Sleepy Sync Inn

 Hotel BedrockSpa

 Hotel Avalon

 ValleyHill Hotel

 Hotel Anniston

 Suprema Lodge

 Vermosa Inn

Adobe Inn Hotel

 Val Hotel

 Secoro Inn


 Aria Hotel

 Techninsula Lodge

 Hotel Swell

 Galaxeen Lodge

Glenvale Inn


 Hotel Ntegra

 Hotel Challanger

 ecce Ess

 Los Melos Villas

 Hotel BeuBelle

 FunFill Lodge

Hotel Iconica

 Novae Inn

 Atwater Inn

 SpinSurf Hotel

 Octopus Garden

 SpaceAge Hotel

 DwarfStar Lodge

 Plaza ZEd

Avian Inn

 WillowWide Inn

 Anniston Hotel

 AeroVoste Hotel

 InnVus Garden

 Casa de Sueno

 Ube Hotel

So many hotels out there/ if you have also started a hotel and you need to stand out from them through effective marketing techniques? So read out the actionable hotel marketing ideas.

 Ciel Hotel


 Going To Haven

 Calm Inn

 Casa de Pepe

Hotel Jestic

 Globety Hotel

 Chip Inn

 Eo Lodge

 Fairview Hotel


 Sparkle Inn

Diode Inn

 Outer Space Lodge

 Silvana Hotel

 midnite special

 Hotel Imperio

 Hotel Lexia

 Moondust Hotel

Aureo Hotel

 Fractal Lodge

 Rydeaux Boutique

 Inn Pressario

 Hotel BreaBig

 Troxie Hotel

 Cytek Site Inn

 SleepyCrew Hub

MarsRock Lodge

 OrbitView Lodge

 Alliria Aex Hotel

 Hotel SerenityAura

 Hotel VespaHue

 Gotham Hotel

 Elliptical Hotel

 Espirit De hotel

Giggle Resort

The Fresco Hotel

Astro Resort

Red Velvet Hotels

Bourbon Bliss

Boutique Hotel Business Names

catchy Boutique Hotel Business Names

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For boutique hotel business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below are some catchy boutique hotel business names.

The Quest Suites

Classio Hotel

The Earth Pure

The River Front Resort

The White sands

Jack Summer Hotels

Lustrio Hotels

The Mc star Isle

The Mississippi Hotel

Hotel Volga

The Scarlet House Hotels

The Enchanted Garden

Hotel Lemonade

The West Blank


The Turkey Shore resort

White Dove Hotels

Hotel Grizzly

Hotel Happy springs

Wonder Hill Hotels

The Eternity Resort

Mofo Cuzzi Hotels

Hotel Joy Stick

Resting Love Hotel

Hotel Mastic marvell

Moody Moon

Able Day hotel

The Gourmet Hotels 

Hotel Moonline

Hotel The Pie

Sizzling Hotels

Twice Happy Hotels

The White Rock Hotel

Odysse Suites

Fresh wave Boutique hotels

The Elet

The Blue Vivid

Green Lushy Hotels

Fountain Fun

Water Vibe Hotels 

Hotel Minute Masti

The Better Hotels

Etiquette Suites

The New View 

Hotel Agoura 

Prestige proga Hotels

Hotel Occazia

Hotel Barry Love

Blossomwell Hotels

Dreamy Desert Suites

Hotel Crossroads

TagayTay Boutique Hotel

Hgh spirit


Grand & epic Boutique Hotel


Red Flag Boutique Hotel


La Serene Boutique Hotel

Spring Brook

Palm Bliss

Dentro Hill Boutique Hotel

Moss View Boutique Hotel

Double FOrest

Secret Mirage

Soft Petal

Zion Boutique Hotel

Noble Dune

Felicity Boutique Hotel

Sunny Canopy 

Seascape Boutique Hotel

Jade Vista

Everland Wish

Check out the top trending hashtags for hotel businesses to get more followers on social media.

Amuse Vista

Parallel Tower

Emerald Veil

Happy republic inn

Moon water  Boutique Hotel

Hutllonn Boutique Hotel

Dream Connect Boutique Hotel

Obsidian Sky

Sunway Fellow Boutique Hotel


Serene Arc

Isle Royale Boutique Hotel

Cloud bay

Sunrise Cave

Insta feel Boutique Hotel

King’s Harbor Resort

Happy Feet

Elite Peak

Autumn Glee

Stardust Spa

Royal Orbit Boutique Hotel

Olive ivory

Aurora  Boutique Hotel

Autumn Coast

Creek Quest

SSigna’s Boutique Hotel

Savannah inn

Magnum Hotels

Derbin hotel

Maylord Boutique Hotel

First Crown inn

A Cosmo 

benatill hill

Surf jade

Northern Baron hotel

Green Acres Boutique Hotel

Coastal bay hotel

Purple Orchid


Inspira Boutique Hotel

livin hub


Spot valley

Redstone Boutique Hotel

Pebells Pew

Sea Horizon 

Sandy Bloom Boutique Hotel

 Comrada Inn

Trending Boutique Hotel Business Names

Also, the name provides the identity to the business and it is suggested that the name should be such that it can be used for legal purposes in the future.

Before keeping any name proper research should be done about the registered name of that particular industry. The names which are already registered should be avoided.

If someone starts the business with other registered names it will be like running the business with others’ identity and it can invite legal proceedings against you.  

People love to spend more time in Hotels and Motels. New kinds of Businesses is entering the market with a new concept.

Here is the infographic which gives you more idea about trends and stats about a boutique hotel. Read more.

Source: EllisHotel.Com

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