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601+ Best Relationship Blogs and Pages Names To Follow

Relationship blogs are helpful in these situations. Because the blogs include all the guides of relationship bonding. Some relationship counselors create blogs to help people with their relationship problems.

Top 15 Relationship Blogs of the World

The Gottman Institute

This blog offers advice based on scientific research and statistical theories to the readers. Original empirical research is published in this blog based on the studies by Dr. John Gottman on the behaviors of couples who are going through a turbulent time in the relationship or are on the verge of a divorce. 

A Practical Wedding

This blog not only features articles about weddings but also has a Relationship section where well-written and thoroughly researched essays on the ups and downs of relationships are published.

The authors of this blog have a fresh take on marriages and relationships and share their useful insights with the readers through this popular blog.

Marriage 365

Authored by real-life couple Casey and Meygan, this blog benefits greatly from the experiences that the creators had during the initial period of their relationship.

The blog offers useful advice to couples who are trying to save their marriage or relationships that are on the verge of collapse.

Sexy Marriage

The author of this blog is Dr. Corey Allen, a professional family therapist and counselor who has a Ph.D. in the subject. The blog looks at marriages from the Christian point of view but does not appear preachy.

It also offers free courses on marriage that strengthen the bond between husband and wife. Apart from Dr. Allen, other couples who have been successfully married for a long time also contribute to the blog.

Captain Awkward

This blog provides advice for all kinds of awkward situations be in life or in relationships. The blog is unique as it often offers the viewers with scripts that they can follow for setting up boundaries or during tense situations with a close one.


This blog focuses on relationships other than that of marriage. The blog features articles on a variety of topics including sex, dating, and infidelity in relationships. It offers advice for married couples as well which are medically and scientifically proven.

Love, Joy, Feminism

Authored by Libby Anne this blog talks about various topics related to relationships. The author has her own feminist perspectives about marriage equality and the concept of marriage in general.

Her blogs are extremely popular among women looking for empowering and inspirational content about relationships.

Enduring all things

Charlene is the author of this blog and has recently shifted the focus of the contents specifically to marriage.

The author and husband have been high school sweethearts and happily married for a long time and therefore has immense personal experience to share with the readers

A Prioritised Marriage

The author of this blog Emily is a Mormon by faith. However, the articles are loved by people across all faiths and beliefs.

The blog has amazing ideas about date nights, how to balance marriage with pregnancy, how to deal with the firstborn child and other nitty-gritty of marriages. 


This blog is unique and all the articles on Luvze are extremely well cited. The authors of the blog are Ph.D. holders which makes the quality of the articles here extremely high quality. The blog covers are a diverse range of topics including relationships, marriage, and dating

Belle Brita

This is an upfront blog that openly criticizes all kinds of wrong relationship advice available.

It writes on marriage, dating, sex, and relationships with a sense of honesty and integrity. The author also shares her own personal experiences with readers through this blog.

Role Reboot

The blog features articles not only on relationships but also other aspects of life including family issues and lifestyle.

The blog has an exceptionally good Sex and Relationships section where the articles offer great advice to the readers. Firsthand experiences of the author are also published which come as a great help for the people reading them.


The brand aims to promote the idea of successful marriages. It does not believe in the myth that half of all the marriages in the world end up in divorce. It provides useful relationship advice to married couples to keep the marriage healthy and make it last.

Project: Happily, Ever After

The archive section of the project happily ever after is extremely well written and is highly recommended.

The blog documents the effort made by a married couple in order to save their marriage. The blog also offers book recommendations, blog posts, and interviews for its readers.

Must be This Tall to Ride

The author of this blog shares his experiences after his divorce and what led to it. Even though the articles might appear harsh at times, their candid nature of them is liked by many readers and can also come in handy to call out an abusive partner.

Blogging is an individual’s hobby to express their views through blogs and get comments from others.

A blog is a webpage usually created just as a hobby. But these days, it has emerged as a profession. Many of the individuals are earning handsome income through blogs.

Even businessmen use blogs as their online marketing tool. The best part of a blog is that we get fresh news always through it as they are updated regularly. A blog name is an essential part of the blog as it increases the traffic to the blog.

Best relationship blog names

Nexus Soul

Links Dating

Love Charmed

You Snuggle

Contacts Dating

Chat Cosy

Grace Relationship

Meet Flirt

Date Relationship

Rapport Paradise

Nexus Bride

Links Personals

Chat Cupid

Links Personals

Contacts Single

Liaison Charmed

Captain Awkward


Cracks to Carats

Enduring All Things


Happy Wives Club

Hope Boulevard

Humorafunny Blog



Affair Husband

Liaison Cupid

Contacts Relationship

If you are struggling to decide a slogan so make sure to check out the best romantic slogans.

Relationship Blog Names

Love Chat

Soul Kiss

Chat Grace

Love Charm

Private Soul

Connect Union

Date Paradise

Links Love

Love Singles

Soul Spell

Love Friends

Soul Paradise

Ties Personals

Relations Personals

Rapport Partner

Connect Desire

You Marriage

Links Singles

Ties Snuggle


Religious Affections


Stuff Christians Like

The Naked Bible

Thinking Out Loud

Thought Life

Love Hug

Contacts Lonely

Affair Cosy

Soul Marry

Connect Bonding

Date Charm

Relations Court

Private Gallant

Rapport Connect

Deal Union

Private Intimate

Love Personals

The happiness of mental as well as physical is directly related to the relationships we possess. We feel happy with the persons we love the most and feel satisfied in life. Those will be the most memorable times we spend.

Not only family relationships, but personal friends also bring happiness to our lives. When we break a relationship with someone, it will be the hardest time of our lives and both of us are not ready to admit that we are wrong.

Trending Relationship Blog Names

Top Relationship Pages Names

The pain of losing a loving person in our life gives more pain and sometimes, it’s merely impossible to handle the situation. In every relationship, there are many challenges to face.

The challenges might include communication difficulties, financial pressures, violations, coping with stress, loss of intimacy, expectations from each other, etc.

Lovers Lockdown

Lover Stacker

Pivots Hugs

Kisses Evidence

Forever Founders

Mister & Miss 

Hug Savage

Stump Couple

Walking Tourists

Hug Hedgehog

Hugs Eagle

Engagement Vibrant

Will Couples

Pup Couple

Unconventional Love

Couple Horizon

Parents Kisses

Together Twist

Occasion Hug

Hug Sprinkles

World Pursuit

Lover Soldier

Sellers Lover

Club Society

On Being in Love

Our Love Display

Lover Snapper

Party Love

Couple Sclaw

Lover Badger

Into Long Haul

Samba Hugs

Travelers Upward

Couple Stories

Couple Emergence

Lovers and Playmates

Crowd Date

Couples Muffin

Delightful Romance

Couple Skid

Bond Paradise

Two Bloggers

Pair Site

Kisses Cute

Delightful Passion

Modern Couple

Couple Lisle

Our Lives Together

Mate Connect

Power Couple Life

Road Affair

Couple Morsel

Living Together 

Forever Pasture

Couple Operation

Grace Spark

Miss Couples

Couple Caboose

Meet Partner

Together Fervor

Together Truffle

Forever Logger

Pure Couple

Bond Kiss

Couples Vivid

Love Culture

Meeting Love

Couples Stunt

Cube Kiss

Dove Couple

Couple of Idealists

World Tribe

Passion of my Life

Mass Site

Couple Sola

Couple Abundant

Exciting Destinations

Team Paradise

Together Amber

Couples Difference

You Mate

Couple Comedy

Creep Couple

Union Clan

Best of Us

Lover Charmer

Coupon Couples

Couple Carrier

Valentines Traveler

Vendor Lover

Burb Passion

Cocoon Couple

Couples Basis

Fabulous Couples

Hug Random

Lovers Gopher

Snuggle Travel

Couple Manta

Couple Clue

Couple Freckle

Couple Auction

Flutter Couples

Sweet Love Network

Lover Exposure


Vagabond Pair

Partners in Crime

Empress Passion

Lovers Lie

Forever Cluster

Couple Goal

Couple Faithful

Culture Couples

Hug Dazzle

Forever Feature

Hangout Passion

Sharing Secrets

Couples Salmon

Couples Onus

Fusion Members

Forever Rangers

Hugs Abuzz

Lovers Rover

Night Engagement

Loving Living Young

Couples Cue

Cruising Couple

Life and Loving

Coach Ties

Love of Ours

Exploring Kiwis

Finding Way to Us

Wandering Wine Pair

Couple Advice

Lovers of Soul

Relationship Pages Names

Read out the relationship quotes by world-famous personalities that you can share on social media with your loved ones.

Little Bliss

Gypsy Couple

Fashionable Couple

Mr and Mrs Romance

Traveling Couple

Stunning Couples

Connect League

Couple Captures

Couples Dragon

Being Together

Couples Zebra

Genius Couple

Super Couple

Kisses Laguna

Roaming Required

Couple Pug

Forever Against

Hug Posit

Meet Match

Couple Life

Cloning Couple

Kisses Crossings

Catch Couple

Hugs Voltage

Couple Bun

Travel Manuel

Trave Lesson

Couples Salsa

Couples Tradition

Couple Vanilla

Tack Two Together

Lollies & Sweets

Lovers Curb

Couples Glove

Love Connect

Lovers Laguna

Forever Luster

Fund Couples

Traveler Viewers

Partner Forum

Pack Group

Parachute Hug

Entertainment Experts

Couple Cougar

Command Couples

Flurry Travel

Hugs Systems

Bread Couple

Couple Team

Couples Cask

Together Tooth

Happy Couple

Couples Coast

Couples Visions

Balaclava Love

Matrimony Without Lies

Hug Peg

Couple’s Quest

Couple Buds

Duo Mate

Wave Love

Lover Simpler

Couple Agile

Lovers Flavor

Dream Date

Date Night Blog

Find Love Today


Design Your Love

Perfect Match

Amore Dating

Finding Love


Date Spark

Love Sparkle

Meet Mindful

Love Expert

True Love Dating

Forever and Ever


Unforgettable Dates

Love Lust and Relationships

Fruitful Dating

Singles Searching

Love to Date

True Colors Dating

Love on Repeat

Flirt Magazine

Love Guide

Love Me Tinder

Love Honey

Missed Connections


Romance Station

Love Online

Loving Arms

Bound by Love

Tinder Times

Date Spots

Date Night

Date Alerts

Date Guides

Trending Relationship Pages Names

Love Links

Steamy Date

Love and Lust

Gone For Love

Romance Me

Find Love Again

Gettin’ Hitched


Starry Eyes

Love and Snuggles

 Relationship Radiance

Audit Dating

Romance Scallop

Synergy Relationship

Relationship Range

Cling Dating

Flirt Controller

Dating Devilish

Romance Brat

Miner Relationship

Flicks Dating

Dating Electric

Flirt Lecture

Romance Snack

Romance Hollow

Dating Blooming

Flirt Attire

Romance Coil

Relationship Pastures

Dating Openings

Flirt Across

Recording Dating

Snip Dating

Romance Ruffle

Dating Sink

Relationship Sirens

Dating Haze

Dating Parallel

Dating Eternity

Flirt Fleck

Dating Monitoring

Dating Dividend

Dating Swish

Romance Acres

Relationship Mint

Consortium Relationship

Romance Regime

Relationship Stunt

Relationship Salute

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