475+ Best Shuttle Bus Company Names

Starting a shuttle transportation business mainly involves a lot more than having a bus or a van at your disposal.

It basically requires a good understanding of your city’s commuting patterns, tourist attractions, and other hot spots, as well as the required licenses and permits.

Organize your shuttle business. Always keep in mind to select a business structure with an accountant familiar with transportation businesses Visit your city or county clerk’s office for a business license, and inquire about local permits.

So, ask your state department of revenue about applicable sales taxes.

Analyze the shuttle service market. Make sure you obtain a regional map and pinpoint the regional and hub airports within a two-hour drive.

Always identify shuttle services that currently serve those airports, and note any areas that lack airport transportation. Go for the research of local and regional transportation networks to uncover the potential need for on-demand shuttle service.

Mainly on-demand shuttles function within many outlying regions that lack public transportation.

Some shuttles transport customers to regional or hub airports, while other vehicles provide rides to customers on personal business. Shuttle businesses mainly provide useful transportation for two types of riders.

Establish your shuttle service area. Firstly determine a geographic area within which you can provide reliable shuttle service.

Always identify area airports and other possible destinations, and travel those routes at different times to estimate drivers’ travel times. Mainly utilize this information to create an operations framework for your shuttle business.

Develop commuter and tourism packages. Always encourage repeat commuter business by creating discounted packages for frequent airport commuters and business users.

Mainly design tourist-focused packages that include airport transportation, shopping or attraction transport, and meal options.

Obtain multi-passenger shuttle vehicles. Make sure to list the number of vehicles mainly needed for your shuttle routes, and work with your accountant to determine if a purchase or lease option better meets your needs.

Always obtain handicapped-accessible vehicles to ensure that disabled passengers can easily be accommodated.

Hire qualified shuttle drivers. Make sure to find courteous, experienced drivers with demonstrated customer service experience.

So, former bus drivers and other large vehicle operators may be good candidates. Always contact your state department of motor vehicles to determine specific driver license requirements for shuttle vehicles.

Market your shuttle business regionally. Always work with a graphic designer to create rack cards and business cards.

So, place these promotional materials at hotels and tourist attractions, and consider a kiosk at regional and hub airports. Place all ads featuring introductory discounts in regional newspapers’ business pages.

Existing Shuttle bus Business names in US

  • USA Shuttle Service
  • Great Express
  • Around the Clock USA
  • Boston Airport Shuttle
  • Groome Transportation
  • FlyAway – Hollywood
  • Wisconsin Coach Lines
  • First Transit Inc
  • Bryce Canyon Shuttle
  • Megabus Orlando
  • Buffalo Airport Shuttle
  • Red Lion Hotel & Shuttles
  • Grand Central Station
  • Santa Barbara Airbus
  • Supershuttle
  • Greyhound
  • Joe’s Airport Shuttle
  • Lux Bus America

Remember When Naming Your Shuttle bus Company

Naming a shuttle service company is the first step you take before thinking about everything else for launching the business.

  • 01. Know The Purpose

First, you should be clear about the purpose of your trucking business. When first talking about the purpose, it involves some key things. Make sure that you have a working plan. Set your business goals and identify them precisely.

  • 02. Consider The Audience

Every business mainly has a specific set of people as ideal customers. By targeting them, a business can only focus its resources to make or write a marketing plan.

You will always be saving your time, energy, and money by targeting only those customers who matter. So, firstly pick a name that expresses the aspirations of the customers you need to target.

  • 03. Pick A Fresh And Simple Name

A simple name is pronounced easily by everyone. When people can only spell out the name quickly, they can recall your business.

But simplicity does not really mean that any casual name can do justice to your business. Instead, it should always be a unique and creative name. Also, avoid any hard-to-spell names.

  • 04. Brainstorm For The Name Ideas

Ask your all friends and company members to sit together and talk about the company name you should have. Such brainstorming is mainly useful in generating some interesting naming ideas. You have many ideas coming from different people.

  • 05. Check Its Availability As A Social Handle

Since you will be promoting your shuttle service business on social media, you need to ensure that the name is available as a social handle.

To promote your new business, first, think of creating an effective social media page design that entices people to inquire about your services.

So, naming a business is a process that requires you to cover its various aspects. When picking a creative business name for your shuttle service company, make sure that it is unique and conveys your purpose of the business. It also should target your audience.

Best Shuttle bus Business Names Ideas for your Startup

Every Shuttle Service Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

Express Shuttle Services                           

 VP Shuttle Agency

 Origin Shuttle Agency 

 United Shuttle Services 

 Transport Express Co.

 Super Fast Shuttle

 Super A-Z Cab 

 Shuttle For You

 RS Transportation and Shuttle

 RedCoach Shuttle Service 

 Rapid Shuttle Agency 

 Valve Shuttles 

 Park and Fly Shuttle Service 

 NYC Shuttles Services 

 Starry Night Transportation 

 WildWest Shuttle service Agency

 Street Shuttle service Agency

 Pegasus Shuttle service Agency

 Lessons Shuttle service Agency

 Husky Shuttle service Agency

 Primavera Shuttle service Agency

 Wildlife Shuttle service Agency

 Game Shuttle service Agency

UPtown Shuttle



Mysteva Services








Elliott Crew

 Mania Shuttle service Agency

 Cloud Shuttle service Agency

 Palace Shuttle service Agency

 Tube Shuttle service Agency

 Insta Shuttle service Agency








 Dragonfly Shuttle service Agency

 Navigator Shuttle service Agency

 Cross Shuttle service Agency

 Mustang Shuttle service Agency

 Love Shuttle Service

 ATS Charter 

 Early Shuttles

 Shuttle Destination

 Red Coach Lines

 Antelope Suburban Coach

 Shuttle One Boston 

 College Driven Shuttle 




Riserox Service

LIberto Coach

WheelClap Coach

Crystenna Coach



Planning to start a shutter service company? So check out the catchy shutter service company names and pick an attractive name.


Sierra Wheel

ALphen Coach

 Dynamic Express

 Galactic Shuttle

 Airvan Transport

 Airport Super Express

 Shuttle service Hammer

 Double Shuttle service 

 Galaxy Shuttle company

 Inner Shuttle service 

 Triangle Shuttle company

 ThirdEye Shuttle service 

 Razor Shuttle company

 Dot Shuttle service 

 Geek Shuttle service 

 Mercury Shuttle Co. 

 Aztec Shuttle Co. 

 Sympathy Shuttle 

 Lone Wolf Shuttle 



WheelVibe Shuttle

HappyHues Shuttle

Infinite Shuttle

RedBricks Shuttle

 Relay Shuttle 

 Mayhem Shuttle

 Canvas Shuttle 

 GreenPoint Shuttle 

 Engineering Shuttle 

 Seneca Shuttle 

 Criss Cross Shuttle 

 Express Shuttle 


Delbert Shuttle

Nexxon Shuttle

WheelSmith Shuttle

catchy Shuttle bus Company Names Ideas

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For shuttle service business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below are some catchy shuttle bus company names ideas.

WheelBegin Shuttle

SilverMing Shuttle

Premiere Perfet

MOrell Shuttle


Airport High

WheelLust Shuttle




 Vault Shuttle 

 Hazel Light Shuttle 

 Savers Shuttle 

InstantWheel Shuttle

FabuWheel  Shuttle

CityGlider Shuttle

Essen Shuttle


RentDentShuttle Service

marvella Shuttle Service

Wheel Bling Shuttle

MidTown Shuttle


Encora Shuttle

Falcon Shuttle

Tripplin Shuttle Service


BlueLine Shuttle


HexaRide Shuttle Service

RoadSpritied Wheels

Joyful Journey Shuttle Service

WheelZest Shuttle

WheelWest Shuttle

SuperGreen Shuttle Service

SupraStar Shuttle


Dolobrett Shuttle

AutoSpire Shuttle

SpiteShare  Shuttle Service


NovaCrew Shuttle

CircleRide Shuttle


QuoCross Shuttle

DriveSpring Shuttle Service


Urban Active Shuttle Service

WhiteRock Shuttle


Swuzzu Shuttle

Qubbon Shuttle

Lebben Shuttle

Duefrett Shuttle Service

Crysten Track



Vertozz Shuttle

Looking forward to marketing strategies to boost the sales of your school bus transportation business? If yes then read out the actionable school transportation business marketing ideas.


Riding tales

JoyHub Shuttle



Twigo Shuttle


Movemax Shuttle Service

Treggen Shuttle



PurpleEast Shuttle Service


TrioLift Shuttle

CrazyMove Shuttle Service


CityStix Shuttle


FrontWheel Shuttle

The airport is the place where we can share a high level of density of Shuttle service. this business has many potentiality and chances of improvement. here is the infographic which gives you more idea on Shuttle Service business. Read More

airport shuttle service infographic

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