Top 40 Saudi Arabia Brands: Leading in Gulf Region

The first country that comes to our mind when we talk about the middle east or the Arab country is Saudi Arabia. The country is the center of the realm’s ample valuable and prestigious trademarks and companies. 

Top 40 Brands of Saudi Arabia 


This famous and prestigious company was built in the region of Saudi Arabia. It is a chemical and mineral extracting and producing company, which is operative for ages. The company manufactures products like chemicals, mediators, polyethylene, polymer, fertilizers, and pesticides for industries and agrarian fields

Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi & Brothers

The company was formed by a popular family in Saudi Arabia. It was formed initially as a currency and capital exchanger but now it has multiple tasking branches. It is basically a franchise branch that provides subsidies to the beverage companies, food companies, and many other such brands in the nation.

Al Bilad Bank

This is a bank established in the regions of Saudi Arabia. The banks are Islamic bank that follows and operates as owe Islamic regulations like no interest charges for loans or deposits. It simply provides a loan with some strong capital witnesses. It is a famous institute that seems to flourish and grow over time.

Abdulla Fouad Group of Companies

This company was launched by a famous personality in the country. It was launched as a construction company which later emerged as a conglomerate industry. At present, the company undertakes construction, engineering, managing the physical estate of the country, and much more such services in the nation.

Al Madina (newspaper)

The company is a newspaper and journal-based company which was established in the country during the 1930s. The company works to update the country’s citizens with the ongoing issues and news of the country and the world. It prints newspapers, magazines, and articles all based on current affairs and facts.

Alawwal Bank

This Saudi Arabian banking institution was formed when the country was going through economic flexes. It started monitoring and regulating the economic state of the country by issuing currency notes, regulating its flow, managing capital stocks, issuing loans without charging interest, and giving security to deposits.

Civil and Electrical Projects Contracting Company

The company is popularly known as the CEPCO company, which is situated in Saudi Arabia. The company undertakes construction, electricity supply, drilling, and extracting minerals like oil, petrol, and other valuable cores. 


This airline company was built within the sphere of the country Saudi Arabia. The company undertakes several domestic flights to make transportation more convenient for travelers at a reasonable price. 

Abdullah AlOthaim Markets

This is a cooperative capital commonly that is operative in Saudi Arabia. The company is mainly a food, grocery, household, and domestic products retail company that provides goods and products to the small and autonomous shops and malls of the country and earns profits out of their per-year income.


This brand is a food processing company that is active in the regions of Saudi Arabia. The company manufactures dairy and fast foods in the country. Products like condensed milk, chocolate, cake, cookies, cheese, mayonnaise, and many other such delicious eateries. The product is available at every shop and mall in the country. 


This is a state-regulated company that is operating in Saudi Arabia. The company was established in order to manufacture auto parts, motors, chemical products, and their derivatives in the country. It manufactures super-advanced and high engines, which are useful in manufacturing vehicles in the country.

Al Tazaj

This brand was launched in Saudi Arabia by a famous person in the country. It is a BBQ nation established in every major metro city of the country. The company is famous for its delicacies; it sells Barbequed chicken, mutton, fish, sea fish, beef, and other such halal eateries. 


This is a commercial food company that was established in Saudi Arabia. The company serves the nation with special menu lists, including breakfast, snacks, main courses, and beverages. It offers its visitors a wide variety of options, like chicken, biryani, mutton, kebabs, and other items, along with deserts.


The company is an airline company that is partially owned by the government. The company makes traveling from one place to another places faster and easier for its passengers. The company is an international airline that is connected with all the Arab countries and middle east countries of the world.

Kudu (restaurant)

This is a fast-food company that is operative in Saudi Arabia. The company owns several restaurants and hotels that regulate under the brand. The company offers foods like burgers, sandwiches, and french fries of different flavors and ingredients. The company also provides the home to home deliveries.

Panda Retail Company

This brand was launched in the region of Saudi Arabia in the late 1970s. The company runs super and hypermarkets in the country which sell domestic products. The company has been funding and investing in independent malls to provide them with financial aid and earns 10% of the profits yearly. 


This company is the largest and most prospering company established in Saudi Arabia. The company operates several national and international flights for business as well as for domestic purposes. The company has more than 90 destinations which also suggests that it is well connected with the world.

Saudi Telecom Company

The company is a telecom brand that performs within the country. The company has been furnishing the country’s people with good connectivity, data packs, broadcasting, pods, radio, IPTV, and many more telecom-related services. The company has also been offering vast vaccines for unemployed bodies in the country.


The company is a global food brand that was launched in Saudi Arabia. The company sells and provides various fast food, main course, beverages, desserts, and other eateries in the country. The company has units all over the Arab countries, middle east countries, and Israel. It provides time delivery and easy refundable methods.

Petromin Corporation

This is a national company in Saudi Arabia that trades natural minerals and oils in the country. The company controls 45% of export and imports of the country, making it the most strong company in this domain. It sells oils, petrol, lubricants, natural gas, and other derivatives in and out of the country at a high price.


The company is an agricultural and agrarian importing and exporting company. The company was launched in the region of Saudi Arabia, and at present, it has units and bases all around the country and neighboring countries. The company’s role is to provide the agriculture sector with all modern machines to inverse production.


This famous and most loved country is a retail food company in Saudi Arabia. The company makes delicious and mesmerizing Shawarmas in the country, which is lived by Arabians. It is stuffed with different kinds of meat and ingredients, and sauces that are sold in every hotel and restaurant owned by the company.

Saudi Aramco

The company is a national company that generates oil and gas in the country. The company has a record of generating the maximum amount of oil that was sold in the company, and the half-percentage was imported to Asian and American countries around the world. It has bases in more than five cities in the country.

Saudia Cargo

It is a logistic company which was launched with the motive of merchandising throughout the world. The company has been undertaking the shipping of business goods, natural minerals, and other goods which are demanded by different countries. It undergoes shipping through the air and water bodies of the country.

Tasali Snack Foods

This commercial company trades for food and beverages in the country. This Saudi Arabian company has been manufacturing several soft drinks and energy drinks that are high in taste and hygienic. The company runs a chain of shops and malls selling its products, the company has spent a good amount on promoting the brand.

Saudi Readymix Concrete Company

The company is a construction company established in Saudi Arabia. The company manufactures concrete products like cement, brick, sand, rods, pipes, marbles, glasses, boulders, and many other such products in the country. The company is a highly trusted brand that is known for its 100% original products in the country.

Savola Group

The company is a global company that was launched in Saudi Arabia. The company is an industrial company that has units in many different countries where it sells products like oil, dairy goods, electronic gadgets, fast foods, and many other such domestic products. 


This telecom-based company was launched in the country to improvise the network and connectivity in the nation. The company is a new brand, but still, it has got a good number of subscribers and users. The company got its name within a short period for the quality of services and attractive packs to its users in the nation.

BinDawood Holding

The company is a larger and more prominent retail center operation in Saudi Arabia. The company regulates more than 75 small and big shops, showrooms, and malls in the country. It basically provides grocery items and domestic products to the shop and thereby earns profit out of their revenues per year in the country, Saudi Arabia.

Al Faisaliah Group

This brand was actually a local brand that a Saudi Arabian family launched. The company is a multiple-functioning company that employs a large number of workers to carry out its production and supply process. The company trades for fast food, beverage, multimedia, and data analytics. 

Bin Quraya

The company was launched in the city of Saudi Arabia as an industry. It has several branches of working as it manufactures products used in construction, electrical appliances, mobile cranes, sophisticated machinery, and many other such products. Its machines help to double the production of goods in a country.

E. A. Juffali and Brothers

The company is a famous company which is located in Saudi Arabia. The company has different units, each assigned its specific roles. The company is the largest active enterprise that generates and supplies electricity to the country, produces electric equipment, and it also does broadcasts on different channels. 

Jadwa Investment

The company is a famous company which is based in Saudi Arabia. The coming is actually a financial company that performs all the necessary services as a banker to the country and its customers. The company has been flourishing and establishing its units all over the country to make the network strong and reliable.

Arab National Bank

This is a national company that was launched to serve the people and the country. It is a government-governed institution that strictly abides by the rules and regulations issued by the state. The bank has been employing a huge number of skilled and trained workers for a better service and function of the bank.

National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia)

This national bank was established in the country to develop the commercial sectors of the country. It was launched in Saudi Arabia to invest in the industrial sections to provide them with the required financial assistance. The company helps them to accumulate investors and buyers.


This Saudi Arabian company is a famous company that was established around the 1990s. The company extracts oil, petrol, and petrochemical products in the country. The company has huge openings for skilled engineers and foremen to carry out the smooth functioning of the company. 

Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company

This company is a well-known and famous estate-developing company that was launched in Saudi Arabia. The company has gained fame for improving the already existing properties to sell them at a higher price. It makes the property worth living with modern interior and exterior designs of the old properties.

Integrated Telecom Company

The company is a telecom company that was launched in Saudi Arabia. The company has been serving the country with various kinds of attractive services, from giving IPTV service to good connectivity the country. 

Riyad Bank

This monetary institution came into existence many years ago when the nation was going through reforms and was under a financial crisis. The company serves the country with all banking services and facilities. The company has been investing and giving loans to different corporations and agencies of the nation.

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