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165+ Motivating Anti-Smoking Campaign Slogan

Smoking is injurious to health, we all have heard, read this sentence on a daily basis. Still, we see hundreds of people around smoking hundred of Cigarettes and weeds.

They are aware that it not only harms them as well as the people around them, which includes their family, friends, and lovers.

Best Anti Smoking Slogans

  • Do not die young
  • Smoking is the home to diseases
  • Inhale healthily and live better
  • Your lungs don’t deserve the bad stuff
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Keep from smoking
  • Seek help
  • Ask yourself before smoking
  • Choose health over cigarettes
  • Stop while you are alive

So it is high time when they should acknowledge their wrongdoings and turn them into the right doing. This is the time when they need to help themselves get rid of the unhealthy habits and encourage good habits to inculcate in their life.

Living a life where you are taking yourself closer to death is not worth it. We only get one life. We need to choose our lifestyle. It can be healthy, happy, and wealthy. Or it can be unhealthy, unhappy, and unhealthy. The choice is yours.

You are responsible for the degradation of our life if you are the one who encourages others to smoke and make their life dusty. So choose wisely.

List of Motivating Anti Smoking Campaigning Slogans

– Actively killing yourself, or killing around passively.

– Smoking kills and enhances your bills

– Quit smoking and save yourself

– Tobacco is killing you every day bit by bit.

– Cancer you fear and tobacco you share.

– Leave Cigarettes and get a life

– decorate life  it with happiness not with smoke

– Where to hide, when you are killing with pride.

– A great health with a great life

– Addiction is a crime, rather take some raw lime.

– Passive smoking can kill more than active

– Don’t light a cigarette, Have faith

– Smoking not only kills your lungs but also your skin.

– A healthy lifestyle or a smoky lifestyle

– Be inspiration, not addiction

– Dance around, don’t ash around.

– A hand of survival or a hand of smokes.

– smoke creates pollution, pollution is hazardous.

– A time with no ashtrays.

– Throw the packets of cigarette, be the change.

– A weed a day, makes you trash in many way.

– Care less to help one

– Smoke, you are making the air polluted.

– Juniors are learning from you senior

– Set yourself free

– Live a life as beautiful as a flower.

– Care, how you give it.

anti smoking slogans

– Quit the bad, own the struggle

– Healthy and wealthy.

– Knows and Does.

– Cancer it is, smoking kills

– Start a war with the tar

– Breath fresh, live

– Share the care, not the smoke

-You are more desirable when you care.

– conspiracy of life, Can we get a clear sight?

– Help the needy, don’t spend to be a weedy.

– love is in the air, so is the smog

– Be Someone to inspire on

– You spread the smog, by the smoke

– A proud non smoker.

-They are donating a life by quiting a cigarette.

– It makes you hollow with only the tar inside.

– 10 packs of Cig or 1 pack of Oats.

– A healthy sight, and a life so bright

– When you breathe so fresh, kissing is no more a mess.

– Be the even one out.

If you’re in need of some new no smoking slogans then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Check out the Best No Smoking Slogans That Will Motivate You

– A slogger, but not a smoker

– Live like never before

– Treat the addiction, Get rid of the connection

– Not a smoker, A lifegiver

– Throw the weeds, make a wish

– Clearing in and out

– High on life

– doing a sin cause you are killing a person knowingly

– Pray for life, not for death

– Few things make our life better if we don’t hold it.

– You are feel the breath if you kiss a smoker

– leading an ambiguous life if you have an ashtray.

– Smoking kills, Cancer thrills

– Hope to live healthy and leave the unhealthy

– Degrading yourself with cigarette and weed.

– Feel the fresh air

– Love and live, what’s good if you can’t breathe.

– Get a life, not a weed

– Don’t be a creeper and a life taker

– Air full of smog gives you a dull face

– Pizza and happiness, smoke and horror.

– you are killing the person who stand besides you everyday

– Left smoking, convince others why you did so.

– Live the life full of joy.

– Smoke free life and a great physique

– Healthy like never before

– Leave the bad and hold the good

– Healthy and lucky family

– When father is an epitome of inspiration, then son can never lead to bad ideas.

– Change the world but first change yourself

– A world full of glory is made by the people around it

– Came the news, cancer took her husband

– Atleast grudges are better than deaths

– Life with excitement not with cough

– Everyday is like a new day, use it differently

– Be the couple who gets fit together.

– Limit your hard intake and gift yourself a charming life.

– Non-Smoker has a life which is worth living.

– Share a smoke or a life

– Cried and tried but couldn’t bring her back.  

– High spirited and full of life

–  Transh the tobacco and gift yourself an Avenger

– Be an Avenger, avenge to lead better.

– share the right not the bright

– Surprise others by quiting what they want you to quit.

– Help people to be healthy

– Live a life worth living.

– Lead them, dont weed them

– get rid of messy ends

– Hollow lungs or full heart

– Sleep in peace not in pressure

If you are struggling to decide a slogan so make sure to check out the Best Anti Weed Slogans.

– Heavy and high, down and sleek

– Non-Smokers are the new cool

– Share ideas and hopes.

– Be intrigued

– Con or care?

– adventure and life

– chose to be graved sooner

– Rush in life, make it bright

– serious and hay, happy and gay

– Smile and stop smoking

– Make a way, trend in the bay.

anti smoking slogans

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