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162+ Very Catchy No Smoking Slogans

Smoking is an extremely evil habit which not only destroys an individual’s health but severely affects the family ‘s health and atmosphere.It has catastrophic effects on the locality and society in turn.

Smoking is a slow poison which strangulates and kills one at an awfully slow pace. Smoking a cigarette reduces few minutes of this valuable gift of life.

Smoking does not only affect an individual caught up in the web of this awful habit but also their near and dear ones who get affected passive smokers. Smoking is started generally in the teenage phase as a an exhibition of style quotient but becomes an addiction over a period of time.

College students indulge in smoking at times to gain popularity and make friends.

A lot of times individuals who do not smoke but consume alcohol get entangled in this vicious net since they always consume alcohol in groups and because other friends smoke. Smoking is a harmful habit with no merits and should therefore be strongly discouraged.

Here are some Catchy No Smoking Slogans for your Inspiration

Smoking makes ur life hell.

Cigarette fills ur life with smoke.

Smoking thrills but kills.

Smoking is bad and makes your life sad.

Smoking is like smoke before the fire.

Stop smoking, start Jogging.

Say bye to smoking, say hello to life.

Smoking is handshake with death.

Stop smoking if you love your family.

He who smokes is not your friend.

Quit Smoking and be a Hero.

Cigarette and smoke make your life a joke.

You smoke and I suffocate.

Smoking is a sign of weakness.

Smoking takes you on an asthmatic trip.

Today’s smoker, tomorrow’s ghost.

That vacant chair…belonged to the expired smoker.

A cigarette is your ticket to death.

Be smart…quit smoking.

 I used to live happily until I started smoking.

Smoking is Choking.

Smoking destroys you.

Cigarette: A devil in the packet.

His smoke is my enemy.

Love cigarette and become lonely.

Cigarette is the villain of your life.

He was smart until he started smoking.

no smoking slogans

He smoked, she both are lying in the graveyard.

Choose your family over a cigarette.

There are better hobbies than smoking.

 A smoker is giving up his today and tomorrow as well.

 Smoking is like match fixing..match fixing with death.

Smoking is a game, you always loose.

Smoking destroys not only you but your friends around also.

Smoking puts your life on fire.

Your lungs are not Chimneys- Stop smoking.

Stop smoking-there are better ways to fire up your life.

Let there be light of wisdom and not of cigarette.

Smoking doesn’t make you cool.. quitting smoking does.

Destroy your smoking habit before it destroys you.

Take a pledge to make the world free of cigarettes.

I want to breathe freely… Discourage Passive Smoking.

He died early..he was in hurry…He smoked.

If they force you to smoke they are not your friends.

Stop Smoking..Be responsible.

Smoking makes you ill because it has license to kill

Give up smoking..choose happiness.

Smoking dooesnt make you cool but fool.

Smoking makes you dumb.

Cigarette is a Fool Man’s tool.

Smokers don’t last long…Wise men do.

Smoking smoking go away…my lungs want to breathe every day.

Lipstick looks better on lips than cigarette.

Lungs..smoke free zone.

Stop smoking…make the world a smoke free zone.

Don’t smoke…stop making yourself a gas chamber.

Extinguish a cigarette today..and light up your life.

Buying cigarettes..costs you your life.

Smoking pushes you away from your life and friends.

Cigarette is a barrier where life stops.

Quit smoking…Fly away from the dirty cloud of smoke.

Smoking kills.

Smoking is dangerous.

Smoking causes lung cancer.

Save yourself. No smoking.

Quit smoking before its too late.

Say no to smoking.

If you smoke, then you are harming yourself. 

Not only you are harming yourself when you smoke, but you are also are harming people around you.

Have you ever counted the amount of money that you have spent on smoking?

Smoking kills millions of lives.

Quit smoking for your own good.

The cigarette that you smoke affects little lungs as well.

Quit smoking now!

You can act cool while smoking. But smoking isn’t cool.

Keep saying from tomorrow; keep harming your life.

If you are a smoker, that means you are paying some companies to kill you.

Smoking isn’t good.

Live your life to the fullest. Quit smoking.

Every drag of a cigarette takes away 2 seconds from your life.

Think before lighting another cigarette.

A cigarette a day takes your life away.

Quit smoking. It’s now or never.

Stop wasting your wealth on buying death.

Smoking can never be a need.

You started smoking on your own will. Now you have to quit smoking yourself.

If you can’t quit smoking, that means you don’t love yourself enough.

Quit smoking now or regret later.

Stop smoking. Your life is precious.

A cigarette is a poison that kills you slowly.

Smoking is not a joke. It causes cancer when you smoke.

Don’t be a slove of tobacco.

Learn you enjoy without a cigarette.

There are many other ways to look cool.

Quit smoking. Save yourself for the people who love you.

Your life is a gift. Don’t waste it on smoking.

Don’t let tobacco kill you.

Cigarette burns our lungs. Stop smoking.

Smoking causes holes in your pocket.

Quit smoking because you love your child.

Smoking shortens your life.

Stop smoking and enjoy your life.

Quit smoking. Do it for your loved ones.

Quit it! One day you would be proud of yourself for this decision

Don’t let anyone fool you by teaching you smoking.

One decision to quit smoking.

We say no smoking.

Let the air be pure. Stop smoking.

Enjoy an anti-smoking life.

Life is beautiful; don’t make it painful.

Don’t you realise the difference between the non-smoker you and the smoker you?

Learn to love yourself. Learn to live an anti-smoking life.

Quit smoking and start living.

Life is short. Don’t make it shorter by smoking.

Listen to your lungs that begging to quit smoking.

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