Dark Humor Group Chat Names: 550+ Best And Cool Names

Dark Humor Group Chat Names: 550+ Best And Cool Names

The trend of having a dark humor group is increasing day by day. In the present scenario where the, people share a very excellent follow this trend. This kind of term is specifically used when there is fun and a twisted meaning to the phrase.

A dark humor group chat will always be a favorite chat for the present generation. So, if you want some amazing names for your dark humor group chat, then follow the list below.

It will help you in finding a name easily for your group chat. Hence, have a look at this curated list of names for your dark humor group chat.

What Are Some Cool Dark Humor Group Chat Names?

Do you know the necessity of having a name for your dark humor group chat? Well, this name is the ultimate symbol of your group chat.

You can have the identification of your group with such cool names. So, go through this list of names to decide on a cool kind of name for your group chat.

Bright mules

The Chamber of Secrets

Besties for the Resties


Concerned Havoc

Toilet Texters

Beware the Parentals

Suckers For Life

Modern Family

Why Me!

Queens On Foot

Game of Phones

Range Rovers

Smells Like Team Spirit

Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

The Heathers

Horny Roast Chat

I’ve Got a Bad Idea

Codename: Kids Next Door

The Backstreet Boys

Always Together

Blah Blah Blahs

Let’s Get Working!

The Cereal Killers

My Files App

Game of Phones

Punny in PHILLY

Ted Stevens’ former pilots

Taylor Swift’s Squad


Why so Serious?

Dead Brain Cells

May the Force be with you

What’s the Shazam?

Inject Coffee in my Veins

Nerdy Boys


Class 1-A

Alleged crops

The Gang to be

What’s up Today?

Memers and Schemers

Dirty secrets

The Master Debaters

Weekend Mates

Sharing Is Caring

The Crystal Gems

Caught in Lie

Don’t eat tide pods


Anonymous Drunks

Home Of Comedy

Friends but not Forever

Social Anxiety

Best Fries Forever

Laughing Lads

Prawn Stars

Food is Everything

West & north

Gossip inside

Watermelon Sugar?

Fantastic Four

Monkey squad

Holey Scandals

Ladies of High Society

Blind Lovers

Who Do Stuff Together

Magic Fingers

Let’s Go Party!

The Texters

Painful Discharge

Gangnam Gang

The Iconic Trio

Goodbye Birdy

Uncovered power

Strangers With Candy

Twisted Brothers


Sons of That Guys

The Spicy Girls

The Donut Call List

The Schuyler Sisters

Tea beggars

The Karats

Prawn Stars

What Are Some of The Best Dark Humor Group Chat Names?

Are you worried about the name of your dark humor group chat? Then, these are some of the best kinds of names available that will look amazing on your group chat.

When you are finding a name for your dark humor group, then you must find it according to the group. This helps in creating a good bond among the people easily.

The Situation

Full House

Do we have Pizza?

Lease Queens

The Lame Gang

The Incredibles

The Family Tree

The Bad Eggs

The Undercover

The Proud Family

Happy Hour

Sweats on Wednesdays

Honey Roast Chat

39 Clues

The Golden Girls

Party Starters

Weekend Lovers

In our Element

The Collective

Fastest Finger First

Memorable trio

When is Dinner?

The Three Idiots

Bunch of Nitwits

Cuz I love you

Fam Sandwich

7 Rings

Let’s Party!!!

Chicks with kinks

Cats Forever

Monkey squad


The Avengers

Society of dark fic lovers

The Bros

Sofa King Awesome

All the Single Ladies

Go-Seek Club

Marvel No DC

The Smangers

Master Minds


Birds of a Feather

Sugar and Spice

Dancing chat

Its Monday Again

Not Fast Only Furious,

It’s Time to Disco

Hit it n bounce

Chicks Chat here

Hopeless junkies

Devils agents

Way out of Your League

Punch you in the Face

Anne Frank’s Hide

Social Media Freaks

The Real Housewives

Caution: Hot To Handle

The Tea baggers

Walk the Taco

Chosen Family


Four Play

Alcoholics Anonymous

Forever 16

The Nerd Herd

MY 911

Sacred Bonds

Ride or Die

Mistakes Were Made

Attack your Close Friends

Gallon of my LOVE

Home Of Memes

Tenacious and Tense

Life of Pi

Love for Snacks

Awesome Nothing

The Pretty Committee

Hands Tied

The Three Musketeers

Black Mamba

24 Carats of Funny

Tuna Sub Backwards

Bed Bath and Beyoncé

Human Targets

What Are Some Awesome Dark Humor Group Chat Names?

If you are someone who is looking for some awesome names that can be used for your dark humor group chat, then you have come to the right place.

This list of names not only helps in choosing a perfect name but also gives you a lot of ideas. You can easily take ideas and create some awesome names for your dark humor group chat.

Fab Five

Gossip Boys

The Weekenders

Life is Pi

1912 Titanic Swim team

Groupie Cult

The Phantom Thieves

Future Presidents

Chicks With Kicks

Do we have toilet paper?

Midnight Moans

Horrow Movies

Sticky punks

We Share Genes

7 Rings

Power Rangers

Pouring Emotions

Boom! Headshot!

Eyes on Fires

Peace Space


Queen babes

The Chats Meow

Power Rangers

Everyone But Us

The Association of Nasty


The Chore Wheel

Devil’s Home

Secret Society

Victory in Da Feet

The Brain Cells

Bubble Buddies

The Pokédex

The Laugh Factory

Future A-Listers

Naughty Lodge

Filthy Chicks

The naughty zoo

Girls, Gals and Pals

Selfie Squad

It’s Always Fun

Severus Snaps

Good Times

Not Be Named

Pointless military

The Bad Apples

Life is poop

The Mane 6

Will Trade As for Food

The other half!

We exaggerate everything

Life in a Pod

We get degrees

Brainless chaps

List of mistakes

Insomniacs at works

Self Loathing Psychopaths

Organization of Illusions

Non-Stop Notifications

Traveling Pants

Angels & Imps

Midnight moans

Peas in a Pod

Slick Nails

Will Die for you

Family Ties

The BURN Book

Not our Gene Pool

Gossip girls

Funk you lazy

People I see too often

The Spice Girls

Team Spirit

Rough Riders

Why so Cool?

Dumbledore’s Army

We Get Degrees

Call the Cops

Stress Relievers

Lazy Gamers

Prawn starts

Quad Squad

Rosé All Day

Forever and Always

What Are Some Catchy Dark Humor Group Chat Names?

One of the easiest ways to make your dark humor group chat attractive is by choosing an attractive name.

You can use your intelligent ideas to create an attractive or catchy name for your dark humor group chats. This kind of name is very uncommon, and it also makes the group look different from others.

Bunch of Potatoes

The Creators Collective


The Numerator

Squad with Quads

Wait for it!

Master Minds

Gossip Girl

Team Ram Rod


Brainless friends

Menace 2 Sobriety

Carpet Pissers

Circle of Squares

F is For Friends

The South side Serpents

Secret Society


Moose Knucklers

Pirates of the houseman

FDR’s Marathon Runners

Walkie Talkies

We Get Degrees

Organization 13

The Mitochondria

How low can we Go?

Forever Loyal

I Love You All But…

The Meme Team

Meme Nights

Everything Nice

Bunch of Boys

Last Gang

My Peace!

Bitching Starts in 1,2,3

Fast and Curious

Family Ties

Everyone But You

Cuties are here

Let’s Taco Bout It

The Golden Girls

Best Fries Forever

Chicks With Kinks

The Real Drama Club

Beer Pressure

Fastest finger first

All Night Games

The icing on the Cake

Hopeless Junkies

Soul Mates

Fur Real Guys

Meme Boys and Babes

The Coven

The cold eagles

The People I love

My Soul Cousins

Online hangover

Candy Crush

This Group is A+

Four All Out

Smelling like Hell Hole

The Insomniac Bunch

Its Friend Ship

Blood, Sweat & Beers

Running on Empty

Innate squad

Mah Homies and I

Menace to Sobriety

Day Dreamers

Shake it Off

Online hangover

Dancing while our house burns

Core Four

Petty privilege

Everyone but you

House on Fire

Pun Addict

We Lit

Forever Dramatic

Circle of Loyalty

Till Death Do us part

This Group is A+

Flaming Hot Cheetos

Have Standards Babe

Piece of My Heart

What Are Some Amazing Dark Humor Group Chat Names?

You can have a very strong bond with certain kinds of people if you also have a dark humor sense. This is one of the trendy things that everyone follows in the present scenario.

They also create a group and find names according to the vibe of that group. So, you can also select some amazing names for your dark humor group chat from this list.

Chain Reaction

The Chumps

My Mates

The River Vixens

Not Fast, Just Furious

Bad Liars

Brainless friends

The Friendship Ship

The Finest Bunch

Young Twerts

Childhood Besties

High Heels

The Chronicle

Imperfect angles

Four play

What’s the Tea?

People I see too less

Innate squad

Viral Bae

The Circle

Wholesome People

Forever Sad

My Constants

Smells Like Dark

People I somewhat Like

My Imaginary Friends

Single Ladies

Sisterhood of Still Pants

Pudding and Cake

Gentle criminals

Modern Family

We Got a Drinking Problem

Smells like Traitors

Iconic Duo

Lights of day

Chicks with kinks

Back Bashing Girls


One Dramatic Incident

Schindler’s Assist



Snap Or Spank

Drunk Enforcers

Best Fries Forever

Girl Power

Kids Next Door

What are Friends for?

Marathon Runners

The Supremes

Whack Jobs

Mah Homies!

Friends Forever

Extreme Measures

Ketchup Crew

Peter North’s Long Shot

Breast Friends

Fantastic Four

Sharing is Caring

Moose of python

School Sucks!

Night Highs

Chatting Chatties

Girl Gang

Menace To Sobriety

The Dementors


Harry Styles’ Fruit Salad

May we always are Together

Gangs of Lies

Area 51

The “Just Us” League

A Pizza My Heart

Grammar Enthusiasts

Sunny-Side Up

Peas in a Pod

Beautiful Dummy

Never on Sleep

The Denominators

The Pretty Petty Committee

Sons of dogs


Organization 13

Dirty Secrets

Strangers With Candy

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