Debate Club Names: 550+ Catchy and Cool Names

If you’re planning to start a debate club, you’ll want to give your group a memorable name. Your debate team should have a name that reflects who they are as a group and what they stand for.

Your club’s name serves as a unique identifier and a positive first impression for new members. That is why it’s important to come up with a name for your group that accurately captures the collective characteristics of the individuals who will make up your group.

You’ll be able to pick the appropriate name for your debate club with the aid of our list of Debate Club Names.

best debate club names:

Impact on Top

Always Debatable

Statement Makers

Make a Statement


The Master Debators

Arguably the Best

Debate Nation

The Opinionated Ones


What’s the Factor?

The Idealists


The Probable Attackers

Not up for Debate

Listen Up

Discussion Experts


Walkie Talkies

Speaker Uppers

Make a Observation

Jamba Juicy

Girl on Fire

Baby Dolls

Silent Tooters

Brotherly Harmony

Study Wars

Boots and Skirts

Lone Wolfpack

The Cool Gang

Sweaty Gym Socks

Eastcoast Sons

Belly Ups

Choir of Angels


The Grapes of Math


Affirmative Reaction

Devil’s Advocate

Cut the Mustard

Christmas Coal

Game of Phones

Kids These Days

Unpaid Library Fines

Fanny’s Pack

Feline Phenom

Wine and Dine

The Jacks Daniel

The Argument Affiliation

We’ve Got Issues!

Logical Reasoning

Larger Debaters

Logical Reasoning

That’s Irrelephant

Peace? Never An Option

Prove Us Right

The Optimistic Society

Argument Experts

Skillz That Kill

Game Changers

First Price Debate


Cool Debate Club Names

To effectively reflect your team and its major concept, you should choose a name that truly portrays you and your team. Your debate club name might fall into one of many main categories. Selecting one of these names can help your debate team perform cool and energetic.

Take De Bait

Greater Debaters

Make a Observation

The Pontificators

Ever Outspoken

Skeptic Society

Effortless Spiel

Greater Debaters

Concentrate Up!

In Pursuit of Dispute

We’re Judgy

First Rate Debate

Agree to Disagree

Parley Patrol

We Dissent!

The Debate Masters

Greater Debaters

Prove Us Wrong

Full of Rebuttal

Discourse Division

What’s the Issue?

Observation discussion

Say What?

Speaking Facts

Great Observers

No comparison

Followers of Right Path

Best Analysts

Analyst Specialists

High Concentration

Logic Finders

The Proven Alliance

Logic Machines

Catchy Debate Club Names

Here are some suggestions for catchy debate club names for you to consider. Choosing a memorable name for your club will result in a rise in your club’s popularity at your college or university. Let’s have a look at some memorable debate club names:

daBest of Debate

In Pursuit of Dispute

The Negotiators

Stay On Dis Course


Epic Negotiators

Evidence Providers

Verbal Exchange

Eggs in One Basket

California Girls

Baby Spice

Connect the Dots

Westcoast Riders

Snitches and Stitches

My Folks

Hot Cheetos

Riders of the Storm

50-Year Dash

Drop the Bombs

Victorious Secret

Library Lurkers

We’re Lost

The Rack Pack

Lost Glass Slipper

Skipping Class


Lucky Charms

Textbook Text Bookers

Backstreet Girls

The Bait Takers

Chitchat Alliance

Finder Of Logic

All the time Proper


Rebuttal Rebels

Have An Effect On

Arguably the Best

The Smart Peers

Observation Machines

Dispute Settlements

How about Yes

Convince Us

Deliberation Generation

We Say Tomato

Moving Forward

Policy Makers

Always Proven Right

Undoubtedly The Best

Logic No More

Undeniably Smart

Problem Solvers

Impact Makers

No Competition

Amazing Debate Club Names

The titles of these debate clubs are some of the most creative you will ever come across. These names will distinguish your club from the rest of the pack and set it apart from the competition. As a result, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get one of the items on the following list:

 No Negotiations

Pros & Cons


Peaceful Arguments

No Issue, Have Tissue

Ooh Lá Lá

Spicy Sugars

Future Silver Foxes

My Wife and Kids

Boston Tea Parties

Drastic Measures

Pretty Girl Rock

The Insomniacs

Alive Scholars Society

Like Glue

Spoke Folks

Sister Sisters

Baddies and Buddies

All Night Long

Rubber Ducks

Everything is Fair in Love and Debating

Fighters of Rightness

Argument Alliance

Skeptical Peeps

Alive and Winning

Super Judgy

Dealing with Logic

Point to Ponder

You Cannot Prove Us Wrong

Great Convincers

Controversy Machines

Debating Champs

Knowledge Legends

How About No?

The Right Way

Project Negotiations

Logic Specialists


Cry Babies

Cunning Ninjas

Always Right

Mean Machines

Best Strategists

Always Optimistic

High Concentration

Bound To Win

Amazingly Right

With Logic

Fact Provers

Listen to Discuss

Gorilla Debators

Unique Debate Club Names 

Unique names are significant for any club since it is necessary to stand out from the crowd of similar-looking establishments in your neighborhood. Because of this, you should make every effort to establish a club that has never been before.

You must begin with the title of the debate club to do this. Let’s have a look at some of the creative debate club names:

Springdawg’s Logicians

Questionable Opinions

Bands Named After Bugs

The Debatable Debate Team


The Talking Heads

Constantly Complaining Collies

Easy Party Themes


DB 8

We Both Agree We’re Right

Not Up for Debate 

Arguably the Best

Alls Fair

The Complaisant White Boys

The Cunning Linguists

Forward Motion

Tully Mars


It’s Debatable


Debate World

Criteria Linkers

Making a Statements

Analysis Specialist

Informational Era

Mayan Calendar

All in the Mind

Colony of Weirdos

Whaddup Cuz


Postcards from Mars

The Roof Is on Fire

Human Targets

The Ladybugs

Ultimate Nerds

The Branches

The Cool Nerds

Flower Power

Frosted Flakes

Hotel California

Debator Ninjas

United States Debators

Follower of the Right

The Logical Speakers

Turn the Table

Knowledge of Legends

Right Debate

Idealistic Gangbang

The Grasp Debators

Pursuing the Dispute

The Bound Team

Fighter of Words

Follower of Negotiation

Higher Debators

Indian Debating Society

Latest Debate Club Names

You must choose a name that does not seem too ancient or antique if you want to remain current. Consequently, we present some of the most recent debate club names that any debator has never heard of before. Let’s have a look at the names:

We Deal With Relevance

The Argument Association

Persuasive Posse

The Opposing View

Saga Of Words

Deliberation Technology

Easy Spiel

Persuade Us

The Masters

The Boss Of Debates

The Motion Specialists

Discourse Department

Dialogue Mavens

Clash Of Words

The Spiels

Ahead Movement

Han Not Solo

Little Spoons

Don’t Test Us

Changing Majors

Busy Bodies

Sibling Signals

The Dude Guys

The Talkative Tribe

Homerun and a Half

Great Mates

Shish Kabobbins

Great Mates

Wrong Tree

Study Buddies

Nuts and Bolts

No Nonsense

Funny Folk

Back to the Future

Long Story Short

On the Wire

Party Balls

Across the Sea

First Ladies

Don’t Peek

Pot of Gold

Life Is a Highway

Blooming Bunnies

The Winning Team

Masters Of Greece

The Masters Of Debating

Clam Minders

Super Debators

Remark Makers

Questionable Opinions

The Three Believers

King Debators

Society Of Skeptics

The Team With Opinions

Their Best Team

Debate Club Name Generator

Debate Club Name Generator

Explore our Debate Club Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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