400+ Best Karaoke Party Names With Generator

Karaoke transforms routine meetings into remarkable vocal performances because to its harmonious fusion of music and bravery.

Shower singers and stage-shy crooners come together in the spotlight to enthusiastically belt out their favorite songs.

You’re in for a treat if you’re getting ready to organize a spectacular Karaoke night. Prepare to up the ante on the good times with the ideal “Karaoke Party Names.”

But hey, hold on to your mic because the next section is all about creating hilariously absurd “Funny Karaoke Party Names,” leaving the Generator to come up with the rest of the words.

Let’s get those funny party names flowing and get into the beat of amusement!

Karaoke Parties Names with Meanings

Party NameMeaning
Melody Mania MixerA gathering filled with a frenzy of melodies.
Harmony Haven HoedownA party where harmony and fun come together.
Singalong SoireeAn evening dedicated to joyful singing.
Karaoke CarnivalA festive event where karaoke takes center stage.
Songbird ShowcaseA platform to showcase your singing talents.
Crooner’s CabaretAn elegant gathering for singing enthusiasts.
Vocal Voyage PartyEmbarking on a musical journey through vocals.
Tuneful Treasures GalaA celebration of the treasure trove of tunes.
Chorus CelebrationA party that celebrates singing in chorus.
Pitch Perfect PaloozaA gathering where pitches are perfected.

Karaoke Parties Names 

  • The Spot Karaoke
  • The Singing Stop
  • The Karaoke Cave
  • Spotlight
  • SelfConcert
  • Radio Star
  • Pulse Karaoke Lounge
  • Limelight Stage
  • Karaoke Shout
  • Jazzmoon Karaoke
  • Instant Star
  • Iggy’s sing it out
  • We Play You Sing
  • SongCave Karaoke
  • TrendyBeat Night
  • ObliQ Karaoke
  • Sing A Sing
  • Bluebay Karaoke
  • Tween Star
  • Quick Sing
  • Infinite Karaoke
  • Black Ace
  • One Sing Karaoke
  • YoYo City Karaoke
  • Offbeat Karaoke
  • Urban Minute
  • Y2K Karaoke
  • Dream Sing
  • Starbeam
  • Karaoke Junction
  • Studio Forms
  • First Music Karaoke
  • Music Motion Karaoke
  • Music Bliss
  • Lights & Ovations
  • Salsa Swing
  • Music Mood
  • Music Inspiration
  • Rhythm Spot
  • Heart Box Karaoke
  • I Gotta Right To Sing
  • I Sing My Song
  • Singin’ Pretty
  • When Angels Sing
  • The Songs That We Sing
  • Gonna Sing You My Song
  • Sing For Absolution
  • Sing Another Song Boys
  • Born to Sing
  • Sing Me Home
  • Sing Sang Sung
  • The Last Song
  • The Song Is Never Over
  • Music Mania
  • Elite Karaoke
  • Heart & Soul
  • Beyond Moves
  • Melody Music
  • Motion Feet
  • Feet on Fire
  • Dropbeat
  • Hip Hop Movers
  • Music Trance
  • Forever Feel
  • Artistic Beat
  • Exotix
  • MadStar Liberton
  • Rock Stable
  • Heaven Swing
  • Trippers
  • Aeron
  • Mystevva
  • 80 Degrees
  • Singing Ball
  • The Funny Karaoke Bar
  • See it, Sing It!
  • The bright lights of a karaoke bar.
  • Let’s All Sing
  • Singing Starz
  • Okey Dokey Karaoke
  • Kickin Kittens Karaoke
  • Sing It All Out!
  • Don’t just sing
  • The Singing Machine
  • Knievel’s Karaoke
  • Singing in the Reign
  • Karaoke Queen
  • The Karaoke Hole
  • The Lucky Voice
  • The Karaoke Box
  • Stars of the Stage
  • Sing All Night
  • All Night Long
  • Sing for the Day
  • Don’t Stop the Music
  • And the Bird can Sing
  • When Smookey Sings
  • The River Singer
  • Sing a Simple Song
  • Sing me to Sleep
  • Lady Sings the Karaoke
  • I Want To Sing
  • To Sing For You
  • Sing in the Sunshine
  • Song For Everyone
  • I Write The Songs

Karaoke Parties Name Ideas

  • Belt It Out
  • We Belong to the Music
  • Rock All Night
  • Play that Funky Music
  • Jazz Karaoke Party
  • Spotlight
  • U2 Karaoke
  • Chorus
  • Limelight Stage
  • Radio Star
  • Bring Your Heart’s Voice Out, With this Karaoke Night!
  • Karaoke Duet 35
  • Don’t Let This Night Fade Away, Sing It all Out!
  • Planet Rose
  • Come Sing & Have a Blast! Get It out There…
  • Don’t just sing, perform like never before…
  • Karaoke Shout
  • The Brass Monkey
  • The Singing Machine
  • Prospect Park
  • Karaoke Plus
  • The Voice Night
  • 5 Bar
  • Grand Karaoke
  • Pulse Karaoke Lounge
  • Instant Star
  • The Karaoke Cave
  • Popstar Karaoke
  • Musical Ear Karaoke
  • Central Melodies
  • The Sing King
  • X Factored Karaoke
  • Melody Makers Karaoke
  • Popstar Karaoke
  • Musical Ear Karaoke
  • Friendship Harmonies
  • Super Songs Karaoke
  • Sing Sing Karaoke
  • DoReMi Music
  • Singing On the Moon
  • Music N shine
  • Beer And Karaoke Night
  • Tikkis and karaokes
  • The No Shame to sing Night
  • Vocals Night
  • Fused Karaoke Night
  • Singing for the Whole Night
  • Richard’s Music Ball
  • Ace Karaoke
  • Glitter Karaoke
  • GoGo Karaoke
  • Grand Karaoke Night
  • Infinite Karaoke
  • K Pop Karaoke
  • Karaoke Boho Orchard
  • Karaoke Korner
  • Karaoke Shout 
  • Karaoke with Dale
  • Karaoke Zone
  • Karate Karaoke
  • Monroe Karaoke
  • Karaoke Paradise
  • Passioned Karaoke Night
  • The Karaoke Lounge
  • Spring Tavern Karaoke Night
  • Starz Karaoke
  • Brass Monkey Karaoke Party
  • Voice Karaoke
  • West 4 Karaoke
  • Ziller Karaoke
  • Turntable Karaoke
  • Tunes 4 My party
  • The Happy Zone
  • Clap Karaoke
  • Central Melodies
  • The Sing King
  • X Factored Karaoke
  • Melody Makers Karaoke

Karaoke Event Names

The Lyrical Miracles

No Refrain Night

The Karaoke Chamber

Best Friend Bops

Atlanta Acoustics

Chicago Classics Karaoke

Manhattan Melody Lounge

Brooklyn Bebop

The Tennessee Tunes

No Shame Singing

Singing Bliss

Harmonious Harmony

Joyful Jams

The Happy Harmonies

Absolute Sing Fling

Soul Searcher’s Singing Night

First Dance Karaoke

Heartfelt Karaoke

First Love Karaoke

Seaside Singing

Soaring Melodies

Wanderlust Lyrical

Musical Journey Co.

Soul Train Karaoke

Waterside Warble

Magic Microphone Lounge

Awesomely Acoustics

Musical Milestones Singing

Swing Sing Dance

Friendsing Scene

SupeRap Karaoke

Melodaily Karaoke

Foreverock Party

Recorday Karaoke

Planet Honeypop

Sung By Ear

Screeching Cat Karaoke

Unprompted Melodies

Beethoven’s Decomposers

The Microphoned

Classicalls Karaoke


Lyricalistic Night

The Per4mance

Charlotte’s Karaoke Club

Jacob’s Jammin’ Lounge

Grande Karaoke

Swift Songs Co.

Beiber Blues Karaoke

Hot n’ Cold Karaoke Party

Boa Limbo Karaoke Party

The Big Bash Karaoke league

Certified Karaoke Party

Karaoke Until the DJ Stops

Sing or Die

Loco Karaoke Nights

Sing the Lines 

Karaoke Shutdown

No Laughing if you Sing Bad

No Singing? No entry

Puth for the Night

Sheerio’s Sing It Aloud Night

No Judging on Your Voice Party

For all the Master Copies of Famous Singers

Karaoke on the Hills

Best Karaoke Party Names 

Diva Dynamics Night

Harmony Heights Party

TuneTastic Fiesta

Groove & Sing Gala

Lyric Lounge Live

Karaoke Carnival Extravaganza

Karaoke Craze Carnival

Tropical TuneTrek

Chorus Celebration Bash

Mic Drop Melodies

Encore Euphoria Fest

Crescendo Carnival

Harmonious Hideaway

Vocal Vibes Voyage

Note by Note Night

Singalong Soothe & Groove

SingFest Spectacular

Encore Echoes Affair

Starstruck Serenades

Mic & Melody Mingle

Karaoke Kaleidoscope

Melody Magic Mixer

Songbird Showcase Soiree

Harmony Haven Jam

Karaoke Odyssey Adventure

Funny Karaoke Party Names 

Note Worthy Nonsense

Flat Note Follies

Pitch Please Party

Squeaky Singers Soiree

Off-Key Cabaret

Karaoke Catastrophe

Offbeat Odes Oasis

Jumbled Jukebox Jamboree

Disco Duckling Diversion

Karaoke Comedy Cacophony

Crooners Comedy Club

Whacky Warblers Bash

Karaoke Clown Caravan

Karaoke Quirks Quest

Karaoke Klutz Carnival

Badly Synced Serenades

Tuneless Tunes Tavern

Noisy Notes Night

Duet Disasters Delight

Sing-Along Shenanigans

Mismatched Melodies Mixer

Tone-Deaf Troubadours

Out of Sync Soirée

Unplugged Performances Party

Harmonious Hijinks Happening

Karaoke Party Name Generator

Karaoke Party Name Generator

Explore our Karaoke Party Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!


In summary, karaoke provides a portal to musical friendship and unrestricted self-expression. The collection of “Karaoke Party Names” increases the thrill of shouting out songs and taking in the rhythm of the night by adding another level of excitement.

The ideal name sets the tone for a memorable event, whether you’re going for a tranquil and classy evening or a wild karaoke carnival.

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