Lunch Group Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Lunch is the most awaited time, whether in school, office or college. Lunchtime is best utilized with delicious home-cooked meals and a sharing and fun peer group. 

Your lunch box should be packed with healthy and scrumptious meals to keep you up for the rest of your day. If you have selected your set of friends to spend your lunchtime with, we have the best name ideas for your group. 

This article has a bunch of cool, catchy, fantastic and amazing lunch group name ideas. Let us have a look:

Cool Lunch Group Names

Cool should be the other name for your lunch group. To add some style and swag to your lunch group, go through the list below to get your eyes on some of the coolest lunch group name ideas to have ever existed. We assure you that your lunch group name will stand out!

The Snack Squad

The Kitchen Restaurant

Daybreak Diner

Brain Food

Formal Performance

Learning Luncheon


Cuisine Catered

Bourbon Street

Dove’s Luncheonette


Metro Diner

The Cereal Killers

Big Boo’s Burgers

The Counter

Taste Of The Lake

Tavern8 Thirty Luncheon Club

Turnip The Beet

Corner Cooks

Food For The Soul

Auditing Our Lunch

Food Addict

Grate Friends

A Taste Of Heaven

Crablegs Baby

Brain Picnic

Weast River Cafe

All Fired Up

Hungry For Knowledge

Wine And Dine Club

Food Box

Brick House Stackhouse

Fish Thursday

Silver River

Happin Diner

Little Anthony’s Diner

Drink And Dive

The Dinner Club

Pizza Posse

Knowledge Nibbles

Restaurant Reel

Cuban Smoke Club

Edible Edification

Eat Meet

What Sup500 Club

Let’s Do Lunch

Master Meals

The Learning Table

B-Line Diner

Food For Thought Crew

Enlightened Bite

Blue Cuttlefish

Delish Dishes

Perfect Dish

Learning Luncheon

Supper Escape

Twinkle Dale Restaurant

Chew On This

The Circle Table

Meals And Matessteak ‘N Shake

The Daily Creative Food Co

Urban City Kitchen

Catalina Bar & Grill

The Learning Hour

The Culinary Clique

Tasty Tidbits

Knowledge Nuggets

Crazy 8

Lettuce Talk

Moonlight Eats

The Eaters Alliance

Food Villacountry Diner

Koi’s Sushis

Like Home Restaurant Group

Momma’s Kitchen

Food Factory

Supper The Gathering

Tabletop Restaurants

Diners Club


Jalapeno Hotties

Two Men And A Griddle

It’s Fries Day

Eat with me

Lunch Chow Corner

Pepper Fever

Discovery Session

Lunch Lesson

Club Saint-Germain

On The Dime Dining

Catchy Lunch Group Names

In schools, those fifteen to twenty minutes of lunch breaks are the most memorable moments to cherish. You make memories that will last you a lifetime.

School lunch means the playground, hide and seek, canteen noodles or your best friend’s tiffin box! Let us go through some catchy lunch group name ideas-

Urban Move Restaurant

Karen’s Kitchen

Yummy Yummy Food

Not Your Ordinary Lunch And Learn

Tijuana Flats

The Cirque Magique

Feasting Our Minds

Premier Mart

Acrefood Diner

Fusionmart Diner

Funny Diner Club

Joy Spice

Beautiful Bounty

Fullerton Restaurant

Limp Brisket Cookers

Sea Miracle

Last Cake

Alone Enjoy

Noontime Knowledge

Have a Lunch

Blue Line Lounge & Grill

Edgebrook Coffee Shop

Momento Restaurant

Learning Luncheon

11th Street Lunch

The Sanctum Cafe

Three Sixteens

Team Lunch Culture

Cottage Place Restaurant

Nature Fresh Restaurant

Professional “Lunch And Learn” Alternatives


Recommended Restaurant

Unique Meals

All The Lights

Dinner Dates

Menu Masters

Dine Together

Cheyenne Diner

Kitchen Corral

Food Town

Rascal Rally Diner

Informed, Fed, And Inspired

Both Mean Friends Dining Together.

Bean There, Done That

Little London

Urban Twist

Dove’s Luncheonette

The Melting Pot

Happy Clap

Dine Fine

Feeding Our Minds

Grub And Hud

Facts And Snacks

Amura Downtown

Knowledge Feast

Mysteries Of The East

Nourishing Greatness

Resource Recess

Ready Restaurants

A Lunchtime Change of Pace

Fresh Pavilion Diner

Something to Chew On

Very Homemade Food

Breakfast House

The American Restaurant

The Tap Room

Union Cafe & Restaurant

Data Bites

Jackson Hole Diner

By Grandma

West Egg Cafe

Pizza Posse

The Flaming Marshmallows

The Dinner Circle

Cooking Classics

Breakfast Club

Love A Waffle Lot

Tasty Tidbits

Crazy Otto’s Diner

Sack Lunch Superstars

Facts And Snacks

Lunch Order Within

Let’s Do Lunch

Island’s Dining Room

The Carbdashians: A Play On The Kardashians

Midtown Place

The Healer’s Brewkeep Going

Yummy Yummy

Serving Up Knowledge

Amazing Lunch Group Names

Not only in schools but also in offices, lunch breaks are quite a great deal. A good and long lunch break is needed after numerous meetings and presentations.

When you have selected the right set of colleagues, it is time to select an amazing lunch group name for your group. Let us quickly dive into the list below!

Flame On

Monroe’s Place

Stadium Diner

Information Chowdown


Joybox Diner Us

Ace Cafe

Dove Cote Restaurant

A Break to Educate

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

Chomp ‘N’ Stomp

Spice Villa

Starcave Diner

Nourishing Greatness

Donut Gallery Diner

Excellent Experience

Teamwork Tasks For Lunch

Sugar Valley Dining

Spicy Dragon

Knowledge Is Delicious

That Restaurant

Speedy’s Diner

Smokey Bones

Just Alive Diner

Burgers And Stuff

Route 180


Red Tablecloth


The Dinner Crew

Doce Provisions

Tasty Meals

Food Pixel Diner

The Grub

A Break To Educate

Restaurant Resale

Last Time

Best Damn Lunch and Learn Ever

Meat Lovers Rejoice

The Call Of The Mild

Food And Facts

Souper Friends

Sugar Valley Dining

Feed Your Mind

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Knowledge Beast

Hap-pea Together


Café And Music

Good Food

No Wait Diner

The Diner Train

Resourceful Restaurants

Egg Platter Dinercute Diner Club Us

Exceptional Lunch League

Restaurant Warehouse

Finest Dining

Triple F Club

Golden House Restaurant


Information Buffet

Much At Lunch

Food For The Soul

Cafe Tu Tu Tango

Tucson Black Bear Diner

Food and Facts

The Basement

Mint To Be Together

Lunch Lesson

Too Much Sauce

A Taste Of Heaven Diner

Open Table

Cellyssa Diner

Kitchen For All

Carnal Knowledge

Americal Link

Yellow Rose Cafe

French Toast Mafia

Nourish Your Brain

Bite-Sized Learning

Metro Espresso Pizza Cafe

Urban Orchid

Black Brick

Golden Olympic Restaurant

Coffee And Cake

Waffle House

Nacho Problems


Food For Thought

Stuart’s Dinner

Awesome Lunch Group Names

College life is a different life altogether. You get the essence of freedom which you never had before.

To make these moments even more special, make your lunch breaks memorable with an awesome lunch group with a name which has an awesome ring to it. Look into the list below to find your very own lunch group name-

Delish Dishes

Earth Joy Diner

The Dinner Bonanza

Scholarly Snacktimes

The Italian Supper Club

Christo’s Cafe

Five Oceans

Countryside Diner


Enlightened Bite

Knowledge Now

Dedicated Dining

The Gentleman’s Ring

Wok This Way

The Pb To My J

The Capital Grille

The Macintosh

Fine Dining Delivered

A Pizza My Heart

Welcome Diner

Cuban Smoke Club

Nacho Problems

Better Dine

Blue Hill

Let’s Ketchup

Brown Bag Takeaways

Vegans Come Here

Sweet Tomatoes

Doublemunch Restaurant

Service Supplied

Pridopex Diner

Empire Diner

Good Morning

All That And Dim Sum

Directmart Restaurant

Supper Club

Feed Your Mind

Rosie’s Place

Earthy Wood

Black Rooster Taqueria

Farm Bounty Diner

Directmart Restaurantacrefood Diner

White Napkin Restaurants


Food And Facts

Everyday Lunch Buddies

Shipwreck Diner

The PB To My J

Food Galore

Office Picnic

Welcome DTo Lunch

Spring Foods Diner

Farmhouse Diner

Urban Eden Restaurant

Cooking Classics

Steak ‘N Shake

French Toast Mafia

Devil’s At Dinner

11th Street Diner

Chops N’ Drinks

Something To Chew On

Mystic Mart Center

First Watch Blue Lagoon

King Bao Mills

Bacon Babe Burgers



Downtown Diner

Let’s Ketchup

Big Chef

Bbq Night

The Fff Club: Stands For Friends, Food, And Fun

The Oceanaire

Lions For Lion-Naise Potatoes

Homey Hospitality

Agnella’s Little Italy

Daily Buy Diner

Grate Friends

The Golden Biscuit

We’re Chili

Souper Friends

Filet Of Soul


Nine Seas

Edible Edification

Dandelion Community Cafe

Best Fries Forever

Food, Friends And Fun

U.S.T. (Luke’s Underground Supper Table)

Hash House A Go Go

Best Lunch Group Names

Lunch is an important meal of the day. Having good conversations with good friends while your lunch break is as important as having a wholesome meal.

You do not want to be bored or alone while enjoying your lunch. It is time for you to choose your lunch group and give it one of the best names you have ever heard.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Lunch Lesson

Noontime Knowledge

Feast Your Mind

Food Formula

Pinup Paradise Lunch

Sunrise Café

Team Lunch Culture

What’s Cooking

Eat, Drink, And Be Educated

Freshhills Restaurant

Nerds Eat First

3 Squares Diner

Edible Edification

The Three Good

Unique Cooks

Legends Diner

Warm Delight

Mustache Bill’s Diner

Cafe Croissant

College Park Cafe

Diner Grill Hut

Enviromart Diner

Facts and Foods

Cheeseburger Baby

The Night Joy

Crazy Otto’s Diner

Good Stuff Diner

Tick Tock Diner

Best Damn Lunch And Learn Ever

Learning Over Lunch

Sunny Side Up Diner

Golden Corral Buffet

Golden Apple Grill



Sea Breeze

Norwood Restaurant

Expertise at Lunch

The Food Place

Full Service Dining

Feed Your Mind

Vista Cucina

Roller Derby Diner

Just Alive Diner

Learning Luncheon

Supper Club Names

Food Artists

Green Bay Dining Association

Green Land

Tasty Time

West Town Bakery & Diner

Lunch Is On Us

Good Looks Cooks

The Hammered Lamb


Friendchips And Guac

Let’s Ketchup

Casa Saltshaker

Food and Thought

Monthly Meatballs

Table 99

The Learning Table

Boogie Bites

Learn And Be Educated

Not Another Lunch And Learn

The Learning Trough

Information Chowdown

Drink After Lunch

Brown Bag Club

No Rest Restaurants

Whisper Club

Red Dragon

The Strand

Rosie’s Placemeat Spankers

Munch Box

Hello Star Diner

Brindille Shop

Midtown Goodies

Let’s Break to Educate

Black Bricknorthvibe Diner

NOT Another Lunch and Learn

Meet and Eat

The Hobbit

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