Mercenary Group Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

With all honesty, a lot of us believe that mercenaries are evil people who lack ethics and honor and only care for money. A certain part of it is true, but that doesn’t automatically make mercenaries evil.

The lack of ideals on the battlefield often makes them less brutal than those who have a seething hatred for their enemy and lose themselves in the dark feelings. Did you know mercenary companies are one of the oldest professions known to man?

If you are looking for mercenary group names, page we will give you cool, catchy, best, amazing, and creative names for the mercenary group.

Cool Mercenary Group Names

Imagine you were a real-life mercenary in a group full of skilled military warriors. You need a name for your group that will inspire all the members in your group. Are you looking for cool mercenary group names? We may have just the thing you need in our selection!

Yellow Fang Tribe

Grey Jackals

Royal Jackal Syndicate

Forgery Influence

Steel Company

Winter Raiders.

Steel Shadows

Easily Divisible

Black Water

Black Hawks

Power Seize

Rollin’ In It

Vulture Band

Loath To Leave

Cash Kings

Snowscape Avengers

Antipathetic Aversions

Razor Company

Shady Characters

Exceptional Outcomes

Black Cats.

Cobalt Honey Badger Gang

Electric Lily Brotherhood



The Swashbucklers


Penny Posse

Ivory Gorilla Sisterhood

Generally Accepted

Red Serpents

No Restraint

Silent Professionals

Banknotes Brigade

Crystal Pincer Syndicate

Electric Fang Band

The Resistance

Out of Circulation

The Serpents.


Security Squad

Green Alligator Soldiers

Iron-Willed Inc.


Contract To Kill

Thunder Sabortooth Tribe

Night Walkers.

Skull Squad

Mission Matrix

Brown Ravenclaw Tribe

Gold Monkey Brotherhood

Ivory Devil Posse

Winter Raiders


Brown Forsaken Crew

Demon Lion Squad

Injurious Inc

Elite Empire

Crimson Angel Tribe

Grey Jackal Soldiers

Strong Arms.

Daredevil Heroes

Flame Phantom Brotherhood

Ice Serpent Clan

Fire Snake Association

Yellow Knuckle Riders


High Velocity

Sapphire Banner Company

Dire Costs

Loot League

Catchy Mercenary Group Names

You and your mercenary group are highly-skilled individuals who work hard and earn by the day. You have simple pleasures in life. However, if you are trying to make your group memorable, try giving them a catchy group name from the list below:

Viva la Dirt League

Men Of Steel


Ruby Forsaken Posse

Ebony Dragon Crew

Violent Events

Green Eagle Riders



Greenbacks Guild

Argonaut Alliance

Red Flayers


Reputation for Excess

Code Black

Treasury Tribe

Dime Diablos

Favored Endeavors

Bills Battalion

First Exchange

Ice Liontooth Posse

Electric Troll Crew

Two for the Dough

Going Digital

Significant Force

Green Fang Clan

The Expendables

Noted Reserves

Banned Rebels.

Funny Money Force

Ebony Skull Sisterhood

Motives for Justice

Fortune Force

Extortionate Power

Honey Badger Sisterhood

Ruby Bat Clan

Emerald Gorilla Gang

Saber Band

Men Of Fire.

Diamond Devil Band

Ice Serpent Clan

Shady Characters.

Malicious Matrix

Coyote Crew

Ivory Leopard

Jade Needle Tribe

United Unyielding

Dinero Derelicts

Mission Matrix

Black Spear

Desert Brothers

Coinage Crew

Artillery Command

Red Blossom Brotherhood

Unyielding Swords

Violet Skeleton Squad

White Shark Association

Ice Death Riders

Counterfeit Crew

Always on Defense

Heart Throbs.

Scarlet Alligator Clan

Significant Force

Triple Canopy

Violet Cobra Association

Indomitable Quests

The Resistance

Corps Security B

Onyx Eagle Riders

Death Riders.

Rapacious Rebels

Best Mercenary Group Names

Mercenaries work with cool weapons; every day is an adventure for them. As a mercenary, you never know when to take your last breath, but you will always go down swinging! Below are the Best Mercenary group names for you to pick from. 

Illuminated Eyes

The Coup Attempts

Diamond Fang Soldiers

Sapphire Needle Clan

Uncertain Values

Violet Cobra Association

Violent Society

Black Knights.

The Coup Attempts


The Slayers

Crystal Chainsaw Posse

Yellow Vulture Crew


The Adamant

Malicious Matrix

Motives for Justice

Warlords of the Sea


Sanguine Phantom Tribe

Corps Security

Black Company

Coinage Commodities

Rise Against

Sons Of Eternal Flame

Speed Demons.

Ivory Cobra Brotherhood

Adrenaline Rush

Calamity Collective

Onyx Bulldog Posse

Ready To Infiltrate

Ebony Forsaken Crew

Thunder Blooddrop Soldiers

Sons Of Eternal Flame

Cardinal Rose Brotherhood

Black Arrow

The Freelancers

Raven Claw.

The Standard Units

Ruby Pistol Riders


Phantom Strikers.

Black Hog

Crimson Moth Syndicate

Thunder Blooddrop Soldiers

Yellow Mamba Brotherhood

Gold Dragonfly Band

On a Dime

Justice Bringers

Ice Skeleton Tribe

Brothers Of The Gull

United Forces

Thunder Dwarf Crew

Green Alien Association

Maximum Conviction

Order Of Blue scale

Soldiers for Hire

Brown Ravenclaw Tribe

Moolah Matrix

One Shot Killers.

Demon Owl Posse

Violent Hounds.

Wealth Wizards

Azure Devil Soldiers

Wad of Cash

Fiery Dragons.

Barter To Bitcoin

Daring To Rescue

Successful Attempts

Free men

Black Cobra Syndicate

Amazing Mercenary Group Names 

As a mercenary, sometimes you feast for days and thrive in the plenty and snob, yet sometimes there isn’t enough to get by. You work hard and ensure everyone on the team is well-fed. For your amazing mercenary group, we have some great names listed below.

Legal Tender Troupe

Covetous Crew

Elite Commandos

Sanguine Hog Riders

Medium of Exchange

Black Pyramid

Death Fighters


Criminal Collective

Elite Commandos


Slaying Warriors.

Spare a Dime

Injurious Inc.

Gold Water Clan

The Cash Classics

Royal Honey Badger Association

Soldiers for Hire

The Adamant

Elite Commandos

Bronze Gorilla Syndicate

Blue Crocodile Association


Violent Society



Thunder Cross Sisterhood

Indomitable Quests

Bronze Gorilla Syndicate

Crystal Leopard Gang


Greed Guild

Gold Horn Gang

Vulture Band

Orange Mamba Clan

Thunder Cross Riders

Pure Hostility

Black Mountain Group

Code Black

Knights of Justice

Bribe Brigade

Cardinal Alien Crew


Pistol Association

Electric Lily Brotherhood

Thunder Sabortooth Tribe

Extreme Reputation

Quarter Quest

White Rider Company

Death Escapers

Ebony Dragon Crew

Global Dynamics


Green Crow Gang

Tear Tribe

Fire Phantom Company

Death Sisterhood

The Defenders



Red Serpents

Relentless Rebels

Nickel Nation

White Rider Company

Daredevil Heroes

Ruinous Effects

Cash Flow Cycles

Violent Events

One for the Money

Artillery Command

Daredevils of Denmark

Creative Mercenary Group Names

A mercenary’s life is free. You are defined by no ideal, no religion, no belief. You are who you want to be. Some may look down on you for that, but you know the true taste of freedom. Are you looking for creative names for your Mercenary group? We have some suggestions for you:

Staunch Society

Always On Defense

High Velocity

Bogus Bills

Bunch of Bills

Iron Fists

Crow Tribe

Grey Jackals

Emerald Tiger Tribe

Common Capital

Taking a Stand


White Dwarf Syndicate

Ruby Bat Clan

Denim Chainsaw Soldiers

Fortune Force

Bronze Devil Clan

Crypto Currents

Iron-Willed Inc


Ready To Infiltrate

Violet Alien Crew

Eternal Fists


Black Crow Syndicate

Ruby Wolf Association

Thunder Dwarf Crew


Silent Warriors


Black Blooddrop Riders

Elite Empire

Daring To Rescue

Crimson Talon

Black Needle Soldiers

Crystal Honey Badger Posse

Inimical Interests

Undying Defenders.

Skeleton Band


Yellow Fang Tribe

Lethal Weapons

Significant Assets

Green Alligator Soldiers

Erinys International

Spending Money

Gold Water Clan

Fire Lion Gang

Fortune Force

Money Hoarders

Elite Soldiers

Pure Hostility

Soaring Eagles


Unyielding Swords

Ulterior Motives

Crimson Rat Company


Thunder Cross Band

Black Bear Clan

Ivory Honey Badger Clan

Rebel Security.

Big Bucks

Capitalistic Initiatives

Hitmen of Asia

Loaded Legion

Thorn Crew


Azure Ghost Gang

Lethal Weapons

Ready To Infiltrate

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