301+ Best New Year Eve’s Party Names

Parties celebrated on New Year’s Eve (i.e. on 31st December) is known as New Year Eve’s Party. It has been celebrated for ages and with each new year, the ways of celebrating it are also changing. It ranges from subtle to grand. So, to make it memorable a cool New Year Eve’s Party name is required.

An appealing name for a party is all part of the planning. To name a new year eve’s party can be pretty hard at times but it is easier to choose from a list of awesome and great names. So, sit back and relax, we have listed down few catchy New Year Eve’s Party name.

list of some unforgettable New Year Eve’s Party names:

The eve’s party

Hello 2022!

Around the year at the midnight hour

Vodka attack

Tales of the year

Time waits for you

Pies and peace

Midnight express

Fiery fiesta

Under the midnight sky

Garden soiree

Midnight madness

12 and drunk

Lawn soiree


Date with Eve

Around the clock

3,2,1 Partieee

Drink and dance

Black and white party

Pour some more favour

31 to 1 partieee

Till New Year’s Do us part

ABC and Eve

Adam and Eve’s Party

Game of Eve’s

Drinks and wine

Devils and Angels

The New Year Theory

Year and Beer

It’s New Year time

Tangy Times

Midnight Madness

Midnight Soiree

Drink to 1

Rum and roll

Wine de carte

Red and white party

Midnight Meetups

Eve’s fiction 

High on year

Hifi at Eve’s hour

Caught up at Eve’s hour

Beach and barn

Caught up at Midnight hour

Midnight Magnum

Horror hour

No pause Party

Eve’s luau

Bake and shake

The Eve’s affair

The Cocktail Bash

Urban Jungle

Eve and the feast

Midnight mocktails

Midnight Saga

No time to 12o1

Madness in heaven

Cheers to New year 

Mind your midnight


Champagne and shine


Keep up the New Year

Backyard Barbecue 

Homo Funiens Party


Movie of midnight


Young.Yacht.Yearend party

End of the beginning 

Drunken December Eve

Hint of Happiness

Midnight masquerade

You and Yacht

Bake and burn at 12o1

Party in paradise

Me Nyou Year’s Party

Play and Slay

Subtle Soiree

Mystical Midnight

Midnight Martini

Sing and shine


Tres, Dos, Unn Partiee

Backyard Bakes

Hi to Happiness

Hours in Heaven

Constant Changes

Glimpses of past and future 

Win or booze

Forever 12o1

Stuck at midnight

Soulful soiree

Eve and Cards up your sleeve

The Black and white affair

Happiness in air

Sing and slay

Cocktail soiree

Thank the year 

Cards and Years apart

Cupacake party

All that’s gold is midnight

Heaven’s shake

Heaven and Hell

Satan’s Shack and wine attack

Tobby loves Eve

Lost in Paradise 

Death of December 

Joy of January 

Lost in Heaven

DecJan Party

Decemuary Party

12o1 Blame no one

Journey to January 

Sip and dance

Fun at 12

Dive and dance

Skinny dip soiree

Night and young

Made in Heaven

High at Midnight

Midnight Gala

Tales of Decemuary

Devil’s Hour

The devil’s Soiree

Hours in hell

Bon eveoyage

Drink and Dip

12oHana party 

The Mixtionary Party

Masks and cocktails

The Grand Party

Fun at 12o1

12oUnn party

Pride and Pictionary

Fall in Heaven

365 Days of Madness

Booze up and loose

Beach ball party

Truth and Dare Party

Share and Dare

The 12 to 1 party

Garden Party

Trippy party

Fifty Shades of the year

Fifty Shades of Happiness


GOAT Party


Nirvana Night

Sleepless soiree

Beat the Clock Party


Mai Tai Madness

Sit with Satan


Devil at 12o1

The lawn Soiree

Light and Last

Gone in Heaven

Soulful hours

Sparks and sing

Crackers and Shake

Freeze the midnight

Risk at 12o1

Live the last

The Black and Red party

All Glam Party

Eat and Repeat

The marshmallow Party

Glitter and Gold

Party in the woods



Hide out in Heaven


Rise at 12o1

Unn, Dos, Tres Party

Champagne and Sparkle


Wander Party

Spooky party

The pink lady Soiree

Risk and Rise

Dart and Darkness

12o1 wait for none

The NYE party




No Nobility Party

No Sobriety Party

ABC at Midnight Party

Et, Tu and Eve 


The loop of end

Masquerade Madness

High on Mai Tai

High on Happiness

Lights and Sparkle

Fashion at 12o1

Slice of Happiness

Naught and Naive


Woods and Charades

Midnight Mogul

The Vogue Party

Costumes and cake

Cake and Shakes


Rise for Rythm

Treasure Hunt Party

Hunt for Happiness

Win and booze

Saga of Eve and Midnight

The cocktail saga

Plug and chug

Toast and Taste


12oUnn party

Wine and Repeat

Drizzle of Happiness

Masks and Mocktails



Heartful Hours

Berries.Beach.Black Velvet

Clock struck 12

Time stuck at fun

The Dare affair

Homo happiens party

Fun and Fiesty


The Vintage Gala

Satan in Heaven

ABC at NYE party


The vintage party

Ring in the New Year

The red ball

Midnight Luncheon


Retro Meetup


At the midnight hour

Kiss Goodbye to 2021

Into it with a bang

In with a kick

Beer in another year

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