Pool Hall Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

These are among the most unique and inventive pool hall names. Some good pool hall names are used everywhere around the planet. You are allowed to use and share them with whomever you choose. Poolhall names are popular in whatever language, but we rarely ponder what the titles mean in everyday life.

We polled members of a pool hall having 100 or more friends to find out just what pool hall names mean to regular players. 

Pool halls have increased in popularity steadily from 4.3 percent to 6.8 percent per year since they were originally introduced. While not every billiard hall can compete with the 103-table “The Recreation” in Detroit, a smaller pool hall can nevertheless provide a good return on investment.

Cool Pool Hall Names:

Pool halls are usually given names that are related to the game. Playing requires sticks, cues, balls, and chalk. Using this method, naming your own pool hall might not be as difficult as you think. You’re on the right road if the typical can player can relate your name to the game of billiards.

Lakers’ Lovers

Information Gathering 

Sharing Meeting

Aristocrat And Socialites

On Point Success

Great Lakes Pool Room

Fusion Vents Room

Meet In Paradise

High Rated Meeting

The Office Filing Cabinet

Organizational Space

Running with Process

Jamming Junction

Loud Mouths Room

Smart Buddies

David Lee Broth

Gig Gallery Meet up

Keys on Main Room

Edge Room

Grit And Grind Congress

The Noodling Space

Wise Women

Sandman’s Lair

Achieving The Vision

General Meetings

The Backstage Room

ABC Room

Pound For Pound

The Final Projects Room

Thorns And Petals

Central Pool Room

One Team & One Mission

Swarm badge

Collective Pool Room

Inner Winners Pool Room

Rabble Room

The Extreme Team

Logic Goddess

Digital Square

Beat It Room

Out-Of-The-Box Crew Conference

The Growth Room

Chase Pacers Pool Room

Executive Event

Choosing Women

Blow Off Steam Room

Zombie Attack Meeting

Meeting Hall

The Next Step

Muster the Blaster

Neil Armstrong

The Leadership Insider

Concept Train Pool Room

Away Bleachers

The Fortitude Forum

Source Conference

Between a Walk & Hard Place

Expansion Room Conference

Accountant Alliance

Meeting about the Meeting

Better Concepts Pool Room

Conference Reconstruction

Roman Hall

Constant Breakthrough

Village People Pool Room

Forge Meet Design

National Lodges

Cup of Coffee with You

The Virtual Cast Rock

Meet For The Future

Dancy Baby

Inside Leadership

Smart Choices Pool Room

Growing Horizon

Broadband Talking Points

Meet Me Halfway

Modern Conference Platform

Meet Logistics

Potential Themes

The Portable Space

The Hopeful Room

The Palace of Harmony

Pleasure Of Ideas

Level Up Pool Room

The Meeting Hall

Potential Client Pool Room

Energy Boost

Squad Hangout Room

Bonding Room

Social Sphere Pool Room

Conference Solutions

Team Gallery

Hospitality Hub

The Steam Room Catch-up

Mind Binds Conference

Facilitated Learning Space

The Winchester


Wheelwright Cottage


Meadow View

The Orchard

Beauty and the Beast

The Acorns

The Mill House

The Old Rectory

The Tiny House

Garden Cottage

The Firs




Chestnut House

The Lighthouse

Woodhouse Barn

School House

Snow White’s Cottage


Ivy House

The Cherries

House Goodwin

Catchy Pool Hall Names

Offering your pool hall a pun-filled name is a socially appropriate approach to name this sort of establishment. A funny name encourages players to spread the news about the game.

There are a plethora of puns and hilarious words for a distinctive pool hall name. Here are some options for names that will make you laugh.

Russett House


Hollie Pool House

House Targaryen


Little Wood

Patel and More

The Granary


Birch Cottage


Beech Tree Cottage

Dew Drop Inn



House Slynt


High Trees

Fanta Sea

Walnut Tree Farm

Lilac Cottage

It’ll Do

Foxmoor Hall

The Dark Side



No Wake Zone

Athens Pool House

The Gables

Moore Relaxing

Oakhall Cottage


Deluxe Manor

Hunters Wood

The Old School House

Darth Vader House

Barton Villa

Denton Pool Center


Drake and Pool

Old Cottage



Willow Barn


House of the Sullen

Brahmins House


The Cherrie

Smith’s Store

The Barn


Inn of Pool

Westbury House

The Magnificent Estate

Hedera House

The Sloppy House

Windy Ridge

Park View

The House of Life

Pine View

Rose Cottage



Evil House

Salty Dog

Jade Pool Club


Flynn Pools an More

Grace Cottages



The Never-Ending Story

The Meadows

House Celtigar


Chimney Cottage

Rubble Hall

Mulberry Lodge


Birchwood House

The Light side


Blackberry Cottage


Haven Pools

Weather Formations

Group Effort Meeting

Operator Conference

Room for Better Business

The Decision Cave

Judgement Wars

Allstar Conference

Isolation Meetings

Wooden Section Meeting

Digital Signage Meeting

Meet And Greet

Discussion Chamber

Tune Arena Meetings

Together Conference

The Bore Dome Meeting

Burning Desire Meeting

The Virtual Meeting

Space Imagined

Meet And Co

Professional Sanctuary

Sack Lunch Superstars

Creative Pool Hall Names:

Pool league management is an integral part of maintaining a successful hall. Most halls want their own league clubs and compete on a routine basis. Therefore competition pool is quite popular.

Since most of these leagues only play weekly, this is the ideal method to draw return consumers to your facility. Check out some creative pool team name suggestions here.

King’s Landing Meeting

Bartlett Pool House

Hobson Pool House

Secret Weapon Meeting

Walk In Meetings

Business In Focus

Key To Success

Mutual Solutions

Rhymes And Riddles

The Scholar’s Conference

Little Court

Sharing Sessions

Gadoury Pool House

Nourish the Brain

House Tyrell

Binalong Way

Operation Meeting

The Lodge

Millennium Falcon Conference

Conference Circus

Mind Expansion Mansion

Talk Conference

The Crofties

The Fiber Summit


Idea Island

Higgins Pool Club

Photogenic Meeting

Specialist Meetings

The Old School

Breakfast Club

Ardoran Pool House

City Lights Meeting

Boiler Meeting

Dumbledore’s Office


Bright Spot Meeting

Fallon Pool House

Planning System

Powell Pool House

Brick Road Meeting

The Laurels

Secret Conference

Millfield Lodge

The Castle

Kuredu Pool House

Meeting Of The Minds

Consultation Area

Forum Global Meeting

Dreamwood Pool House

Ideas Hall

Conference Square

Quarters Pool House

Epic Endings

Courier Conference

The Conference Table

Catchy Conference

Legends Meet

The Learning Space

Harris Pool House

Feast Your Mind

The Glass Fiber Zone

Hello World Meeting

Talk Around Meeting

The Old Vicarage

Ann The Break

The Colosseum

The Innovators

Punctual Team

Room Of Thoughts

Revolution Studio

Carlisle Pool House

Buzz Aldrin Meeting

Equilibrium Space

Sang Pool House

The Hot Air Meeting


Symposium Cave Meeting

Associate Global

Cooper Pool House

Toad Hall

The Last Post

Underground Lair Meeting

Einstein’s Room

Crowd Hall Meeting

Journey to Discovery Meeting

Simple Orientation

Think Conference

Answer Conference

Brain Food Meeting

Squared Minds Area

Executive Lounge

House of Wishes

Remote Talks Room

Franke Pool House

Specialist Conference

Attraction Attention Meeting

Meeting Tribe

Potential Space

Prefrontal Engagement

Proficiency Group Conference

Share Conference

The Teleconference Meet Up

Engagement Center

the Potion Master

Business Insider


Latest Pool Hall Names:

Business planning names are more concise, memorable, and easy to recall. You should aim for two to five syllables and a total length of no more than 25 characters. The smaller the name, though, the better. So here are the latest pool hall names for you.

Zoom Mountain Room

The Inspiring Platform

Core Values Pool Room

Beyond Borders

The Next Move

Break Out Into Business

Heaven Of Ideas

Solve And Succeed

Global Organizers

What a Genius!

Decision Making Meeting

Cloud Nine Pool Room

Fair Design Meeting

The Power Denmark Room

Platform Success

The Operation Room

Weekly Meeting

Cranium Focus

Form Room

Lunch Lesson

Ruby Room

Chromatic Commons Gathering

Working Hall

Core Space Pool Room

Point Presentation

Bright Sense Pool Room

Meeting Point Pool Room

Break Waters Pool Room

Meet Station

Rally Scope Pool Room

Aviation Assembly

Rocking Workers

Dazzle Pool Room

The Chamber Of Secrets

Collective IQ Room

Shakedown Mugs & Mornings

Today’s Growth

Crowd Pleaser

Discovery Session

Follow The Leader Pool Room

Live Pool Room

Aim For The Stars

Towards Success

Classic Genuine Meet

The Digital Pool Room

Idea Interchange Conference

The Air Down There

Stellar Room

Let’s Talk Different

The Inspiration Station

Indoctrination Space

Thinking Space

Scholarly Snack time

Goliath Room

Council Board Meeting

A Personal Affair

Soul Station

Better Meetings

The Noggin Chamber

Organize Well Pool Room

Immediate Response Room

Collective IQ

Never Surrender Pool Room

The Cubicle Meeting

Cozy Meet Room

Peak Performances Pool Room

The Decision Makers

The Conference Area

Furious Forum

Black Bag Club

Inspire The World

House Of Hints

Solution To Problems

Meet Moment

Popular In a Room

Swift Room

Meet Goals

Mind Expansion Pool Room

Jamming Junction Pool Room

The Success Team

Olympia Room

Visionary Vista Pool Room

The Freedom Room

Banquets And More

Poplin Room

Hide And Escape

Famous Astronauts

For Future Success

Shear Strength Pool Room

Friends Of Pool Room

The Virtual Gateway

The Locomotive Motion

Eats & Education

The Conference Confetti

The Undertaker

Smith and Smith

The Grim Reaper

Huang Pool Center

Cheryl and Bill’s

Bulverton House


Magnolia House

House Lannister



The White House

House Selmy

Baldwin’s Barn



Little Oaks

Crumpsbank House



Pearly Gates


Tannery Gardens

Boarding House

Amazing Pool Hall Names

Here is a selection of amazing pool hall names to help you come up with some unique names. Although most of these names could be accessible for users, double-check to be sure it is probably you want is available.

 Meet On Rocks

The Center Of It All

Nick Cannon’s Penthouse

The Inner Source

Broom Closet Pool Room

Small Detail

Snog Room

Fusion Work Meet

Little Things

The Alpha Room

Conferee Concepts

First Brothers

The Company Forefront

Walking Dead Room

Very Scary Pool Room

Agenda Chamber Room

Accountability Actions

Laughter Land

Meet For Motivation

Bored Pool Room

Isolation Pool Room

Imitating Intel Meeting

Central Park

Future Possibilities

Better Rules

Blender Pool Room

Jellybean Boardroom

Decisive Actions

Office Filing Cabinet

Space That Have Potential

The Zoo Pool Room

The Kitchen Sync

United Nations

Your Choice Meeting

Horizon Conference

Group Think Pool Room

Lord of the Board Room

View Tower Pool Room

Feed the Mind

The Meeting Nest

Motivational Resistance

Thought Out Pool Room

Point of Center Caucus

Bookworm badge

After Work Squad

Name Your Breakout

Metro Marina

The Space Place Pool Room

Collective IQ Room Spots

Hospitality Cabin Pool Room

Work Vikings Pool Room

Wizard of Pools

Torque Zoom Pool Room

Pressure Cooker Pool Room

Copywriter’s Conference

The Group Story

Horizon Pool Room

Lazy Laid Off Pool Room

Mind Exchange

Crown Down Pool Room

Round Table Pool Room

Noodling Space Pool Room

Inspiring Space

The War Room

Partners For Excellence

Kissing Hour Room

Hemp Room

The Oakland Group

Room for Improvement

Mad House

Agent of Change

Leeroy Jenkins

Portside Pool Room

The Renegade Team

The Zig Zag Room

Flex Of Judgement

Eye Network Pool Room

Limitless Boundaries Conference

The Golden Arch Room

Shareholders Zone

Cream Conference

Whipping Room

Hermann Julius

Flower Dale Showground

VIP Cube Room

Breaking Bounds

Lunar Conference

Brain Picnic

Michael Jordan

Riverrun Meeting

Fortitude Forum

Power Mixer Crew Room

Sessions For Success 

Pool Room of Balls

The Chicago Sports Team

All Systems Go


Alpha Conference

The Vault of Secrets

The Mainframe Case

Plex Room

Dynamic Group

Potential In Groups

The Crew Rooms

Crucial Conference

Meet Network

The Yellow Camp Pool Room

Rescued Now Pool Room

Strength Hour Room

Knowledge Nuggets

The Big Easy

Glory Town

Locked Inside Room

The Forest of Confusion

Pool Base Annual

Pool Hall Name Generator

Pool Hall Name Generator

Explore our Pool Hall Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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