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325+ Best Zombie Party Names

We are almost always on the ride for hosting the best and most innovative parties and being the talk of the town. While listing for fun parties filled with horror, a Zombie party tops it. At this party, people usually dress up as Zombies or Zombie hunters. But the first thing you’d need is a catchy name for the Zombie Party.

With food and location with color combinations of red and grey as well as the gruesome setup with fake blood and appropriate props, Zombie Party has been extremely famous lately. People planning a Zombie-themed party usually look for innovative names for their Zombie Parties. Because if the name ain’t interesting then what’s the point, right?

Here is a list of some cool Zombie Party names

–D-DAY Dance

–Deads Drunk-yard

–Zombies Zone

–Zombies ahead. 

–Blood-bath and beyond!

–Corpse Cult

–Dance of the dead

–Social Apocalypse

–Gorgeous Gore

–Call the corpse

–Red-dy for fun

–Corpse incoming

–Dead-ful evening

–Undead Dinner

–Brains buffet

–Delayed Death

–Biting to death

–Awesome gruesome 

–Zombies Palace

–Dead-buddies Disco

–Everybody v/s Dead-body 

–Crazy D-day!

–Corpse at the door

–Fancy infection

–A-ttack-trive Affairs

–Dressed up deads

–Infection Bites

–UnDead’s Destination

–Shots with spirits

–Brain fry on Friday

–Happy Souls

–Happy D-day!

–Torment tournaments

–Voodo and vodka

–Living dead Evening

–Living dead meetup

–The Dancing Dead

–The Drunk Dead

–Zoned Out Zombies

–Bones And Booze

–Horror Hours

–Bloody and Boozy

–Ghouls in the house

–Bread with the deads

–Rotten rage

–Nasty affairs

–Bloodless fete

–Corpse Cooperation

–Dirty lil’ secret

–Nightmare dressed 

–After we die

–Ghetto Ghouls

–Grotesque Get-together

–Bloody Bash

–Zombie-hunter needed!

–Soulless Soireé

–Skeletal Socially 

–Headless Neighborhood

–Freshly dead

–Decayed Ding-dong

–Lifeless Entertainment

–Creepy Affairs

–Flesh Festival

–Contagious Catch-up

–Zombies killers vacation

–Groanin’ Grownups 

–Hideous Howls 

–Meatballs in Making

–ZombieHunters villa

–Chillin’ with the corpse

–Chilled Out Corpses

–Zombie-fied Gala

–Zombie-ing Around


–Brainless Brunch

–Brains with mains

–Already bitten

–Chilli grey-matters 

–Brains Of Deads

–A killer Partay


–D-Day Dance

–Being Infected

–Headless Haven

–Decayed Delicacies

– Nightly Nuisance

–Zombies night out

–Zestful Zombies

–Chance to be Zombie!

–Catching up with corpses

–Zombies zoo

–Zesty Zombies!

–Something Skeletal

–Corpse Cookout

–RED-dymade Refreshments

–Ghoulish Good times

–Zippy Zombie!

–Sip and Shoot

–Ticket to Zombie-Land

–Tormented Together!

–Zombie shots

–Livin’ Up with deads

–Zombie Preparedness

–Zombies on loose!

–Bashing Brains Bash

–Zombie-World Dive 

–Zombies for dinner

–Dead-ly Detox

–Prey Day

–Prey called for you

–Grotesque Gala

–Corpsey Celebrate

–Soiree for soulless 

–Meat and Greet

–formal infection

–Fancy Corpses

–Gosh! it stinks

–Soulless Society

–Binging brains

–Corpse corps 

–Target: zombies

–Try not to die

–Zoombiecatchers catch-up

–Pack Your Guts

–Skeletal Society

–Cordially infected

–RED-dymade Recreations

–Woke up a Zombie

–Corpse night out

–Zombie virus and vodka

–Zombie Frontier Fun

–Zumba with Zombies

–Deads night-in 

–Zombies uprising

–Booze, brains and blood


–Grotesque Get-together

–Zombie Garden

–Hungry Corpse Hut

–Endless Soulless Fun

–Zombie attacks

–Pet Zombie

–Creepy adventures

–Anti- Zombie squad

–Fancy  Apocalypse

–Weapons and wines

–Fighting The Zombies

–Rad Mad Zombies

–Zombeast Feast

–Dead town

–Creepy catch-ups

–Party beyond terror



–Boozy Brains

–Doomed to drinks

–Zombie Action

–Grim Soul Gala

–Zombie Battle 

–Zombies Drinks

–Unwind Unkilled 

–Cosplaying corpses

–Tequila and Zombie talks

–Gore grooves!

–Zombie shooting Shenanigans

–Ghoulish Get-together

–Wanted: Zombie shooter!


–Zombie blowout

–Zombie Blast

–Infection function

–Contagious Affair

–Wicked Get-together

–Horror house party

–Terrifying Tea party

–Fearful fun 

–Rotten rave-up

–After-dead after-party

–Skeletal Soirée

–Zombie amusement

–Corpse carnival

–Company of corpses

–Bloody Brunch

–Ghoul’s Good Time

–Skeletal Bash

–Voodo cluster

–Grotesque Group-ie

–Headless Harvest

–Creepy Cookout

–Panic picnic

–Fatal Festivity

–Corpse-y cocktails

–Dancin’ with deads

–Gruesome Gala

–Brains Barbeque

–Headless Hold-up

–Corpse Collection

–Baked Brains

–Panic Party

–Mindless Munchies

–Zombie Eats

–Paranormal Potluck 

–undead spread

–Dreadful Din-din 

–Shivers and snacks

–Spirits Supper

–Zombie Refreshments

–Bite by Bite

–Shindig with souls

–Zombie infection Reception

–Mindless Minglings

–Lethal spree 

–Disco for deads

–Messy merriments

–Treat and terrors

–Merry cannibalistic fiends 

–Carried away Corpses

–Flesh eating Fiesta 

–Horrifying humour

–Joys of flesh eating

–Ghouls and games

–Brains And Drinks

–Brain Hungers

–Supernatural supper

–Dance of dead body!

–Contagious bite!

–Terror Land

–Dead Alive Amusement

–Dead world Ceremony

–Sporty spirits

–Games with Ghouls

–Death Reality

–delicious decays! 

–Evening of the creeps

 –Dancin’ with a Zombie

–Fun Flesh Eaters

–Corpes Catch-up

–Zombies dances!

–Zombie: Uncut

–Fun Fright Night

–Groovin’ with Ghouls

–Brains! Bloods!

–Little Zombie, Big Fun!

–Zombie Playtime

–Chips with blood dips. 

–Drunken Deads

–Corpse Catwalks

–Fun with Zombies!

–Fleshy Fun Nights

–Flesh Eating Festivity

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